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Friday, January 13, 2023

About Ron Vrooman and Other Would-Be Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are numerous Johnny-Come-Lately organizations springing up all over, some of whom have been attempting some kind of process since the early 2000nds to return to the land and soil jurisdiction and organize to do this. 

Invariably, they make the same mistakes. 

First, and foremost, they don't  establish the identity, standing, and political status of their members on the Public Record. 

This means that their actions are "subject to discretion and interpretation" --- to their disadvantage --- and neither they nor their organizations get beyond first base.

Second, having failed to identify themselves on the Public Record, they don't establish their claim to the Express Trust established for them as progeny of the State Citizens who created the Federal Constitutions.  

As a result, they have no Constitutional Guarantees at the Federal level and are assumed to owe duties instead.  

Third, they fail to realize that they are "at sea" when they start this process, so they attempt to get back to the soil jurisdiction by direct claim instead of accessing the soil jurisdiction by going through the land jurisdiction--- which is actually required. 

Our Forefathers deliberately isolated our country's soil jurisdiction to prevent it being overrun by European Freebooters; this protective structure means that you can only come home via the international jurisdiction of your State of the Union.  

Fourth, they don't establish Express Trusts for their public and private assets and do not inherit the protection of my Express Trust established for "all those with hands and feet, in whom the blood flows and the flesh lives" who enter our State Assemblies.  

As a result, they are not indemnified to conduct business as a State Government nor on their own as private parties, and are, as a result, dependent on foreign governments and subject themselves to foreign law (such as Federal Code and State of State Statutes) as unwitting dependents.

Fifth, they don't shut down or re-register the various STRAWMEN created for them by the Municipal Government as a means to collect money, labor, and other assets from them, so they remain open to commercial attack. 

Now, most of this is understandable.  We have had to learn everything the hard way, too--- but they are stuck in the position of being Territorial "States" long after we have threaded our way through that miasma. 

Our State Assemblies are already established, are established correctly, and everyone within the State Assembly is protected pending their individual notification to the United States Secretary of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs, State of State Secretary of State (Lieutenant Governor in Alaska and Hawaii) and if appropriate, the head of their former branch of service in the military. 

There remain some important aspects to resolve --- the return of our assets, public and private, and the recognition of the genocide that these madmen have unleashed against their own "citizenry" --- but nothing that gives us pause to reconsider any action we have taken to protect ourselves or each other in the midst of this insanity.  

There is certainly no advantage to any member of any of our State Assemblies in going back and joining some other organization claiming to be "a" state assembly; as I have tried to explain to Nancy Kremer and Ron Vrooman and any number of others who have set off on various tangents --- there is only one actual State and one State Assembly.  If you are an American claiming your birthright political identity and inheritance, you belong to The State Assembly in your State of the Union, either as a State National or as a State Citizen. 

You owe it to yourselves to know the facts and join the right State Assembly and stay in the right State Assembly once you arrive home.  You have control over your international jurisdiction via your State Assembly and you have control over your national jurisdiction via the County Assemblies within your State of the Union.  That's how it works and there is no benefit in trying to meddle with it,  because when you do, all you get is an entity that isn't recognizable and isn't heir to anything.  


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