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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bombshell! Montana Representative Goes on Record Alleging Unlawful Conduct by Montana’s Largest Credit Union

 Things have finally taken a turn towards justice in the ongoing battle being waged against Dennis and Donna Thornton, and their company, Thorco Inc., by Whitefish Credit Union, Montana’s largest credit union.

Even though NorthWest Liberty News has only been involved in the case since 2019, the battle to steal Thornton’s property has been ongoing for more than 10 years. Details of the Thornton case, and video testimony from several other victims, can be accessed by clicking here and going to the Credit Union Crimes website.


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Joe Biden Must Go

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are many reasons that Joe Biden and his sidekick Kamala Harris both have to go.
The first reason is that Joe and Sister Kamala are a tag team of unprecedented incompetence.
Second, Joe is a self-admitted thug and crook who used his position as VP to Obummer to launder money for his family and friends in Congress. He was proud of his strong-arm technique, using our stolen credit as leverage against a Ukrainian criminal prosecutor who happened to be investigating the activities of Hunter Biden.
Joe Biden isn't only a crook, he's an accomplished crook and bully. He bragged about it on video and to this day, he hasn't recanted a word of it.
Contrary to what the equally corrupt DOJ may have told you, he is not protected by his office from criminal prosecution. Nobody and that means NOBODY is above the Public Law in this country, and if you think otherwise, you are living in a different "country".
That's right, take it in --- criminals and thugs are in control of "our" federal Subcontractors, and our military is either so corrupt or so stupid that they actually appear to believe that this joker acting "as" the President of the United States of America is their Commander in Chief.
News for them. You've been following the wrong "President" for a while.
Biden is "President" of a look-alike, sound-alike British Territorial Commercial Corporation, He is emphatically NOT The President of The United States of America and NOT your Commander-in-Chief.

That Office belongs to the actual President of the Federation of States of the Union.


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New Rule

 By Anna Von Reitz

As the Cardinals in Rome  like Rules so much, there’s a New Rule in America: 

Anyone caught creating a problem to provoke a reaction  and then profiting themselves by providing any solution to the problem they created, whether their solution works or not, gets thrown in jail as a Public Nuisance and has to spend a year cleaning Public Toilets. 

Yes, this means that practicing the Hegelian Dialectic will have some actual risks and accountability attached to it for the first time since Hegel enunciated it. 

Please note that anyone caught using the Hegelian Dialectic to create a problem that kills people in hopes of making money by providing a solution — whether their solution works or not — gets hung by the neck or executed by firing squad or has their stupid head lopped off as a Public Menace. 

We are sorry that this New Rule is coming as a surprise to those who never read, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” and to those who read it and didn’t take it seriously. 

Here is an example

The Rats unleash a deadly virus, and millions of innocent people die and millions more are standing in line to receive a vaccine developed by the same people who created and unleashed the virus in the first place, and all because they, the Rats, wanted to make lotsa money off their patented virus and products to fight their own Bugaboo. 

Say what? And the “vaccine” they offer as a solution doesn’t work? 

Please see our New Rule.  Whether the solution they present works or not, they are still accountable.

So Hegelian is as Hegelian does. 

The Law of the West is in full force and effect. 


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Okay, Kids….It’s Showtime

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember what your Grandma has taught you. 

There is an America and there is an American Government.  

Our American Government was not in Session for a very long time, from 1860 to 1998, and during that time, certain Subcontractors of ours took advantage of us. 

One of our three Federal Subcontractors, the American Federal Republic, went out of business and was never “reconstructed”. 

The remaining two Federal Subcontractors, one British Territorial Subcontractor and one Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor, got to mind the store —-by default—- in our “absence”. 

The American Government is made up of fifty State Governments, and each one functions as a republican  form  of government, meaning that these sovereign state governments are community-based assemblies operating at the local County level and at the State level.  They transact their international business through their unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and their national business through their unincorporated Union doing business as The United States. 

Our States of the Union  were finally summoned into Session in 2015 and now all fifty General Assemblies are in operation. 

Our Government is NOT a Democracy. It’s our British Territorial Subcontractor that’s a democracy.  It’s made up of American Tories, and their corporations and their employees always beating that drum and making many people around the world think that the American Government is a democracy— when it isn’t and never was. 

In the same way, the Municipal United States Government is a theocracy.  They don’t blat that around, because Americans would jolt awake and dimly remember that in our country there is supposed to be a separation between church and state.  Nonetheless, the Municipal United States is a theocracy and flies it’s own flag. 

The British Territorial United States flies a specific proportion of our flag defined as a Title IV Flag, which we let them use when they are exercising our delegated powers. 

Our missing American Subcontractor was set up as a Roman-style Republic.  That’s why it was called the Federal Republic. 

Each one of our Federal Subcontractors adopted a form of government that was distinctly different than the assembly-based government of the American People. 

In theory, this should make them very recognizable, but as we stopped regularly calling our assemblies together it appeared that we had forgotten who we are and that our American Government was “in interregnum” — mysteriously absent and non-responsive. 

Left to their own devices, our Federal Subcontractors claimed unauthorized “Emergency Powers” and found ways and means to impersonate us and access our credit by claiming to “represent” us. 

Later, both the British Territorial and Roman Papist Municipal Subcontractors incorporated their operations, with the British Territorial Subcontractor operating as a British Crown Corporation, and the Municipal Subcontractor operating as a Municipal Corporation. 

Beginning in 1937, these two foreign for-profit corporations began colluding to actively defraud and enslave and dispossess their American Employers, acting in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts and treaties. 

Conditions in our country and throughout the world have steadily deteriorated under the influence of these increasingly corrupt and criminally-inclined corporations.  

Our courts have been both truncated and commandeered to impersonate people as corporations and to subject us to foreign forms of law intended to address the needs of corporations.  

This evil and non-disclosed ruse has led to misapplication of laws and trespasses upon natural jurisdictions.  The courts and bureaucrats have set up this system of personage and the Bar Attorneys have enforced it for profit, by pretending that we, Americans, have knowingly and willingly adopted first British Territorial Citizenship and then also freely and knowingly adopted the slave-like status of the Municipal citizens of the United States. 

This has been done to us by our own misguided Public Employees, working under the misdirection of foreign powers.  

The rot spreads from the Roman Catholic Church and the Inner City of London, and gets its traction from our ignorance.  While we remain unaware of this situation and how this plague of injustice has been visited on us, we cannot hold those responsible accountable and we can’t fix the problem. 

So we need to look at it, painful as it may be, and never forget what we have learned — and remembered— about ourselves, our country, and our American Government. 


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Worse Enslavement

 By Anna Von Reitz

Mark my words today—- if we allow the governments or Big Tech or CIPS or any blockchain operator (QFS) to control your access to whatever is serving “as” money or give any entity any ability to dictate whether or not you can buy and sell, you will be totally enslaved. 

The way they do these things is by starting out on the up and up.  They give everyone “sops”— that is, rewards and reasons to play their game and use their system.  And at first, everything is fine….. 

Then, little by little they begin to turn the screws - and “legislate” new “rules” for the QFS, such that certain kinds of people aren’t allowed to use it to buy and sell.  

Typically, the first group is “criminals” but nobody ever says who is making the determination and deciding who is a criminal or not, what constitutes crime, and what law applies. 

So, first up, criminals are deprived of their organic natural right to buy and sell. 

Next, political dissidents and “insurrectionists” can’t buy and sell. 

Next, it will be this or that religion or racial group or even people of a certain age will be banned. 

Simple ACCESS to the financial system will be the first “control” in such a system — to determine who lives and dies.  

After that, there will be further controls on how much “money” you can have and who you can share it with and what you can spend it on. 

This is the ultimate J.D. Rockefeller pipeline control and monopoly scheme on steroids. 

And you will be crazy and damned if you allow it and allow yourselves to be duped again. 

On September 14, 2022, all the commercial banks declared bankruptcy on cue.  This is not really any change.  They have been bankrupt since the 1930’s.  

This is why they had to dupe you into loaning them your house, so that they could create credit enough to make a “home loan” to you and half a dozen others. 

But even with those odds, they couldn’t play it straight.  

First, they had to do a bunch of name game fraud, and set up the accounts to embezzle your “mortgage” payments into a secret escrow account, purportedly owned by you, of course.  Then they had to have a completely unearned security interest in your house.  Then they had to…. You see how this goes? 

Given an inch, they took a mile. 

When we catch them doing this and it’s time to pay the Piper, they squirrel around and come up with the Ultimate Financial Pipeline Monopoly Fraud Scheme—- just watch. 

They will do the same thing with the flow of money as old JD did with oil— and it will be just as illegal, coercive, and monopolistic. 

Welcome to Crooks United, Inc. 


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God Bless Robb Ryder Again!

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember when I told all the veterans that they weren’t really discharged from the military until they gave notice to their branch commander of their return to civilian life and birthright political status?  And if they were officers, resigned their commissions? 

Everyone thought I was crazy? 

Go to “RobbbRyder’s” YouTube channel and watch: “Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet (U.S. Army).

I am not sure if Robb understands the meaning of the various names and the name games the Rats are playing, but he is catching onto the worst and most obvious parts of the fraud perpetuated against people in the military.

As Robb points out there are only two ways to enter the military — by enlistment or induction. (Look those two words up.) —-but from the very first these miscreants are playing word games and setting up their victims. 

When you sign up the DD 4 says you are joining the “ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES”—- this means that you are signing up to work for a foreign Municipal CORPORATION and therefore agreeing to act as a MERCENARY.   About the cheapest mercenary soldier on Earth, too, though these Vermin don’t disclose that, either.

When it comes time to be discharged, however, the paperwork says you are being discharged from the “Armed Forces of the United States of America / United States Army”.  

See the fraud? 

They signed you up to serve a foreign Municipal CORPORATION as a Merc, but they are purportedly discharging you from some other Service entirely.  It gets worse. 

The Government Printing Office defines “U.S. Army” as the “Army of the United States” and so far as Robb or I can determine the words “United States Army” or “UNITED STATES ARMY” do not appear anywhere in the Government Style Manual. 

Say what? What’s going on here?  Fraud. Malfeasance. Kidnapping. Trafficking. And worse.  Right under our noses. 

Robb’s report only details the situation for the Army, but the same applies to all the other branches.  Everyone has been defrauded and misused in the same or similar ways. And everyone who has ever been in the military and been “discharged” from the service needs to follow up by sending formal written Notice to their branch Commander, severing all service related obligations and explicitly telling him/her that you have returned to civilian life and to your birthright political status. 

Send this Letter of Severance by either Registered Mail or Express Mail with Return Receipt (Green Card) requested. 

So what really happened here? You unwittingly signed up to serve as a cheap mercenary working for a foreign commercial CORPORATION.  And you were given “discharge papers” from a completely different Service, or Services, that don’t appear to exist. 

In this “discharge process”, however, you were given a “DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE” with YOUR NAME in some form printed on it. 

Where have we seen this word, “certificate” before and what is a “certificate” — like a “clearinghouse certificate” or a “birth certificate” or “warehouse certificate”? 

A certificate is a written assurance that a specific event occurred or that a certain action has been taken or a specific obligation has been met or a certain transfer has occurred. 

The DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE assures the British Territorial United States Government that the MERCENARY they hired to do their work for them completed the stipulated tour of duty and performed adequately. 

The rest of the bogus paperwork is proof that these Territorial Miscreants released the MERCENARY from obligation to further serve in the imaginary Territorial Services that they were supposed to provide—- but didn’t, except for hiring Municipal MERCENARIES to take their place and “represent” them.

Nice, huh? 

The Armed Forces of the United States of America / United States Army exist only as a bunch of bureaucrats operating foreign British Territorial British Crown Corporations under those names.  They contract with the Municipal United States to do all their work for them at your expense. They conscript your sons and daughters under false pretenses and use them to fight wars for profit benefiting themselves and their financial interests. 

They use your country as their pirate base. They use you and your credit and your assets as collateral to pay their expenses and salaries to perpetuate all this. 

And when things get too hot for them, they declare the bankruptcy of the “Armed Forces of the United States of America” —Incorporated,  and the “United States Army” —Incorporated—-and leave you holding the bag for all the debts these Vermin charged against your Good Name and Estate.

If you aren’t hopping mad and highly motivated to correct this situation, you certainly should be.  

Send your Letters of Severance and then give them —via THEIR “Representatives” in the U.S. Congress your opinion of their actions and their mistreatment of your Good Faith and their non-disclosure and their fiscal malfeasance and their evasion of their constitutional obligations and their gross misrepresentation of you (or your son or daughter) as a foreign commercial MERCENARY. 

They have cause to know that you all signed up thinking that you were signing up to be members of our honorable soldiery, and were deliberately misled to sign up to serve in a completely different capacity. 

They and everyone else who has condoned and allowed and benefitted from this “system” of things needs to have their asses kicked.  

And as far as your service “benefits” are concerned— they are all earned benefits owed to you under contract by these same bankrupt corporations and the Principals responsible for them. 

They are the debtors, you are the creditors. They used your assets to create the credit they have glutted on, and you own not only the assets. You own all the credit, too. 

They forced you, unknowingly, into the status of a foreign MERCENARY so that these hypocrites could come back and claim that you were at fault, that you were a privateer, that you willingly and knowingly conducted and participated in war for profit and that you are, therefore, an international criminal. 

Based on all this phony baloney, they maintain the right to shoot you on sight. 

They continue to pretend that you are part of an illegal foreign mercenary force and an Enemy Combatant. 

They conveniently forget that they are the ones who duped you into signing deliberately deceptive enlistment paperwork. They are also the ones hiring and misdirecting the resulting illegal MERCENARY forces. 

They are the criminals, not you. 

So— if you didn’t believe me, hear it —in detail— from Robb Ryder.  


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