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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Third Sunday In Advent

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

On this Sunday again, the Church calls on us to rejoice in the Advent of the Redeemer, and at the Introit sings:
INTROIT Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Let your modesty be known to all men: for the Lord is nigh. Be nothing solicitous; but in every thing by prayer let your requests be made known to God (Phil. 4). Lord, thou hast blessed thy land; thou bast turned away the captivity of Jacob (Ps. 84). Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT Incline Thine ear, O Lord, we beseech Thee, unto our prayers: and enlighten the darkness of our mind by the grace of thy visitation. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.
EPISTLE (Phil. 4:4-7). Brethren, rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Let your modesty be known to all men. The Lord is nigh. Be nothing solicitous; but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasseth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.
What is meant by "rejoicing in the Lord"?
By "rejoicing in the Lord" is meant rejoicing in the grace of the true faith we have received, in the hope of obtaining eternal happiness; rejoicing in the protection of the most High under which we stand; and in the persecution for justice's sake in which Christ Himself exhorts us to rejoice, and in which the Apostle Paul gloried (II Cor. 7:4).
What else does St. Paul teach in this epistle?
He exhorts us to give all a good example by a modest and edifying life, to which we should be directed by the remembrance of God's presence and His coming to judgment (Chrysostom. 33, in Joann.); he warns us against solicitude about temporal affairs, advising us to cast our care on God, who will never abandon us in our needs, if we entreat Him with confidence and humility.
In what does "the Peace of God" consist?
It consists in a good conscience (Ambrose), in which St. Paul gloried and rejoiced beyond measure (II Cor. 1:12). This peace of the soul sustained all the martyrs, and consoled many others who suffered for justice's sake. Thus St. Tibertius said to the tyrant: "We count all pain as naught, for our conscience is at peace." There cannot be imagined a greater joy than that which proceeds from the peace of a good conscience. It must be experienced to be understood.
ASPIRATION The peace of God, that surpasseth all understanding, preserve our hearts in Christ Jesus. Amen.


“Is any one troubled, let him pray" (Jas. 5:13).
There is no greater or more powerful comfort in sorrow than in humble and confiding prayer, to complain to God of our wants and cares, as did the sorrowful Anna, mother of the prophet Samuel, (I Kings 10) and the chaste Susanna when she was falsely accused of adultery and sentenced to death (Dan. 13:35). So the pious King Ezechias complained in prayer of the severe oppression with which he was threatened by Senacherib (IV Kings 19:14). So also King Josaphat made his trouble known to God only, saying: But as we know not what to do, we can only turn our eyes on Thee (11 Para. 20:12). They all received aid and comfort from God. Are you sad and in trouble? Lift up your soul with David and say: To Thee I have lifted up my eyes, who dwellest in heaven. Behold as the eyes of servants are on the hands of their masters, as the eyes of the handmaid are on the hands of her mistress: so are our eyes unto the Lord our God, until He shall have mercy on us (Ps. 122:1-3). Give joy to the soul of Thy servant, for to Thee, O Lord, I have lifted up my soul (Ps. 85:4).
GOSPEL (Jn. 1:19-28). At that time the Jews sent from Jerusalem priests and Levites to John, to ask him, Who art thou? And he confessed, and did not deny; and he confessed: I am not the Christ. And they asked him, What then? Art thou Elias? And he said: I am not. Art thou the prophet? And he answered, No. They said therefore unto him, Who art thou, that we may give an answer to them that sent us? what sayst thou of thyself? He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Isaias. And they that were sent were of the Pharisees. And they asked him, and said to him: Why then dost thou baptize, if thou be not Christ, nor Elias, nor the prophet? John answered them, saying: I baptize with water: but there hath stood one in the midst of you, whom you know not: the same is he that shall come after me, who is preferred before me, the latchet of whose shoe I am not worthy to loose. These things were done in Bethania beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing.
Why did the Jews send messengers to St. John to ask him who he was?
Partly because of their curiosity, when they saw St. John leading such a pure, angelic and penitential life; partly, as St. Chrysostom says, out of envy, because St. John preached with such spiritual force, baptized and exhorted the people to penance, that the inhabitants of Jerusalem came to him in great numbers; partly, and principally, they were impelled by the providence of God to demand publicly of St. John, if he were the Messiah, and thus be directed to Christ that they might be compelled to acknowledge Him as the Messiah, or have no excuse for rejecting Him.
Why did the Jews ask St. John, if he were not Elias or the prophet?
The Jews falsely believed that the Redeemer was to come into this world but once, then with great glory, and that Elias or one of the old prophets would come before Him, to prepare His way, as Malachias (4:5) had prophesied of St. John; so when St. John said of himself that he was not the Messiah, they asked him, if he were not then Elias or one of the prophets. But Elias, who was taken alive from this world in a fiery chariot, will not reappear until just before the second coming of Christ.
Why did St. John say, he was not Elias or the Prophet?
Because he was not Elias, and, in reality, not a prophet in the Jewish sense of the word, but more than a prophet, because he announced that Christ had come, and pointed Him out.
Why does St. John call himself "the voice of one crying in the wilderness"?
Because in his humility, he desired to acknowledge that he was only an instrument through which the Redeemer announced to the abandoned and hopeless Jews the consolation of the Messiah, exhorting them to bear worthy fruits of penance.
How do we bear worthy fruits of penance?
We bear fruits of penance, when after our conversion, we serve God and justice with the same zeal with which we previously served the devil and iniquity; when we love God as fervently as we once loved the flesh-that is, the desires of the flesh-and the pleasures of the world; when we give our members to justice as we once gave them to malice and impurity (Rom. 6:19), when the mouth that formerly uttered improprieties, when the ears that listened to detraction or evil speech, when the eyes that looked curiously upon improper objects, now rejoice in the utterance of words pleasing to God, to hear and to see things dear to Him; when the appetite that was given to the luxury of eating and drinking, now abstains; when the hands give back what they have stolen; in a word, when we put off the old man, who was corrupted, and put on the new man, who is created in justice and holiness of truth (Eph. 4:22-24).
What was the baptism administered by St. John, and what were its effects?
The baptism administered by John was only a baptism of penance for forgiveness of sins (Lk. 3:3). The ignorant Jews not considering the greatness of their transgressions, St. John came exhorting them to acknowledge their sins, and do penance for them; that being converted, and truly contrite, they might seek their Redeemer, and thus obtain remission of their offences. We must then conclude, that St. John's baptism was only a ceremony or initiation, by which the Jews enrolled themselves as his disciples to do penance, as a preparation for the remission of sin by means of the second baptism, viz., of Jesus Christ.
What else can be learned from this gospel?
We learn from it to be always sincere, especially at the tribunal of penance, and to practice the necessary virtue of humility, by which, in reply to the questions of the Jews, St. John confessed the truth openly and without reserve, as shown by the words: The latchet of whose shoe I am not worthy to loose, as the lowest of Christ's servants, giving us an example of humility and sincerity, which should induce us always to speak the truth, and not only not to seek honor, but to give to God all the honor shown us by man. Have you not far more reason than John, who was such a great saint, to esteem yourself but little, and to humble yourself before God and man? "My son," says Tobias (4:14), "never suffer pride to reign in thy mind, or in thy words: for from it all perdition took its beginning."
ASPIRATION O Lord, banish from my heart all envy, jealousy and pride. Grant me instead, to know myself and Thee, that by the knowledge of my nothingness, misery and vices, I may always remain unworthy in my own eyes, and that by the contemplation of Thy infinite perfections, I may seek to prize Thee above all, to love and to glorify Thee, and practice charity towards my neighbor. Amen.

Kill the IRS? It's Already Dead

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever heard of a "dead man walking" -- well, that's the IRS. Not only has it been gutted and most of its work force laid off, but it has no contract and no real purpose.
As the Grace Report revealed in 1980, all the money collected by the IRS didn't even pay the interest on the National Debt of the Territorial United States. That wasn't the point.
We were misled into assuming that our tax dollars were paying for public services, but that paradigm went out in the 1930's. No, actually, the only function of all the tax payments extorted out of the majority of Americans was to act as a "valve" to control the money supply and moderate the growth of inflation.
Inflation continued to act as a merciless silent tax and to gnaw away at the value of the U.S. fiat domestic currency, but those annual collections slowed the process down to the Frog Boiling Temperature preferred by the banks, who naturally wanted to milk the embezzlement and racketeering and keep "the Natives" from figuring it all out as long as possible.
Haven't you all noticed that the Federal Reserve building in NYC is all boarded up and how many of the IRS Offices have closed their doors? Their mail is being forwarded. They can't find enough Americans who will work for them anymore. All the "agents" have false names, but now the false names are things like: "Amber Gouderaineroneff" and "Malcolm Flackenbuster" and they tend to have foreign accents.
They are scurrying around, head down, eyes scanning the periphery and quickly glancing behind. They can feel the flames licking at their boot heels. They know the jig is up. Even the dumbest among them has heard the word and seen the pink slips.
Well, what's the use of collecting up the I.O.U.'s when the Federal Reserve System is bankrupt? Force of habit?
Still trying to claim that there is some kind of a war on somewhere, as a justification for not ending The Victory Tax that should have ended --- no questions asked --- in 1945?
Reminds me of my Uncle Jesse Myrick on my Father's side of the family staring dolefully at the clock:
"Damn!" he'd say sadly, "it's only four o'clock and I would love a cold beer......"
He'd drum his fingers on the table, glance around to see where his wife was, give me a sidelong look and say in a stage whisper, "Oh, well, it must be five o'clock somewhere!" --and begin making himself a Red Beer.
They, the members of Congress, have cause to know that the government isn't funded with tax dollars.
They know that except for Slush, there hasn't been a rational excuse to continue collecting taxes since the Federal Reserve bankrupted the trademarked Federal Reserve System in 2009, but they've kept up the fraud and racketeering just the same.
It's all been business as usual. Until now, when the Municipal Government has been left unfunded and without a contract for cause.
Shame on them and shame on us for letting the members of the US CONGRESS and their Agents get away with defrauding and harassing and plundering us for the better part of a hundred years.
Let's finish it and be wise enough not to accept their "offer" to establish a 17% sales tax, either. Such proposals should be taken in light of what they already owe us.

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As Regards Martial Law

By Anna Von Reitz

If they are going to arrest 66,000 miscreants and boot out all illegal aliens martial law is what they will need to do. We are at a point where we have been slowly invaded by Mexicans and others and have no choice.  

Recent findings of vast widespread organized vote tampering and gross corruption in state and county courts is also going to require drastic action. In order to re-establish a just society we can't continue to have private courts functioning as money laundering operations for the banks and local crooks.  All these people will face charges and/or need re-training. The corruption has gone on so long that they don't know they are doing anything wrong.

Organized crime networks have been discovered in Arkansas, Nevada, New York. California, and elsewhere that operate internationally and which have ties to everything from gambling and prostitution to drugs and back again.  In far too many of these cases the local police are either incompetent or colluding. All that has to be addressed, too, and is connected to the first problem I mentioned -- the 66,000 indictments and the unsecured borders that have allowed vast numbers of foreign nationals to come and go as they please.

On top of that the old MUNICIPAL Government run as an Oligarchy by Congress has been proven to be operating in a totally illegal and unlawful fashion. 

They were limited to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia for a good reason and they grossly usurped against that limitation. Since 1946 they have been bilking the States and the American People and deliberately undermining every principal this country was built on. 

There are now over 200,000 "municipal corporations" in this country and I am calling for all of them to be liquidated, nationalized, and returned to local control. The idea that a group of people can form a foreign independent city-state in the heart of America and just do whatever they please is totally whackjob and is nowhere allowed in any Founding Document. 

Think about Phoenix declaring itself a "sanctuary city" and acting against the Public Law. Think of New York City declaring itself "the capital of the world" and operating apart from the State and People of New York.  Think of all these foreign corporations seizing the power to arbitrarily tax our people? And then think about the endless corruption and misery of Detroit, one of the first victims of this madness, spreading like a social and economic disease throughout this country? 

All these municipal corporations are de facto crime syndicates on our shores, born and functioning in an unlawful status from inception. None of them have any right to be here and most of them have done nothing but promote crime and bilking of public resources for private business interests. 

Literally trillions of dollars have been embezzled and siphoned out of this country by these foreign municipal corporations and some of them have done far worse things, too. 

Take the Municipal Corporation operating as the US NAVY for example. 

That's not our Navy. 

It has been reconfigured as a private mercenary force and has used a deceptively similar name to enable it to act under color of law. 

If you go to the Patent Office and start looking at the US NAVY-held Patents you will see how they have enriched themselves and been part and parcel of the scheme of the Big Banks to take over the whole world and undermine all national governments including ours by a process of deceit, identity theft, falsification of records, odious debt accrual and embezzlement.  You will also see the horrific processes and patents that these goons have developed in contravention of international law.

And all this rot has been promoted by just one municipal corporation. Imagine the damage that 200,000 of these things, all operating under color of law, all being interfaced with and being mistaken for legitimate parts of the American Government can do? 

Think of the IRS, FEMA, DOJ, BATF, FBI, CIA--- all these "agencies" formed back in the 1930's by the Roosevelt Administration? They are all municipal corporations and they have been operating on our shores as foreign "service" organizations under the control of a foreign government--- the Municipal United States oligarchy run by the US CONGRESS -- which is supposed to limit its operations to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia. 

All of these "Alphabet Soup Agencies" have been heavily armed by the schemers and many lesser-known organizations that we don't normally think of as parts of the government, but which we can readily identify as government contractors-- municipal corporations like GENERAL ELECTRIC --have been "militarized" along with lots of local franchise branches like the STATE OF ARIZONA and WASBACH COUNTY, VIRGINIA. 

Billions of rounds of ammunition and guns of all kinds, military track vehicles and armored trucks and millions of body bags and "FEMA Camps" have been prepared, along with designated mass burial grounds --- all in preparation for the moment when all these foreign municipal corporations would be mobilized by the bankers and used as an already de-ployed supra-national mercenary force already supplied and in place and operating under color of law on our shores. 

This is what my husband and I addressed with the Joint Chiefs of Staff beginning in 2005 and which led to the issuance of the General Civil Orders of 2014.  

Other national governments also "woke up" and realized that they, too, were sitting ducks. And the word was passed down the line from officer to officer, policeman to policeman, vet to vet.  Not just here, but all over the world. 

In 2015, the Municipal Government operations involved in these heinous acts were de-funded, but via private sources (think George Soros and the Chicago racketeers under Rahm Emmanuel and the New York Mob operating out of Nevada) they continued to operate as corporations and to take on a life of their own. 

Since then there has been an internecine "war" between these elements of the old Municipal Government and the Territorial Government.  Because, for example, the functions of the Municipal US NAVY were tied to the functions of the actual United States Navy, it has been a cat-and-mouse game of trying to determine who was loyal to this country and who was not. 

The Globalist Scum finally got so frustrated that they played their hand in the open and deployed against California by using Directed Energy Weapons to burn out a corridor for one of their envisioned railroad projects, and a different Scalar Resonance technology was deployed to cause the Earthquake in Alaska. 

Those actions allowed us to observe exactly who was involved and what kinds of technology they have and how they operated these weapons.  And that "tipping of their hand" is proving their downfall. 

All the shuffling and re-shuffling you are seeing in Washington now is a direct result of all of this coming to a head. 

It is believed that when all this is exposed a majority of Americans --even those involved in working for municipal corporations- will understand the necessity of dismantling this threat to our own national security and will comply with the order to liquidate these corporations. 

There will, of course, be exceptions.  Hard-core Globalist Fascist and Communist "cells" do exist and they are embedded in all levels of business and society in this country and internationally. 

Oftentimes the Fascist and the Communist diatribes are so closely aligned that it is hard to tell them apart except that they are all liars and hypocrites. 

They talk about peace and promote war.  They appear to advocate "tolerance" and "respect" while in fact being intolerant toward anyone who does not share their exact views.  They attempt to use "herd mentality" to drive "social justice" agendas which never result in social justice, but which reliably line the pockets of the perpetrators. 

It's not about what they say, it's about what they do, and the obvious dissonance between the two. 

We have lived under soft martial law all our lives and this evil has spread until it had "captured" its own branches of what appeared to be our own military.  Think about that. 

The Road Home we have embarked upon is difficult at best.  Most people in America are still sleeping. They will need our help to make sense of all this, but once they find their feet and get their heads screwed on, they will know what to do and who to believe and that will be the deciding factor in bringing all these evils to an end. 

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Michael Hayden: Post-Truth Society?

By Anna Von Reitz

There I was, innocently writing Christmas cards and listening with half an ear to some vacuous PBS programming, when what (and who) to my wondering eyes did appear, but Michael Hayden, former Chief Goon of both the NSA and CIA spreading good cheer, and the news that the Truth no longer matters to anyone here.  

We live in a "Post-Truth Society" and he quoted a dictionary as proof, that some slum-dweller swaddling in the deep urban blight has labeled our condition and says Hayden, has shown a great light. 

According to Mr. Hayden we are all clueless and brain-dead and immoral prigs with the instincts of starved dogs and a dearth of common sense.  According to him, we have gone over the edge, and no longer bother with truth, only bald avarice. 

We care nothing for truth every day of the year and wallow instead in self-pity and beer. 

Oh, no, says the Durge King as he sounds the Death-Knell of our world and our nation and our dear ones as well.  Give up your grey cells and your logic and your happy sleigh bells.  Forget what Mom taught you and your Dad, just as well. Forget your code of honor --if you had one to start.  Admit you are a pathetic sleazy bastard, with an ice pick for a heart. 

I"m the expert, he purred, though that's not what he said. His words were ingratiating as they poured forth from his head. We must forgive people, he implied, for their delusional spells.  They've been misled and poisoned and gone through sheer Hell.  No wonder they are sick and reduced to blind rage, political correctness, and swear words for prayers. 

They don't know what they are, either as men or as beasts, have forgotten what they are here for and can't even think.  They are sick and they're silly and stupid as well.  A-foot or a-horseback seems just the same, and I, Michael Hayden, am here to expound.  It's my business, you see, and I tell you with glee, that you don't know what the truth is, though you stand on the brink. 

All your ideas are shadows and your dreams are all blanks.  Only lies are the truths that you live with each day.  In the real world, you're all victims and losers and slaves.  All you've got left are feelings unfettered from brains, the dull sounding echoes of your own lonely pain, with no knowledge of the past, no vision for the future, and nothing in between. And I, Michael Hayden, am here to feed on your ignorant delusions and your anger and pride in things that destroy you, like big banks and flags.  

Bull crap and business is my stock-in-trade.  There's nothing honest about me, not even my name.  I am corpulent and unhealthy and ugly, it's true, but I still consider myself far better than you.  And if you don't know what the truth is, then neither do I.  Plausible deniability is my claim to fame. 

With a shift in his chair and a flutter of his eyes deep-set and ironic, Michael Hayden gave a sly smile that I found quite iconic.  The Jester and John Dee and the shiftless camel traders of El Alamein, J.Edgar Hoover, and the Horse With No Name all came to mind, and I despised the Gloating Toad and I thought to myself --- you got what you asked for PBS, as I turned off the knob, and I heard my husband laughing as I turned out the light. 

"Mike Hayden couldn't find the truth with both hands and a grenade."

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