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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Still More for the [Misled] Flag Officers:

By Anna Von Reitz

Well, you are not all misled, just some of you.  And it is to you Misled Fellows that this is addressed.  

Here's the accusation: 

She is again obfuscating the facts about what the founding docs really were/are. The King's founding and the foundations America was built on (follow the money please)  was just a business venture documented in the 1606 First Virginia Charter of claims and was never canceled.   Virginia received three charters1606, another in 1609, and the third in 1612. The differences among the three charters lie primarily in the territorial jurisdiction of the COMPANY. He who owns the most land wins. He needed Real Currency so he claimed a share of all the Gold, Silver and Copper found in America by his surveyors and all that would mine for it. These shares would be passed on to his heirs in perpetuity. A good conquest businessman he was to even take care of his future family members. And all at the expense of the Native Americans.   

Here's the answer: 

Of course, the colonization was a business venture.  Of course, the Virginia Company and the New England (Bedford) Company and several others as well were chartered by the King of the Commonwealth and other European Monarchs as well.  So what?  

The private business dealings underlying that progress has nothing whatsoever to do with the public business of our government as of 1776, other than the fact that the private British business interests were preserved by the Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, and again, all within the British Territorial Government doing business as "the" United States of America, operating "in our name" under our specific delegation of powers.  

There's nothing exotic about any of this.  The actual entities being referenced are clear throughout all the documents and the nomenclature is both specific and consistent throughout.  Our country and our Federation of States has a Proper Name.  That Proper Name is: The United States of America.  

There is also "the" United States of America, which is the British Territorial Government doing business "in our name" and functioning under our delegated authority.  That government functioned as a business which was later, by 1856, incorporated as "the" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  

And again, so what?  

All that is about British corporations chartered to do private business and make investments in the New World and they were allowed to continue to function in their own Territorial jurisdiction even after The War of Independence.  If you bother to read the first few pages of "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probably Cause" you will find that I years ago described this situation and what everyone got out of it.  

It simply doesn't have anything to do with our actual government and our actual country, The United States of America.  

The King is Arch-Treasurer of "the" United States of America, not The United States of America.  

Get it through your head. 

And though they are very similar names, as any lawyer worth their salt can tell you, "The United States of America" is a very different beastie than "the" United States of America. 

Here's the accusation: 

That's it! Except as a CYA Act the Congress agreed 1789 no one shall take an oath to " the Constitution for the United States of America" because the United States of America was hi$.  

And here's the answer: 

No, again. As I explained yesterday, there are three (3) different Constitutions with three (3) different names.  

The one passed in 1787 is the Original Equity Contract and Federal Constitution. 

The one passed in 1789 is the British Territorial Constitution.  Therefore it makes perfect sense that the 1789 version included the prohibition against taking an oath to the 1787 Constitution, and also, the 1789 Constitution included the Federal Judiciary Act, allowing the Territorial Government to have Sea Jurisdiction Courts. 

Until you get your heads out of your pockets and realize that you are dealing with three different governments all operating on our shores, each providing different governmental services, you will be left making stupid assumptions.  

The Constitution for the united States of America--1787-- (American Service Provider).  

The Constitution of the United States of America - 1789 -- (British Territorial Service Provider). 

The Constitution of the United States - 1790 - (Municipal Service Provider). 

Do you think they created all three of these separate documents and passed them over a period of four (4) years for no reason?  

Whenever you see "the" United States of America or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, they are talking about the British Territorial entities and the British Territorial United States ---- meaning the Insular States and Possessions. 

Absolutely none of this is talking about our actual country or the States or its civilian government at all. 

Here's the accusation: 

The only thing  I may add is basic contract law is simple the articles were overwritten ie replaced by the new Contract ie Constitution. In international law a sovereign needs another sovereign to co-sign so the articles agreed to the change in terms to be able to conduct commerce internationally which was needed at the time to pay off debts.. Classic case of those with power writing a one-sided contract. 

And here's the answer: 

The Articles of Confederation were never "overwritten", and neither for that matter was anything else.  The entities involved had no such powers.  The States of America ceased to function in the wake of the Civil War.  They were American business entities operated by the actual States and thanks to British betrayal and duplicity, the American States never "reconstructed" these businesses. Until now. 

Here's the accusation: 

Further, the names she uses are not even used on official docs nor internal ones. And all the capacities, characters and conditions she speaks of, not one is explicitly authorized. Sounds like she is actually doing PR that jailed Heather tried floating, as well the one who claimed she was in Illuminati, I and broke free. We did what we did because the Creator asked us to be evil so that you may see good. Remember, SHE came out initially saying it was all fraud. We were born free. 

And here's the answer: 

You are just too ignorant to know what the documents are or what they say. The language and the nomenclature is absolutely consistent in all the Federal Constitutions.  The entities are named throughout the Congressional Records, throughout the Constitutional Conventions, throughout the Federalist Papers and it is all the same and exactly as I have described it.  We have the documents and we have the dates when all these things were decided, named, and put into effect.  We know why it is the way it is, and it all makes sense. 

Our history is consistent.  Our interpretation of the situation and the nomenclature fits.  

And yours doesn't. You're just talking through your hat and making assumptions, which is a dangerous thing to do, when the fate of your country hangs on it.  

Here's the accusation:  

Now she is saying you are subject to a state and what they did was ok - LOL. Claim your political birthright. She attacked Phil and for claiming the proper and recognized birth right. Sounds to me like a well-planned long term psy-op courtesy of the master manipulators. aka Tavistock. They were behind this long term ie late 50s and beyond social transformation. My my my where we have gone in under a generation.

And here's the answer: 

The problem is that because Phil is acting from wrong assumptions, just like you, he didn't claim his "proper and recognized birthright" as an American.  He claimed his birthright as a British Territorial Citizen, instead.  

And he's allowed to do that and so are you, but as I also explained --- it means that you are a British Pauper living on the clemency of the King and standing good for all his debts.  

That's all well and good, if that is what you want to do and mean to do, but if not, it's time to get your heads out of your nether regions and listen up.  You can always admit to making a mistake, but the only mistake you can't correct is the one you won't admit. 


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Long Overdue

By Anna Von Reitz

This information has been "Flash Banned" by many sources, but it is brief and simple enough to understand. 

The "Vice President" is an office that has always been charged with handling vice operations, as in "Vice Squad".  

In the United States Municipal Government, this initially meant that the Vice-President was responsible for riding herd on the regulation of interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  These so-called "Sin Taxes" were established initially as the means to fund the operations of the Federal Government.  

It falls primarily under the heading of the Municipal Government because it involves (or is supposed to always involve) business between organized corporations engaged in "interstate commerce", and commerce is the realm of the Municipal Government.  

So from the very first, the Vice President's Office has been concerned with: (1) regulatory activity concerning commercial operations and specifically commerce in controlled substances and commerce in foreign trade; and (2) enforcement activities related to sin taxes, trade in controlled substances, and "vice".  

Unfortunately, when the wrong people get into this Office, it is easy for things to go sideways and instead of being a comptroller and regulator seeking to promote Public Safety and collection of taxes and tariffs on controlled substances and oversight of commercial transactions with foreign business partners involving commodities subject to tariffs and fees of various kinds----- gross abuses occur, which is precisely what happened with Joe Biden.  

Joe Biden couldn't resist feathering the family nest in a big way.  

While there is no evidence that he, himself, directly received funds from these activities, it is clear that he abused his office to rig deals and peddle influence highly beneficial to his son, Hunter Biden. 

By all accounts, Hunter Biden is a man with a troubled history of drug addiction and instability caused by drug addiction---- but because of his Father's office and deal-making and pressuring of foreign governments, Hunter received improper appointments and contracts. 

In the first incident, Joe Biden got his son, Hunter, appointed to the Board of Ukraine's largest private producer of gas, even though Hunter knew nothing about gas production or the Ukraine and had no experience with either.  This netted $50,000 a month, plus a $3 million backdoor payment laundered through other countries. 

A Ukrainian prosecutor was alerted to the money laundering of the $3 million, and began investigating the gas company and Hunter Biden.  

Joe Biden held up $250 million in aid to the Ukrainian Government for ransom, until the prosecutor was fired and this investigation quashed.   This is a crime.  It's called Obstruction of Justice and Economic Blackmail.  Joe Biden bragged about it afterward.  

Nepotism, influence peddling, coercion, and other lesser crimes are also self-evident.  

A second such intervention by Daddy Biden netted Hunter Biden over $1.5 billion dollars from China ---- that's "billion" with a "b".  

Clearly, this not just some petty one-time dalliance of a morally compromised politician finagling a quid pro quo for his son.  

This is a Vice President of the United States getting involved in vice for vice's sake, participating in vice and criminality for unjust enrichment, and abusing his Office "in our names" to do it 

This, when Biden's actual duty as Vice-President, was to control and combat such corruption,  regulate vice-related substances, and collect sin taxes related to controlled substances and foreign commercial tariffs.   

One wonders what the governments of Ukraine and China can think about our country and about us?  

It is outrageous that Joe Biden abused his Public Trust and Office in this manner, but unfortunately, it has become par for the course in Washington, DC.  This and behavior like it, is the reason that the voters hired President Trump to drain the swamp.  

Obviously, those pigs--- or alligators?---- at the trough in DC, are resisting exposure of their dirty deeds and criminality, and so are trying to magically transform this information into a whole new fictional story line, claiming that President Trump did something improper by inquiring about Biden's activities as Vice-President. 

News for the Beltway: Biden behaved as a criminal while occupying the Office of Vice-President of the United States. 

Biden shouldn't be walking the streets, much less running for President. 

More News for the Beltway: President Trump did nothing wrong.  

Still More News for the Beltway: The Party is Over.  

It also appears that the families of John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi have been involved in similar activities, and there may be Republican Lawmakers who have also engaged in this kind of criminality, too.  It hasn't been investigated until now, "out of respect for Congress".  

Obviously, our respect for Congress and all other elected officials has to be predicated on what Congress does, and influence peddling, economic blackmail, and similar activity don't merit our respect, our trust, nor our tolerance. 


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Be at Peace -- 9 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for all these things must come.... 

Those words were spoken over 2000 years ago.  Hear them now. 

Many people are clamoring to understand what is going on.  They are alarmed by President Trump's activation of the Marine Reserves and United Nations Troops who are stationed here.  

President Trump faces an unprecedented, massive task, one that no peacetime President or other world leader has ever faced.  

There are over a hundred thousand sealed indictments ready to serve and many arrests to be made.  Ultimately, there may be as many as two million people in America alone, who have been involved in a criminal interlocking trust directorate scheme seeking to destroy all national governments and all world religions. 

The crimes involved run a vast gamut of offenses, from high crimes like treason and global racketeering and conspiratorial human trafficking and national level identity theft schemes, to pension fraud and interstate securities fraud and embezzlement.  

Virtually all these crimes have occurred in either international jurisdiction or in the global realm of commerce, so they are "federal" crimes, though there is an interface with incorporated STATE OF STATE franchise courts.  

All this has happened, in part, because the Federal Marshals Service was de-funded and "absorbed" into the United States Marshals Service, leaving half of the international boundary without police forces to defend it, and the other half -- the U.S. Marshals Service, under-trained, side-lined, and deliberately misdirected by those profiting themselves from all this mayhem. 

We are, obviously, doing our best to train and get competent Federal -- that is, Continental Marshals -- back in the field, ready to assist local Sheriffs and LEO's loyal to the Public Law, as well as the restored and redirected U.S. Marshals Service, and all the international peacekeeping forces that President Trump has called upon.  

President Trump has called upon Marine Reservists on our land jurisdiction, so there is no reason to be concerned about any ability of the British Queen to countermand or take control of their command structure.  The British Delegation of Power only affects those operating on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and our Marine Forces are loyal to our country.  

He has also called upon regular United Nations forces --- actual soldiery from other countries who are here for various training and cooperative exercises -- and that is also not a reason for concern.  

Back in 1976, the US Congress passed the International Organizations Immunity Act, and without our knowledge or permission, transferred trusteeship of our states and our state government offices to the United Nations.  This was done to allow the perpetrators like Jimmy Carter to avoid their responsibilities as Trustees and enabled them to do things like sell all the Birth Certificates issued against Americans to the IMF.  

As improper and illegal as all this fraud and chicanery was, the United Nations accepted the responsibility, and is now being called upon to act in our behalf to help clean this Mess up.  

The first action takes place in America, because we have suffered from all this criminality the longest, and the Perpetrators ---having secured a base of operations and the use of our "government" institutions after the Civil War--- used us as Crime Central--- the Hub from which most of the rest of the world was deluded and ensnared.  

As a result, the records of their wrong-doing and much of the paperwork associated with it, have been stored and executed here in America.  

They used us as their criminal HQ, and hoped that when the poo hit the fan, the rest of the world would blame "the Americans".  

That's why there has been such an effort within this country to indoctrinate Americans with the notion that they are all "US Citizens" --- and at the same time, an equal effort to indoctrinate the rest of the world to think of "US Citizens" as "Americans".  

They not only schemed to use us to accomplish their evils, and to make us pay with our lives and our natural resources to support their war-for-profit agendas, they also conspired to leave us holding the bag in other ways.  They intended that we would take the blame for all the atrocities and thievery that they have visited upon other nations "in our names". 

This is why you see crowds of Muslims chanting "Death to America!"  -- they mistake "America" for the "US", and that confusion has been deliberately inculcated by these criminals to frame us for their crimes.  

I look at all this with the horse-sense of a Great-Grandma.  

Yes, when you clean house, you are going to kick up a lot of dust.  About halfway through the process, things are apt to look worse and more confused than when you started.  

So long as you keep moving ahead step by step with the process, it all gets done, and everything gets sorted out, and at the end of the day, the place is clean and orderly--- and you can live in your house in comfort again.  

President Trump promised to drain the swamp -- that is, to clean house.  Like every other promise he made, he has kept his word.  I can think of no other American President of recent vintage who has done so.  We are going to have to move both a lot of dirt and a lot of dirty people aside to get the job done. 

So be patient, be at peace, do your part to restore America by declaring your political status as an American and joining your State Assembly--- and stay the course as Trump has done. Remember that this is not about politics, race, religion, sexual preferences, or anything else like that.  

It's about crime and treason and attempted world domination by international and global criminals. 

We have to endure the scouring process to get a clean house.  


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Silly People

By Anna Von Reitz

Silly people still don't understand.
They think all this circumstance is about politics and religion and race and "culture wars" and even about what adult people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.
It's not about any of that.
It's about crime. It's about fleecing and controlling us all. It's about keeping our house divided, so that Mankind cannot unite and overcome the demonic forces picking away at us day and night.
I got a piece of mail across my desk today saying that "sovereignty" is anti-Semitism. That is how crazy this narrative has gone. It's as if people are brain-dead. Not only are they too dumb to catch onto what is actually going on, but they can't even sort apples from oranges anymore.
They can't tell the difference between private business and public business, between one country and another.
We have Phil Hudok and others, including Flag Officers, too clueless or disloyal to realize that if they stand under the King's Law, they subject themselves to the King. And lose their heritage as Americans.
We have LGBTs "embracing" Pedophiles, as if the knowing acts of adults are comparable to and in the same league with parasitic rape of children.
Please do all that you can to wake these people up. Observe that we are all being fed a line of tripe and that all these "Issues" are being used as a smokescreen by real criminals.
First, they have constructed a phony public trust.
Second, they have set up a scheme to get your Mothers to unknowingly donate you and your assets to this bogus trust.
Third, they have used the falsified documents to create false legal presumptions.
Fourth, they have used these false legal presumptions about your identity and political status to prosecute you in foreign courts run by the same perpetrators.
Fifth, they have developed an institutionalized set of mechanisms based on criminal private patents to accomplish their racketeering and piracy under color of law.
Sixth, they have replaced civilian peacekeeping forces dedicated to upholding the public law with private "Law Enforcement Officers" loyal to their own corporate agendas.
Seventh, they have created a worldwide interlocking trust directorate scheme involving 147 corporations to set up a system of Commercial Feudalism to serve their ends of ruling over all the Earth and all Mankind, forever.
If we don't wake up and call upon the Spirit of the Living God to end this criminality, madmen and criminals will rule over us and the Earth will be destroyed.
It is that simple.


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For the Pope, the Queen, and the Flag Officers

By Anna Von Reitz

You think that we are poor in spirit; but we are not deceived. 

We are not fooled by your deceits. 

We are not stumbled by your simple ruses, your attempts to hide your business affairs and avoid your obligations by doing business under many names. 

We don't miss the point that the Queen rules the Commonwealth for the Pope.  We see that the Pope working as the Roman Pontiff rules the Municipal Governments of the world.  

We see how you have used  similar names to "represent" us and our country and yes, even our Armed Services, seeking to abuse and destroy us from within. 

We see how you have used both virtues and vices to your ends. 

We see how you have used the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront for the benefit of evil, and how you move to use the United Nations organization in the same way. 

We hear how you laugh at us and we know what you think. 

You think that you own all that you see and that you have inherited the Kingdom of your God.  

You think that all the Earth is in your power and you rejoice in the evil and the deceptions in which you are willingly participating. 

You have always mistaken the Power of Death for the Power of Life.

And you think --what are we? Frail children made of dust?  

We are those who have come from Heaven to collect your debts.  

We are those whom the Living God has made.  We belong to Him alone and His Spirit dwells with us. 

We don't have to do anything, or make any war against you; indeed, we only speak to you so that you may be made fully aware of your own choices. 

And so that your guilt or innocence may be firmly established for everyone to see.  

Foolishly, you place your faith in death and in bombs and in poisons and in plasma technology.  Our Father has made everything in this world to test you and your spirits. 

Even now, you come to your own judgement and shall fully know what it is, and will have no questions about His Justice. 

But as for us, we are incarnate by an Act of God: we do not have to work against you, because you undermine yourselves and choose against the better life and more abundant life we wish for you and which we would freely give you.  

So be it. The Order is given. 

By His Spirit you are overcome. By His Spirit is this battle won. Not by flesh and deeds of men, but by the Spirit of the Living God, making all things new.  

As for Donald Trump he will triumph and his works will stand, because he humbles himself and does not rely on the wisdom of men.  He will put you to shame, even as Cyrus did; he will stretch out his hand and none of the guilty will escape. He will roar and the mountains will remove themselves. 

You will witness this for yourselves, and even then, you will not believe it. 

Oh, stubborn, hard-hearted sons!  How easy it would have been for you to just come home at last, and be at peace.  How easy to accept the truth that you cannot fight against... but now, as then, you will not humble yourselves and accept the gifts of your Father. 

You will not hear the wisdom of His Counsel nor seek the help of His Fiduciary, so your troubles will mammothly increase, and all those evil things you seek to do will vanish like mirages from in front of your face.  Your arms will be useless.  Your faces drained. 

From this moment on and until you repent to your bones and your heart, His Spirit will rest heavily upon you and your guilt will be illuminated as with a spotlight.  

Nothing you do will come to harvest.  No cruelty you inflict will have the result you expect. Those you mislead and misdirect have heard the words spoken by the Spirit; yes, they now awaken. They shake off the dust of ages and see you for what you are. 

Let no man think you haven't chosen this misfortune for yourselves, for well and truly, you have committed these atrocities and told these lies, even after you have been well-warned, well-counseled, and well-advised. 


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