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Sunday, July 31, 2016

They Stole Our Names.....And Now, They've Lost Them.

by Anna Von Reitz

What I am going to tell you all today is going to blow your minds--- if they aren't staggered already. 

First, the rats under FDR pretended that our Trade Names, the Upper and Lower Case names we were taught to use in grade school styled like this:  Felix Morton Morganthau ---- were actually Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the "Federal Government" doing business as the United States of America (Inc.) and represented franchises of that bankrupt private, mostly foreign owned governmental services corporation. 

So, those entrusted to act as public servants instead acted as public hogs and placed false claims against the American nation-states and the American People.  And our parents and grandparents were so trusting they didn't catch on. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Source for your article on Obama banning gold

by Anna Von Reitz

What is the title to my previous article?

Notice the (2) TWO Question Marks? What do question marks imply? 

Mr. Obama has supported legislation and similar actions to expedite seizure of assets and at least two White House insiders have come to me saying he has drafted Executive Orders and is planning an FDR style confiscation of gold and providing drafts of the same. 

I suspect that is the reason that foreign banks have reported --again to me one on one-- that the "United States Government" has pulled out all the stops to demand information about gold and silver on deposit offshore.   Why would they need to know, if seizures were not contemplated? 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama Bans Gold Ownership for "United States Citizens"? So Who's a "Citizen"?

by Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who have been following along for some time know that the United States is not America and that "United States Citizens" are not Americans.  Chances are high that if you are an average Bread and Butter American you are not a "United States Citizen" and probably never were.   

A "citizen" is obligated to serve the government.   A "national" is one of those that the government serves. 

The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 that ended the Revolutionary War described the "citizens" as "Inhabitants" --- British subjects left here to provide "essential government services" and the state nationals were described as "the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States."

Which one are you?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Making It Up As HE Goes" ---- A Reply To Larry Becraft

by Anna Von Reitz

Let's recap how this "conversation" began.  Larry Becraft, a card-carrying Bar Attorney pretending to be a patriot---- which is an oxymoron concept if there ever was one, began by telling people I was wrong and that there was no bankruptcy of the United States of America.  

We promptly presented him with all of Title 5 and the exact Executive Orders declaring the bankruptcy and reams of citations from the Congressional Record and Senate Reports detailing exactly HOW wrong he was and indeed, how disastrously well-documented and official the bankruptcy was and is.  Not being wise (or decent) enough to skulk back whence he came and admit his inglorious defeat, he has replied with this diatribe:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Great Quote from

by Anna Von Reitz

Here's one to think about (seriously) from

"Let’s rise above the triangle of hell-on-earth with its three players: victim (dead and wounded), culprit (Muslims), saviour (government, with extension of the ”state of emergency” and ”reinforcement of security”). Let us instead see the reality which is hiding behind this adversity: an evolutionary gift, forcing human beings to once again find their true identity as sovereign individuals. Then our terror will give way to gratitude towards the actors of these unfortunate events."

I would have added a long, long list of "culprits"---- politicians, blacks, whites, Christians, Capitalists, Communists---- indeed, the list of those we blame is longer than my arm or my patience to sit down and write. 

Richie has given us the more soulful version of the Hegelian Dialectic -- create a problem, solve the problem, profit from the solving of the problem--- and put it all in more human terms so that we can see how allowing ourselves to be "victims" and to blame "culprits" instead of being proactive and taking responsibility, leads to being victimized by the supposed "saviors" over and over and over again.

The Final PUSH -- Update on Living Law Firm and Foreclosure Fraud

by Anna Von Reitz

When a woman is in labor the pain comes in waves and along with that pain comes exhausting physical effort that leaves you tired and weak in the aftermath.  You coast down the back side of the pain and then fall back, only to rise up again on the next wave.  That's how this whole effort has been. 

Yesterday I got word that confirms what I have hoped for.  The Living Law Firm is getting ready for the final PUSH on the foreclosure issue.  

We have to shuttle some folks around the country.  We have to pay for hotel rooms.  We need about a week of group effort to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together and maybe another week to write it all up-----but I am confident that a major goal is within reach. 

We can end the foreclosure madness.

Monday, July 25, 2016

In Eve's Defense

by Anna Von Reitz

Today I actually had someone tell me that "Adam's Sin" was that he didn't control his wife. 

I about fell off my chair. 

Let's get this straight, folks.  

Adam's sin was that he disobeyed God and ate the "fruit" same as Eve, and then he turned around and compounded this sin by not manning up and trying to blame and scapegoat his wife for something that he did on his own two flat feet. 

Eve was deceived by the half-truths of Satan--- the most beautiful and wiliest of all the angels, an adversary that Jesus wrestled for a full forty days, sold her a Bill of Goods.  She was overcome by a most terrible Adversary.  

But Adam?  He was overcome by his wife?

Two Kinds of "Money"

by Anna Von Reitz

In the world today there are two things going on--- "trade" and "commerce".
Trade is what real men and women do when they trade a sack of beans for a piece of silver. It is actual and factual and results in the accrual of private property.

Commerce is what corporations do when they exchange pieces of paper and pretend that these are the same as actual trades. It is all just "paper transactions" and it results in the accrual of "corporate income"----digits on a ledger.

For generations Americans have traded our Silver Dollars for goods and services and we still do.
Since 1933 the rats misrepresenting us and seeking to confuse themselves with us have traded exclusively in "commercial paper"-- debt notes, promissory notes, and so on.

Cow Patties and Shoe Shine --- My Challenge Back to Tyron Parsons and His Ilk

by Anna Von Reitz

Most people can’t tell cow patties from shoe shine, but it is important that everyone learn.

We have to learn to recognize it when we are seeing things through a filter----a fact or set of facts overlaying the actual truth, which then leads us to wrong conclusions.  The most common and deadly filter is a half-truth.

Satan told Eve a half-truth when he told her she wouldn’t die from eating the forbidden fruit.  Well, she didn’t die, did she?  Not right away….

Everyone knows that Cain was Adam’s son, because he was the brother of Abel, right?   Yet, Cain doesn’t appear in the long list of Adam’s sons.

It’s half-truth to say that Cain was Abel’s brother, because Cain was a half-brother.

The writings of Paul of Tarsus fill a considerable portion of the Bible and they similarly serve to put the Gospel through a Roman filter.

Jesus was of the tribe and lineage of King David, a Hebrew’s Hebrew.  He grew up in a matriarchal world where a man’s estate and social standing come from his Mother, not his Father.  He spoke a language (Aramaic) which has one word (wo)man for both sexes.  Women were freely allowed to follow Jesus and study with him and were a fundamental part of his entourage.

Who first heard him declare His identity and mission on Earth?

Inviting any Moralist or Theologian to try to blow holes in this argument?

Watch this video, only 2 and a half minutes.

I am serious about the challenge. Please set forth your logic and theology from sources we can all find on the internet. I especially challenge the one calling himself the Pope and all the people who serve in the Vatican and are part of the Holy See, and all the breakaway groups like the Society of Pius X and Pius V.

Let's get a discussion going about the reality in this world, and not gloss over this authority issue.

Found here:

Reply to Tyron Parsons --- False Gods and Men Who Worship Them

by Anna Von Reitz

This is a reply to Tyron Parsons.

He desperately wants to be special because he is a male, he's white, and he claims to be an Israelite.

However, none of that is any basis for claiming to be special. 

The thing that makes us special is that we are unique.  If you take reference to the Bible, we are special because God knew us and loved us before we took form in our Mother's womb.  It's not because we are male.  Or white. Or imagine ourselves to be Israelites.

For the record, the "Lost Tribes" were never physically lost. They were spiritually lost. They still are.

They followed after the Sumerian gods of money, sex, deceit and violence--- Mammon, Molloch and Ashtoreth.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Question About Affects of Tribal Membership on Political Status

by Anna Von Reitz

The question has been asked--- "But, if you and your husband were adopted by the Winnebago and Tlingit tribes respectively, doesn't that make you U.S. citizens?"

The short answer is, "No, it does not."

There has been an effort in recent years to muddy the waters as the UNITED STATES, INC. has tried to claim anyone and anything with a pulse as one of its citizens.  The fact is that Reservations are Federal Enclaves and anyone born on a Reservation is deemed to be a "United States Citizen" for that reason.

The further fact is that citizenship as I have reiterated numerous times is a political status quite apart from the issue of nationality.

American States and Nations Bank Update

From Anna Von Reitz

I have established the American States and Nations Bank--- actually three banks--- (1) a repository bank, (2) a sovereign international bank and (3) a state bank operated under Article X. These serve different purposes, but overall serve the same end of securing American assets, expediting trade, and promoting the use of lawful money---- basically all asset-based currencies.

My concern is that over half the world either currently is or will soon be trading in currencies backed by precious metals. Only 1% of Americans have any gold, which leaves them unable to trade with all the countries that are or will be using gold. It also concerns me that the abuse of legal tender may lead to problems that leave Mom and Pop and the Kids back home unable to purchase simple things at the grocery store.

Reply to "American Lawyer"--- by Judge Anna

This is a reply to an article in RumorMill News by "American Lawyer" in which he asks why "the Big Bad Wolf" is bothering to pick on poor little David Crayford.  Mr. Crayford got picked on because he accused "America" of counterfeiting trillions of dollars overseas, when in fact the culprit was the UNITED STATES, INC. and America was the target/victim of the crime.

The better question is why would anyone take anything "American Lawyer" has to say seriously?

For SOME Indian Chiefs - Your claims violate Your Traditions

by Anna Von Reitz

I grew up in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, where a large Winnebago Reservation is located, across the Black River from my Great-Grandfather's Homestead.

He was a good man and saw no reason that the Natives should not continue to come and go and enjoy the land as they always had, and as it happened, his Homestead claim included the Winnebago Summer Hunting Grounds. 

So, every summer, they came from their Winter Camps and they continued to share the land with him and his children.  He gave them store goods and they gave him wild game and other presents in exchange.  It was a good life and peaceful and everyone loved each other.  They gave him a Winnebago name.  He gave them English names. 

And then the Government got involved

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Men and Angels

by Anna Von Reitz

Begin with the fact that everyone on this planet exists as a physical body inhabited by a spirit. Everyone knows this at some level, but we don't normally think about this and the implications of it.  

Without a spirit the body cannot live, and without a body the spirit lacks a material, physical vehicle to do work in this dimension.  The spirits that inhabit us are immortal and boundless and easily transcend both time and space.  Our bodies are like space suits---the means for the spirit to adapt to and operate in this environment. 

Vast, vast amounts of energy are required to create and maintain this three dimensional reality. The amount of energy it takes to create and maintain your fingernail is currently beyond your wildest imagination. 

Your spirit which exists as ordered energy is able to plug into the energy grid of the Universe and it generates a spirit body to do so.  This spirit body has organs just like your physical body has organs---- eyes for example ---- but it also has its own peculiar organs including the spinning energy vortices called chakras.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The United States is NOT America

by Anna Von Reitz

The United States is NOT America

Let me repeat (and repeat and repeat)----- the United States is not America. It isn't now and it never has been.

The United States is a separate and foreign political jurisdiction.

It is as different from an American State as Spain is different from Sweden.

Our government works from the bottom up. Theirs works from the top down.

We operate under American Common Law. They operate under Administrative Law (for handling their internal affairs) and under international law of the sea---both Maritime and Admiralty.
Our organic states--- the ones with soil and trees and rocks--- are named like this: kentucky, utah, nevada.

Our unincorporated States of America --- the ones that have Statehood Compacts or Commonwealth Trust agreements are named like this: Texas State, Maine State, Virginia Commonwealth..

Six Million Cases Per Month

by Anna Von Reitz

There are on average six million American families dealing with foreclosures--- past, present, and future every month. 

Think about that.  Past evictions.  Present struggles. And new foreclosures.  

This is an industry, folks. 

This is being done on purpose.  It has methods that are set forth in patents and trademarks. It has means set forth in court procedures.  This isn't just a matter of Joe missed his payments for two months. 

This is a purposeful fraud system set up by international banks as a means of stealing American property, pure and simple. 

I can listen to all your many stories and try to work with you all one-on-one, which is what some people seem to expect from me and the Living Law Firm, but that is not getting the problem solved and not bringing relief to all the other families that need help just as much as the squeaky wheels among us.   

Our Living Law Firm is going after the Whole Enchilada.   We are going after the industry --hacking at the root, not the branches.  

Now, step back and think about it.  You are me.  One little old lady in Alaska.  You and a few dozen lawyers and paralegals have limited resources, limited time.  How do you make it count?  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Prayers for Patriots - God Have Mercy on our Country

The coming conflict is not as much about "freedom and liberty" or material wealth as it is about the ETERNAL SALVATION OF IMMORTAL SOULS!

Please pray with me the ancient prayers of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on this special 9th Sunday after Pentecost which are perfectly gifted to us by the Holy Ghost for conflicts just such as these that our country faces now.

Pray that what happened to the city of Jerusalem does not happen to America, and that the people of America wake up and see this before it's too late.

INTROIT Behold, God is my helper, and the Lord is the protector of my soul: turn back the evils upon my enemies, and cut them off in thy truth, O Lord, my protector. (Ps. LIII.) Save me, O God, by thy name, and deliver me in thy strength. Glory be to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Please Pray For Mainstreet

by Anna Von Reitz

I have spent the day pouring through piles of correspondence--- answered what I could, and despaired of the rest.  My helpers have done their best to sort mail into piles and with any luck donations for the Living Law Firm and the 50 States Claim have been gleaned out and distributed to the many who need support to continue their work. 

As always I am overwhelmed with the misery and the vast numbers of innocent Americans who have been silently, day after day, preyed upon---- property stolen, lives ruined, years spent in prison, all under the guise of law and order and the American Way.  

Read Psalm 119: 105-178, if you would commune with me tonight.  This is my outcry tonight and the outcry of all those who have not forgotten His Ways and His Commands, who remember what the Law really is and is supposed to be, as opposed to this horrible corporate sham. 

Welcome Home!

by Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I wrote an article complaining about people who are already obviously "special" enough wasting their time (and mine) striving to prove how special they are, and how unnecessary this is.  In direct response, some people immediately began trying to wear me out with "proof" of how special and enlightened their Eastern religious perspective is versus the traditional religious beliefs of the West. 

We just got done discussing the fact that people are special because they are utterly unique.  Do we now have to discuss the fact that all the religions are special because they are unique, too?   Do I really have to endure this over and over again, topic after topic?  My school is special and better because..... My brand of shaving lotion is better and special because..... My religion is special and better because..... ?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rumor that U.S. and NATO to Attack Russia

From Anna Von Reitz

Let nobody be fooled again. 

The ONLY reason the U.S. and NATO would attack Russia would be that Putin wanted them to do so. And it would be a puny, ineffectual attack in the nature of another False Flag to give Putin and/or NATO an excuse to invade us under the guise of "peacekeeping". 

The Russians have developed some new scalar / gravitational weapons that they think give them superiority. In fact we have all the same weapons and more widely deployed but Obummer is preventing us from using them because he is a Communist and has always been a Communist and the Joint Chiefs are working for European banking interests that want to come in here and seize everything.  Putin wants Alaska and seaports on our West Coast.  So does China.

They have been staging for invasion for three years now using Free Trade Zones in the U.S. 

But as always they have to come up with a story line..... Big Bad NATO attacked Russia at Russia's behest, so that Russia has an excuse to invade us and split the pie with all the other usual culprits. 

Just more excuses and LIES. 

Don't believe a word of it.

And if any such thing does happen I am counting on enough Americans will have the brains they were born with and take out Obummer, DC, Rome, and the Inner City of London and the United Nations City State as recompense.
See this article and over 300 others on Anna's website

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website. 

Again, America is Being Ruled by a King - Carol Bundy Interview

Carol Bundy, wife and mother of 5 political prisoners, graciously took the time to speak to Jim White of NorthWest Liberty News.

*** Editor Note: The Interview was conducted outside, for I had no other choice. Please overlook the background noise and focus on Carol's words.*** Thank you

Found Here:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Those Appointed to Destroy

by Anna Von Reitz

Most of us think of destruction as a bad thing.  We naturally recoil from destroying anything, because we instinctively know that it cost people effort to build it and in many cases, there might be people depending upon it in some way.  

Yes, we have it firmly set in our minds that "destruction is bad" even if we also rationally know that sometimes destruction is necessary. 

There are in this world people who are literally appointed to destroy and I am one of them. They are called "judges" or "justices" or "magistrates"---- and we are all appointed to destroy. 

Chances Are That You Have Never Been A "United States Citizen"

by Anna Von Reitz

Most of us grew up being told that, of course, we were "United States Citizens". 

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise..... 

Chances are that you are not and never were. Except maybe for a stint in the military, which is the most common way that Americans EVER (and temporarily) serve as "citizens of the United States".  

Since you didn't know better, and nothing about "United States Citizenship" was ever explained to you, you  just accepted that you were a "US citizen" without deeply researching the question of whether you were or not.  

How would it be if I told you that the United States (Minor) is a separate foreign nation AND also a private foreign corporation operated by the French-sponsored IMF?

Questions about the new proposed bank

Questions about the Bank
Hi Paul,
I have been keeping up with your blog regularly for quite some time now... as well as with the writings of Anna Von Reitz, that you have so diligently promoted.

The work both of you are doing to expedite the educational process for all of us who are interested is genuinely appreciated. 
I am looking forward to the compilation and publishing of the work of the new Living Law Firm that is intended to provide sorely needed guidance toward freedom as they perfect and lay out that information for us. 
You have noted the benefits of using that information to create a database of documents and a roadmap that can be followed by everyone. This will enable the implementation of that accumulated work into documents where and as they are needed in relation to the many various individual cases. I am aware that Anna has expressed some frustration from time to time with the immense load of cases that people want her to assist them with, because they feel ill equipped to handle these difficult, technical, and confusing matters by themselves. She, along with the apparent few knowledgeable enough to be of any significant assistance to her in this effort, have felt the overwhelm of expectations (or at least hopeful anticipation) from all those facing seemingly overpowering court pressures with their individual situations. It is of course obviously unrealistic for so few to do the massive amount of work that so many need to have help with in accomplishing.

Estate Claim Filed with the Pope - From Anna Von Reitz

This Estate Claim and lien has been recorded and is now being forwarded to Pope Francis.

Probably a first in world history.

This is coming from Anna Von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher. 

 It consists of three parts, with 4 separate files which are all in PDF format.

(1) Estate Claim Letter/Notice of Beneficiaries  1 document
(2) Public and Private Lien  1 document
(3) Judgment and Findings   1 document in 2 separate PDF files.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Progress Report from the Desk of Paul Stramer

I was looking at a few website statistics this morning from both the website and also
We are now up to 312 articles listed in the index of Anna's website. These are all linked to each individual document in PDF format so they can be used cross platform between IBM and Apple computers.  The main page is more or less a chronological listing in the order written, or at least in the order I could find them soon after they were written. For the first 4 months I was just searching on various blogs and other websites because Anna didn't have her own website.
Since I make my living largely on the Internet and have my own server it wasn't much of a stretch to realize that she needed a website, so I bought the domain name and put it on my server, and the rest is history.
Here are the latest stats from my statcounter system for Anna's website and my blog. 

Trust No-Thing by Anna Von Reitz

Okay, kids, I have been quiet the last several weeks---- at least, relatively so. 

Some people (Jed Zimmerman, yes, THANK YOU! Got it!) have even wondered if I am all right I have been so quiet....but there's a reason.  

I have been researching. And what I have to share is awesome and awful at the same time. 

Everyone has been running around saying, "You have to have a trust.... you have to form a private trust...."'

That is exactly what you must NOT do.  

For starters, every State corporation in the Union has statutes that allow it to seize upon and steal private trusts---- in the Alaska statute is: AS 45.77.020, 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monday -- Support Needed for the Living Law Firm

from Anna Von Reitz

Our Living Law Firm is slogging it out against incredible odds aiming to do something that nobody at present even imagines---- stopping ALL foreclosures nationwide forever. 

Think about it.  

Six million families get to stay in their homes.  

The criminal banks get held to account.  

Not just one family.  Not just one home.  Millions of homes saved.  Millions of Americans in possession of their property with no more fear of attack. 

Think about it.  

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Here is a comment I picked up from Facebook that pretty well sums it up.

Glĕnn Schrĕibĕr posted this yesterday.
 Here's the problem. COPS are for the most part, not trained properly. They know almost nothing about actual law, law enforcement or what actual Laws they are supposed to be enforcing and they don't care. To impose admiralty and maritime law on dry-land to those who do not work for the federal government and not on the payroll of the government is FRAUD. POLICE OFFICERS operate exclusively within the admiralty jurisdiction as further specified by their blue and gold colors.
These corporate 'State' and municipal CODE enforcement officers do not work for us. COPS do not protect and serve the people anymore operating as part of an organized crime syndicate under local (corrupt) government and State statutory color of law. It is not the job of the POLICE to protect and to serve you. They are serving themselves (and all the crooked politicians) and their pockets and retirement accounts.
COPS in America today are highly predatory against the rights of the people and will readily convert your claim and exercise of an unalienable Right into a commercial "CRIME". POLICE OFFICERS routinely step on state and federal constitutions and demonstrate a blatant disrespect and disregard for Supreme Court rulings and Justice decisions.
The foreign AGENT BAR attorneys need these third party DEBT COLLECTORS out on the streets, roads and highways to fine and arrest "CODE breakers" and to round up paying customers to keep the turnstiles of the corporate commercial courts spinning briskly with paying customers. POLICE are about as dangerous to our liberties as standing armies.
- Without prejudice, without recourse -

The left is causing the hatred, and the article below by Mike Adams lays it out.

Having said that, and recognizing that the police are under major pressure regarding their own safety, I will also say that their training in the real law of this land is severely lacking.  Many who are now police should never have been given a gun and a badge.  They are tyranny waiting to happen because they don't understand their own rights and your rights under God. 
They are out there trying to enforce codes and statutes rather than trying to preserve the peace. They are working for the wrong entities. They are working for corporations that are mostly for profit entities at the top, who have serious disregard for the real law or peace. They are listening to hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center rather than getting in depth training in how to preserve that supreme law and your rights. Without that training their whole job is an exercise in futility, and very dangerous indeed.  But the solution to their safety problems is not to fall into the trap that the media and SPLC create with their leftist hate speech, and become polarized by it. That just adds to the tension.
When will they learn how to keep their oath to the Constitution for the united States of America?
Law enforcement needs to stand down from the role of police state thugs, and become officers of peace and good relations with the communities they serve.   YES SERVE, not run rough shod over.  These men are getting paid to keep the peace, not destroy it.
They need to learn how to keep their oath, and then they need to teach that to the people they serve.
There needs to be an attitude adjustment.  That attitude adjustment needs to start with cops.
When will they start arresting the scofflaws at the top of the political left, and the leftist media, for promoting and advancing violence, and for the left's own disregard for the supreme laws of this land contained in that Constitution they swore to uphold and protect?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Why You Are Special

by Anna Von Reitz

All day, every day, I have encounters with people claiming that they are special in some way.  Some of these people are at pains to prove that they are special, and so, they trot out all sorts of facts about themselves or some group that they belong to and the guts of their recitation is always reducible to: "I am special because...." followed by any variation of reasons:  because I have suffered, because I am black, because I am white, because my ancestors lived here the longest, because I believe in Allah, because I believe in Christ, because I am heir to some ancient treaty, because, because, because....

The other people who claim to be special do it in a different way.  They attempt to order me around and command me and tell me what to do and what to believe, that is, they attempt to prove that they are special by force or by displays of wealth or power of some sort. 

They don't know the Truth.   

The Truth is that they are special by definition, because each one is utterly unique, a tribe of one, handcrafted, beloved, irreplaceable.  And that's all you need to be, to be "special" in the most profound way imaginable.

More than that, each one is a Child of God, the inheritor of all dominion over the Earth, born a King or a Queen of such vast riches and power as to stagger the imagination. What use have such beings for proving that they are special?

The Definitive Reason Why General Dunford CANNOT Restore America

by Anna Von Reitz

There is a lot of talk going on, rumors of a "New Republic" being created by General Joseph F. Dunford and Paul Ryan.  I have already told everyone the short and dirty story.  The United States Military was running desperately low on funds, so they cut a deal with the Rothschild interests (World Bank, IBRD, et alia) who have set up shop in China and who are confusing everyone with their claim to be "Chinese Elders" ----hahahah! 

If those fellows are Chinese Elders, I am the ghost of Muhammed Ali.

Dunford reportedly borrowed a billion dollars out of the 357 billion in gold that they owe us anyway, creating a situation whereby we are still paying the General's bills via the Chinese and the Rothschild's and having to pay the middlemen interest for the use of our own assets.

This is what the Rothschild Fakirs are really good at: getting someone to pay them for something that is already his.  They are absolute masters at this, and if General Dunford has in fact cut such a deal, he has fallen into the Rothschild's favorite Briar Patch.

I only wish to draw your attention to it as an aside and not to blame General Dunford.  He has been placed in a hard position by our own failure to do our job, pursue our debtors, and make use of our own assets without such "help".

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sweden's largest precious metals dealer bank accounts closed by the bank!

Sweden’s Largest Gold and Silver Dealer’s Bank Accounts Closed, Shut Out of Banking System!

The banking cabal can not allow you to own much physical gold and silver if they want to maintain control of the issue of currency.  It's why they manipulate the prices of silver and gold on the exchanges.

They want you to continue to keep using their paper fraud currencies so they can stay in control. They want you to keep playing footsie with the devil, while they clean out your wealth.
For them, controlling the issue of the currency, like they do in America with their federal reserve notes, is the whole basis of their wealth. Once they lose that control through lack of participation of the public at large they are in deep do-do.

They know they are losing control RIGHT NOW, and they are getting desperate. Only a small percentage of the general public owns any precious metals. And even a smaller percentage are really prepared for a failure of civility and a currency crash.

WE ARE ALL HEADING FOR A BARTER SOCIETY, and even that will not suffice to insure the flow of goods and services. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Quite Possibly the Most Important Announcement You Ever Receive

From Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

Today, the Alaska State Superior Court addressed the claims in equity of heirs from every state of the Union.  

For the past two years many false claims have been made, mostly by banks functioning as secondary creditors of one or another "federal corporations" operating on our shores. 

They have claimed that there are "no Americans left"--- that we all voluntarily and knowingly agreed to accept the foreign status of "United States Citizen" and "emigrated" to Puerto Rico. 

They have claimed that our fathers were all similarly conscripted.  

They have claimed that we no longer have a national currency in circulation. (We do.) 

They have claimed that "the Republic is dead". 

So we have called upon those among us eligible to make a claim on their grandfather's estates and interests and they have come forward from every corner of America to record their expatriation and establish their claim upon all the states of the Union from Alaska to Florida, Maine to California. 

The Alaska State Superior Court convened today and reviewed these claims and issued the attached history, judgment, and orders.  

Before anyone gets up in arms and thinks that these claims benefit only the claimants to takes offense and thinks that these claims or those making them are "racists"----- the Will being probated is over 200 years old and comes from a time when only white men above the age of 21 who were landowners had standing to inherit or take action before a court of equity.  
To this day, married women have to have their husband's permission to sue in equity and must come "through" him to bring suit;  he must also confer his right to occupy certain offices to his wife. 

These odd and antiquated provisions of the law and the courts are still in place and will remain in place until such time as the people convene a properly seated Continental Congress of Fiduciary Deputies acting on the land jurisdiction of these United States to settle things. 

Please read the attached and savor what it means and deliver it to the Members of Congress, the Courts, the politicians, the police, the military, and the US Trustees, Marshals, and others who need to know that the American claim on these united States of America still lives and breathes. 

Epic Failure or Deliberate Program of Destruction - You Decide

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2016 - What are we celebrating?


NorthWest Liberty News: Operation Wildlife Rescue

The BLM’s land management has been an epic failure and has either driven out, or burned out, much of Northern Nevada’s wildlife

Jim White at Northwest Liberty News, a trusted friend and super patriot, published this article this morning on INDEPENDENCE DAY for your consideration.

I agree as wildlife managers the BLM are destroying the wildlife, which seems to be a failure to any normal and reasonable line of thought. But we are not living in normal or reasonable times. I would like to ask you some questions.


What if they, the BLM and other so called agencies of government, are acting as corporate mercenary agents of a world wide program of control and destruction designed to destroy our food supply in anticipation of a totalitarian takeover by mostly foreign owned bankrupt corporations masquerading as government, and ruling by Fraud, deceit, threat, duress, intimidation, coercion, and force of arms.  What if these people REALLY ARE criminals of the first order who have decided that if they can't own the whole world, lock, stock and barrel, they will burn it to the ground, and kill all their primary creditors in the process?

What if in the process of grabbing complete power and control over the people of the world, and enslaving them, they are willing to commit heinous crimes of genocide, wanton murder, and starvation of the people, not to mention thievery,  identity theft, semantic deceit, personage, and barratry and most of all, JUDICIAL TYRANNY,  just to name a few?

What if they have already taken over the entire judiciary structure of this country, so much so that these so called courts, which are nothing but corporate tribunals operating in the law of the sea, or admiralty jurisdiction, can steal your land, your wildlife or anything else they want including your FREEDOM at the whim of some bureaucrat regulation, and DO SO ON A REGULAR BASIS against the people, as in the case of the Hammond family and the Bundy family, and the Finicum family?

What if these corporate tribunals of the sea are making pirate runs against the people of this land on a daily basis, by PRESSGANGING you off your land, and into their sea jurisdiction like the pirates of old when they raided whole villages and press ganged the men into service as slaves on their ships?
The crime of Press Ganging has carried the death penalty for over 200 years.

What if, in that process of takeover and control they are willing to kill off the wildlife to destroy the food supply of the people, their enemies, you and your neighbors. What if, once you have no food, they then offer you some of their food stash in trade for your guns.  After all, at that point you have no reason to have a gun, because "there is no game to shoot", and that's the only legitimate reason to have one anyway, right?


What if these people are all world class CRIMINALS who have never been brought to justice, hiding in their pirate's lair called New Columbia, or Washington DC, but in plain sight and in every state?

NOW ASK YOURSELF.  Who is going to fix this mess? Is it going to fix itself?

No, and if we don't help fix it, it's not going to get fixed.  How do we fix it?

The one thing these criminals can't stand is exposure to the light of day. Once the people, the police, the military, and the lawful militia REALLY UNDERSTAND who these criminals are and how they operate, and we all just stop participating in their FRAUDULENT banks, governments, corporate tribunals, and bureaucratic structure, they will be powerless to impose their police state on us any longer. Once the police, sheriffs, military, and militia realize the illegitimate power grab these corporate imposter governments are wielding, and stop enforcing their edicts, their entire power structure will fade and be replaced by legitimate and lawful and moral power exercised by local people.

If that seems like a pipe dream, don't believe it for a minute. It's already happening. Read the articles on this blog by Anna Von Reitz, and at her website

Watch the formation of a brand new banking system to replace the old system of control. Watch the people form up their land jurisdiction unincorporated republic structure as the founders had in mind when they gave us the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the FREEDOM we are celebrating today.

Thank God for your Freedom every day, and beg Him to give you the grace to help preserve it today and every day, because that Freedom starts and lives in your heart and mind, by perfect obedience to His eternal laws of justice and mercy.

 COME, Holy Ghost, into the hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.
  V. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created;
   R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let Us Pray
      O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, grant that by the gift of the same Spirit we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Paul Stramer

Independence Day - What are we celebrating?

by Anna Von Reitz

I can hear the fireworks starting.  It's midnight in the wee early hours of the Fourth of July, 2016. Somewhere out in the dark, Americans are celebrating.  Most of them call it "The Fourth of July" and don't use the old fashioned name for it--- "Independence Day"--- but that is what I am thinking about tonight: independence. 

Fourth of July rolls around once a year whether we want it to or not.  The bunting appears. The fireworks start.  The barbecues flame out.  The beer explodes.  The dogs and cats head for the basement..... yeah, it's all good, but is that what it's about? 

Independence is something you have to choose.  It's an attitude, a mindset, a way of life, a choice. Independence is what you do when you stand on your own and take responsibility for your own life, your own government, your own country, your own planet. 

Independence signals a coming of age.  

And this is Independence Day.  

Looking around me it seems that we have been lulled into a stupor of dependence--- looking to the government to tell us how to live, expecting the government to provide our every need, turning to the mainstream media to tell us what to think and how to think it, parading in lock-step to every new fad of political correctness, conceiving of ourselves as helpless pawns or cogs in some vast machine, hopelessly grinding away so that once a year we can congratulate ourselves on being "free" long after we have forgotten what that really means. 

A young friend of mine called earlier this evening.  He said, "What do I have to celebrate?....." and then he rattled off his own long list of things that are wrong with this country and with his countrymen and with everything in general.  And then there was a very long pause in which his depression and sincerity stabbed at me like a thorn. 

What kind of world had I given him, this young man who is just starting out? 
Very clearly, he was disillusioned and feeling helpless and overwhelmed and ready to give up----figuring that freedom isn't possible or never was, like Camelot.  Stop believing in it. 
Chuck freedom in the bin with the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, just another silly "tradition" for the amusement of grown-ups and greeting card company profits. 

He had caught me by surprise at the end of a long day. For a moment my mind just whirred around as if it couldn't find any traction----and then, in my memory somewhere, I could hear someone whispering, "Freedom isn't out there, it's in here."  

It was a soft, dusky, female, African voice, sweet as summer rain and she repeated with great certainty ---- "Freedom isn't out there," she said, touching the front of her cotton dress over her heart, "it's in here, child.  This is where freedom lives." 

Goldie Williams.  She stood leaning on a wooden gate watching the fireworks in another time and place and she came back to rescue me today, from out of my memory of a night more than fifty years ago.  I smiled broadly just thinking about her.  Blueberry pie for the Fourth of July. Chasing fireflies and twirling sparklers. 

It's not about the external world, I told my young friend. It's about choices.  It's about how you live your life. If you sit around waiting for someone or something else to set you free, that day is never going to come.  You have to set yourself free, declare your own independence day, and when enough of us do that, there is nothing on earth that's going to stop us. It's in your own heart and mind that freedom lives. It's a gift you give yourself, and nobody can take it away. 

Thank you, Goldie, for reminding me where freedom lives and the real meaning of "Independence Day" ---- just in time to pass it on to another generation of Americans.  

See this article and over 300 others on Anna's website

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

For Jed --- More Questions and Answers About American States and Nations Bank

by Anna Von Reitz

I set up the Articles of Organization for the American States and Nations Bank and helped establish its first business office here in Alaska.  I also function as its first Comptroller, a responsibility I will not relinquish until I am sure that the endeavor is properly safeguarded, organized, and in good and honest hands going forward. 

These very simple statements--- Articles of Organization--- condense the nature, purpose, and fundamental organizational structure and accountability of managers within the bank. 

There is, of course, a great deal of work and security development behind all of it that is not immediately apparent, but becomes so upon reflection.  Each of the principal managers, including the Comptroller, have multiple functions at the start that are too complex, ephemeral, and varied to describe in the Articles as any part of the permanent position within the organization. 

Answer to David Crayford and "American Lawyer" -- Round 2

by Anna Von Reitz

First, an apology. Auto-correct got me again, and so my first attempt to address the misconceptions Mr. Crayford and American Lawyer both have about the ongoing situation was addressed to "David Crawford". Mea culpa for not better proof-reading. I was rather upset at the time and tired of struggling with pervasive ignorance.
In the reply I received from David this morning via his publication on Rumor Mill News, he accuses me of being in "Denial, Denial, Denial". Perhaps, David, you should read my Letter to Cardinal George plainly stated and on the public record at least two years ago, before you make any such accusation. It's all there on my website. Just look it up and see what I had to say to him when he presented the same false logic and accusation.

No Need For Confusion of Any Kind

by Anna Von Reitz

There is no need for any "confusion" about the relationship between American States and Nations Bank and Karatbars, International.  Or anything else for that matter.  

Less than 1% of Americans own any gold at all.  The rest of the world is rapidly going back to the old precious metals standard.  Therefore, Americans will not be able to trade for foreign goods from these countries if they don't have some gold to trade with.  

Want to go without coffee?   Peppercorns?   Get some gold set aside now. 

How simple is that?  

Saturday, July 2, 2016

American States and Nations Bank Partners With Karatbars, International

by Anna Von Reitz

Everyone who knows anything about me knows that I don't believe in money. I consider all the present systems of currency and exchange that exist to be fundamentally flawed, dishonest, subject to manipulation, idolatry, and fraud. Okay? It makes no sense to pass around I.O.U.s and pretend that they are "money" and it makes no sense, either, to choose one, two, or three commodities like gold, silver, and platinum and pretend that they somehow represent all other commodities including labor. Both systems are bonkers and it is only a matter of choosing between two forms of insanity until everyone throughout the world wakes up, looks at this, and like me says---- WTF???

Meantime, we are stuck with needing some means to exchange goods and services on a national as well as international level. You have the fiat currencies and the banking cartels and governments that support those v. the commodity-backed currencies and the banking cartels and governments that support those, and for various reasons, the line between wavers back and forth. Joe Average and Mom and Pop are stuck in the middle, wondering what to think and where to go. 

I will be honest with everyone. I reviewed the Karatbars program back in 2011 and decided against it. I don't like Multi-Level Marketing schemes to begin with, and the entire Karatbars "niche" was obviously to repackage gold in small, known, trade-ready quantities suitable for making daily purchases---with the repackaging adding between 30-36% to the overall cost of the gold product being advertised. Why not just buy coins of various denominations and sock them away somewhere for a rainy day? 

Breaking Our Contracts with the Dead

by Anna Von Reitz

It always comes as a surprise for people to discover that I am a Christian.   How, they ask, can someone like you--- a scientist, a jurist---clearly an analytical thinker and skeptic from Day One, believe this clap-trap?  How can someone who has so easily (at least so it appears to them) torn apart the history of the United States and seen through the illusions of money, continue to cling to anything so outmoded? 

To me, the best argument generally in favor of believing The Bible, is that its prophecies come true.  The proof is in the pudding.  There are by my count anyway, 648 prophecies in the Bible, and all but a few have come true.  We are right now seeing and experiencing another one of these prophecies coming true before our eyes and even participating in it--- God’s promise to break our contracts with the dead.

Read Isaiah 27 and 28.  Isaiah is one of the oldest Books of Prophecy, dating from the reign of King Uzziah.  Here Isaiah speaks of Our Creator’s promise to break our contracts with the dead.....what could that possibly mean?  Many generations of people have wondered about this mystery.  How can anyone have a contract with the dead?  The dead are dead.  They can’t do business or keep promises, buy or sell---so what is this crazy prophet talking about?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Question for David Crayford and An Answer

by Anna Von Reitz

An article recently appeared on Rumor Mill News by David Crayford demanding to know 'what the Hell America is up to now' and detailing the printing of three trillion USD in Thailand, backed by gold in a Swiss Bank. 

In the first place, David, if you are up to speed enough to write an article like this, why are you referring to this as an "American" problem???

Social Security and the Government of FRANCE

by Anna Von Reitz

Social Security was created under Title 42 of the Federal Code. If you read it, you will learn that it is a pension and benefit fund for federal employees and federal government dependents.
Most Americans never qualified for and were never actually eligible to participate in Social Security at all, and they were never obligated to participate in the program, either.
You were misinformed and entrapped into contributing over 7% of your income and your employers were similarly burdened in a Communist scheme designed to benefit public employees and welfare recipients and government vendors.
So now all that money has gone into the "General Fund" of a foreign, private, for-profit governmental services corporation that is insolvent and being liquidated.
It is the end of the long, long work day portion of your life, and you, JOE ALLEN DOE, are owed your retirement package......
And if you are not worried, you certainly should be.

Fundamental American Government Structure

Fundamentals  --- Read This First
The Way Power is Supposed to Flow in America:
Land Government

Counties [Jackson County]
States [Wisconsin State]
Continental Congress

Federal Government (Sea Government)

United States Congress/Congress of the United States of America
[United States Supreme Court]
Departments and Agencies
States of .... [State of Wisconsin]
Counties of.... [County of Jackson]
Townships of.... [Township of Adams]

At every step the power vested DECREASES......

Who Is Who and What Is What?