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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Fraud Regarding "His Majesty" Paramonov, Hospitaliers, and Etc.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

This member of the Order of the Hospitaliers, one Alexander Nikoleavich Paramonov, is claiming many grand titles and offices for himself and issuing all sorts of proclamations and orders and making statements to the effect that he has the "only" way out of the financial dilemmas of the world, but his answer is in fact what got this whole mess started in the first place ---- more theft of assets. 

Apparently, those responsible think that new thieves will fix everything. 

The so-called "cancellation" of "historical assets" translates as more theft from private individuals and living people for the promotion of more clandestined crimes against humanity by a select group of self-proclaimed and unelected "gods".  No, thank you. 

In his many statements and declarations while posing as "International Treasury Monetary One", Mr. Paramonov uses fear of Nazism as his primary tool to frighten and motivate his audience, however, he neglects to say that Communism was responsible for at least twice as many deaths in the Second World War and perhaps as many as four times as many deaths worldwide from 1913 to 1950. 

He also doesn't note that from the perspective of normal people, Communism and Nazism are virtually the same.  The Communists steal everything, control everything, pay for everything using other people's assets, and make everyone miserable while doing so.  The only difference between the Communists and the Nazis is that the Nazi's force everyone to pay for everything outright in addition to all the other misery and claptrap.  

The Hospitaliers replaced the Templars as the International  Bankers of the Holy See and if anything, have been uniquely responsible for the fraud, graft, constant meddling in politics, the  institutionalized crimes and other sins that have brought the world to this crisis in the first place. 

Do we imagine that more of the same poison will be the cure?  Do we fight thieves by becoming thieves ourselves?  

The actual owners of all these purloined assets are known, sane, respectable living people. 

They are not voluntarily vesting their assets and authority over their assets with the Hospitaliers and have stepped forward and presented themselves on a continuing basis that cannot be denied. 

Nobody in control of the actual land and soil jurisdiction governments on Earth granted the British Crown or the Hospitaliers any position of authority over them, nor did we create any body calling itself or himself Global Treasury Monetary One.  As we all know, and have cause to observe, all physical assets belong to the land and all intellectual assets belong to the air.  

And all of this, the Earth in its entirety, belongs to its Creator. 

This means that whoever these people are and whatever they are presently advocating, apart from self-governance, freewill, and responsible caretaking, the presumed Donors of all these assets don't agree with their presumptions and dispositions of our assets and call for the liquidation of all trusts and encumbrances that have been created in our names and merely thought to exist, together with an end to any presumption of control or authority being vested in 
any "M1" offices at all. 

Ferdinand Marcos was our Attorney-for-Hire, and was never granted any valid position as our Trustee.  The "Congresses" thought to represent us from 1856 onward were all tainted by fraud and impersonation, and all their actions including the creation of a Trusteeship for the Government of the Philippines and the existence of an MI Trustee, etc., is all just more fraud on the face of it. 

There are only three simple and sane actions necessary to save the world and all the High Courts are responsible for expediting our claims.  Liquidate or forefeit the offending corporations. Return the purloined assets that were "deemed" to be abandoned to the people and trustees that they actually belong to.  And then, stand aside --- let the living people of this planet enjoy the freedom and prosperity they have earned. 

Likewise there are only three simple and sane actions needed to preserve the Earth and everyone reading this is part of that solution --- expand the world economy, find ways, such as reforestation, to increase the amount of atmospheric oxygen, and discover better means of waste management. 

We have established beyond any possible doubt that the British Crown and similar organizations, together with their franchises and subsidiaries on a worldwide basis, including the UN CORP and numerous Municipal Corporations functioning as governments, and most members of the World Economic Forum, have engaged in unlawful activities ranging from simple fraud and impersonation to capital crimes of unlawful conversion, inland piracy, genocide, and more. 

It's time we all faced up to the world that we have created, and as the creators, take action to clean up this mess beginning with: (1) getting rid of the offending municipal and commercial corporations; (2) returning the stolen and leveraged and purloined "historical" and "legacy" assets to the actual owners and inheritors; and (3) setting the living people free from all and any conditions of enslavement, poverty, and ignorance. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 27th 2023


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Answers for All Those Who Aren't Thinking

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are a lot of Good Ole' Boys out there thinking that this "Quantum Financial System" sounds pretty good and they are going along to get along, thinking that our military is good and honorable and that the CIA can be trusted.  These same people have been chewing their cuds for a long time and unfortunately, when you think like cows you get treated like cows.  

Here's an example set of Questions and Answers I get every day.  I figured I'll just post this so you all get it at once. 

Hi Anna, it seems to me that you are heading down a banking road that cannot and will not work, the white Hats have a new Quantum financial system that will do away with banks and their corruption once and for all.   

The QFS is not the work of "White Hats".  The QFS is a reworking of an updated MS-DOS network coming out of a CIA Project called "Crimson Gate".  It is a surveillance and control program designed to mesh our economy with China's and to impose their "Social Credit System" on our people.  Got that?  Anything else you've heard is wrong. 

Banks need profits to keep the doors open and that means usury or interest charges and high fees.  

Not true.  The banks are so rich now that the services can be provided for thousands of years and never require a penny of service fees.  Like all the services and infrastructure of the government, all costs have been provided since 1941.  The greedy rats simply kept their mouths shut and kept charging us because they could. 

The quantum financial system has zero of that and is a digital certificate system backed by large amounts of Gold now secured away from the cabal. 

That's our gold that these "White Hats" commandeered under False Pretenses. Any digital system will be used to enslave you.  You will be dependent on their system to buy and sell and they will use that power over you to control everything you do.  If that isn't apparent to you, it should be.  

Why do you think you need to start state banks of any kind?  

Every country on Earth needs its own bank and technically, our nation-states are separate countries.  That's a fact you'd already know if your public school education was worth anything. 

Unless you know more than I am being told I would like an answer for your doubt the Quantum system exists.  

The Perps responsible for Crimson Gate tried to get me on board early on, but once they laid it all out, I wasn't having anything to do with a "cashless" society.  A cashless society is a doomed society.  Cash is your freedom to buy and sell and without that, you have no choices left to make.  

Big Brother will control everything and everyone.  Once that happens, you will be herded up and treated like cattle --- and used like cattle, too.  It's already bad enough, but these idiots want to take it to a whole new level of enslavement and profiteering. 

Don't believe in "White Hats" within the government departments or agencies.  The Politicos discover and root any of those out with alacrity.  There may be a few who pass on information and a few military officers embedded in the power structure who try their best to deal with an impossible situation, but that's it.  

These people have nowhere to get help or report the crimes, and when they try to do so --- when they testify before Congress or bring legal complaints as Whistleblowers, what happens?  Most of the time they are murdered. Or they lose their jobs and get black-balled and can't find work. They get harassed and counter-sued like Michael Flynn. They aren't protected. 

Why?  Because the Congress is dirtier than a pig in slop.  Because the President is the Chief Pig in Residence, as shown by the millions of dollars in extortion money flowing into the Biden and Clinton Family Coffers, unfettered by any oversight or prosecution. 

All those men in suits, like Bill Barr? Well-educated but crooked?  Hands in their pockets, lips pursed?  Mike Pompeo, James Comey, Lloyd Austin --- how many of these guys do you have to see before you can recognize them as a whole  "class" of white collar criminals, infesting what is left of our government like so many rats in a grain storehouse?    

Hannah Arendt observed that evil is banal.  Well, take a good look. 
It is.  
There are approximately 15 million old-style militia men in this country and another 15 million American Indians who have their own axe to grind with the British Territorial Government.   To the extent that "White Hats" exist, they exist in these two groups, and believe me, they are not in control of "projects" like the QFS.  

Just say No ---- and mean it. 


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