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Saturday, June 29, 2024

International Public Notice: Overview for Non-Lawyers


By Anna Von Reitz

1. Realize that there are different jurisdictions of law -- (1) land and soil; (2) coast (maritime) and high seas; (3) air -- commerce and ecumenical law. 

2. Realize that living people live on the soil that stands upon the land, breathe the air, and have both fresh and sea water in their veins, so that a living man rules and inhabits all these jurisdictions and has "general jurisdiction" in all three primary jurisdictions of law. 

3. Realize that by a purposeful and self-interested process of misrepresentation and registration, your natural political status as a free man or woman has been hijacked, your identity has been stolen, and your "presumed" status has been denigrated to that of an indentured servant or a slave, such that you no longer have access to the guarantees and protections of any Constitution, and no longer have access to the law of the land and soil.  

4. As a further direct result, your Good Name has been copyrighted by the British Crown Corp, your property assets have been dumped into a public trust, and you don't actually own anything.   You are considered either an indentured servant and Ward of the Crown, or, alternatively, a Roman slave. (The recent attempt to create a class of "Transhumans" below the level of a slave has largely failed.) 

5. So, your identity has been stolen, your political status debased, your property has been unlawfully converted and seized upon and used for collateral backing Crown interests and all sorts of payola rightfully belonging to you has been distributed to political cronies of the persons responsible for this state of affairs; your actual assets have been mortgaged to high heaven and your very life and soul have been traded on black markets as part of various insurance schemes. 

6. The False Claim of a "public" ownership interest in you and your assets, was made by a private, for-profit government Subcontractor, the British Crown Corporation, and has been alleged based on your purported waiver of your natural estate via "voluntary" (but undisclosed) registration of your birth (berth) and your equally purported preferred adoption of indentured servitude as a member of the British Territorial Merchant Marine Service -- a Person named after you and using the same exact name, spelled and styled the same way, but operating under the Law of the Sea.  This Merchant Mariner, however, ran into a spot of bad luck and has been "missing, presumed dead" for quite a number of years, which has resulted in the creation of a Municipal ESTATE trust named after you.  

7. In fact, you were a baby too young to contract with anyone about anything when all of this transpired and your Mother was given no disclosure about it, with the result that the "registration contract" is unconscionable and void upon discovery and objection.  This also dissolves any "derivative" contract obligating your ESTATE to Municipal service and law.  However, before you can object to this repugnant and merely "presumed" citizenship contract, you have to become aware of it and exercise your options.  

8. As with most actions at Law, proper response requires both a positive action and a negative action, so as to repel all comers with equal strength and force.  (1) With one hand you extend and assert your "reversionary trust interest" in your "birthright estate" --- that is, the natural estate of a living man in his native country. (2) You declare your proper political status, claim your assets, record this, and publish it. (3) You serve Notice to the Admiralty, Foreign Office, Secretary of State (if you have one), and whatever other offices are naturally engaged in the proper identification of people, their nationality, political status, and functions.  All this foregoing is positive action on your part to re-establish your existence and claim to your own property.  

Next comes the "negative" part in which you report these improper processes and presumptions as crimes to the Public Safety Officers; (4) this is done via  "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit" signed, sealed with your thumbprint, and Witnessed either by a Public Notary or two independent living Witnesses who also sign the Testimony and provide their names and addresses.  Then you write letters to the Governor or similar Officer in charge of the "District" and/or Municipal Government where you live, copying this to the Chief Justice or other highest ranking member of the Court serving your area, and present (5) a Medical Doctor's affirmation that you are alive and well; (6) copy of your published Declaration; (7) "First Notice Letter to Remove and Return" your Good Name and copyright, and all other material assets belonging to you from the Public Trust(s) in which they have been deposited. Mark this: "Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents".  Send this by overnight Express Mail.  

(9) You won't hear anything back from them, because this would require an admission of guilt; after thirty days plus three days mailing time, you can issue a (8) "Second Notice Letter to Remove and Return".  In this letter, you inform them that they have exercised a role as a Public Usufruct in creating a foreign estate named after you and also creating a Municipal trust corporation named after you, and they are obligated to hold you harmless for any damages, bills, or other possible injury to you, coming about as a result of the existence of these foreign corporate entities named after you.  Send a copy of the first Letter to Remove and Return along with this. Send with "Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals" and wait as before. 

(10) After another 33 days, it's time to finish this business off with a (9) "Third Notice Letter to Remove and Return".  In this letter you tell them that you have not heard back from them and you are exercising your right to create your own remedy, which will be to create and monetize commercial, non-commercial, and agricultural liens against your assets in their possession, plus damages.  If they do not voluntarily reply and relinquish your purloined assets back to you, in ten days plus three days mailing time, their acquiescence and agreement will be established on the Public Record. Remind them that if they do not take action they will continue to owe you Due Diligence to hold you harmless from any claims resulting from their creation of public trusts or any other corporation named after you.   Send copies of the first two letters, Notice to Agents.... send via Express Mail and time them out.  

(11) No matter what they do from this time forward, they have no valid basis for complaint. They continue to bear the Usufructuary responsibility to hold you harmless and you are free to exercise your general jurisdiction.  

(12) If you did not already have a Fiduciary in the field taking your part, you would have to do a lot of additional work creating public and private trusts in all three jurisdictions and creating commercial, non-UCC, and agricultural liens against them and their Principals, but our Fiduciary already did that for those with hands and feet, in whom the blood flows and the flesh lives, so all living men and women are safe to return to the land and soil of their native country and reclaim their public and private assets. 

(13) The Perpetrators had closed down the Land Recording Offices in most of the world so that people seeking to rebut their False Claims would have nowhere to go to record and publish their declarations and counterclaims to recoup their reversionary trust interest in their birthright estate.  In response, we stripped down the declaration essentials to a single page with two Witnesses and opened up the International Land Recording and Publishing System (ILRPS), so that anyone from anywhere can re-establish their identity and political status and publish it worldwide. 

(14) Having regained the natural general jurisdiction you are heir to, and being enabled to operate this superior concurrent general jurisdiction in tandem with any other government operating in any single jurisdiction, you are now set and ready to join with other men and women who have similarly objected to these False Claims of citizenship (means that you owe service to the government as a volunteer or employee thereof) and/or corporate enfranchisement.  

(15) With everyone papered up, it's time to stand up your County or State or other traditional political subdivision equivalent, and "peaceably assemble".  Always remember that this is about restoring your lawful government, not fighting against any other government.  Having reclaimed your own birthright political status, you are owed the protections of the Constitutions again.  In Britain, the living people are owed a Constitutional Monarchy administered by a Protestant King or Queen.  In America, the living people are owed a republican form of government throughout the States. Each country has a slightly different story and organizational framework to build upon, but all State and County level governments share similar functions: 

The County is the seat of the local soil jurisdiction government and is the most powerful and closest government to the people. It's jurisdiction is National in nature and its Court is supreme when it comes to the affairs, interests. and laws of the living people. 

The State is the seat of the international land jurisdiction government and also holds the international empowerments of the State at sea in America, apart from those powers delegated to the British King as Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  (And no, contrary to the fecund imaginations of Bar Attorneys, our Mother's "birth canals" are not considered "navigable inland waterways" within the meaning and intent of these treaty provisions.) 

In each country the organizational structure and names are different, but the fundamentals are the same --- there is a traditional soil jurisdiction government representing the interests and enforcing the laws of the nation, and a traditional land jurisdiction government representing the interests of the people in international jurisdiction.  

These two levels of government, land and soil, are fundamental and the "ground" upon which all other rights and layers of government depend; without ground to stand upon, one lacks "standing" in Law, and as a result, a victim of human trafficking shanghaied to live at sea and under the jurisdiction of the sea, is unable to represent their own interests. 

This is, in part, why it is so fundamentally important to "return home" and occupy the otherwise vacated jurisdiction of the land and soil. This is the realm from which your political status and nationality derive, and upon which your rights and guarantees depend.  

At each level, the governments established on the land and soil provide essential services to the living people (soil) and Lawful Persons (land) that are part of their population.   Please note that we are not "residents" in our own country.  That term is reserved for "aliens" who are not permanently part of our nation or population.  

Those services include: (1) a General Assembly competent to hold elections and debate issues and take issues on behalf of the population within that County or State or Principality; (2) an International Business Assembly competent to make decisions for the State in the best interests of the people who live in that County or State; this is traditionally done via Fiduciary Deputies who must act as Prudent Men in the conduct of public business; (3) a Militia at both State and County level, for the protection and assistance of the people in time of war, famine, or natural disaster; (4) a Court system appropriate for the needs of the people -- a County Court run under traditional Common Law, and a State Court operated under International Law -- with one court to address land jurisdiction issues for Lawful Persons, and another court to address maritime and admiralty issues for Legal Persons.  

A similar bifurcation exists with respect to the global commercial venues, with some corporations being under the Merchant Law on land, and others operating under Maritime Commerce at sea. 

As a result of the insurmountable debts accrued by the Maritime Corporations it is highly recommended that those who have corporations in the current system should lawfully convert them to land-based Merchant Corporations instead. 

That wraps up a decent overview of what's happened, why it needs to be addressed, and what's to be done about it. 

The same applies for lawyers in their own capacity as living men and women, except that as they may function as attorneys and are coerced to subject themselves to the British "American" Bar Association as a result, they suffer intrinsic loss of both rights and property as a consequence of that relationship and as a result of accepting the foreign title of "Esquire". 

Members of the military are similarly harmed but on a more temporary basis as their obligations to the current corporate employer are more immediately reversible upon the end of their "Tour of Duty" (aka, indentured servitude) and also because the enlistment contracts they signed were not fully disclosed concerning the mercenary nature of the work they were undertaking. 

Remedies for these outrages are long overdue in terms of providing easy and official and published meaning advertised ways --  for Americans and others to refuse and/or correct these impositions of foreign citizenship obligations by deceit and coercion. 

A very serious breach of public trust has occurred and the military is responsible for keeping its oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 29th 2024


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