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Thursday, October 27, 2022

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 Who is Paul Stramer

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I have been working at this now for over seven years full time, and I am going to level with you all about what it takes to make Anna's words and writings go around the world.

Publishing her articles is just the beginning of what we do here.  The idea from the start was to let what Anna is saying in her articles build a consensus around the world that would lead to freedom for the average man or woman instead of the victimization by "government" of the people of the world we are currently experiencing. I have never found anyone who understands the history of fraud by government that has brought us to this evil time better than Anna Von Reitz. She was the first one to come on the scene who had fully assembled the puzzle of fraud so we could get our minds around it.

The idea behind this is the principal that evil can only operate when it's victims are deceived about what is happening to them and why, and that exposure to the light of day will usually reverse the evil once the truth becomes pervasive enough. This has been the case throughout history. The reason is that God has written his 10 Commandments into the heart of every man, and people will know what is true, and what is false, provided they are given good information.

The Romans learned that the hard way. They learned that it is difficult to fight an idea with swords and clubs. It's impossible to fight a good and true idea whose time has come in God's Holy will, or His timeline in history.  We are living in a time such as that, where people see the evil in governments around the world, and they want information that will counteract the evil and lies, and solutions to get the evil exposed and out of power. We are living in a time of great awakening, although many are still asleep. We haven't reached enough people yet.

This is the reason that I concentrate my efforts in the field of education and advertising the truth, and the discussion of what is being written. You will find that the discussions in the comments section on this blog are far more open than most blogs. You will find, as I have written in the blue header above every page, that there are many opinions of many different people here, some of which are directly opposed to others, but that all the writers (who are not deliberate trolls) are deeply concerned about the future of freedom in America and around the world.

Believe me when I say that moderation of that comment section is a huge task that takes up hours of  my time.

We can not expect to get these articles of truth out there without a steady stream of advertising to find new people to read those words, and to that end I have created some very hard hitting ads that we are running on as many places as we can afford.  Here is one such ad we have been running by email for a few weeks, that is getting good results and has added hundreds of people to our mailing list for the announcements when Anna writes a new article. Go ahead and click on this ad to see what happens.

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Thank you for reading this and for anything you can do to help.

Paul Stramer

PS  Here is Anna's take on what I do for the effort:

Useful Proof About DC and the Municipal Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

I get tired about arguing over things that are stick-in-my-face obvious to me, so here is another source telling you the truth about the founding, ownership, and nature of Washington, DC, as a Roman Catholic / Holy Roman Empire enclave on the banks of the Potomac, and also a handy explanation of all the occult and pagan and Roman symbolism haunting the place: 

This is a foreign capitol with respect to our country, owned and operated by Federal Subcontractors allowed to be here (see the Residence Act of 1790) for the purpose of fulfilling their contractual obligations --- including the obligation to provide a neutral meeting ground for diplomatic purposes and serving as an administrative hub to organize and administer the delivery of certain "essential government services", for example, Postal Service. 

When you truly understand that our American Capitol is and has always been Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and not Washington, DC, you will have the beginnings of wisdom and will be far better able to thread your way through the morass of jurisdictions, forms of law, and contracts and treaties and obligations --- on all sides --- that make up the totality of "our government" and its instrumentalities exercising enumerated delegated powers. 

So have at it.  The Truth may leave you stunned and a little sick and woozy, but  it's better to know what you are dealing with and know that it is literally a foreign government, than to assume that Washington, DC, is ours.  

Look at what happened when Rod Class assumed that Washington, DC, honors the Constitution?  I tried my best to tell him that it is a foreign, independent, international city-state and that the members of Congress rule over it as plenary oligarchs, just as it states in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.  But he took his deer rifle into town just the same, and got arrested and stomped silly for his efforts, all because he couldn't quite believe that Washington, DC is literally a foreign entity perched on our shores and functioning under its own Municipal Laws, not ours. 

You can ask the January 6th Protesters about this Flying Factoid, too. They went to Sodom thinking it was their Capitol City, and of course, they had a right to peacefully protest there. Their lives wouldn't be in danger.  They would be treated well in their own capitol, right?  


Municipal citizens and officials and their employees and dependents are obligated to observe our Constitutional Guarantees, if we are actually Americans, and if we are standing on our own turf outside of Washington, DC.--- but in Washington, DC, Nancy Pelosi reigns and it is the Witch's Castle.  Municipal Law, not Constitutional Law, is the order of the day within the boundaries of the Municipality of Washington, DC. and the members of Congress can do whatever they please. 

So far, they've reacted like scared goats, clambering over each others backs to get away from the people they call "constituents"---- and pretend to represent.  

But read this little article via the link above, and you will better understand that "the" United States of America is not the same as The United States of America and "the" United States is by no means the same as The United States, either. 


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna's website here:

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A Demonstration of How Patriots Fail --- Again and Again

You may or may not remember my efforts to keep The Colorado Nine on track, the spirited arguments I had with them in the days leading up to their arrest, and how, with heavy heart, I drew the line and refused to support their action --- which I knew would be disastrous, and which was disastrous. In the aftermath, I was blamed as if I gave them bad advice, but thankfully by then my blog was well-established and the timeline, too.  

The saddest thing for me was knowing the mistake they were making, and not being able to communicate the seriousness of it to them.   They were utterly convinced that they were right and I was wrong.  It was not the first time this has happened in forty years of slogging, nor, regrettably, the last.  Patriots love each other, until they disagree, and then it's usually only after something tragic happens, that the truth comes out and stomps the issue flat. 

My relationship with Family Guardian has been that kind of love-hate relationship from the start, which is now more than twenty years ago, when I first started reading their publications.  About five years ago, I finally had a chance to speak with them over the phone.  They are great people.  True blue.  I tried to explain to them why most of the Federal Code (an estimated 92%)  doesn't apply to members of the General Public, and why concentrating on Federal Code and Federal Rules is oddly self-defeating. 

We are, I argued, wasting our time learning a lot of gobbledygook that doesn't apply to us, and knowing their Federal Code so intimately only lends credence to the supposition that we must be U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States. Why else would we know and argue about Federal Code citations and use Federal Forms, if we don't stand under Federal Code?  

Americans don't stand under Federal Code.  Thanks to Amendment Eleven we don't have to know any foreign law at all, so why not spend our wit and strength studying Public Law and American Common Law instead?  As it stands, we aren't at war and don't recognize "military occupation" by our own employees. 

The Federales are always shoving their Federal Code and Federal Regulations and their State-of-State Statutes in our faces as the source of their authority, and it's anti-intuitive to tell them --- what makes you think that I stand under your codes and statutes?  Prove it. 

It's far more natural for people to take the bait and argue, which then grants jurisdiction to their courts.  

So while I have the greatest respect for FamGuard and their tireless effort and research --- and I read their publications from time to time myself --- I also know that they are looking at everything from the standpoint of the Federales, and not as Americans. 

No doubt that would shock them and they'd be mad, because in their own minds, being American is what this is all about --- protecting yourselves and your families from the Vermin who have usurped upon us. 

I share the same goal, but from a different perspective.  Here is a typically brilliant exposition by FamGuard on the subject of Admiralty Law (Martial Law) being misapplied in our courts and the heinous Trading With the Enemy Act:  

They prove that the courts are acting under Admiralty Law (Martial Law) by a process of exclusionary deduction that nobody can argue against.  They expose the use of "Executive" gold-fringed flags in what appear to be our courts (used to be common to see this, but no more; the gold-fringed flags have been retired in all the courts I have recently visited) and they conjecture that the courts are operating in a "Secret Jurisdiction".  

Of course, they are right about all this and I cheer them on.  I could tell them why the courts were using the "Executive Flag" and presenting as "Executive Courts" if anyone had bothered to ask me, and I could also shed light on the "Secret Jurisdiction" created by "Special Admiralty Rules" tacked onto the end of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and then adopted separately as State-of-State Statutes.  

The answer to all this lies in the past, in the Civil War itself, and in the Aftermath of it.  This is when we first see Abraham Lincoln appearing not as The President of this country, but as "the" President-Commander of an incorporated British Crown Vessel, "the" United States of America, Incorporated.  This is where he, and those with him, deceitfully substituted the American Office for the British Territorial Office of "President", and the executive powers of a Captain of a Ship were then employed in the manner of a dictator, not an American President bound by Honor and the Law of the Land.  

This is how Lincoln assumed the power to start the Civil War by issuing his own Declaration, and the means he used to usurp upon the singular power of our State Delegations in Congress Assembled  to Declare War; instead, Lincoln initiated a Commercial Mercenary Conflict while acting as the President of a British Corporation---- and called it a War. 

I have cited the proof for this before: (1) No Declaration of War was ever  issued by our Congress; (2) The soldiers were all enrolled under the auspices of States of States, not the actual States themselves.  States-of-States are private business organizations under contract to provide routine governmental services for the States.  The soldiers were all mustered out in the name of these business organizations, like The State of New York, not New York; (3) There is no Peace Treaty ending the so-called American Civil War. (4) Lincoln, a Bar Attorney from Illinois, was prohibited from holding any Public Office in our Government by the Titles of Nobility Amendment  passed by the States in 1819 --- he could not act as The President of this country, he could only act as the President of a corporation, and wars conducted by corporations are by definition illegal Mercenary Conflicts ---- just like Vietnam.  

So, there you have it, an open-ended Commercial Mercenary Conflict engendered on our shores, with no beginning and no end.   The British Territorial Government fought with the North and the Papist Holy Roman Municipal Government fought with the South, so they just kept on fighting among themselves even after Lincoln's Successor, Andrew Johnson, created a Public Contract, by Proclaiming Peace on the Land on three separate occasions.  

This means that "President" Johnson, for he was no more The President of this country than his Predecessor, Lincoln, nonetheless contractually bound the USA, Inc. to holding the American General Public harmless and guaranteed our "peace on the land".  Why shouldn't he?  The actual States have been at peace since 1814.    

Unfortunately, in their ensuing discussion of the Trading With the Enemy Act, FamGuard makes the assumption that we, the American Public, are the "Enemies" being referred to, when in fact we are specifically excluded in Appendix 25, and are non-domestic with respect to the District of Columbia, so are not subject to their Congress. All the rest of the discussion, brilliant as it is, is ruined because FamGuard doesn't know which Congress (Federal, Territorial, or Municipal) is passing this Act, isn't aware of the continuing "war" between the Territorial Government and the Municipal Government, and misses the whole context of the Trading With the Enemy Act as a result. 

In 1917, the British Territorial Congress passed the Trading With the Enemy Act.  We know this because the actual American Federal Congress hadn't met since the Civil War, and the Municipal Congress of the United States didn't speak to the issue, because it and its citizens of the United States were still the presumed domestic (with respect to the District of Columbia) Enemies.  

The reason they call it "Federal Code" is because it is encoded.  No matter how brilliant you are or how diligent you are, if you don't know the conventions of a foreign language, you will be lost and unable to rightly interpret it.  And that is what happens with so many Patriot organizations, not just FamGuard--- we get off track and reach wrong conclusions because we don't have the appropriate Flash Gordon or Buzz Lightyear Secret Decoder Ring and we don't know the actual history, either, so we don't know the context of what we are observing. 

It's true that both fraud and treason have been committed against us by our Federal Subcontractors --- FamGuard is absolutely correct about that, but first, you have to know that they are Subcontractors and not our actual government. 


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna's website here:

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