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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Questions for Anna - Please provide us with direction. How do we stop this evil?

by Anna Von Reitz

Questions from one of our Readers:

When will a "Call to Action", answer Gods prayer that we "Man Up", against EVIL. God directs us to MAN UP. Words are easy, and that's all we do in the name of Jesus. The Chemtrails are thickening and my sickness is threatening to complete my murder, in the presence of God.  If just 10% of the 72% of Americans who are christian were to stand up, (and Man Up), ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS would begin to evaporate over-night. Paul, I beg you and Anna and all others in this effort to provide us with "direction".  Our time is numbered in days.

War is my very last wish, but it seems to be the major goal of the cabal, both the global powers and our police agencies, local governments, schools,etc. The VA hates veterans, as an example of our twisted, emaciated cultures and social orders,... in disorder. I believe that WE must approach and demand frequent resolution to forced social doctrine that includes our acceptance of servitude , and prison for profit,...poverty for the rest. Our governments and media expect us to "eat up and shut up". The wheels are flying off of everything we ever thought we knew about the human experience.  As an alternative to mass murder, genocide, anarchy, and the end of life as we know it, my suggestion that we step in front of evil and get its attention. Iceland with American Virgin Isles did this very thing over the loss of their ways of life. They found instant freedom and a return of some stability, by stepping before the USSC, bypassing all other elements of arbitrary nature .  At this very moment the socialist freak show in the EU is being challenged and redirected back in the direction from which it came... the people are shouting , in most cases respectfully.  I watched a couple of productions of the killing of Jesus over the past week, and it seems that to this day, being forced into anything EVIL has never worked before and it's not working for 7.5 billion people today.  HAARP is headquartered right up the road from me and I want to scream (respectfully) at the military monsters at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio, that the Chem Trails containing, Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium hexa chlorides, Lithium Carbonate, Barium Salts, Sulfur hexa chloride, Aluminum Oxide, Strontium, Synthetic Chaff, Dried Re-engineered Red Blood Cells, lead, copper..., just about anything Doctor Mengal may have tried years ago, are robbing me of my health. My eyes burn, my balance is iffy, my brain constantly clouded, my oral tissue burns, my lungs burn, my joints ache, my skin itches, and those are just the symptoms I am aware of.  I'm sure the autonomic systems are in chaos also with these many carcinogens working hard at their productions.... HAARP is "Militarized Weather Control", illegal globally and signed off at the UN , NATO, and in most all nations in the Global Military Industrial Complex.   I came to you with the request for "Direction" because I Respect the sincerity and power of the efforts put forth by Anna Von Reitz aided competently by Paul Stramer. When I looked to the sky on "Easter Sunday" and saw more geometric spray patterns than usual, (for a Sunday), I sent you that first plea for guidance.  Control the weather you control food production and with the added toxins you destroy mans bodily health. Genocide is believed to be the primary military purpose of the more than 30 countries now engaged in this new Global War Technology being brought against man.  Thank you for caring. I have completed more than 4 college science, tech, medical, and global topics / programs, and by no means am the wisest. I study daily, reading what you and Anna provide for our thirst at enlightenment. I had noted nothing of significance on this issue of HAARP (in your reports),and it seems to be killing me the fastest of all of the rich topics you investigate. I feel nothing but urgency, in light of the coming of more EVIL than I can stand.  ...DIRECTION please.  Love and Peace to you and Anna, and all others working for God and creation.

Anna's  Answers: