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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Has Lincoln County hidden lots of money in special accounts like these other places?

Is this kind of thing going on in Lincoln County Montana also?
If you value your freedom and your hard earned livelihood you need to look carefully at what is going on around the country, with state and county governments salting away billions of dollars in special funds  and accounts, while at the same time saying "Oh we are broke and need to raise taxes to save government services"
Watch this video to see how bad this is getting in other places, then start asking questions of your county commissioners about how much money Lincoln County has salted away in these kinds of accounts.

The Sheriff who sold his county and his office.

Pull up all 3 of these.  A tremendous amount of information and links with each one of them! 

It's YOUR MONEY. So ask lots of questions of your county officials.
We are about to lose our PILT payments. That's 4.8 Million or more.
Will Lincoln County come to you with a request for a tax increase for this, when they have Lord knows how much money stashed away?

Ask the county commissioners to publish the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Lincoln County Montana for 2011.

Flathead Valley "Civil Support" training this week by Northcom

It has been verified that the training exercise talked about in the last few emails scheduled for the Flathead are actually going on right now. The vehicles were spotted at the Red Lion in the Gateway complex in downtown Kalispell and at another hotel south on  Highway 93 this morning.
August 28th 2012.
What follows is internet research by one of the people who observed the vehicles, and this will be followed on my blog soon with pictures and an in depth article.
Much of this is from the northcom website, but you can see a definite influence in their training scenarios that make patriots out to be the bad guy in some ways.
In any case the training is real and is verified in the flathead valley right now. It would be interesting to ask these guys that are training if they intend to keep their oath to the US Constitution and see what their reaction would be.
One thought that comes to mind is this. If indeed these exercises are intended to intimidate the public we need to show them that we are not alarmed, but we insist they keep their oath. It's one thing to be preparing for some kind of attack on American soil, and entirely another to be trying to target people who might disagree with the current administration in DC about how the country is being run. DHS is already swallowing the propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center and passing it on to all of these Federal outfits.
It's up to us to show a level head, and nothing to hide, when dealing with these units. In the mean time get prepared because although this is the largest exercise of it's kind to date, it's only the beginning of military presence in our country. It's going to get much bigger as time goes on.
Read the article below the link to the Green Zone movie trailer for some common sense about what kind of an attitude we need.
Then go to my blog at for an update on military movement around the country going on right now.
Paul Stramer

USNORTHCOM, National Guard leaders: Partnerships key to domestic response

"One of the most valuable things about the Guard is our ability to establish and maintain strong partnerships," said Air Force Gen. Craig McKinley, chief of the National Guard Bureau. "Partnerships are what make the National Guard what we are – whether it's our partnership with our parent services, … our partnership with foreign nations in the State Partnership Program … or our partnership with local authorities and civilians in communities across the country.

ATTENTION: There is a new Martial Law Legal Technique that is being used and has been used. It is called: Dual-Status Commander Program This is where a Governor of a State signs over his authority to the NorthCom Commander during an emergency. This is one of the most alarming revelations. The CST's are essential role players in this process.
Read: " The dual-status commander concept allows joint task force commanders responding to a domestic disaster to simultaneously command federal troops and National Guard forces in multiple duty statuses. Jacoby called the concept possibly the most important initiative taken in the area of Defense support to civil authorities in a decade.

"It harnesses DoD support in a unified way and connects it intimately to the needs and power of our communities," Jacoby said. "I am very proud that, given our first opportunity during Hurricane Irene, the memorandum of agreement signatures from governors began to flow quickly as Irene approached and four governors – North Carolina, New York, Rhode Island and New Hampshire – requested designation of an actual dual-status commander for Hurricane Irene, which Secretary Panetta approved quickly."
September 11, 2001 was a watershed event for homeland security. Within a year, sweeping changes
in both civilian and military organizations were made to address perceived vulnerabilities within the
homeland. Through the establishment of United States Northern Command and currently emerging joint
doctrine, the Department of Defense has redefined its role in providing domestic civil support.
Concurrently, the newly established Department of Homeland Security has become the lead federal agency
for all homeland security issues.
Given that DHS will continue to build capability across the homeland security mission spectrum,
the Armed Forces contribution should proportionally diminish. In order to support this thesis the
paper explores the emerging operational constructs that define how NORTHCOM will utilize joint forces
when executing the civil support mission. Analysis will identify key problematic issues associated
with current and future mission execution with specific emphasis on manpower, training, and
redundancies that effect both DOD and DHS. Problem areas are addressed via recommendations to
CDRUSNORTHCOM and offer suggestions designed to optimize economy of force and unity of effort across
the homeland security mission spectrum.
What a Civil Support Team looks like:

Forwarded message is attached.

Attached Message

This is one big multi-state simo training excesses like the one conducted on 9/11/01. Follow the links. People just need to go to the websites of NorthCom, look up what is the unit designator of their state Civil Support Team, i.e., 81, 83, 102 etc. then do a google like search for them. Type in: " 81st Civil Support Team North Dakota Training "... It should pop up something.
Some people are better at searching than others, I was called today by some very concerned and true patriot guys roaming around Hwy 2 near Browning looking for the CST's coming from North Dakota. I said did you know they are stationed in Helena not North Dakota and most likely will be traveling up HWY 83 not HWY 2? They had no clue, but they wanted to burn 20 gallons of fuel and 6 hours of their time looking for the convoy. I found in a two minutes of Internet research that it was a Public Notice given that North Dakota's CST's and Emergency services are having the same drill there as we are having here.
People need to get on board with research first, Drive after. We must recon the Internet first before taking off in all directions looking for a needle in a haystack. Military train all the time, the recession has not hurt their budgets. We need to not just know when, but why and what scenarios they are training for. When I was in the military we were training in small elite units to take down militia groups in Yugoslavia two years before that war broke out. We were training for mass Special Op troop formations to take out Iran or Iraq 6 years before that war. The game planners always put out the best scenario for the units to train with. That is key to why we need to be better at not just finding them but understanding them. We need to survive the next 9/11!

Look here: Every state has them. In 1999 there were 10 FEMA/Military Zones created. These 10 zones had the formations of what we can call a COG, Continuity of Government/ Military. In reality a Martial Law Zone, run by Generals and insiders of the Secret Government.
By 2001 they were fully funded and operational. Each Zone had it's own covert ops, intelligence gathers, hunter teams and spooks. They also had Army, Air force and other branches designated units, battalions, divisions and wings to each Zone if their was a need. So some of top secret, some of it plain Jane Military, a good mix.
It was a training exercises of the 10 Zones that was taking place on 9/11. The COG was in control that day. The no fly and no shoots were being ordered by the likes of COG Commanders like Dick Cheney. That is one reason that it has been and will remain out of the mainstream media. COG is in control.
After 9/11 2001 they began implementing Homeland Security and the Joint Task Force concept under NorthCom. JTF's are multi-jurisdictional, multi branch and multi national units formed for unique missions. Civil Support Teams are a concept of a JTF team.
Right now the best picture I can see is that their is a multi level training op being run right now. That means COG is running it through it's subordinates in the JTF's NorthCom, Norad and so on.
Unfortunately some idiots are out their on the net blabbing off their mouths about things they know nothing off. Maybe I am one of them, but my research is solid. I mainly am frustrated with people like Lee Ann playing into the fear tactics and "Let's Get our guns, kick some tail ... Redneck talk!" What a tool!
People need to realize, their will be another terror attack. By who?????? But their will be. We need to be vigilant to what COG is preparing for so we can survive it. The idiots who think they can roll with Delta, or Seal Team Six, or one of the highly specialized JTF teams is a FOOL!!!! Any Podunk leg pog outfit would make any so called militia wannabe group piss their pants in a fight. Fighting is not an option, Education and preparedness are! I absolutely do not advocate any form of violence or action against anyone, citizen or military. That is wrong, criminal and foolish! I believe that I am always ready for peace and prepared to survive.
So back to my main point... We need to observe and interview the CST's and other participants in the exercises to get a better understanding of What's on the horizon for us. What do we need to prepare for?
These exercises go on all the time. It's just this time their are many going on in many states.
Here is a example of a past exercises.
They usually have the scenario that Freeman type or Sovereign citizens in an effort to force their perspective state to secede have planted a dirty bomb or chemical bomb or some other horrible violent terror device. Ever watched the TV series "Jericho"?
Let's keep cool, observe, ready and prepare for the next 9/11!
We may be in the middle of the next event, we must be prepared. I have always believed that they are going to go for small town America next, like in the TV show Jericho they hit 10 cities in the 10 zones simultaneously. We need to be ready for that. kooks and dingbats need to be removed from further discussion groups, they are idiots and only bring undeserved attention on truly concerned people.

Done with the Republican Party

This email is my official resignation from the Republican Party,
and as the State Committeeman from Lincoln County effective immediately. Today is August 29th 2012.
The Republican Party has been completely taken over lock stock and barrel, by the same elite one world goons that are backing Obama. It's just a different clique that wants power in their hands. This is the same outfit that Bush senior et al belonged to, and they will never relinquish their power to the people. They will pull every dirty, unlawful, immoral trick and method they think they can get away with, and I won't be a part of their so called "party" ever again.
After the way the Ron Paul people were treated at the Montana Republican convention and now the national Republican convention I believe there will NEVER be any hope to return the party to the people, and I am sick and tired of wasting my time and money in trying to do so.  I believe that Romney can NOT win against Obama because he is too much like him. I will NOT be voting for Romney. I can NOT vote for the lesser of two evils. I will be writing in Ron Paul's name or voting for someone else. I don't really care what people think about that. What I really care about is what God thinks about my vote.
I have much more important things to do to prepare for what I believe now is an inevitable battle for freedom that will be won or lost at the local county level.
I will be focusing my efforts on Lincoln County in making veterans, and active duty service and law enforcement personnel realize their duty to uphold the oath they took when they got the job.
And I will be holding local candidates feet to the fire about that same oath and many issues that are NOT receiving the attention they deserve such as Agenda 21, and local loss of land and water use and property owner rights, and also the comprehensive annual financial report that shows Lincoln County to have lots of money salted away for retirement funds that could have been used to rebuild our roads and bridges and finance education.
I will also be educating the people of our county and state about how to keep their oaths of office, and urging attendance at the next convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in Las Vegas in September.
I will also be spending a significant amount of time at the local gun range with my family and a few friends practicing the skills I learned at Front Sight Firearms Training in Pahrump Nevada recently. I have come to the conclusion that we are NOT going to preserve freedom in our country without defending it at some point. Notice I said DEFEND not aggress.  I won't be starting anything, but I will be teaching people how to be prepared to defend their families, property and freedom.
I will also spend quite a bit of time teaching people how to communicate during any such emergency using ham radio and other more secure radio communications, for the safety of our families and neighbors.
Of course I will continue to attend about 20 gun shows around Montana each year as a vendor with preparedness products that you can see here: for radio gear, for bullion silver, for fuel preservative,  and for solar power products  I will be doing this as long as I can without putting my family in danger.
I will also be showing many new products never before seen on planet earth, much of which is heretofore suppressed technology that the elite don't want us to have in the fields of alternative energy and health, and much more.
If anyone has any further questions about my motivation for this decision please feel free to call me.
To keep up with what we are doing in regard to all these things read and subscribe to my blog at which as of today has 1056 articles written since May of 2008.  We have now had well over 100 thousand page views.
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