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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Not a "Debt Default" -- An Objection to Illegal Odious Debt

 By Anna Von Reitz

What if a credit card hacker stole your identity and charged a lot of expensive items to your credit card?  Would you be obligated to pay for his charges?  No. 

What if a thief impersonated you, ordered a bunch of supplies for their business on a 30-Day Net Agreement, had the supplies shipped to a warehouse, and then shipped them to Mexico ---- skipping town without paying for them.  Would you be responsible for this?   No.  

What if a foreign government said it was involved in salvaging a bankrupt corporation's assets and charged you a whole bunch of money for service fees and materials to do this "salvage work" when you were never a franchise or shareholder of that corporation?  Would you owe any of its debts?  No.  

These are all examples of "odious debt" --- which is strictly defined as dishonest debt and charges related to some kind of scam or fraud scheme from which the victim does not benefit. 

In the present situation, the operators of both the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. have profited themselves tremendously at the expense of Americans who have been impersonated as the shareholders and franchises of these corporations--- without the nicety of a single dividend check---- and who have had all the expenses of these faceless operators dumped on them with no compensation and no knowledge of what was being done "in their names" at all.  

At least $88 Trillion dollars worth of such Odious Debt has been heaped on the American DEBT SLAVES and there is little wonder that some people are staring at this humongous manure pile and talking about "Debt Default" --- just telling the rest of the world, sorry, it's all our fault and we can't pay, boo-hoo, boo-hoo --- which would leave the creditors of the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. free to come in here and take everything as compensation.  

No, no, no.  What needs to happen is for everyone to wake up and realize that-- Number One, no "National Debt" exists, because our equal and answering "National Credit" hasn't been applied.  The books haven't been balanced.  No debt actually exists. By definition. 

And Number Two, from our perspective, if any debt remains after National Credit is applied, it's an Odious Debt having nothing to do with us or our assets.  The debt was accrued by foreign commercial corporations hypothecating debt against us while engaged in unauthorized salvage operations on our shores.  They used a double-ended impersonation scheme to accomplish this which makes it fraud from the get-go, and so, no, we don't owe any "National Debt" and any debt that does exist, is Odious Debt associated with foreign commercial corporations. Not us. 

One other thing is certain --- though we may benefit from the existence of these two foreign corporations in certain respects, we are not the intended beneficiaries of these corporations and we do not receive any juicy corporate dividends or debentures or annuities or any unearned welfare benefits. We are not the owners of these foreign corporations and we are not the owners of any corporation or business or ship that these corporations have legitimately salvaged at any time.  

So, no, children, we don't need to default on a debt that isn't ours, but the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, all the British Crown Corporations and all the Municipal Corporations need to pay up for what they have leveraged, squandered, and hypothecated in our names. 


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Oh, Canada!

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please pay attention to what I have already told you.  We know what happened--- and in knowing what happened, it's possible for you to unravel it without bloodshed. 

Always remember that bloodshed is what the enemies of mankind want.  They want violence.  They want an endless cycle of revenge. They want to stand back and watch us destroy each other.  That is their schtick.  That's how they make profits. That's how they overcome all that is good in the world. 

Back in the 1960's colonialism was recognized as the evil that it is. 

The Commonwealth, which was basically church-sponsored colonialism, was taken apart and ended---- so we were told.  

Hearing this news, people in the Commonwealth system were ill-prepared to just leap up and know what to do.  The idea of starting a new government and disturbing the established order was foreign and mostly unwelcome, and, then, add the fact that choosing and forming a new government isn't exactly something any of us would expect to land in our laps. 

"Oh, by the way, you have to choose and organize a new government....lamb chops on special at O'Connor's Market.... cloudy today, but no rain expected....."

This combination of confusion and the oddness of the opportunity led to what happened next --- nothing.  

The Commonwealth workers stayed on the job, the bureaucrats and politicians sailed right on, and so, the Public was lulled back to sleep, left dimly wondering, "What was that all about?" and not knowing what they were supposed to do in response---- if anything. 

After a period of years, no new Canadian Government had formed to replace the old Commonwealth colonial government, so the Queen came back in and set up a British Territorial Government as a Protectorate until such time as the Canadians get organized and set up their own lawful government.

This Territorial Government is a military government operated as a commercial corporation, and like the Raj in India, it has occupied Canada. 

This is a Gross Breach of Trust on the part of the Queen and her Government, which has been greatly enriched by seizing title to Canada and reducing Canadians to the status of Territorial Subjects.

The Perpetrators would claim their sneaky salvaging of the Commonwealth assets is legal --- and they back this up by hypothecating all sorts of debt against the Canadian People and hypothecating more debts against Canadian land and other assets for all these unsought and unauthorized salvage "services" they are providing. 

Most of you can now recognize that you are being serviced in the same sense that a cow may be serviced by a bull.   Justin Trudeau and Company are stealing everything in sight and selling what isn't nailed down to foreign investors --- and he may be a Prime Minister of something, but he is certainly not operating as The Prime Minister of Canada. 

Meantime, the clueless rank and file Canadians are being deprived of their Constitutional Guarantees and railroaded and taxed under Admiralty Law, in a parallel to what was foisted off on the Americans next door. 

Using this ruse, under the pretense of ending colonialism, the Perpetrators have evaded their obligations owed under the Commonwealth and have established a ruthless and predatory Territorial government, instead.  

One can almost imagine the Queen saying, "Oh, you don't like chocolate ice cream?  How about triple double-fudge?"  

The take-home message is that you still have the opportunity to form your own legitimate and lawful government, but you have to take the proverbial bull by the horns and declare yourselves Canadians (not Territorial Subjects) and get on with the business of organizing your own new government.  

If you organize and get serious, the Queen's minions will have no reason to assume that Canada is left without a government and that the Canadian People have been left stateless as a result of their own lack of initiative. 

Get going.  Every day that you delay and are distracted by the antics of political parties (that is, lobbyists intent on getting a bigger piece of your pie), conditions worsen and your slender hold on independence and good government and overall security weakens.  

Declare yourselves Canadians by origin and birthright and publish your standing on any public record database you can find (our LRS is open)  and start researching exactly what happened when the Commonwealth ended. You will then be able to discern the rest of the story and what has come to pass: the vacuum left by the loss of the Commonwealth Government was filled by political hacks and the commercial mercenaries now known unofficially as the Canadian Raj. 

And please note, that the same thing has happened to Australia, New Zealand, and all the other countries that were once part of the British Commonwealth. 

They have all been set up and victimized in precisely the same way. 


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Face Up, World --- History You Never Knew

 By Anna Von Reitz

With all due respect to Natural News and other faithful broadcasters who have done their best to protect our health (and sanity) and to prepare people for the full scope of horrible possibilities ---- we disagree that this "really is different".  We disagree because the world has been in this exact situation at least eight times before and because major elements of this present scenario were present then, too. 

The centerpiece of all the prior disasters that have killed millions upon millions of innocent people was the same then as now: governments and government-sponsored military organizations lying their rumps off.  

How can people deal with any problem large or small, if they are denied the basic information that they need to solve it?  Well, the simple answer is, they can't.  They are crippled, left running in circles, unable to come to grips with reality. 

Like a herd of cattle that senses an oncoming storm, they mill about, but can't focus on a direction or a course of action, much less come to grips with the problems they need to solve.  At best, they can stock up their larders and prepare to shoot looters.

We, Americans,  have been under a military dictatorship for 161 years as of this past April. 

So, all this Big Talk about "martial law" and about this situation being so unique and unprecedented is really, truly nonsense. 

Martial law, that is, Admiralty Law, and Administrative Law, is all we've known for six generations.  We have been a nation kept at constant war by our self-interested military contractors and our European Allies. 

And that is the terrible, unspeakable, unavoidable fact. Eisenhower came close to telling us the truth in his Farewell Address, but in the end, he opted out for what was left of his retirement. 

All the Joint Chiefs and Secretaries of War (and later, "Defense" Secretaries), all the multi-star Generals and High Admirals and various military intelligence agencies, most especially, The Office of Naval Intelligence, have been fully aware of this circumstance and never once sounded a warning bell in defense of the American civilian government that they have all sworn allegiance to and been under contract to defend this entire time.  

All our bright young men and women graduating from Annapolis and West Point and Quantico have known it.  Jimmy Carter certainly knew it.  Any President having any significant rank or experience in the military knew before he ever stepped foot into office.  And certainly, all Presidents were made aware upon entering office. 

Every single member of the Bar Associations has known it, or come to know it, while in Law School or shortly thereafter.  You can't be practicing Admiralty Law on dry land and not know it.  You can't impose Administrative Law on people that are not subject to Administrative Law and be unaware of the logic of what you are doing. 

The day comes when the light bulb goes on and you find yourself staring at the betrayal of this country by its own military and by the people who are supposed to uphold the Constitutions and the Public Law --- and then, what?  

You tell the world.  You tell your neighbors.  You tell your sons and daughters. You face the truth.  You hold the Kings and Queens and Popes and Lord Mayors responsible for their Breach of Trust.  You turn to the Generals and Admirals with a jaundiced eye.  

And you calculate what has to be done. 

For starters, the economic hemorrhaging caused by "war debt" and the cost of military occupation has to stop.  Peace has to be declared by the civilian governments.  The British Monarchs and Lord Mayors and Lords of the Admiralty who are the Principals most responsible, and the Popes who are secondarily responsible, have to be put on Public Notice and their minions told to Cease and Desist.  

Committees of Investigation have to be formed, and Common Law Grand Juries have to be qualified and summoned in the correct jurisdictions.  Any idea that the Admiralty Courts are or can be the answer needs immediate correction; do we expect them to sit in judgement of their own bad behavior? 

And the General Public worldwide needs to be fully informed, so that everyone grasps how this Mess has come about, knows the difference between a war and a mercenary conflict, and takes up their own responsibility to put an end to this perpetual "state of war" that has been artificially promoted for the sake of corporate profits.  

The corporations that have benefited themselves and their cronies at our expense need to be liquidated for their unlawful activities on our shores, and the military needs to get back in its box and do its actual job according to its actual contract --- which includes, believe it or not, defending our borders. 

And the Queen and the Lord Mayor and the Lords of the Admiralty and the Popes need to be exposed for their dishonorable, duplicitous, self-serving, and in the end --- illegal and unlawful ---  activities in Breach of Trust and violation of their Public Service Contracts. 

As bad and as responsible as "our" military has been, beginning with Ulysses S. Grant and ever afterward, they couldn't have pulled it off without misdirection from on high. 

The Brits came ashore in the wake of the Civil War, which they caused, using the excuse that there was an "emergency" and their help was needed.  

There was no real emergency occasioned by the breakdown of our American Federal Subcontractor, the States of America Federal Republic. That Service Provider could have been paid by our Federation of States, booted back up under new management, and everything could have continued on as before the conflict (Please note: The American Civil "War" wasn't a war --- it was a mercenary conflict.) 

Instead, the Brits arrived and began "salvage operations" and making False Claims in the European Community to the effect that our Government was mysteriously missing, in interregnum, etc., and they were stepping in to salvage our Ship of State. 

But it wasn't our Ship of State that they were salvaging.  

Our Ship of State, our States and our Federation of States, was just fine and hadn't even been involved in their war.  

What they were illegally and without authorization "salvaging" and substituting for, was the Federal Republic, the American Subcontractor that is supposed to be operating under The Constitution for the united States of America. They were poking their busy-body noses into our business and forcing their "services" on us when we neither needed nor did we ask for nor did we authorize their assistance. 

That's why the debt for all their "services" had to be "hypothecated" under Admiralty Law.  They haven't had any authorization or any contract to engage in any of this "help". 

Instead of telling their gullible American employers the truth,  they kept the news about all these self-interested arrangements top secret. They kept their illegal, unlawful and immoral activities as matters of "national security" without mentioning which "nation" was at risk if this information hit the newspapers across America. 

It wasn't our "national security" they were worried about.  It was their own foreign national security they were worried about, if the Americans ever found out and turned on them with the vengeance they so richly deserve.   

Now, we want you to all stop a moment and take in some facts. 

1. The American Federal Subcontractor doing business as the States of America, otherwise known as the Federal Republic, was a business run by the Confederation of States, which was itself operating under The Articles of Confederation. 

2. The members of the Confederation were all American States-of-States in the business of providing routine government services while the States were not in Session.  These businesses belonged to the States, but were not the States.  They all operated under names like: The State of Georgia, The State of Vermont, The State of Wisconsin, and so on. 

3. It was the Federal Republic that ceased operations during the so-called Civil War and it was the Confederation of States-of-States--- those business organizations--- that were bankrupted in the North and ruinated in the South. 
4. The fact that the Northern States-of-States were bankrupted by Lincoln in 1863 tells us that these businesses had already been incorporated, because only incorporated businesses can go bankrupt at public expense. 

5. Lincoln's identity as a Bar Attorney (prohibited from holding Public Office under the 13th Amendment to The Constitution for the united States of America) tells us that these Northern State-of-State organizations had been unlawfully converted into franchises of the British Territorial Government and that Lincoln himself was acting as "President" of the British Federal Subcontractor, not the American Subcontractor, prior to 1860.   
6. That is, prior to the beginning of the Civil War, the Northern States-of-States were no longer being operated by the actual States of the Union.  They were being operated by the British Federal Subcontractors instead, a situation that should never have been allowed.  

7. After the surrender of Lee's Army and Lincoln's Assassination, President Andrew Johnson tried to pick up the pieces and declared peace on the land three times in public, thereby creating a binding contract for peace on the land. Unfortunately, he didn't also declare peace at sea and in the air, so vengeful  war-profiteering President Grant continued to wage war in sea jurisdiction against the Southerners and against the Municipal Employees ---"citizens of the United States"--- who fought with the South. 

8. They have continued this privateering "war" on our shores ever since.

9. In 1937, the Pope and the King brokered a new deal of their own, one in which every American would be claimed by both sides -- presumed to be both British Territorial Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States. 

10. This set up a double-ended impersonation scheme, by which members of the General Public could be arbitrarily mischaracterized as "Enemy Combatants" in a "state of perpetual (mercenary) war"-- and preyed upon at will.
11. Generations of Americans have been mistreated and pillaged by these undeclared white collar privateers --- with no idea of what was going on, no idea that they were being dragged through foreign Admiralty and corporate Administrative Courts, no idea why, and no glimmer that they were being impersonated and mischaracterized as "Enemy Combatants" in a series of illegal and mostly long-dead foreign mercenary conflicts. 

This, actually, and factually, is what has been going on here for 161 years. 
And it's all crime. Mercenary conflicts are illegal by definition.  They are insurrections against the lawful government by definition.  

The lawful American Government wasn't in Session at the end of the Civil War and roving bands of former Union soldiers terrorized, beat, murdered, and forced the men who could call it into Session to flee--- thereby making sure that the lawful American Government couldn't come back into Session.  Because of all the British deceit and the payola rolling in from the privateering, the military, politicians, and petty bureaucrats kept mum.  

While the cat's away.... the mice will play. 

And here we are, waking up, 161 years later, with our shorts down around our ankles, and blood pouring out our buttholes. This is what our British friends and Allies did to us, and the sanctimonious Popes, too.  

And if they'd do it to us, they'd do it to you.  Be forewarned. 

So, China, and anyone else who does business with these Vermin, be aware. Don't say the Americans didn't warn you.  

This is what they did to their employers, the nice people who have loyally paid their salaries and pensions, and supported them through two World Wars and countless smaller "conflicts". 

Their endlessly gullible, trusting, loving employers, who paid the cost in blood and natural resources for all their wars, and who still salute the bloody dishonored flag they used to "represent" us, are just now waking up and realizing that those "things" in Washington, DC, are foreign subcontractors run horribly amok.  

Now that we know that, now that we have the facts and history complete, you can bet that the actual lawful civilian American Government has been called back into Session and the wheels are turning.  And you can bet that we're pissed off.  We would not advise anyone doing anything stupid at this moment.

Stupid would include nuclear war to try to cover up your own actions. 

Stupid would include trying to enter our "vacated" American Federal Republic and operate it "for" us.  

Stupid would include any more mention of "the 14th Amendment" to your phony Corporation Constitution; your 14th By-Law Amendment was never ratified by these United States, for starters ---- and it was part of a corporation charter belonging to a commercial corporation that has been defunct since 1907 for finishers. 

Stupid would include trying to come up with fanciful stories about where all our gold transported offshore by the U.S. Navy went and where it is now. 

Stupid would include trying to "get something started" here or anywhere else in the world based on racial, religious, or economic interest conflicts, False Flags, or any similar manipulations.  


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