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Thursday, June 8, 2023

A Love Letter --- the ABA/IBA Lien and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

There have been numerous parties coming forward now, long after the ABA/IBA Lien has cured, wanting to sign it as a lienholder, and wanting to add new charges to it.  

That isn't possible, but that doesn't matter. You are still covered by what has already been done. 

Please stop besieging me with tales of woe and stories of the abuses of the court system.  I already know, believe me, I do.  

And please understand that I am not acting as a gatekeeper determining who gets recompense and who doesn't. 

We will be flowing recompense through the Global Family International Trade Bank, and later through individual International Trade Banks in the Blue Dot System.  

Go online and sign up for your own account.  

Admit that many aspects of the abuse we've suffered are injuries that don't equate to money and can't be paid back with money. The only thing money can do is buy a new future for the victims, and while that's far better than a poke in the eye, the past is past. We have to let it go, or it will stand in our way. 

Read that: mooning over the past and what was and romanticizing it stands in the way of what is and what can be.  

It's alright to remember all the good things we've had in the past and that we've enjoyed in our lives, but not to live in regret or cherish bitterness.   

Remember that there is no price to be placed on one's sense of security, the cost of one's good name, or the loss of an opportunity to go to college ten years ago. Money can't restore a broken arm, or take away scars. It can't mend broken relationships. It can't give us back lost time or lost quality of life.  

Such losses can only be overcome from within ourselves.  We can decide to move on, to learn, to grow, to be better for it --- and our happiness now, right now, in this moment and every moment going forward, will be our triumph and revenge. Our true recompense. 

For many, this means a whole new life path opening up, and it's important that you think of it in those terms. 

What you had before was financial slavery.  What you have now is financial freedom.  

Take time to understand yourself and your own needs, quite apart from the commercialized world where "everybody" wants a new Lexus. 

That's the same plastic world where every woman looks like "Barbie" and every man is "Ken" and Santa Claus comes every year to dump more plastic crap on us --- mostly stuff we don't need and don't want.   
If we are honest, most of us don't need a new Lexus, and having or not having one is a matter of indifference to us --- individually, personally.  Sure, they are nice cars, but... 

For many of us, having a sturdy old pickup truck is the truth in our heart that gives us joy and fulfills our needs.  Or a zippy little commuter car that gets 30 miles per gallon.  Or a.... 

We honor ourselves when we honor the truth about what we need and want in our lives, instead of letting telemarketers and other people tell us what we want and what we need. 

We are each competent to stand apart and decide these things for ourselves.  So do so.  

For many people, their childhood dreams are the only dreams they ever had, and for various reasons, they didn't believe those dreams. For many, their parents or teachers or other authority figures told them, "You can't.... " and so, they didn't even try. 

That's sad, but let's face it, maybe we don't want to be a ballerina for the first time at age sixty. 

It's time for many of us to dream new dreams in a world where we've forgotten how to dream. Relearn. Rethink. Be honest. Be true to you and who you are now.  

Right now.  

Don't listen to any sales pitches from other people or try to figure out an inheritance that you can leave your children.  

Don't just assume that a new Lexus will make you happy.  You have to search and dig out the truth of what makes you happy.  

Always remember that happiness doesn't come in "one size fits all".

Happiness is unique to each one of us, hand-tailored, special (even though, for most of us, having a warm blanket and a warm puppy helps).

Your children already have an inheritance beyond their wildest imagination, and they will find their own path forward and dreams of their own to realize and fulfill.  No need to worry about them. 

Think about yourself.  Just you.  Love your highest and best self for a few minutes every day.  Get reacquainted.  Let your old dreams smile at you and new dreams take root.  Sink into the magic of being fully present in this moment called "now".  And be you, your own true, authentic self.  

The door is shut on signing the ABA/IBA Lien, but the future is wide open because other people already did that and took other measures to protect your interests and to renew justice.  

You don't have to fight anymore, you don't have to struggle anymore, you don't have to worry anymore.  

You can now look in the rearview mirror and see that those days are behind you.  

So dream now--- just be sure that you are dreaming your own dream, and not someone else's!  

Much love, 



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Illegal Confiscations and Illegal Takings Fraud by Personage

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Crimes of personage are not widely advertised in the legal community and many Bar Attorneys prefer not to speak of them, because they are engaged --- knowingly or unknowingly --- in promoting crimes of personage. 

Like many other crimes, the crimes of personage run a gamut of severities from petty theft and similar misdemeanors to grand felonies and capital crimes.  

These crimes all hinge on the root crime of impersonation -- either deliberately pretending to be someone or something else, or, conversely, being "taken" for someone or something else, so as to obligate you to pay for other's debts or assume another's performance obligations.  

We observe the potential for the crimes of personage every time we encounter similarly named individuals, for example, three men all named James LeRoy Brown, or, three businesses all named "Coates and Sons" or some variation, like "Cotes & Sons" or "Coats and Suns", or three products all named "E-Z Cups" or "Easy Cups" or "Easee-Cups".  

These representations are confusing, and when these confusions are knowingly deployed to promote a financial, property, or identity crime, they are known collectively as crimes of personage. 

We are all aware of the common crime of identity theft resulting in credit card crimes.  A thief steals the name and account information from a credit card and then pretends to be (impersonates) the account holder and uses the purloined information to make unauthorized charges against the victim's credit. 

These evils typically occur in international and global jurisdictions of the law, where they are most difficult to detect.  

Fake designer clothes and handbags and similar items known as "knock offs" are the result of crimes of personage. In this case, it's not just the name of the producer, like Ralph Lauren (trademark) or COACH (Trademark) that suffers personage, the product itself is impersonated and replaced in the marketplace by a cheap imposter.   

We are also familiar with crimes of personage seeking to exercise purloined offices and official identities, such as impersonating a police officer or judge or elected official in order to improperly exercise authority belonging to the office.   
The whole class of personage crimes are widely recognized as international crimes of identity theft, trademark and copyright and patent infringement, but in extremis, can be used to obliterate the victim's political status and property rights, and this is when personage becomes a capital crime, punishable by death.  

This later severe form of personage is generally accomplished by a process of "unlawful conversion" of one's stolen identity, which results in your name being trafficked into foreign jurisdictions of the law and applied to foreign people, persons, or things.  

These severe crimes of personage and unlawful conversion are forbidden by the Geneva and Hague Conventions, both, and result in the exact form of political identity theft we have witnessed in America, wherein American babies are misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and their nationality, which naturally derives from the State of the Union where they are born,  is unlawfully converted and construed to be that of a Municipal citizen of the United States. 

At each step of this personage scheme, Americans are defrauded and deprived of their identity, their lawful standing, their contracts and guarantees, their property rights and their freedom, while being falsely held under presumed contracts of fealty and allegiance and being obligated to serve foreign monarchs and pay foreign debts. 

Please note the following: 

The Lawful and Proper Name of "Allen Stone Fleming", a living American, looks and sounds identical to the Legal Name of "Allen Stone Fleming", a British Merchant Mariner.  

And the representation of the estate of the "lost" British Merchant Mariner styled as "ALLEN STONE FLEMING" can be mistaken for either the American or British Territorial Persons, as can "ALLEN S FLEMING" the name of a Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchise.  

These impersonations foisted off on the unwary American and European and Asian victims all result in unlawful conversion of their political status, identity, and nationality, so as to deprive them of their lawful standing and identity. 

These same unlawful conversions and crimes of personage, usually  hidden by similar names and deceit, can be applied to political offices and even entire countries, as we have seen. 

The American office of "United States Secretary of State", for example, has been impersonated by the British Territorial office of "United States Secretary of State", using the same unlawful conversion and impersonation of Lawful Persons into Legal Persons that occurs when an American Person is "converted" into a British Territorial Person. 

The Municipal Corporation office of "UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE" sounds exactly the same as the other two versions when spoken out loud, and could be mistaken for one of the other offices, even though all three are completely separate offices. 

All of this opens the opportunity for and in a sense, encourages, crimes of personage.  

Even the identity of an entire country can be stolen and trafficked and unlawfully converted: witness, the name of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America from 1776 onward, was unlawfully converted and impersonated by Abraham Lincoln when he created "The United States of America, Incorporated", and then also the "United States of America, Incorporated".  

These very similar names applied to foreign incorporated businesses were used to impersonate our unincorporated Federation of States -- our actual government operating in international jurisdiction.  This a crime of capital-level personage on an unimaginable scale. . 

No wonder our people and the rest of the world's governments have been confused, with all these crimes of unlawful conversion and personage being allowed to run wild and unopposed--- "Australia, Inc." substituting itself for Terra Australis, the USA, INC. substituting itself for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

Crimes of personage and unlawful conversion have been employed to promote identity theft and unlawful and illegal access to assets and credit, even on a national scale.

These same crimes have been employed to secretly obligate and indebt the victims to pay the debts of the Perpetrators. 

Finally, these crimes of unlawful conversion and personage have been used to promote illegal confiscations and illegal takings and counterfeiting.

Federal Reserve Notes -- private bank I.O.U.s ---  have been used to impersonate actual government-issued Silver Dollars, resulting in vast counterfeiting operations. 

The similarly named British Territorial and Municipal "persons" have been used to illegally confiscate and sell vast quantities of American private property under conditions of fraud and impersonation. 

Illegal confiscation is a form of illegal taking prohibited under Article V of all Federal Constitutions, but by impersonating the American victims, the Perpetrators have been enabled to evade their own obligations under the Constitutions. 

In illegal confiscation actions, American property is seized upon by Municipal and/or British Territorial Courts acting under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure.  Illegal takings follow, when the victims' seized-upon property is sold to satisfy, for example, a foreign tax judgment, and fetches a price in excess of the debt. 

We wish for everyone to recognize that Americans are not in debt and are instead suffering a deliberate failure on the part of the Perpetrators to enter the Americans' credit on the ledger and balance the books. 

We wish for everyone to realize that no tax debts exist, because all taxes have been prepaid many times over, and no interest can accrue on these non-existent debts, either.  

We wish for all illegal and unlawful confiscatory actions to cease and desist and all illegal and unlawful takings to cease and desist, also. 

The Territorial Supreme Court is aware of the illegal takings issue, which it fully recognized in a recent case, Tyler v Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

Tyler, a 94 year-old Grandmother, argued that she owed a minor tax debt for which the County foreclosed on her property.  The County then sold her property to satisfy the tax debt and illegally kept the remainder, which was owed back to Tyler.

The Court ruled in Tyler's favor; keeping the excess proceeds of the sale was an "illegal taking" on the part of Hennepin County. 

We would additionally argue that Tyler, born and raised on American soil, and not a Federal Employee of either stripe, was impersonated as a British Territorial Person and a Municipal PERSON, too, and that the alleged tax debt itself was fraudulent and owed by these foreign persons. 

Because of the fraud and impersonation involved, the sale of her property was illegal and unlawful, because the tax debt was not in fact owed by the victim whose property was seized upon.  That's the first issue, and it was unfortunately not addressed in this case.  

As for the second issue, the excess profit from the sale of the property should have been returned to Tyler, not kept by Hennepin County, a finding we all agree upon.  

This ruling assists all those who have had multi-million dollar farms and ranches and businesses and other property seized and sold to satisfy relatively minor tax debts and never received back the excess proceeds from the sales.   

Such claims can be made and addressed no matter how long ago these forced sales occurred, so long as these elements of personage and fraud exist and excess profit resulted from the sale. 

Excess profits from all tax sales must be returned to the owner of the property.  The case is: Tyler v Hennepin County, Minnesota.  Failure to return any excess profits results in illegal takings in violation of Article V. 

Exacerbated illegal takings occur when the alleged tax debt is owed by foreign persons and the American victim is being impersonated as a foreign person or entity.  

These same or similar illegal takings prohibitions may be found in the international law generally and within the Public Law of most countries; they are not unique to the Federal Constitutions, and are based on Maxims of Law. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 7th 2023 


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