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Monday, June 14, 2021

Committees of Safety and Executive Committees Aren't For Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am asking that all State Coordinators be given this information and burn it into their brains.
The Continental Congress delegations set up "Committees of Safety" to connect resources coming from their State Assemblies to the military, that is, to supply the Continental Army, to conduct intelligence gathering, and do contingency planning.
We are not assembled in any Congress---yet; we have no need for "Committees of Safety", and most importantly, we are not at war. We do not propose to go to war with each other or with our own employees or with employees of our erstwhile subcontractors, either.
We propose to hold those same Principals to their contracts by lawful and peaceful means ---- and if they do not concede and correct their operations on our shores, we will show them up to the entire world as criminals that are completely untrustworthy, vile, and lawless.
That's our "Plan".
If they contrive to attack us or get any kind of conflict going on our shores, we will Outlaw them and give them no rest until they are driven out of business. Every other country on Earth will know them as oath breakers, con artists, inland pirates, human traffickers, frauds and hypocrites, bullies, murderers and thieves. The US Raj.
Nobody will want to do business with them. Nobody will believe a word they say. Nobody will trust them anymore. Nobody will listen to them. Their own actions will show them up for what they are.
Just like Nasty Gossips caught lying. False Friends that betray a trust. BFFs caught looting your locker.
We humans may have our faults, but we all still know which way the wind blows.
We aren't preparing for war. We are already ready. We've been ready since 1776. Millions of us.
Yes, there is one silver lining in having been abused and conscripted as slaves and mercenaries and occupied by our own Armed Forces. We all know more than we want to know about military operations and running surgeries out of kitchens.
We don't need any "Committees of Safety" at this point, and if we ever do need any "Committees of Safety" both London and Rome had better kiss their asses and their money good-bye, because we won't be the only ones coming for them.
So forget about Committees of Safety and forget about those promoting Committees of Safety. They are taking a historical fact, twisting it, and using it out of context. They are misleading patriots into taking actions that can needlessly endanger good people and also potentially provide the Vermin with an excuse to "crack down".
Don't take the bait. They are the ones under a microscope. They are the ones on the run. They are the ones that need to be afraid. Keep your nerve. And stay in your lane.
Everyone in your Assembly needs to be clued in and settled down. Everyone needs to stick together and support each other as friends and neighbors. Our State Assembly Militias are perfectly lawful and devoted to Public Safety as Peacekeepers. Not soldiers.
And now I want to point out that "Executive Committees" are foreign to the entire concept of an American State Assembly. The very word "executive" should give you a clue. Our executive power is vested directly in the people of this country, not some clown pretending to "represent" the people.
Our Assembly Chairmen are spokespersons, not executives.
Executives run corporations and the corporations are what have brought us all to this madness and mayhem----Robber Barons and Bankers out of control, Silicon Valley Nerds, Hollywood Scum, Big Pharma, NEA, CDC, WHO, et al.
Those who are dragging their corporate experience into our Assemblies need to be corrected and prevented from perpetuating the same evils all over again. Remember the plain, simple truth that Hannah Arendt taught---- if we don't watch ourselves, we become what we hate.
Just like the idiots decrying racism and teaching "Critical Race Theory" ---- they have become what they pretend to hate: racists teaching racism to others.
When you come to our Assemblies, cast away your assumptions about hierarchy, authority, and "executive power". Our Executive Power is vested in the Public Law and the people upholding it. Period.
I trust that these two examples are sufficient to point out the necessity of thinking before acting. Liars are not welcome in our Assemblies. Neither are gossips nor pot-stirrers nor power-mongers.

If that's all you've got to offer, people, stay home.


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