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Saturday, June 22, 2024

International Public Notice: There Better Not Be Any "Boom"

 By Anna Von Reitz

There had better be a peaceful and rational and orderly procession to the negotiation table and the negotiation that needs to take place is about the money and the credit and public elections and cessation of occupation.  

Nothing else.  No grandstanding.  No excuses. No heroics.  No blowing up landmarks. No nonsense at all.  Just clean up the actual mess that the U.S. Military and other military organizations have caused, either by ignorance or collusion, and be done with it. 

The hired U.S. Military is culpable for the illegal occupation of this country for over 160 years, plus all the resulting misadministration, abuses, and theft that has been experienced by our general population. 

They are not responsible for the voter fraud that occurred in 2020, and in fact, that fraud isn't even actionable, because the popular vote doesn't count. 

So everyone can stop wondering why the Perpetrators of the fraud haven't been strung up and also stop wondering why the Victims haven't been able to successfully press charges. 

People all over the world are astonished, but the fact is that the U.S. President is not elected directly by popular vote and never has been.  The U.S. President -- the office that Donald J. Trump is still occupying -- is elected by the Electoral College. 

So all that smoke and mirrors sideshow known as the Presidential Election, all the debates, the whistle stop campaigns, the photo opportunities --- it's all just for show, to make people think that their vote counts and that this "race" for the Presidential Office is a big, big deal ---- when in fact, they have never had a vote that counted.  


Not since the founding of the government.  

The Office of the President of the United States, Inc. is a corporate presidency; so is the Office of the President of the United States of America, Inc.

And both of these corporations are foreign to this country.  

The underlying organizations haven't always been corporations, but they have always been foreign, and the results of their elections of these foreign Subcontractors have always been the result of votes cast by foreign shareholders known as "Electors" who are members of the Electoral College, not the people on the street.  

These are private elections, not public elections. 

The idea of the political parties and all the immense drama promoted to give people the idea that these elections were their public elections was purely deceit to prevent people from waking up and understanding the facts.  

These political party elections are just popular straw polls that do nothing but show which candidate is most popular with the public.  They have nothing to do with the actual election results.  

Some Electors in the Electoral College may be swayed, and may vote in sympathy with the public, but that's it. 

All that frou-frou-rah is for nothing but "show". 

Put in context and in another way, what we should be witnessing is the public election of The President of The United States of America, that is, the President of our unincorporated Federation of States, and what we are witnessing instead is the election of the 
"President" of our British Territorial Subcontractor, the United States of America, Incorporated.

What we should be witnessing is the public election (properly styled since 1851) of The President of The United States, not the President of the United States, Inc., instead.   

Political Party-sponsored elections are just another British con job, another Roman deceit, another Big Blarney on Steroids fraud against the American people, who innocently troop to the polls in November, and sit up late waiting for the results --- of a straw poll. 

This is why Donald Trump can get no traction on the election fraud issue.  There is no law against rigging straw polls because straw polls don't count.  There isn't any requirement for the security of such "elections". 

You might as well go on YouTube and "vote" for which brand of toothpaste you prefer. 

Is this fraudulent misrepresentation?  Yes, of course, it is.  But, technically, they have advertised the role of the Electoral College from the very beginning. 

As for the military that has overseen this entire horror show and benefited itself and done nothing credible to expose it or change it, a military that has taken their paychecks and evaded their contractual obligations to us  --- it has nothing to crow about and no role to play, except to come home and do the right thing. 

No more wars by proxy in Ukraine.  No more "war" against civilian populations in the quest for oil profits in Gaza.  No threats to blow up 34 landmarks all over the world in an effort to distract attention from their own misdeeds. 

At this point, the fraud has been ongoing for 164 years.  Nobody inside or outside the military who started this fraud is alive today.  Ulysses S Grant is long dead and gone.  So are Abraham Lincoln, Salmon P. Chase, and William H. Seward.  

The men who inherited the fraud from them are all gone, too.  "Colonel" Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt --- long gone. 

The best advice came from Yehoshua -- let the dead bury the dead.  Be done with it.  Come home.  Clean up the mess.  Have the good grace to realize what you have been involved in and seek amnesty from the people you have wronged. 

Don't add to your sins and errors, just collapse the tent and come home.  We won't blame good men who have done wrong things by being misled, but we will hold bad men accountable.  

Anyone who claims to be a "White Hat" had better be standing for truth, peace, and life, not more of the same-old same-old. 

The only "Boom" we want to hear in July is word that the debts of the United States, Inc. and the debts of the United States of America, Inc., have been transferred to the actual Federation of States and the people of this country as credit.  

We want to hear the same thing about Australia, England, Germany, France, Japan, and all the other countries that have been similarly abused and defrauded by foreign Territorial and Municipal corporation franchises in the business of providing "essential government services".  

We wish for all the bogus "State" trusts to be dissolved and returned to the people and to the control of their lawfully elected deputies.  We wish for the State of State Legislatures to be educated about the limitations of their actual powers.  Ditto the Territorial and Municipal Congress members. 

We wish for good faith and assistance in conducting our own lawful public elections.  Not more British Territorial slime bucket excuses and subterfuges. No "booms"  in July; nothing "totally unexpected" and no more nasty surprises at all.  No more "open borders".  None of it. 

We wish for the orderly adoption of the American Federation Dollar and the recoupment of Federal Reserve Notes and the issuance of lawful prepaid credit certificates.  

The people of this country and every country on this planet wish for peace and prosperity, freedom and brotherhood, a healthy, clean environment, joy, creativity, and a place to call home.  

Consider it your business--- your only business--- to respect the diverse races, cultures, and religions of the Earth, and to promote the happiness, wholeness, and self-governance of every living man and woman.  

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 22nd 2024


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International Public Notice: To David Rene de Rothschild

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has been more than 800 years since there was a Golden Jubilee and the Double Golden Jubilee is overdue.  

It was this fact and the consequences of it -- the effect this has had upon the whole world economy -- that caused us to go to Vatican City and address the Holy See about it.  

While there, we directly, physically observed, that their keyholes are out of alignment. 

Even the keeping of time has been distorted over this failure to peacefully forgive debt and return ownership when due.  

As a banker from a banking family, you should understand this.  As a Jew who is presumed to be familiar with Old Testament Law, you should understand this. The world economic system is supposed to be turned over like a compost heap on a regular schedule, with debt forgiveness and reversionary trust interests being exercised every seven and forty-nine years. 

We do know the quandary you are in, as you don't really have an ability to forgive these specific debts that are crushing the whole world, but we have the answer and the receipts, if you listen.   

Having discussed this situation at length with the Church officials, and with them having admitted that yes, this is exactly right: it has been over 800 years -- there remains the necessity of actually refreshing the system and accepting the Golden Jubilee, and we know how to do it.  

This requires the Federal Reserve to return all the purloined, assumed, and forced collateral assets to the actual owners, including all the so-called Legacy Trusts.  This might sound like figurative suicide to you, but it is better than any other alternative you have, as it passes through the veil (or the Red Sea if you like) and leaves everyone on solid ground again. 

We understand the various arguments about who the actual owners are-- at least from a theoretical standpoint, but this cannot be used as an excuse for war and continued paralysis.  The actual owners who are now in existence and who represent the progeny and interests of those who went before are present in the form of the living people of each nation. 

As you are no doubt aware, negotiations about the Avila Family Trust assets and their use going forward were supposed to take place in 2005; the Department of the Federal Reserve failed to show up at the negotiation table.  

This signaled an ongoing and purposeful policy of avoiding the negotiation and a refusal to recognize the rightful Inheritor and his right to not only settle the use of his own Family Trust assets, but also the numerous other "Legacy Trusts" that he has unlimited General Power of Attorney to control and distribute. 

Ironically, you and your family have claimed the right to do this work "for" him via unlawful conversion of his political status and claims of abandonment; how can you hope to keep your own property, if you insist on cheating and ignoring him and all the others like him? 

In this world, the laws of karma give and take. Now is the time to give and to bring an end to this stalemate by peaceful means.  

The estate of Severino Sta Romano amounts to a few hundred thousand dollars; the rest of the vast holdings "under his name" resulted from his for-hire job as a professional precious metals depositor.  
Severino provided for the remedy of this situation to the actual Inheritor of the Avila Family Trust before his death in 1974; all else has been a comedy of greed and errors. 

The lawful and legal Inheritor of the Avila Family Trust immigrated to the United States where he became a resident; he later decided to adopt an American State of the Union as his permanent home, whereupon all merely presumed waivers of his estate and claims of public interest became moot. 

He is owed the return of all his interests in Master Accounts 333, 555, 777, and 999, and control of those interests.  His money was used to rebuild the world after World War II and provided all or a substantial part of the asset collateral base for all 63 central banks in the BIS system--- including the Federal Reserve Banks. 

Which brings us back to your part in all of this. 

We hear that you are holed up in Geneva and that various factions of the CIA are protecting you, while other factions of the CIA want to murder you; we also hear that BRICS is pretending to be the only owners of gold wealth sufficient to back the world economy, when in fact, the actual gold on deposit with the banks is sufficient and more is available upon demand, so long as you do the right thing that should have been done in 2005. 

We can tell you right now that that negotiation involves establishing a firm monetary system for traditional international trade and Merchant Banks and a prepaid credit system for living people -- not an empty meritocracy, but an actual repayment system. 

Negotiate. Come to the table. The only one who can rightfully forgive debt or discharge it, either, is the actual owner of the assets and credit.  It's not something you can do in his name, but it is something he can do, and which he is potentially willing to do as part of the long overdue Golden Jubilee. 

Every day that you delay this necessity, is a day that the burdens inexorably increase, and your enemies make merry because of your failure to deal with the preferential Creditors. 

If you act wisely now, the entire world dynamic of banking -- both private and public -- can be peacefully restored and refreshed.  

We are in contact with the BRICs as interested Third Parties, both in terms of the gold owed to the unincorporated United States of America, and the assets that need to be returned to the actual Legacy Trust holders and Donors to the Global Collateral Accounts.  

Don't make this harder than it has to be.  The embarrassment of being labeled a dishonest banker and being dragged from your Geneva enclave like an angry badger is your only other alternative.  Here, you have an opportunity to resolve the conundrum honorably, with everyone being happy with the outcome. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 22nd 2024


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International Public Notice: To Derek Johnson

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, we have been hearing a lot from a young man named Derek Johnson who has, quite rightly, been citing chapter and verse from the military regulations concerning the "Continuance of Government" protocols being exercised by Donald J. Trump. 

He has also been making a case for the right of the military to take action in the event of a political catastrophe.  Again, good enough, so far as it goes, however.... Our militia in 1775 is a far different animal and apart from the for-hire mercenary forces of 2024.  

We have an American Government in place and the military, both the American Militia and the for-hire U.S. Military, is supposed to be taking its orders --- not from its own British Territorial Congress or worse, the Municipal Congress -- but from our American Government and our States of the Union. 

To date, they are still operating as a foreign mercenary force under the guidance of a foreign corporation's "President".   

Their excuse is that we haven't been in Session in so long that they don't know who we are, but it's not hard to figure out.  Anyone who can sort through ten tons of military code and procedure can figure out which government the military owes allegiance to. 

Derek Johnson points to the fact that the military existed and took action in 1775, even prior to The Declaration of Independence, and he makes the argument that the military is the actual owner of this country, but, again, he's just a little off base about some basics.  

The people of this country own it, and "people" means "militia".  

Whether you say "of the people, for the people, by the people" or you say "of the militia, for the militia, by the militia" --- it means exactly the same thing.  

Our militia hasn't been in action since The War of 1812, and it's a good thing that we have been at peace.  We are peaceable people, slow to anger, patient and long-suffering, but we have a well-deserved reputation for standing to the last man and fighting when we fight.  

The Greeks at Thermopylae ain't got nothing on the Americans at Fort McHenry. 

So let's review this again. 

The entity fighting in 1775 was the American Militia, not a For-Hire British Territorial Force being paid by a foreign Corporation to illegally occupy this country. 

Like many Americans, including Americans in the Armed Forces, Derek Johnson is confused.  He thinks that the military he is familiar with is the military of this country, but it's not. 

The Union Army in 1860 was already a Mercenary Force and there has been no change in the nature or status of any U.S. Military since then.  

So, once again, we have a confusion between apples and oranges, the American Militia being confused with the U.S. Army.  They are completely different things with different aims and political allegiances. 

The U.S. Army is a British Territorial Force under contract to defend this country for pay.  It's a private mercenary force operated by a foreign corporation that we can describe generally as the U.S.A. Inc. 

Our American Militia is a completely different thing; it operates without pay and has roughly 257 million members.  Of those, roughly 40 million are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.  And we are all prickly as hell right now, because of the circus the for-hire military and their politicians have created: 

1. Imposing the disastrous "Federal Reserve" system on the people of this country for the last century and a half; no, it didn't begin in 1913-- it got its fangs in during the Lincoln Administration like everything else. 

2. Imposing British Maritime and Admiralty Courts on the people of this country for the past century and a half and operating them to illegally and immorally impersonate Americans, commit barratry against them, and illegally tax and confiscate American assets. 

3. Carrying on a program of war-for-profit against the rest of the world as well as this country for a century and a half; conscripting our children as mercenaries and lying to them about the nature of their "service". 

4. Creating a completely monopolized financial world based on purloined assets, human enslavement and blood money, half funded on lies and the rest funded on securitizing living flesh and performance contracts.  

5. And after the "U.S. military" was found to be responsible for all the above, what did the U.S. Army do?  It called on its illegally conscripted "Uniformed Officers" -- the Medical Doctors -- to kill millions of unarmed civilians worldwide using a phony pandemic and non-existent "emergency powers" to shove experimental mRNA injections into everyone's arms--- including the members of the U.S. Military itself.  

So long as Derek Johnson is such an expert in U.S. Military affairs, perhaps he could tell us what this unimaginable Cluster was all about? Some kind of suicidal rampage like an estranged husband killing his wife and then killing himself?  A total failure of "military intelligence"?  

Or perhaps, "If we can't rob the Americans, ain't nobody going to rob the Americans!" 

How about the American Militia just stands up and shows you all just how stupid this really is?  

You are fighting against your own people, doing the bidding of foreign interests, and are too wrapped up in red tape to get the message straight, Derek. 

It's not the for-hire military that won this country by force of arms.  It's not the for-hire military that has done anything worthwhile for this country at all. The for-hire military has been asset-stripping this country for the last century and a half, and waging constant mercenary war against us and against other nations "in our names".  

Get it all the way straight, Derek Johnson, or not at all.  There are no "Executive Orders" nor any "Emergency Powers" granted by the people of this country to any foreign corporation's "President".   

The for-hire military has breached our trust, lied to us, lied about us, and been a parasite in our flesh for the past 160 years. 

It's the American Militia that went to the field in 1775, not the U.S. Army.   

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 22nd 2024


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