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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death

Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia

By Anna von Reitz  11 2 2015

Today, I learned that my Father, who has been dead for 34 years, has been paying nine mortgages---and still is.  To be exact, nine filthy rotten crooks have been plundering his trust accounts to pay THEIR mortgages when they are NOT his heirs and NOT his beneficiaries and when he never owed them a dime.  They did this by claiming that his trust accounts were "abandoned", just like they claim all "foreclosed" homes are "abandoned" properties. 

People, take this information to your local sheriffs and shove it down their throats.   

These rotten, filthy, disgusting crooks have been allowed to run rampant by "members of Congress" and "Presidents of the United States" for 150 years and slowly the Sheriffs and the FBI and even some Federal Marshals have become like Pavlov's dog, and are doing the bidding of the bankers and lawyers against the people they are bound to serve and who pay their wages. 

These black-robed vermin and criminals in nice suits have been allowed to rape and plunder our National Trust while taking their paychecks from our public funds and stealing our identities and abusing our credit in the name of "representing" us.  They have been charging off all their expenses against trust money owed to dead men and women who died defending this country and stealing the money owed to retirees.   

They are ALL in gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Default and Dishonor.  

Take this information to your local "law enforcement" personnel and inform them that they are working for and taking their orders from private banks, not any branch of any lawful government. Tell them they have no lawful Oath, no lawful public office, and no immunity from prosecution. 

Tell them that the Article I and Article III Courts that are part of the Federal Court System have jurisdiction ONLY in the international jurisdiction of the sea and no jurisdiction over the people nor the land.   The Continental Court System referenced by Article I and Article VII pre-dates their "company court" system by over 200 years.  

Tell them that the Article VII Courts are reopening all across the land.  Tell them that Common Law is about to become very fashionable again.