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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Spider, Spider .... Zoning is a Good Example

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just because one group of people submits to something, doesn't mean that everyone else is obligated to do so.  

Just because one group of people decides to live under a theocracy, doesn't obligate everyone else to do so. 

Just because another group of people decides to live under a foreign democracy, doesn't obligate everyone else to do so. 

We may not be able to convince them that they are wrong or mistaken in their allegiances, but we can certainly tell them where their rights end and ours begin.  

Back in the 1970's the Roman Municipal STATES OF STATES, which had no authority to exist,  began a "zoning program" which placed land in "zones" for residential, commercial, or agricultural use.  

And everyone living in these newly created "zones" was supposed to comply and be taxed at the rate established for each "zone".  

The problem is that they had no right to extend any authority in the States. Period. They try to excuse their activities by saying they aren't in the State, they are in the Territorial State of State.  But the Territorial State of State is in the State. So, good try and no banana. 

Lacking the right to be here, they have no right to promote tax schemes and land use restrictions, either -- except with respect to property owned by their actual employees and actual dependents.

They choose to live in "zones" and in a Roman city-state ruled over by a pagan theocracy?  Okay, if that is what you buy into, jump to it. 

But really, these folks need to learn their limitations when it comes to imposing upon others.  

Same thing with all the British Territorial United States Citizens who want to live in a democracy and "reside" in a State-of-State and be Subjects of the King of Britain ("Britain" by the way, isn't a place -- just another corporation). 

By all means.  Jump to it.  But they have no reason or right to intrude on the rest of us, force their law on us, fail to live up to their contractual obligations to us, or occupy our land and soil without our express written permission.... 

The only people they have any right to impose demands upon are strictly delineated and defined by  treaty and by contract. 

And none of their treaties or contracts extend to telling us one word about our use of our land. 

There are relatively few British Territorial U.S. Citizens --- far fewer than all those who have been secretly mischaracterized and registered as such -- and once we get this basic "mistake" cleared up, there is really no reason that we need to palaver any more about zoning or land use or property taxes. 

That's all restricted to their own citizenry, too. 

So, here we go, and poor Pastor Avrell is trying to help the homeless and is being assaulted with no less than eighteen criminal charges for zoning violations.... see the link below. 

Here's the check list of questions: 

Is Pastor Avrell serving an incorporated church?  

If so, that church is a US CITIZEN and subject to all the zoning blather, and he might as well plead guilty, pay the fines, and give up helping the homeless using anything -- including his Office, "Pastor" -- or any other church property. 

Second, is the property in question owned by an incorporated church? 

If so, see above. 

Third, if the church that Pastor Avrell serves is not incorporated, then it is not a "US CITIZEN" and is not liable to obey zoning restrictions.  

And his office is not owed to the Roman Municipal Government, either.  

So he can tell them to blow "zoning restrictions" out their ears, because they don't apply to him or the property being used to shelter the homeless -- so long as the land/buildings being used are paid for free and clear and he holds proper title and not a commercial bank.  

If a commercial bank still has a lien against the land and property as a result of loans taken out to buy it, then the bank is liable and has an ownership interest and so, you are back to Square One, admit guilt, pay fines, apologize, give up efforts. 

There is on other Balrog's Tail and that is pre-existing agreements granted to a Homeowner's Association at the time the property was acquired -- and Pastor Avrell will need to check on this, too.  

There may have been a codicil in the purchase agreement requiring the buyer to abide by all zoning restrictions or other restrictions set by the HOA. 

But, having escaped the clutches of the Roman Municipal Government Subcontractor, what if the second tier "government" of the British Territorials comes around?

The questions are similar. 

Has Pastor Avrell established the "Chain of Title" he holds to his unincorporated Church property?  And, having established the chain of title and claimed it, has he taken steps to publish his ownership of the Land Grant or Land Patent underlying the chain of title? 

If he owns the Land Grant or Land Patent free and clear he can tell them to take the same action as the Roman Municipal Government --- if and only if -- he has also taken the time to straighten out his own political status records and reclaimed his original birthright political status.  

This is because the British Territorials among us have been willy-nilly snatching every baby they could snatch, and writing those babies up as if they were born to British Territorial U.S. Citizens, instead of being plain old Americans.  

That False Registration then makes the (actual) Americans into British Territorial Subjects and any land that they own in this country is held in trust by the British King and the British King is in thrall to the Pope, just like the Roman Municipal Government, and if the Pope says, "There shall be zoning!" -- and you are a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, guess what?  

See first instance above.  Plead guilty, pay fines, etc. 

You have to free yourself from all doubt or supposition that you in any way owe citizenship obligations to either the King or the Pope, and you must claim back your birthright interest in your own identity and estate as an American, and you have to pay off any foreign indebtedness, and you have to establish your chain of title and you have to publish your ownership of the land grant or patent, and you cannot be acting as any sort of foreign incorporated entity at all ---- and THEN, finally, you can tell all these busy bodies to go stuff themselves.  

Not until. 

If his church is not incorporated and doesn't owe any money on the premises in question, Pastor Avrell can, with a little effort, mount a serious defense. He can record (never register) his birthright political status, research the chain of title, publish his patent, and tell them to take their "criminal charges" to the owners of the PASTOR AVRELL Crown Corporation Franchise, and, by the way, here's who I am...  

And did they know that it is (Royal) MAIL FRAUD to address MAIL to foreign persons and persons not associated with the Territorial or Municipal Government?  So as to entrap them into answering foreign summonses to foreign courts that hold no valid jurisdiction? 

Just saying. 

It's difficult, but not impossible for Americans to win through and have the freedom their are heir to, but with all the False Registrations and Enrollments they've been coerced into, and the general level of ignorance on all sides, it's a job and a half, and not everyone can do it. 

Usually, like this poor soul, they have no idea of the consequences of incorporating a church. Or a man. 
They have spent their whole lives imagining that they are free, when in fact they have been enslaved by gangs of foreigners, who are themselves enslaved. 

And like it that way. 

So, Pastor Avrell is trying to do something good, but the masters of all the incorporated entities, including incorporated churches, could give a fig about "good". 

What they care about is profit and improving the value of their assets. Yes, their assets, because according to you, you gave them your assets by registering them, by using them as collateral to borrow against, by enrolling in "Federal" retirement programs, by answering their "Summons" sent to you by intergovernmental MAIL.... 

They could care less about homeless people, because if they valued people at all, they wouldn't be homeless in the first place. Take that to the bank. 

Still, there is nothing quite like the look of abject terror on their faces when they finally realize that you know what they've done, what they've alleged about you, and what they owe you as a result.  

And that can be worth all the bother of disentangling yourself from their webs and squashing the spider dead. 


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International Public Notice: Step by Step Analysis

 By Anna Von Reitz

In 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which was one German marrying another, while sitting on the English throne. It has remained that way ever since, and that may be why they haven't cared how neglected the English Throne is or how bad the British Government looks to the rest of the world. 

The Germans have been able to engineer all this dirty work behind the Brits back, just as the Brits have endeavored to perform their malfeasance and war-mongering behind ours. 

Shortly after his marriage to Queen Victoria, Prince Albert --- in possession of his wife's property and fortune --- consolidated and modernized British banking and the Royal fortunes and cut deals with the British Crown leading to the incorporation of the banks and their redefinition as investment banks dealing in securities.  

This was in keeping with what was going on at the time on the Continent, and especially with the big banks in Hamburg. 

This change also involved standardization of the names and conventions used to designate corporations and human beings and living people throughout the then-British Empire to bring them into compliance with British Grammar and Corporate-ese. with the result that in 1851, for Federal purposes, the name of this country operating in National Jurisdiction was changed from "the United States" to "The United States" in accord with English Grammar. 

This left two other entities still using the name "United States" --- the corporate but unincorporated American Federal Subcontractor doing business as "the United States" and the Roman Municipal Federal Subcontractor also doing business as "the United States". 

This enabled the Roman Municipal Subcontractor to seamlessly usurp upon the American Subcontractor when the American Federal Republic ceased operations as a result of the Mercenary Conflict that the British Territorial Municipal Corporation dba "the United States of America, (Incorporated)" started on our shores in 1861.  

Similar changes took place at the same time regarding the name "United States of America".  
The name of our unincorporated Federation of States remained: The United States of America.  

The name of the British Territorial United States entity remained "the United States of America"; but in addition to this name for the Territorial Government, they added a new incorporated entity calling itself, "the United States of America (Incorporated)" which was chartered under the auspices of the British Territorial Government.  

It was this entity, "the United States of America, (Incorporated)" that Abraham Lincoln was President of, and which he declared bankrupt in April of 1863. 

Remember that Lincoln was no American President of any kind.  He was not President of our Federation of States, nor was he President of the American Federal Subcontractor known as the Federal Republic.  He was President of the British Territorial Subcontractor doing business as "the United States of America (Incorporated)".

This was further confirmed by his action bankrupting that entity in April of 1863: he couldn't be operating as President of the Federation or the Federal Republic, either one,  and seek bankruptcy protection -- a privilege of incorporated entities only.   

So all British Territorial interest in the proceedings of the Civil War were severed at that point and it was left to the remaining American troops enrolled as mercenaries from the Several States to finish the job while the Brits were in receivership to their creditors. 

This also means that the Brits, fighting for the "North",  lost the substantial part of any claim to benefit from the conquest; they were riding on our State-of-State coat tails from then on. The victory -- such as it was-- didn't belong to them or their creditors, either.  

The American mercenaries forged on, via improperly presenting themselves as honorable soldiers and claiming expenses from the American States-of-States organizations -- which of course, passed the cost onto the States, which never agreed to any of this. 

Our States never declared war and never got involved in the so-called Civil War, but as a result of these dishonest charges made against our treasuries by the American States-of-States, we got stuck paying for most of it. 

This circumstance makes our States the Priority and Preferential Creditors from then until now.  It was our money commandeered to finish the "war" -- and our States and people who were imposed upon by the States-of-States organizations extending our credit without our permission to do this. 

Thus, a State of the Union, like Wisconsin, through the offices of The State of Wisconsin, got billed for the expenses of supporting the Wisconsin contingent of mercenaries enrolled to fight in the Civil War -- and those running The State of Wisconsin knew they had no business making these charges, because the actual State wasn't involved in any such "war" and didn't condone it.  

Sooner or later, this malfeasance would be discovered and The State of Wisconsin would owe the actual State an insurmountable debt.  

This is exactly what happened after the successful  Armistice, but note: not a Peace Treaty ending the armed hostilities--- because there wasn't ever a Peace Treaty and couldn't be a Peace Treaty to end an illegal Mercenary Conflict. 

By then,1865-68, the British Territorial contingent, encouraged by this acrimony between The State of Wisconsin and Wisconsin (for example) and the paralysis of the American Federal Subcontractor, proposed, with the help of its own bank creditors, to take over and launch their own version of a State-of-State known as "the State of Wisconsin" and to coerce Wisconsin to accept their services instead. 

This required rewriting The Constitution of The State of Wisconsin so that it became "The Constitution of the State of Wisconsin".  

This same pattern of the British Territorial interests coercing the State Government to rewrite their Constitutions to allow this was applied throughout the country. 

By 1868, the two foreign Federal Subcontractors, British Territorial and Roman Municipal,  had split up the duties of the paralyzed American Federal Subcontractor awaiting Reconstruction; the British Territorial United States Government had become the operator of all the State-of-State concessions, and unauthorized British Territorial [Military] District Courts had been spread across the land. As a final element of the fraud practiced against this country, a Scottish corporation doing business as The United States of America (Incorporated) was booted up and used to impersonate our Federation of States. 

They simply neglected to add the word "Incorporated" to the name, and the banks smirked and looked the other way.  In this way, the criminals responsible for this whole debacle gained access to our credit in exactly the same way that a credit card hacker does it --- via impersonation. 

The banks are totally, one hundred percent responsible for this horrible fraud against our people and our country. It could never succeed without their participation and they knew it.  They demanded their cut and are damned by it. 

What became of the American Federal Subcontractor known as The Federal Republic? 

It was inoperable, because its sponsor, the States of America organization operating as the Confederation of States from 1781 to 1860 was inoperable -- left without a quorum.  The Federal Republic fell because the Confederation fell. 

And both stayed down and were never Reconstructed because the remaining Federal Subcontractors were up to no good. 

We've seen what happened to the original American State-of-States which were members of the Confederation -- being subsumed by Territorial versions, so that The State of Vermont, for example, an American Service Provider, was replaced by "the State of Vermont", a British Territorial Service Provider. 

What happened to the actual States and their Federation of States doing business as The United States of America? 

The foreign States-of-States used their Legislatures to govern instead of accepting the direction of the State Assemblies.   Over time, they latched onto the assets of each State by forming State Trusts and cashiering the assets -- land, soil, people, cash, cars, etc. -- in the State Trust, and using these assets and other items of infrastructure as collateral for them to borrow against.  

State Assemblies were redefined in the foreign system spawned by these Usurpers as advisory bodies that met once every two years to consider 
infrastructure spending and other odd things that only a land jurisdiction body politic could decide. 

In this way, they endeavored to promote the idea that the State Assemblies still existed as intended and still directed and approved major capital expenditures, long after their State-of-State Legislatures had usurped all actual power over the assets in the State Trusts and dubbed themselves the Trustees. 

Later, in the 1930's, another whole layer of phony "state" government was added, and the American people were saddled with the expense of Municipal STATE OF STATE government franchises, so that the Territorial State of Tennessee was operating at the same time as the Municipal STATE OF TENNESSEE. 

The people of Tennessee, deprived of their own American State of State known as The State of Tennessee, got stuck paying for the services of two interlopers, neither one of which had any actual consciously accepted and voluntary contract. 

The British Territorials were thus reigning as the Trustees over a State Trust that the people never created and never appointed them to manage, and these foreign interests were spending lavishly on all sorts of investments through their investment banks --- all financed on the physical assets and labor assets of Americans -- and also sending the bill for all this "service" to the Americans, but never affording the victims of this scheme with even a cut of the proceeds rolling off of it, year after year. 

Instead, the people funding all this were "mistakenly" identified as British Territorials, Protestants "lost at sea" and "presumed dead" and everyone was caught up in Henry the Eighth's old double-cross fraud scheme, benefiting the King as the Pope's Overseer with 40% of the "take" and 60% going back to the Pope.  

And all this while, the American people and their government weren't told a whisper about any of these cozy arrangements made for them by their erstwhile public servants. 

Not a word. 

The men responsible for running the Federation of States were hunted down in the waning days of the armed conflict and immediately afterward, accused of crimes they never committed, ambushed, burned out, murdered outright, by "Union Army" thugs in civilian clothing. Those that survived and carried the memory of the Federation with them hid out on the edges of the Great Plains in places like Montana and the Northwestern States and later, Alaska.  

They kept on the run for more than a century and passed down knowledge of the actual structure of our government by word of mouth.  It's to them that we owe this "remarkable resurgence".  They never forgot, and neither will any American.  

When the two layers of interloping foreign government "service providers" organized as Municipal Corporations went bankrupt yet again, we lifted our hands and refused to contract with any Successors that these organizations propose, and wished for the Perpetrators to be punished and ineligible for any privilege to incorporate as much as a dog house concession. 

We have properly provenanced our Assembly members, they have declared their birthright political status, and assembled our State Assemblies. 

We have insisted that our foreign public employees get back in their boxes and stop usurping against their Employers, that these presumptions and arrangements imposed upon us without our knowledge or consent, come to an end, and that the corporations responsible for the harm and expenses be forfeited for the benefit of the victims of this bizarre monolithic attempted theft of our National Identity and theft of our credit and assets for the unjust enrichment of our European Employees. 

For some years now, these Perpetrators have been using the United States Mail owed to our American Subcontractor, and absent that Subcontractor to the Federation of States, to promote crimes of illegal confiscation, mail fraud, false arrest, unlawful conversion, racketeering, identity theft, and more.  

The MAIL has been routinely substituted for the POST and nobody has been taught the difference. Intergovernmental MAIL has been deliberately misaddressed to private people to promote the idea that they are government employees or dependents, when they are not, and when the victims innocently assume that this MAIL is being addressed to them as POST, they are seized upon by the foreign courts as "subject matter", railroaded, and robbed. 

These same Perpetrators send deceptive court summons to their own District Courts and State-of-State Courts concerning foreign State-of-State Persons and foreign ESTATE trusts that have been named after these same Americans without any disclosure. 

When the victims innocently assume that this [Royal] MAIL is addressed to them and respond, the courts and agencies "presume" that they are too ignorant to defend themselves and begin their whole constructive fraud scheme song and dance. 

We wish for these courts to be shut down and the people running them to be fully and permanently informed regarding their limitations and liabilities.  

The Perpetrators send tax notices owed by these trusts named after the American victims and they racketeer against the Americans to pay up or else. They send armed "security personnel" hired by their commercial service corporations to evict people from their homes on the presumption of debt that these people never owed, and these "troopers" and "police" and "sheriffs" masquerading as legitimate public peacekeepers don't even know that they are doing anything wrong. 

They are kept as ignorant as the people they prey upon. 

This is all related to a practice of black magic using "poppets" or voo-doo doll-like representations of the living man or woman -- "personal trusts" -- to impose the debts of fictional entities on people who have had no disclosure that any of this was going on behind their backs, and who cannot defend themselves as a result. 

Prince Albert's dream of a clean and orderly financial system and a sensible uniform nomenclature for living, corporate, and incorporated entities, has gone terribly and violently astray.  

So have public employees in every branch and capacity.  

These terrible errors must be corrected without further delay and those responsible must make amends.  

The courts must be severely reprimanded and brought back to serve the cause of justice, not Justicia, a pagan Roman goddess.  This means among other things, that the so-called Department of Justice devoted to "Justicia" needs to be dissolved or lawfully converted without delay.  

The "Department of Justice" is an in-house corporate subcontractor of the District of Columbia Municipal Subcontractors, providing the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations with Legal Services that these same corporations have repeatedly failed to pay for, and dumped back onto the American Public via bankruptcy fraud.  

If they don't pay for their own Legal Services contracts, those contracts need to go away, and everyone needs to understand that the "public" responsible for their frequent, deliberate bankruptcies, is not the American Public.  

It's the British Territorial U.S. Citizens and the Municipal citizens of the United States responsible for those corporations and their spending, and there are very few of them compared to the numbers of people who have been deceitfully "registered" and "enrolled" without disclosure and enslaved and subjected to peonage to pay for their employees'  unauthorized, reckless, and unaccountable spending.    

The so-called Law Enforcement personnel must be fully-informed of their limitations and stand down from any more illegal and unlawful confiscation activities.  The Legislatures need to be reminded that we and our courts sit in judgment over them and their misapplied codes, statutes, and regulations. 

We have done our part in good faith and more than good faith for well over a century and endured all the harm inflicted by this gross breach of trust, violation of service contracts, bad faith, and fraud; we now require restitution for ourselves, remedy, cure and maintenance for our employees, and both compassion and redemption for the loss and damage done to us from the loss and conscription of the  nephesh-portion of our soul's labor as debt payments that we never owed.  

We are fed up and so is the entire world.  All this black collar and white collar fraud has run its course. 

This criminal misapplication of law, the impersonations, the theft of our labor and latching upon our assets, the venal pretensions and non-disclosures in breach of trust that have led to this -- have got to end. 

We are The United States of America --- Unincorporated.  Free.  The Last Man Standing. We are the Priority Preferential Creditors. 

We invoke our rights and guarantees, our treaties and our contracts, our lawful and legal interests, all assets, trusts and debts owed to us, all beneficial interest whatsoever that is owed to us, as well as the forfeiture of all Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia or established as their franchises anywhere in the world, subject to lawful conversion (that is, nationalization) for their crimes and breaches of contract.  

Insomuch as other countries have been impacted by this same constructive fraud scheme and we have wound up claiming their franchises, we have developed fair and simple means for the living people and their lawful governments to reclaim their assets and their credit. 

We are not -- repeat, not -- proposing to continue any of this fraud and malfeasance for any reason whatsoever.  Our intention is to clean up the mess and have done with it, now and forever. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 13th 2024


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