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Monday, April 25, 2022

Grandma Plays Donkey Kong

 By Anna Von Reitz

This answer to one particular whiner applies to a lot of people who still just aren't getting it, people who are sitting around waiting.....and waiting..... for someone else to do it for them:  

You can gripe and feel sorry for yourself all you want, while you stand there and engage in "administrative processes" and don't do what I tell you needs to be done. 

Do you need an administrative process?   No.   You are not part of their system.  Neither are, or were,  your two cars.  

The ONLY reason they get away with this, is that our Assemblies aren't providing the Court functions for our own people.  

It is the United States Attorney's job to defend United States Land Patents and Patent-Holders.   It is the Provost Marshal's job to defend people and their property from illegal confiscation.  Neither one of these offices do their jobs because there is nobody home to give them the Orders and Indictments needed for them to proceed.   

Get a clue, the "District Attorney" isn't going to serve an indictment against his own Privateers Club members.  No, we have to do that for ourselves or it doesn't get done ---- but guess what?  

The Washington Assembly hasn't been sitting around waiting for someone else.  Oh, no.  For the past two years they have been learning law and pre-qualifying jurors.  

So guess what they did this weekend?   They called their Grand Jury into Session and they deliberated and they issued a Writ of Mandamus with Order to Compel --- forcing both the United States Attorney and the Provost Marshal to get back to work, and, they issued a Criminal Indictment against the "Sheriff" and the "Sheriff's Detectives" and the "County" ---- how do you like that?  That's Law in action.  Actual Law. Not any "Administrative Process". 

Washington heard the message, followed the instructions, did the work, and so they were ready to meet this challenge in an appropriate and powerful way.  

Don't you wish that you had a competent State Assembly and State Court ready to defend your rights?   Ever stopped and thought about why you don't have that when you need it?  

Could it be that while you have been dithering around doing THEIR "Administrative Process" instead of building your own Assembly Court and enforcing your Public Law, they have been getting away with dereliction of duty and every kind of crime for profit? 

Could it be that you are your own problem, because you actually have all the power, but you don't educate yourself and you don't work and you don't organize and you don't bring others together in common cause to get your own courts up and going?

Just sayin'.  As long as you are willing to sit around on your rump and let your employees boss you around and steal whatever they like, and let foreigners operating foreign courts steal you blind and treat you worse than an animal, and enforce THEIR foreign laws on you and exercise CORPORATION BILLS OF ATTAINDER in a country where Bills of Attainder have been outlawed for two hundred years (!!!!) --- well, that's the way it will be.  

So what if it's against the Public Law?  You are the Public and you aren't doing your Public Duty to enforce the Public Law.   So there it sits, all tied up with a bow: The Public Law, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence.  And none of it means a thing, does it? And why is that?  Again?  And again?  And again?  

It's your Public Duty to populate your State of the Union.  It's your Public Duty to build your State Assembly.  It's your Public Duty to serve as a Juror or elected Court Officer.  It's your Public Duty to know and enforce the Constitutions.   It's your Public Duty to protect your own rights and your own property and to help your neighbors do the same.  And how do you do that?  

Well, Little Jimmy, you put on your Big Boy Pants and you do the job.  Or you sit at home with one thumb in your mouth and another in your ear. 


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Your Sheriff or My Sheriff?

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are two kinds of cops --- public peacekeepers and private law enforcement officers-- that is, private security personnel hired by corporations to protect their business interests. 

We call the first class of elected public officers peacekeepers. Their purpose is to keep the peace and protect the people and property of a community.   County Sheriffs are the most common public peacekeeping officers in this country, and their paid or volunteer assistants are known as Deputies. 

Unfortunately, as many County Governments  were quietly converted into commercial corporation franchises in the 1960's, the public offices of our honorable County Sheriffs were unlawfully converted into private corporate offices instead. 

Their offices went from being American public peacekeeping offices to being private law enforcement positions obligated to serve foreign corporations---not the American Public. 
The Sheriffs themselves went from being considered "Law Men" to being "Human Resources" and none of this was explained to any of them.  

This change from Marion County to Marion County, Incorporated, was virtually invisible and in most places, it went unnoticed, but it meant that the County Sheriffs went from being the highest ranking Officers of the Law in each County to being the lowest men on the totem pole in a private Law Enforcement hierarchy that was intent on enforcing  Statutes, Codes, Rules, and Regulations instead of the Public Law. 

This sudden sleight-of-hand conversion and the complete shift of duties and concerns away from the best interests of the public to the best interests of the corporations employing these newly redefined "Sheriffs" caused no end of consternation.  

The sudden and self-evident disrespect of Constitutional Guarantees drew attention and led to the landmark Supreme Court case Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. --- with USA, Inc., being the foreign parent corporation of the Plaintiff's redefined "County, Incorporated".

The upshot of Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. was that as the employer could not dictate away the Public Duty each man owed to his country and community, it would be left to the Sheriff's personal discretion whether or not to uphold the Constitutional Guarantees owed to the people in his community. Likewise it would be left to his discretion whether or not he would, for example, defend them from murderers or thieves. 

That was no longer his job as "Sheriff" according to the corporation employing him, no matter what the people on the street -- the ones actually paying for his services -- assumed.  Instead, his job was to make money for the corporation and protect the corporation's interests at the expense of the people actually paying his salary and benefits. 

You can well imagine the cognitive dissonance that this caused, both for the men who continued to call themselves "Sheriffs" though they had in fact been unlawfully converted into "Constables" and for the people in their communities, who could no longer count on "their" Sheriff being friendly, respectful, or willing to protect them. 

The United States Attorney General's Office shed some light on this confusion in a series of decisions published as  57 Opinions of the Attorney General 614 (1972), and 60 Opinions of the Attorney General 647, 652-653 (1975), in which it was clearly stated that "Under the common law the duty to attend the justices and magistrates courts lay with the constable rather than with the sheriff." 

In other words, all these "District Courts" whether Municipal Districts (Magistrate Courts) or Territorial Districts (State of State franchise courts) are supposed to receive their security and enforcement from a Constable.   

A Constable?  We don't have Constables in this country, or do we?  

Our Sheriff's Offices were unlawfully converted into foreign Constable offices when the County Governments incorporated themselves, but nobody told us and nobody told them.  So we have British Constables roaming our streets, but they are calling themselves "Sheriffs" just the same. 

This deceit keeps the American People in the dark, confused about why their expectations related to their Sheriffs are no longer being met by foreign corporation Constables masquerading as Sheriffs. 

Just recently I was treated to another tear in the web of deceit surrounding the nature of these foreign "Sheriffs" when one of them brutally attacked and evicted one of our people without cause or warning. This armed "Sheriff" came with no less than seven "Sheriff's Detectives" to man-handle a single elderly woman and her cat. 

Since when have we ever had "Sheriff's Detectives"?  No such office exists in our government, but.... there are Pinkerton Detectives.  Remember? The railroads and coal mines hired these British thugs to bust the Unions.  Nothing has changed. 

These corporate Pukes calling themselves "Sheriffs" aren't our Sheriffs.  They have no Public Office. By rights, they should be arrested for impersonating a Sheriff, but the rest of us have to get off the couch and accept our Public Duty to do that, and have enough people standing with us in the Public Interest to make it stick.  

Every time I think about these foreign corporate marauders swaggering around our streets with guns on their hips pretending to be our Law Officers, our Sheriffs, our Deputies that we pay to defend us and our property ---- I turn ten shades of red, and no, I am not blushing. 
I'm angry to the bone. 

I am angry with the politicians who allowed such a situation to ever develop.  

I am angry with the bovine stupidity and complacency of the people who have made careers as "Sheriffs" without caring that they are committing crimes. 

Most of these phony "Sheriffs" wouldn't know their Public Duty if it bit them in the buttocks, and even if it did, they wouldn't care. 

When these thugs who have no Public Office related to our country broke down my friend's door and started trashing her home, she told them to cease and desist.  She explained why they had no business trespassing on her land.  She told them that they were committing crimes.  

They laughed.  They thought it was a big joke.  Oh, ha-ha, we're going to throw this old woman out on the street and make a lot of money for the bank.  La-dee-dah.  We've got attorneys to protect us.  We're the gubmint.... 

No, they aren't.  They are for-hire commercial mercenaries without any American Public Office of any kind, and those attorneys they depend on are just more lawless hypocrites. 


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A New Horizon

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was talking this morning with one of my Marine buddies and in his typical flat-footed way, he said something very profound: we are all victims.  He meant that the vast number of people who work for the government service providers and all the civilians who have suffered have all been victims of the Vermin.  

It's not like the government employees have had any better lot than the rest of us.  In many, many instances, it has been worse, especially for veterans. 

It feels like the dark silent hours before dawn, and we were both feeling that.  The change that is coming has been a long time coming--- the better part of 2,000 years.  And here we are. 

"It may be midnight or midday, he's never early, he's never late....." 

In the days to come it will become apparent who has stood the test and who hasn't.  For many, it will be a time of joyfulness on a scale they never imagined in their wildest dreams, and for others, it will be a moment of shame and public disgrace.  

They were told, as we all were, that those who serve are greatest in the Kingdom of God. Those who have served themselves will be shown up for who they are and what they have done. Those who have served their country and their fellow man will also have their reward.  

Last week I told everyone who was a veteran that they have an opportunity to sign up for their own bank and their own account at: USVETBANK.US --- and they weren't able to, because of technical problems still being worked on at the website.  Try again.  

This is a unique bank for veterans and it is secure and apart from the rest of the banking system.  For anyone who is a veteran this is a gateway to a new level of security and many unique opportunities to serve your community as a civilian, as well as gain access to money and benefits that you are owed as part of the Recoupment Process that is ongoing. 

This is part of a lifetime quest for me, and I am very happy that it is finally coming together. 

Godspeed and God bless each and every one of you.  


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The Changing Meaning of "the United States"

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is an effort to clear up a nasty, long-term, pernicious source of confusion that people suffer when they attempt to make sense of historical documents and laws in this country.  It is meant as a friendly aid to all my fellow Americans as well as a help to foreign governments seeking to gain a handle on the scalawags in DC and duplicitous meanings that are, unfortunately, built into the bulk of English Law wherever it may have migrated, including The United States. 

Did you just notice that when we refer to the country as The United States, the definite article "the" is capitalized and made part of the name?   That's important.  This is the Proper Name of our country operating as a Nation.   Even many Americans don't realize how important that distinction is, and so tend to think that "the United States" references our country, but it does not and never has.  

When you see "the United States" it refers to one of several different business organizations or Subcontractors employed to conduct business for The United States.  

In September of 1776, the Continental Congress officially adopted "the United States" as a doing-business-as name for their united former colonies.  This is our first "Mom and Pop" unincorporated business entity name in use by the Congress from 1776 to 1787, when the meaning and nature of "the United States" was changed to refer to the newly constituted American Federal Republic. 

Strictly speaking the Federal Republic did business under the name "the States of America", but it was also constantly referred to as "the United States" and the citizenry of this new Federal Subcontractor were referred to as United States Citizens.  This implied that they were politically affiliated to serve all the organic States, not just one, and a purposeful and rather lengthy process was required of any American State National wishing to change their birthright political status to that of a United States Citizen. From 1787 to 1860, "the United States" reliably refers to the American Federal Republic.  

Then the Civil War shook things up, and once the American Federal Republic became inoperable, the meaning of "the United States" must be inferred from the context.  

Are you talking about the old  American Federal Republic?   Are you talking about the Territorial Government assuming a caretaker role as "the U.S. Government" during the "absence" of the American Federal Republic?  Are you talking about the Municipal United States (one of the other three original Federal Subcontractors) making similar assumptions and operating as "the US Government"? 

We are aided somewhat because the British Territorial "United States" operated under the auspices of The United States of America, our Federation of States, and more typically used the name "the United States of America" when it did so. When it did refer to itself as "the United States" it usually adopted a convention of placing periods between the U and the S, like this: "U.S. Government operations in Taiwan....."  

The Municipal United States Government which was meant to have a very small and restricted role as one of the three Federal Subcontractors has grossly usurped upon its limitations and brazenly co-opted the name "the United States" without any great effort to distinguish between its foreign self and The United States or the American Federal Republic, either one--- but even it has generally observed a style convention of using all capital letters without periods or other punctuation, as in "US Government forces...." or "UNITED STATES CORPORATION".  

These notes will help you sort out which layer of government generated particular documents and which ones you are dealing with at any given moment, which gives you insight into their laws and operations.  

For example, the Federal Code, both those laws that apply "generally" to everyone and which are published on the Federal Record, and those that apply only to U.S. Citizens meaning officers, employees, and dependents of the British Territorial Government which are published on the Federal Register, are the sphere and dictum of the British Territorial Subcontractor that generally does business as "the United States of America".   People working for this level of government are obligated to observe which laws are published on the Record and which are published on the Register -- if you bring it to their attention -- and have to conduct themselves according to Federal Code. 

The Municipal Government, which has grossly usurped against its limitations, is comparatively lawless; the only Federal Code that it honors is Title 50, dealing with War and War Powers.  Otherwise, it has its own Municipal Code  (also known as "Administrative Code") that properly applies only to its officers, employees, and dependents  -- though they will by all means attempt to entrap and presume dependent status on any unwary individual.  This is because members of the Municipal Government fought on the losing side of the Civil War and were required to pay war reparations --- and the more the merrier.  Everyone they could rope into "Municipal citizenship" got saddled with a share of the debt and impersonated as a US CORPORATION. 

US CORPORATIONS were also subjected to foreign Municipal law including CORPORATION BILLS OF ATTAINDER and the presumption of guilt.  

I hope that this provides a helpful road map and better understanding of the multiple common meanings of these three little words: < the United States> and the meaning attached to the various styles of written presentation used to help differentiate between them.  

So now that you know that your actual County is part of The United States, you will be better prepared to recognize active duty members of the military as U.S. Citizens, and also be able to recognize Municipal Civil Servants and US CORPORATIONS that are subject to Administrative Code. 

Are you subject to any of these organizations or codes?   Only if you really are an officer, employee, or dependent of these now-incorporated entities engaged in the business of providing governmental services, or, if you are engaged in a "federally regulated" activity.  

There are only a few actual "federally regulated" activities that legitimately are federally regulated---- those are: (1) interstate commerce -- which means business conducted between incorporated business entities including among their franchises in other States; (2) manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol, tobacco or firearms across state borders; (3) foreign maritime commerce; (4) foreign trade in Admiralty.  

As you can see, most Americans are not subject to the bulk of Federal Code. though there has been considerable effort made to entrap and misrepresent Americans as Municipal franchise CORPORATIONS and thereby subject them as "Incorporated business entities" engaged in "commerce" and so,  subject to "regulation" under the Interstate Commerce Clause found in all three Federal Constitutions.   This impersonation of Americans as US CORPORATIONS is to be regarded as a self-interested criminal scheme and opposed at every turn.  

Another revenue and control scheme put forward by the British Territorial Government is an abuse of their ability to "license" service providers.  A license is a privilege to engage in activities that would otherwise be illegal for you to do.  While this is reasonable in the context of setting standards of performance and credentials for their own Service Vendors, it is not reasonable to presume that everyone wishes to be a Vendor to the Federal Subcontractors, nor is it reasonable to deny the right of U.S. Citizens to waive licensing at their own risk. 

Both law and medicine are occupations of common right.  There is nothing preventing an American from practicing either medicine or law without a license.  U.S. Citizens are subject to being licensed to engage in these professions as a condition of employment, and American Vendors seeking federal contracts or seeking to serve Federal Citizens as clients are subject to being licensed.  So if you are not adopting Territorial U.S. Citizenship, you don't need a license.  If you are not intending to serve U.S. Citizens as part of your clientele, you can simply post a disclaimer requiring U.S. Citizens to receive services at their own risk.  

A sore point is that Bar Association Members have hogged space for their courts in our public courthouses and left little or no room for our American Courts.  This must be corrected.  Another sore point is the Territorial Government's presumption that it has the right to limit a physician's right to issue prescriptions for drugs.  Check the list above --- alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are federally regulated.  Drugs and nutritional supplements are not.  

As we all regain a solid knowledge base it will become more difficult for "the government" service providers to extort payments and exercise coercive powers that were never granted to them in the first place.  

Perhaps no area of federal franchise "state of state" organizations' overreach impacts more Americans than insupportable demands that we "register" our private automobiles as "motor vehicles" and that we accept "licensing" as "Drivers".  

A "Motor Vehicle" is a conveyance engaged in commerce and a Driver is also voluntarily engaged in commerce--- which as we have seen, is business between two incorporated entities.   Are you an incorporated entity?   Is your automobile a Motor Vehicle?  Are you engaged in interstate commerce?  Are you a Driver engaged in commercial activity?  

Probably not.  You are probably just an American going from Point A to Point B, maybe to visit your Sister or pick up something for supper at the grocery store, and don't voluntarily participate in commerce at all.  

If you have a Driver's License please pull it out of your pocket and observe that it is issued to a MUNICIPAL CORPORATION gratuitously named after you.  Are you operating a MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, and thereby identifying yourself and your activities as being commercial in nature, and therefore, subject to the Interstate Commerce Clause and Municipal Administrative Code?  

If you think back, you will realize that you were coerced to get a Driver's License and a Social Security Card and also coerced to sign up for Selective Service and Medicare and all sorts of other things, whether they applied to you or not, and whether you wanted to or not.  

You were broadly misinformed by authority figures telling you that you had to do this, when in fact you did not --- and all of those actions, applications, and enrollments served to do only one thing: entrap you into "voluntarily" identifying yourself as a Municipal CORPORATION franchise, responsible for paying war reparations and "voluntarily" subjecting yourself  to Administrative Code and CORPORATION BILLS OF ATTAINDER in a country where Bills of Attainder have been outlawed for over 200 years. 

The foreign Federal Subcontractors both had axes to grind by entrapping Americans in this manner.  The Municipal Corporation and its members got another stooge to help them pay war reparations and more chattel labor assets to borrow against.  The Territorial Corporation obtained coercive control over you and your body, land, homes, and other assets.  

They were all happy, and you, their Employer, were the goat paying them for this "service".  

Happily for the rest of us, numerous voices have been raised to remind Americans of these facts and spread the word.  You don't have to live your lives as slaves or indentured servants subject to foreign governmental service providers.  You can come home, reclaim your birthright, and exercise the rights, freedoms, and material advantages that Americans have always been heir to.  

Go to:   Get started.  


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