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Thursday, February 17, 2022


Regarding System --- Reply to Scott

 By Anna Von Reitz

Scott, neither you nor I nor anyone else on this planet needs more structure.  

If you really want it, you guys already have over 80 million "laws" that you can't know or obey or pay for the enforcement of.  

That should be enough said on the subject of laws and hierarchies, shouldn't it?  

There's no duality, just as there is no "national debt". 

Darkness is not the opposite of light; darkness is the absence of light. 

Death is not the opposite of life; death is the absence of life. 

Law is not the opposite of love; law is the absence of love. 

Psychopathy is not the opposite of conscience; psychopathy is the absence of conscience. 

It's what is missing that holds the cure, not what you try to sew onto a corpse. 

Law, which you cannot obey, is what condemns you. 

Love is what sets you free.  It's pure and simple, cause and effect. 

Everyone, always, is seeking freedom, fighting for freedom, struggling to achieve freedom --- but freedom has always been within everyone's grasp. 

When you learn to love, you will be free.  You will no longer suffer the delusion that you are not free.  You will stop pushing on the pull door. 

What you need, Scott, is what all of us need ---- more life.  More love. 

The whole of mankind's need for both can be summed up in two truths, which were given to us thousands of years ago --- (1) Love the True God with all your heart, for that will give you life; (2) Love yourself and love others as yourself.  

You will notice that crucial parts of the message were omitted --- the explanation that loving the True God results in the gift of life, and the fact that you must love yourself before you can have a standard for loving others.  

Now look at the vast overbearing complexity of the "world" that hue-mans, meaning "persons" have created for themselves, and look at the vast complexity of Ucadia. 

All of this, yet, people have still not learned to tell the truth, be fair, or be kind. 

Things everyone should learn as small children defeat all the false wisdom of the world. 

Look at the endless complexity of the surveillance state and the bureaucracy of Ucadia and know that the Truth is always simple.  The lies are always complex. 

We don't need more lies and more complexity.  We need more truth and simplicity. 

We don't need more meaningless "jobs" pushing paper.  We need more honest work as the caretakers we were meant to be, more passionate expression of our best dreams, and the fulfillment of our compassion.  

So do we want to "take over" Ucadia?  No. We want something else entirely.  

We desire simplicity, love, and life.  We desire fellowship and meeting of the minds. 

We wish to express our eternal devotion to the True God, the Lord of Life, and our steadfast love for our planet, our many diverse cultures, our animals and plants and even the rocks given to our keeping, our water, our air, our fellow caretakers and countrymen.  

The only laws we need to know and follow are the Two Truths fully expressed above. 

This is a simple complete message in plain language and pure emotion that everyone can understand. 

To everyone who stares aghast at this message and who looks around at the modern world and thinks, "But, but, but.... love is not enough! We need Highway Commissions and Subcommittees of the Subcommittees to control ourselves...." 

Let me point out that besides life----  love, or absence of love---  is all that there is, and all there ever was, or ever will be. 

The final answer is that we choose life and we choose love and we accept only the True God, the Lord of Life ----  as our eternal king. No man stands between us and the divinity within us. 

The entire trial that began between Eve and Satan and their respective progenies is at an end. Eve is declared the winner.

The entire trial that began with the anointing of Saul by Samuel is at an end.  
The Lord of Life is declared the winner.  

The end of the Age of Pisces is here and the Age of Aquarius has begun. 
The delusion of Pisces must go, and the entire Saturnine Brotherhood with it. 

Thus it is ordained under the Universal Law, hallowed by life, and sanctified by love; my voice has spoken it, my heart has accepted it, and my True Lord, the Lord of Life, has made it so. 


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Reply to John Chapman, Also Known as "The Devil"

 By Anna Von Reitz

 I don't see how you can accomplish anything as confused and misinformed as you are.  That is a real stumbling block to accomplishment of any kind, much less re-making the world. 

I am aware that the Evil Ones adopted "Ucadia" in 2015 and I am aware that you all pirated your own version of Frank's work and abused it for your purposes --- but the fact remains that Frank never gave any of you (or THEM) permission to use as much as one word of his work for any such purpose. You all violated his private copyright and trademarks, which is an international law issue and in the air jurisdiction, a patent issue.  

Frank is a brilliant man and learned scholar and a pure heart despite everything he has had to muck through in his life ---- but he is also crippled by his indoctrination and years of work within the corrupt Roman Catholic Church hierarchy.  

There are some truths exposed by Ucadia --- for example, the need for a new 'time" standard, but as we are talking about something that doesn't actually exist, and which is a cataloguing device for our own convenience, it is less than urgent. 

I replied to their action well-within the ninety (90) day reply period and re-established the sovereignty of the National Governments.  And that action is recorded worldwide. 

So everyone is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they have FAILED, but they have.  Remember the Wizard of Oz?   The scene where Dorothy grabs a bucket of water to save her friend, the Scarecrow, from burning --- and doused the Wicked Witch, too? 

All that "beautiful wickedness" ---- "melting, melting, melting...." until it's finally gone in a puff of smoke, because it never really was?  

Well, that is your condition, too.  Everything you and the Pope and everyone else has done regarding Ucadia and everything else seeking to foist off a Satanic World Government, has been in the realm of the dead, and concerns nothing but legal fictions.  It has no substance at all.  And I have called you on it. 

It's over.  It's already done.  The spell is broken.  The fraud is fully revealed on Earth and in Heaven.  

The True God, the Lord of Life, accepted Abel's gifts, not Cain's sacrifices.  

So, now that we have bested you in all jurisdictions, it's time to fold your tent and go, and it is the responsibility of the Galactic Federation and the Precessional Council to make sure that you do.  


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The Dreary Lauds -- Thank You For Your Service

 By Anna Von Reitz

I wrote letters for wounded veterans during Vietnam.  I was the shoulder to cry on and interpreter for a  man who, though he grew up in my small hometown, spoke French after his medical discharge from the service.  He said he couldn't bear to speak English, because it was a "dirty" language, and he didn't want to be a U.S. Citizen after what he had seen and been through, either.  Some days, he would just sit on the bench in front of the Jackson County Courthouse and cry.  People avoided him and gossiped about him.  And of course, if he spoke to them they didn't understand French.  

His wounds, which included facial disfigurement and a permanently gimpy leg, added to the off-putting nature of his appearance.  More than once, I overheard people saying mean things like he was "not all there"  or "some kind of foreigner".  And if I heard this, no doubt, he did, too. 

The only time he really smiled was when I brought my dog along and he got to play with her. Games of fetch.  Treats. Keep away.  Swimming.  Walks with the dog.  

People gossiped about me, too, wondering if there was something "more" to our relationship than sharing books in French and playing with a dog and babbling about the weather and current events.  He was fond of fruit, so we went berry picking and in the fall, went to the orchards outside of town and collected windfalls.  It was bittersweet all the way around.  

I was probably twenty years younger than him and due to the circumstances of both our lives, there was no romance involved at all.  Just a simple, odd friendship between a deeply wounded officer and a girl who could speak High School level French.  

The years have rolled away and away.  My Father was a veteran.  My husband is a veteran. I am a 25-year "Honorary Member" and supporter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) organization. 

On a regular basis I hear what I call "the dreary lauds" --- people getting all sentimental and writing drivel about our veterans and saying, "Thank you for your service.". 

Here's the news flash, people.  

Our veterans are suffering, losing their homes, losing their jobs, going without even basic medical and social services, being herded through substandard VA facilities, given dangerous drugs and "vaccines", self-medicating with booze and drugs. Many are depressed, defensive, unable to rest, scared, angry, on a roller-coaster of adrenalin reaction and counter-reaction.  

Perhaps even worse, they are being deprived of the very freedoms they fought for, or thought they were fighting for, and denied the protections and guarantees of the Constitutions, as a result of treasonous illegal flim-flam from politicians and attorneys. 

Not only are our veterans being cheated out of their most basic fundamental rights and guarantees, but just as bad, they are being denied exemptions from taxation and harassment that they have earned.  They are being cheated out of money and stocks and bonds that they are owed.  They are being forced to pay mortgages that they don't owe.   

And during their service they are being used as cheap mercenaries for war-mongering foreign commercial corporations and the criminals who are running those corporations. 

So, please don't tell our veterans "Thank you for your service." or get all teary-eyed about their sacrifices, and all the young people wasted and ruined and maimed and killed in the process.  

Get off your duffs and get angry.  

Put something behind your words, words, words.  

Make it your business, as I have made it mine, to see to it that these men and women make it home to America, and are not left in limbo as "U.S. Citizens" for life.  Make it your business to make sure that their Constitutional Guarantees and exemptions are honored.  Make it your mission to make sure that they receive the money and services and care that they deserve.  

Or just shut up with the fine sentiments and sanctimonious twice a year pandering.  It makes me sick and I know it makes a lot of veterans sick, too.  


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A Message to RCMP

 By Anna Von Reitz

Justin Trudeau is the "Premier" of a commercial corporation.  Nothing more.  Every single "person" who elected him is "presumed to be" a foreign corporation shareholder-citizen who purportedly --without them even knowing it -- gave him their proxy to control their interests in the corporation. 

This corporation which has existed in various forms and operated under various names as for example, CANADA, INC. and Canada, Inc. and the Commonwealth of Canada, Inc., etc., and it's Territorial and Municipal franchises doing business as, for example, City of Ottawa, Inc. and OTTAWA, INC., have lost any character or nature as a sovereign government.  By accepting and operating under corporation charters these organizations have all devolved and now operate under exactly the same limitations as, for example, Target, Inc., or JC PENNY, INC. or Pepsico, Inc., or LOCKHEED, INC.  

Mr. Trudea is operating as a middle manager of this corporation, taking his instructions from foreign creditors of his corporation.  He is selling out the people of Canada and taking kickbacks from drug companies in a very simple racket.  Acting as the "Premier" of the corporation, he buys "vaccines" --- which contain no coronavirus but plenty of other gunk --- at an exorbitant price using public funds. The drug companies then kickback part of the profits from this to the corporation.  

So the corporation makes a fat profit, which the people of Canada pay for, and Mr. Trudeau gets to use this as a Slush Fund for himself and his cronies.  That is what is actually going on here. 

He also pretends to have authority as your Boss, when he has no such authority and was granted no such middleman position by the people of Canada --- ever.  You, the RCMP work for the people of Canada, not CANADA, INC.

CANADA, INC. may print your paycheck, but it's the people that pay it.  Pay attention to who your real employers are, or you will all be looking for new jobs. 

Trudeau, like Biden, has acted in fraud, under color of law, has presented himself as an elected public official when he is not, has usurped upon the National Government he is supposed to serve, and has committed capital level international crimes against Canada and the Canadian people by promoting and enriching himself and the corporation he works for via an illegal and unlawful political status conversion scheme, pretending that all these people have "voluntarily" chosen to be Wards of the State, when they are actually the Employers of the State. 

It should go without saying that no corporation and no corporation official enjoys State Immunity of any kind. 

You, RCMP, are all Territorial Government Employees operating under the same basic scheme as has been employed by the Territorial U.S. Government in America.  Read what their District of Columbia Federal Code freely admits at 22 USCA 286(e) and realize that the exact same provisions will be found somewhere in your own Territorial Code, because the facts stated therein are universally true and apply to all international governments and functions. 

Your duty and due diligence requires you to determine, actually and factually, who you work for, and it is not Justin Trudeau or his corporation.  That corporation long ago went rogue and began preying upon its customers and employers.  

It's your duty and the duty of the Canadian Military to arrest these Pretenders and get to the bottom of their fraudulent claim of powers and authorities.  

We note that no "Emergency Powers" were ever granted to the actual Canadian Government and a mere commercial subcontractor cannot claim to have any, either. 

Likewise, there isn't any authority for any government ever created in Canada to address the health of members of the General Public and mandate anything about their health, much less any basis in Public Law for ordering people to wear masks or take unspecified mystery injections. 

According to the Nuremberg Code to which you are all liable, no such injections can be ordered or enforced on anyone without their fully informed consent. 

Nobody can give any fully informed consent to the current injections because the manufacturers have not disclosed the contents or purposes of the injections.  Period. 

Get off your asses and move or you will be considered criminals and accomplices of these Vermin.  


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Oh, Ye....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone piled on me --- "Where's the citation in their Federal Code?  Where?  Where is it?  We can't read it for ourselves!  We need Nanny to find it and read it and interpret it for us.  We can't possibly do this on our own!  But we need this citation right now!  Waaauuuughhh!" 

A pack of baying beagles couldn't be more excited and alarmed if two foxes, a rooster, and ten rabbits were suddenly plunked down in front of their noses.  Well, here it is ---the Territorial United States Code: 

The government, by becoming a “corporator” (See:  22 U.S.C.A. 286e)  lays down its sovereignty and takes on that character and status of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter.  (See: The Bank of the United States vs. Planters Bank of Georgia, 6 L.  Ed. (9 Wheat) 244, U.S. vs. Burr, 309 U.S. 242). 

The "corporate charter" requires that all corporations function lawfully in this country, which they are not doing.  

This makes them (1) liable for all damages and injuries they cause, and (2) makes them subject to liquidation --- and I am not talking about bankruptcy liquidation.  I am talking about corporate liquidation for cause. 

As this is international law and as the Territorial Government Corporations worldwide are all subject to international law, this means that, for example, Justin Trudeau, is liable for all harm that he and his corporation cause to Canadians. 

As the phrase goes, "100% commercially and personally liable for all injurious harm" caused to unaffiliated living people and their property, and may be charged (in this country) up to 800 times the material loss or damage. 

The problem is, that THEY have claimed that you are part of their citizenry.  They have registered you as such and given you a birth certificate as notice of their action --- and you have not protested nor have you corrected the public record otherwise. 

Instead, you have "accepted" and hung onto that Birth Certificate as if it applied to you and as if you voluntarily accepted that foreign political status. 

So, you are not considered an American, or a Canadian, or an Australian, or a German anymore.  

You are considered an employee or dependent of their foreign commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services, and you are "presumed to be" obligated to obey all directions of your corporation's "President" or "Premier" and if you don't..... you can be punished for insubordination, fined, jailed, etc., etc., etc.

So, the key question is --- who are you and what is your political identity?  

If you choose American or Canadian or Australian status and record your political status in public --- by serving Notice on the Courts, running an ad in the newspaper, recording your status declaration in the land records of the land recorder's office, etc., etc., serving notice on the corporation's "Secretary of State", faxing a copy of your declaration to the local police and Public Safety Offices, etc., they are no longer free to presume anything about you or your political status, whether or not they issued a Birth Certificate in your name. 

You become recognizable as their Employer and they become recognizable as your erstwhile Employees. 

The tables are turned. The world rights itself.  

Right now, Mr. Trudeau is busy arresting people based on False Records that his corporation created when they were just babies.  Those records create a "implied" or "presumed" contract between his corporation and those individuals, which they are not even aware of.  

How could they be aware of something that took place when they were days or weeks old?  How could their parents be aware of it, either, as they were given no disclosure?

As it stands, the Birth Certificates, once protested, stand as proof of international crime committed against babies and their parents---- and also crimes against their National Governments.   

I say it again, RCMP --- do your job.  Arrest Trudeau and his Cabinet level officers. They are acting in treason and color of law against victims of their crimes.  


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