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Friday, March 1, 2019

About Social Security....

By Anna Von Reitz

Social Security is a supposed to be a pension plan program for Federal Civil Service Employees.

Let's de-construct that: 

"Federal" equals "Foreign Persons" because while they are employed in the Federal Civil Service, our people work as foreign persons known as either "United States Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States". 

"Civil" means "City" as in "Rome" as in "Municipal City-State Government" as in "Washington, DC Municipality" etc., so not military employees, not Territorial employees --- we are talking about "Citizens of the United States".

"Service Employees" means "inhabitants" who are "residents" merely sojourning here on our soil temporarily for the purpose of providing us and our States of the Union with specific governmental services. 

Okay--- so, Social Security is supposed to be a pension program for "Foreign Persons employed by the Municipal United States Government to provide services under contract to our States of the Union".  Got that? 

I bet that nobody ever told you that in your lifetime.

I bet that like millions of other trusting Americans, you were told that it was a government (as in your government) mandate and that you HAD TO sign up for a "Social Security Number" before you could get a job. 

They just conveniently "forgot" to tell you that that only applied if you were seeking a job as a Federal Civil Service Employee. 

Now millions of American Seniors are waking up and noticing that their monthly pension payments which they earned the hard way are being further misrepresented as "benefits" and as "entitlements" --- also known as "welfare". 

So what's the Situation Report? 

You have been conscripted by deceit exercised under color of law into a pension program that you were (most likely, unless you actually worked for the Post Office or Federal Agency) never eligible for in the first place, you and your employers were cheated out of 10-15% of your gross earnings throughout your working life, and now the Bilkers responsible for all this are folding their tents and looking for ways to avoid paying you anything at all.

After all, "benefits" and "entitlements" are gifts, not obligations.

Millions of American Seniors are being set up to take the final fall for this whole criminal enterprise, and those who are ultimately responsible, the Pope and the Cardinals in Rome, and the members of the "Municipal Congress" in Washington, DC are busy surviving their sex scandals and ignoring the fact that their own dear Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians.

Now that is Russian Collusion, in case anyone wants to know.

Having finally realized that you have been defrauded, if you go to the "Social Security Administration" --- another private Municipal Corporation --- and explain the situation, they will tell you that by law (their private corporation by-laws) that you are not allowed to quit their program.

Well, again, that's kinda sorta a half-truth like the lie that got you involved in their shell game in the first place.  That's true if you are one of their Retirees and one of their U.S. Citizens, but if you weren't actually a Federal Civil Service Employee, and are not "voluntarily adopting" foreign "US Citizenship" status, there is no such "law" applicable to you.  You are owed either: (1) immediate settlement of your account, or (2) the full range of services and payments available at the time of your retirement and/or withdrawal from the program.

This is another reason that they want to keep everyone in the "US Citizen" box.  Once you reclaim your birthright political status as either an "American State National" or an "American State Citizen" then their foreign corporation's statutory "laws" don't mean diddly squat to you.  And the fraud they committed against you becomes actionable under international law, too.

Does anyone besides me feel the "Mother of All International Class Action Suits" coming on?  

It's not that we would want to deprive any actual Federal Employee of a well-earned retirement and medical services, but on the other hand, we have been culled and gullied out of large sums of money that have been essentially stolen and mishandled, used as investment funds for the profit of foreign corporations and diddled away to buy votes.

We have no reason to stand on the sidelines and condone that, do we? 

And we are not owed "benefits" ---we are owed the return of our money and credit, plus interest. 

Yet another reason to revoke Voter Registrations and "elections" to pay the IRS, and to go after the Social Security Administration and the members of the so-called Municipal Congress delegations, and most of all, the Roman Catholic Church, which is responsible, together with the Democratic Political Party, for all these venal, self-interested lies and misrepresentations to American workers and retirees. 

Yet another reason, too, to reclaim your stolen birthright political status as an American State National and to serve your actual State of the Union as an American State Citizen.  They've been mistaking their "law" for our Public Law for a long time.  It's time that we addressed these foreign corporations and either (1) shut them down and nationalize them as criminal organizations involved in fraud and racketeering or (2) fully label and expose exactly what they are doing and made it clear that Americans are not obligated to have Social Security Numbers and are not obligated to tax themselves and are not eligible for the Social Security Program if they are not Federal Civil Service Employees. 

Get your political status sorted out and properly recorded, so that these corporations cannot mis-characterize you as a "US Citizen" any more, cancel your Voter Registrations, and then join us in cleaning up this Mess. 

You are not Beggars chasing after bankrupt commercial shell corporations, you are American State Citizens who have suffered fraud and Breach of Trust at the hands of the Popes and the Queen and the Democratic Party and the Municipal United States Congress--- all of whom are 100% fully and commercially liable both for the past and for their current failure to correct.  


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Baseball or Football?

By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone in America knows about baseball and football.  We all know that they are different games, different balls, different playing fields, different players, different scoring systems. 

About all they have in common is that they are team sports.

So this whole argument over "U.S. Citizens" versus "American State Citizens" should be easy to grasp. 

If you want to organize an actual American State of the Union, like Texas, or Maine, or California, you have to act as an American State Citizen.  Play football.

If you want to organize some other kind of "STATE" as a franchise organization belonging to a commercial corporation, it doesn't matter what your political status is.  Play baseball.

American State Citizens are the only ones with the right, authority, and responsibility to organize the actual States. 

Anybody on Earth including U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals can organize a corporation calling itself "MICHIGAN"--- if they are a tadbit dishonest and the rest of us don't catch on.  

I already showed you all the Registered Agents for these fake "state" corporations and their parent organizations registered in Nevada.

There is also the past history of commercial corporations pulling exactly this same schtick on us -- "The United States of America, Incorporated" (Scottish, 1868) and "the" United States of America, Incorporated (Delaware, 1925) and all the "States of States" listed on Dunn and Bradstreet.   

So, if that is the kind of "State" you want to organize, go right on ahead and follow the lead of Destry Payne and the Michigan General Jural Assembly and continue to act as "US Citizens". 

You can play baseball if you want to. 

Just don't try to tell me that you're playing football instead.

I and my friends are serious about operating in the correct capacity and assembling that actual land jurisdiction States to take care of business that has been left hanging since 1865. 

In choosing to do this, we are aware of the legal obstacles that have been placed in our way and we have taken appropriate action to remove those obstacles.  That means doing our paperwork and educating ourselves to operate as Lawful Persons.  

There will soon be a streamlined system to accomplish the paperwork, a State by State Recording Office, and a weekly teleconference for The American States Assembly.  I won't be moderating, but I will come on every week and answer questions directly.

Lots of people are coming to me upset by the mud-slinging coming from various "news" sources --- like loony accusations that I, a Great-Grandma, from Big Lake, Alaska, am a CIA Operative. 

I don't have to think too hard to know there's no proof of that Whopper.

It did cause me to blow coffee through my nose and gasp a little, but then, I guess if you are irresponsible enough, you can say anything about anybody.

Others are accusing me of selling a "Cabal version" of work they did. 

If there are similarities between information in my articles and work done by the MGJA, it's because there is one history of Assemblies in America and the work of assembling an actual State is similar to assembling a STATE, though the end results are profoundly different.

Maybe my basic analogy should be between two other games -- chess and checkers -- that share the same game board. 

You can use pretty much the same processes to build an unincorporated State (my aim) as you would use to build an incorporated commercial franchise STATE, but the results are profoundly different in terms of powers and jurisdictions.

Therein lies the rub. That's how even I was deceived into supporting what MGJA was doing for so long. 

But, unavoidably, if you build an organization of US Citizens, you end up with a STATE operating in sea or air jurisdictions, and if you build using American State Citizens you end up with a land jurisdiction State. 

The same parties accuse me of "profit motives".  Oh, yeah, I am getting rich on this.  That's why I have to beg my Readers for donations for The Living Law Firm almost every month. 

If it's not an earthquake, it's three transmissions falling out of three different cars, all within the week.  It really helps our bottom line that 85% of the people we help are already broke themselves from fighting tax agencies and the foreclosure mill and the rest of the British privateering operations that are dry-docked on our shores.

Anyone with a brain --- my desired audience --- will realize that if making money was my goal, a paperback for $12.95 -- which barely pays for the paper and ink to print it, wouldn't be the way to do it. 

They'd also realize that I already published the material for free and left it standing on my website so that anyone too poor to buy a paperback book has constant access to the information, even if its less convenient.   

If making money were the point, I'd be selling "Freedom Packages" for thousands of dollars and acting as a consultant for commercial corporations. Or just sitting back on the bleachers and enjoying my own retirement instead of spending it all on research and paperwork and correspondence, etc., etc., etc., and support for our Team. 

I guess the idea that there are some people out here who are just plain old Americans -- and proud of it -- doesn't hit home with these folks. 

Just use the Rule of Thumb: the Liars among us always accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves. Maybe they are CIA Agents or DOD or UN, more likely.  Maybe they have little kitties stashed away for trips to Morocco?  Maybe Destry cleans up real good and looks like James Bond when he is on vacation? 

No doubt the real "Operatives" tell jokes about how gullible we are.

And no doubt it is up to us to know what game we are playing.


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