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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Reply to Stanley Davenport

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please post in Mattermost and everywhere else people can read it and get an adequate understanding of why things are the way they are and what options we have.  


Although it hasn't gotten through to most people yet I can only state this so many times: 

We have been "occupied" by our own Army operating under the direction of a foreign Territorial Government Subcontractor for 160 years.  These courts are "carpet bagger courts" and exist for the same purposes now as they did in 1865 --- the collection of "war reparations" from Municipal citizens of the United States.  They aren't courts.  They have nothing to do with law or justice. 

They are privateers in the business of debt collection operating illegally on our shores and they are getting away with it because we are not standing up our own courts and operating our own government.  While they are allowed to function in a custodial capacity, we lose.  

Their courts have a 96% conviction rate, because the PERSONS brought before them are already condemned to slavery and guilty by the Fourteenth Amendment.  

We are all "presumed" to be PERSONS until and unless we prove otherwise, and therefore we are denied our Constitutional Guarantees and misrepresented as PERSONS, because it is convenient and profitable for these yahoos to operate under these False Legal Presumptions. 

People keep yelling about "enforcement" and "where's our enforcement?" and yelp, yelp, yelp.  

Get it through your heads that we are our own enforcement and there is nobody here to do it for us. 
We do have the lawful and peaceful means to extricate ourselves from their system (Ex Parte Milligan) but we have to set up our own courts to serve our own public to do it.  So stop whining and griping and DO THE WORK!  Get yourselves organized so that you can shut these "courts" down with respect to you and your property.  

Otherwise, it is easy to see how these "judges" are profiting themselves and their masters at our expense, and how they are exercising their "discernment" in each case in favor of their bottom line interests.  

The only other enforcement that is supposed to be in force is the military itself, which in occupied territory is supposed to protect and secure the rights of the civilian population --- and fails to do so for obvious self-interested reasons. 

There are laws and statutes on the books that force them to discipline the courts but that requires the development of a cadre of trained "Private Attorney Generals" --- a PAG is an ASN who steps in to defend the public law when officials and officers fail to do so.  They are not attorneys, but instead function as "belligerent claimants" to drag the military officials into defend civilian interests.  

Here is an example of one such PAG who has taken up the challenge.  It's easy to see why people have to have great courage and need training to function in this capacity: 

We are doing outreach to try to get a competent PAG program going but until the military as a whole is redirected and the population of this country wakes up and takes action you can see what we are up against.  

The only other avenue -- other than setting up our own courts, and other than developing hardcore and fully trained PAGs among our ASNs, is to "fully inform" the members of their Territorial Congress about these issues of misrepresentation and failure of the military to perform and provide remedies which the civilian population is owed.  


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