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Friday, March 19, 2021

Syrian Equals Sirian

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the world of ancient history and ancient languages, transliteration is common. Words with similar sounds can be spelled in similar ways in many languages, especially Proper Nouns. This "similar but not the same" phenomenon arises from differences in the languages themselves, and their spelling conventions.
The use of "y" to stand for the "i" sound is relatively recent, so we can surmise that "Sirian" is the more ancient spelling for today's "Syrian".
And where does the name "Sirian" appear in ancient scripture and other texts? It occurs in reference to the "Morning Star" --- or "Dog Star", Sirius. Satan is referred to as the "Son of the Morning Star" --- a being created at the dawn of time, and forever associated with Sirius, the Morning Star.
So Satan was a Sirian, and we can guess that the "Fallen Angels" --- and the other Angels loyal to God, the Creator, were Sirians, too. In the great panoply of Galactic History, we have been told -- clearly and concisely - that these angels, whose war has affected our own history, were from Sirius and in our languages, that makes them Sirians. Or Syrians.
And on Earth, we are given good reason to think that they touched down in the Fertile Crescent region, and spread into and populated Syria.
It is this search for the "gods" that has formed the international impetus to invade Syria in the present day---- and created the motivation to destroy much of the archeological evidence of this extraterrestrial colonization by angelic forces, too.
Men seek the power of the angels, because they observe that angels destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and did many other superhuman things, like flying and disappearing into thin air---- and men think that they will attain these powers by learning the secrets of the angels, which many of them think of in terms of advanced technologies.
After all, if we believe the ancient texts and hieroglyphics discovered in places like Gobekli Tepe, the angels were using advanced technology and engaging in interstellar travel thousands of years ago. We would be stupid to ignore the possibilty that they left valuable information behind--- information that could lead to advances in science, technology, and----- of course, warfare.
It was this that prompted the Nazis to begin their worldwide search for ancient archeological sites, and after they found them and extracted anything valuable, it is also what prompted the Nazis to destroy and/or bury so many archeological sites--- especially in North Africa.
It would stun many people worldwide to learn that more Nazi bombs were dropped on uninhabited archeological sites in North Africa than any bombing campaign addressed against then- current military targets. Rommel was engaged in a desperate race to uncover, photograph, and then either bury or destroy archeological sites.
The V-2 self-guided (drone) bomb and the Mercury propulsion engine the Nazis were working on at the end of the Second World War were both inspired by ancient archeological findings ---the technology of the angels. Much of Nikola Tesla's work was similarly inspired.
And now, we come to today and the vicious war that has been conducted in Syria and against "Syrians" for the same purposes of discovery and self-interested destruction by modern con artists and war-mongers.
There is no reason to suppose that the people now living in Syria are descendants of the Fallen; instead, there are many sites across the Middle East and also in America that prove the existence of the Nephilim, the race of giants that, according to the Old Testament and many other records, resulted when the ancient Sirians bred with mankind---both the Fallen and the Nephilim are long gone, but modern day Syrians have borne the brunt of invasion by both NATO and Russia, and their innocent people have been made to suffer the destruction of their homes along with their archeological sites and museums.
We should all be appalled on a worldwide basis and we should all condemn the destruction of Syria and of Syria's archeological sites by both NATO and Russia. This history and the technological discoveries resulting from it belong to all mankind, for better or worse.
It should not matter to us to know that the story of the Holy Family and of Yehushuah far pre-dates anything that happened 2,000 years ago--- this story and the moral teachings associated with it came to us from a distant star-system, yet the truths embodied are the same. The principles of eternal life based in eternal love are the same.
The only ones who stand to lose from this denouement are those who have set themselves up as religious leaders -- leaders who have prospered on plagiarism and taken advantage of the innocence of their audience.
As for the angelic technology, this is not something that can or should be fought over like bones being contested by a pack of dogs. It is inevitable that this technology will be "discovered" and used worldwide, and it is equally inexorable that we must struggle with the moral questions and practical problems that accrue from this knowledge.
We stand on the doorstep of physical immortality, a time long foretold, wherein disease and disappointment and misery disappear like the morning mist. And this is a good thing, even though it requires us to profoundly change our mind maps and assumptions, and especially our attitude toward procreation.
With everyone living "forever" --- relative to our lifespans now -- we must alter our care-less ideas and practices about bringing children into this world, review the way we treat children, how we educate them, how we value them, too. The reckless, unthinking, animal-like procreation of earlier times has to go away. and the ability and right to procreate must be taken not only for the divine gift it is, but also the profound responsibility it represents.
The specter of eugenics is being fostered and promoted for practical reasons by those with little imagination and delusions of grandeur, such that they propose to act as the arbiters of our divinity. This cannot be allowed. At the same time, we all bear a new cross --- to be taught and to think in terms of the sacredness of life and the responsibility we bear as we bring new life into the Universe.
We call upon all nations to stop the carnage and senseless arms race mentality that has thus far led to the destruction of Syria, and for the creation of a sensible and fair-minded international committee to oversee the excavation of archeological sites worldwide ----and to make the discoveries available worldwide.
In this way we may finally come to value ourselves as part of the Universe and give up the childish egocentricity that has been the hallmark of our history thus far. When we were children, we thought as children --- but now that we are men and women, we must set aside childish things, and progress as we are meant to progress as part of All That Is.
We issue this plea to all other nations and all leaders in every country and sphere of endeavor. We cannot do this alone. We cannot overcome the assumptions of power-mongers and the acts of evil men without a very broad-spectrum response from everyone in every country worldwide---saying enough is enough.
We know why you, the Perpetrators, are causing all this war in the Middle East and Ukraine.
We know why you, the Perpetrators, are causing the destruction of much of the human race through these False Vaccines.
There is no protection from the truth. The Truth simply is, and it remains present, in spite of what we might say or do or think.
Stop this genocide and destruction now. Remember that what you do unto others will be done in the same way unto you. This is the literal Law of Creation. Heed it well.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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In Defense

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I heard someone call the Pope a “jerk” for having the guts to explain something every Christian should know. And what he explained was this:

It’s not our role to judge or be mean to anyone.

At the same time, the Bible gives definite instructions about morality and immorality, what pleases our Creator, and what doesn’t.

Loving the sinner doesn’t include loving the sin.

We have to be sentient enough and discerning enough to know that “line in the sand” exists.  We owe it to others to share this information.

And still know our limitations.

So when Christians welcome Sinners — we accept everyone in “as is” condition and we accept, too, that it is not our job to judge or change them.

In truth, we know we can’t judge or change them.   That is work they have to undertake for themselves, with help from above our pay grade.

At most we can hope to engage them in the same effort and process we undergo ourselves as we view our actions in the light of the scriptures and the teachings we have received.

When I was a small child, I didn’t know it was wrong to steal.

 And once it was brought to my attention that stealing was not a good thing, I have had many years to contemplate all the reasons why, and thereby train myself to grow in strength and moral conviction that yes, stealing is wrong, and it isn’t just because my Mother or Father said so.

It isn’t even because God said so.

It’s because some things are innately wrong, or unfair or destructive to others or even destructive to Nature itself.  It’s because by abstaining from these evils we are protected from them— and we protect others from them, too.

This winter I came to the local grocery store at dusk, and there was a woman’s purse just sitting in an empty cart, nobody around.

So I rolled the cart inside and took the purse to the store customer service desk.  The manager opened the purse in front of me and several employees looking for the name and address of the owner.

As we were all standing there an elderly woman came puffing up to us, red-faced and near tears.  We all saw the look of utter relief spread across her face.

No big deal.  It happens everyday.  Someone does the right thing, because they know what “good” is and they want more of that in the world.

Seeing that the mystery was solved, I immediately turned away and went on about my business—- but the Purse Lady tracked me down in the juice and beverage aisle to thank me.

It wasn’t necessary. 

I am used to the fact that not all blessings are mine.  I smiled at her.

I smiled at Pope Francis, too, trying to explain the Christian Paradox.


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Secession From What?

There is a lot of talk about “secession” yet nobody spouting off about this topic understands what they are even referring to.

It’s like someone waving around a loaf of “Wonder Bread” as a weapon, and taking it seriously, too.  The spectacle may be droll, but hardly reassuring.

The only “secession” most Americans are familiar with is that famous one associated with the so-called American Civil War, in which the Southern State of State organizations “seceded” from participating in the original Confederation.

As already reviewed, the members of the original Confederation formed in 1781 were all American State-of-State organizations like The State of New York and The State of North Carolina, which were in fact business organizations tasked with conducting international and commercial business for the States.

They were all “Confederate States” — not actual States at all. 

If you go back and look at the induction process paperwork you will quickly discover that the men who fought in this “war” were mustered out by these business organizations—- such as The State of New York,  not New York, and The State of North Carolina, not North Carolina.

It was not a war — it was a “mercenary conflict” — like Vietnam, right from the start.

Given that background and now knowing that it was not a “war between the States” but was instead a “war between the Confederate States” both North and South, we are prepared to see this history in its correct perspective and ask—- what were they fighting about and what does “secession” mean?

Put bluntly, it means that the Southern State of State organizations  chose to “opt out” of a Trade Organization that had become oppressive and contrary to their best interests.

If they had bided their time and used their resources to mount a world opinion campaign and taken the issues to court,  its likely that the entire matter could have been settled without firing a single shot.

The issue of “secession”— the right of the Southern State of State organizations to leave the Confederation boils down to two words found in the original Articles of Confederation in which the Founders express their intent to form “a perpetual Union” of Confederate States.

If cooler heads had prevailed, it would have been taken before a court of competent international jurisdiction and it would have been determined that the “perpetual union clause” was beyond the power of mortal men to dictate, and was therefore null and void. 

The power of perpetuity does not lie within our grasp, so guarantees of perpetuity are void by nature. 

Jefferson Davis knew this and knew that the Southern States were standing on solid ground when they voided the Perpetuity Clause and declined to participate in the Confederation—- that is, when they seceded and no longer conducted their business affairs through the Confederation.

Think of it in terms of OPEC or any other trading cartel:  the members bargain together for their mutual benefit, but what would happen if one group of members decided to sell out another group of members?

The trading cartel would break apart.

That’s what happened to the Confederation.

That’s why the South seceded and that is what they seceded from.

They had every right to stop participating in a trade organization, despite the unrealistic desires and expectations of men who founded the Confederation a century earlier—- especially when that trade organization had been taken over by the more populous northern states and the industrialists running them—- people who viewed Southern agricultural products as mere bargaining chips, and saw nothing wrong with slashing cotton prices so long as their own coal and widget prices stayed high.

Put yourself in the position of the men running the business and trade organizations of the Southern States.

It is your job to protect and defend your State of State’s best interests in the arena of international trade—- but you are being obliged to work through a trade organization where you are constantly out-voted and the best interests of your organization and your people are being sold down the river against your will—- as a sop to get better deals for your Northern compatriots.

That is what was happening in the lead-up to the Civil War and that is what “secession” was all about—— not leaving the actual Union of States, but instead, leaving a trade organization that had become corrupt and parasitic.

The “perpetuity clause” — which was neither lawful nor legal in the first place, was the Cause. 

By “seceding” from their participation in the Confederation , the Southern States were breaking the perpetuity clause binding the Southern States of States to conduct their international trade affairs through the Confederation—-and they were recognizing the  improper and unenforceable nature of perpetual contracts.

So.  It was not, as often portrayed, any “secession” from or disloyalty to the actual Union of States; it was a squabble about international trade and no longer being required to participate in the Confederation and to be bound by its dictates.

Today,  people talk about “secession” with no idea of what actually happened back then, and no idea of what it would mean now.

So let’s cover that point— up until very recently, foreign State of State business organizations have been running (badly) the business of our States “for” us.

Now that our actual State Governments, our State Assemblies,  are in Session, these foreign State of State organizations that are talking about “seceding” have no authority to do anything but work for us according to our dictates and their contracts.

That is, if they “secede” from any “union” it is only the union formed by their own foreign State of State organizations.

The present talk about “secession” has nothing to do with us or our States, either one. 

Long after Governor Newsom and his pirates have up- anchored and departed (seceded) —- we will still be standing here on our own flat feet with our lawful standing and legal rights intact. 


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About Preambles to Acts Versus The Preamble

 By Anna Von Reitz

There have been a great many people suddenly entering the realm of historical legal research --- because they just as suddenly noticed that this was important and that they ought to be interested. They are coming from many different backgrounds and various indoctrinations and belief systems.
Some are getting hung up on the issues surrounding "The Preamble" versus the numerous preambles and enactment clauses added to various Acts of Congress, including those merely "styled" as Amendments to the Corporate Constitution that made its appearance in 1868.
From then on, whenever you see references to "the" Constitution of the United States of America, you will know that the Corporate Articles of Incorporation styled as "a" constitution is under discussion, and when you see references to "The Constitution of the United States of America" you will know that the actual Territorial Constitution is being discussed.
The Proper Names of Things expressed in English include the Definite Article--- "the" is part of the actual name of The United States, The United States of America, The State of New York, etc. This affirms the principle that there is only one United States, one United States of America, and one State of New York; all other versions exist as euphemisms referencing the foreign powers that exercise delegated powers.
The State of New York = actual American business organization doing business for New York.
"the" State of New York = Territorial business organization substituting itself for The State of New York in our purported absence.
"the" STATE OF NEW YORK = Municipal business organization that shouldn't exist impersonating "the" State of New York.
With that in mind, I offer these insights into the arguments surrounding The Preamble to the Federal Constitutions, and all the various other "preambles" to Acts of Congress:
Please note that what was under discussion (in the particular question I was asked about) was the "Preamble" to the 14th Amendment, not the Preamble added to the Federal Constitutions at the same time as the Bill of Rights.
"The Preamble" of the Federal Constitutions was added to create a National Trust --- and to obligate all Parties to uphold it. It is one of the reasons that the Vermin are liable for negligence and treason for creating and then pillaging National Trust property.
If you read the Preamble you will see that it creates an Express Trust, with the Donors -- "We, the People" -- bequeathing their rights, assets, and responsibilities to their "Progeny" ---- all those who will come after and stand in the same political status.
The language of the Preamble is often misunderstood as creating a trust that benefited only those who were creating the trust and their direct descendants, but this is not the case.
Those creating the Trust were acting in the capacity of State Citizens --- and as such, were acting in the specific capacity of Lawful Persons. They were bequeathing everything to the Lawful Persons who would follow in their footsteps as one of the People of this nation --- those who would take up the responsibilities of self-government and caretaking the Public Interest and upholding the Public Law.
This is why, among other things, it is so important for Americans to wake up and fully embrace their heritage. You can't sit on the sidelines with respect to this inheritance. The blessings and rights go hand in hand with hard work and responsibilities.
Those who will act as State Citizens and stand as the "Progeny" of the Founding Fathers are the Inheritors of the National Trust established by the Preamble. They protect themselves and protect all other Americans by accepting the responsibilities of self-governance on an international level. By standing in that capacity, they inherit the offices of their Forefathers and are their true "progeny" both in flesh and in lawful capacity.
The Preamble to the 14th Amendment by contrast, which failed to gain enough votes to pass, is the Enrollment Clause which must be present in order for it to be recorded as a Public Law; the failure of the 14th Amendment Preamble indicates that whatever it was, the body felt that the 14th Amendment could not be applied to the General Public, and as a result, it would only be published on the Federal Register, not the Federal Record.

Given what evidence has been provided, I would bet a small sum that you will find the 14th Amendment published on the Federal Register, but never published on the Record.


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