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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Final Word on Climate Change

 By Anna Von Reitz

You may have noticed that in recent days there has been a decided "pulling away" from the whole climate change narrative and also a fairly wholesale exit from the vaccine lobby seats.  

No doubt the people pretending to be our "representatives" have been a bit unnerved by our sudden appearance after 160 year silence and our unprecedented knowledge of jurisdictions and history and bank accounts and who bloodied and cheated who, when, where, and why.  

No doubt, they don't like it when we laugh at their promotion of "democracy" when most of them don't know what the word means and don't know that that is not the form of government Americans practice and don't realize that they haven't practiced it, either, having never had an official mandate of over 50% of the population to do anything at all.  

It is a giant farce.  It is laughable.  What else can you do?  Here you have all these people dressed up as news commentators and they have no clue whatever. They don't know what has gone on, is going on, and can't guess at what will go on in future.  
They actually believed that humans and cow farts could account for increasing percentages of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere --- instead of it being caused, as I have always said, by increased volcanic activity, especially along the mid-ocean ridges. 

And now in other places as well -- places that are more visible. 

Remember: one large volcano spewing gas clouds for a week can account for the release of more carbon dioxide than humans have emitted in the entirety of their time on Earth.  

Remember: that there are on average around 200 active volcanoes erupting at any given time, and that number is increasing steadily as we approach the turning point in the Precession of the Equinoxes. 

And here you have Gregg Braden calmly, kindly, and as an expert geologist ----explaining what is happening and what has happened in the past and why this occurs on a regular basis: 

Instead of running screaming into the bushes or allowing yourselves to be further distracted by the flapjack journalists trotting out old news clips from disasters that happened 30 years ago as if they were happening in the Gaza Strip today, stop.  Think 

What do you and Mother Earth need at this moment in history?  

More meddling from idiot politicians and corrupt church officials?  Genocide via polluting our blood and genome with foreign DNA and RNA? More genocide promoted using giant laser weapons?  Land and power grabs?  

A bunch of idiots promoting Corporate Feudalism as "Globalism"? 

No, that's not what anyone needs now. 

What we need now is to discover our latent ability to connect our hearts and minds and dream of a new and better future for mankind.  

Strangely, this is precisely what is needed at this time.  No hysterics.  No bloodshed.  No sacrifices to Baal.  No DEWS. No wars.  No politics.  

Put your hand over your heart at the left-center of your chest and center your attention on your heart. Feel it. Listen to it. Breathe slowly and comfortably. Be grateful that you are in a secure and peaceful place. Build upon that reality and accept that and say, "Thank you!" 

Let your gratitude guide you.  Nothing great is ever accomplished without gratitude.  As the truth becomes clearer to you, as you know that you are loved and that you are guided and that you have always been guided, let tears come, let love come. 

Realize how precious you are.  

Realize that all those nasty clamoring voices of unknown strangers on the television talking about and showing pictures of ugly things are trying -- purposefully -- to distract you from all the beauty and peace of this world.  

They are trying to distract your attention and drag your attention over to what they want you to focus on.  

They are interrupting and co-opting and commandeering your attention like a bunch of squalling two year-olds overdue for a diaper change. 

And they are trying to frighten and distract you with stupidity and nonsense -- climate change, phony democracy, deadly vaccines, poisons of all kinds, cannibalism, aliens, vicious mercenaries, clueless religious zealots, sexual perversions, money worries, natural disasters, horrible new weapons of mass destruction, corporate feudalism aka globalism, politics, every kind of lie and threat and disgusting prurient distraction they can throw at you.  All they offer, all they have ever offered, is a never-ending panoply of death and destruction. 

What's needed is peace and joy and love, quietness, generosity, strength, wisdom, grace, sharing, honesty, beauty, patience, faith, and gratitude. What is needed is a concentration on life and all that makes life worth living. 

The choice has always been set before you. 

The children of Satan have lost the contest; they will not inherit Earth; so now they plot to destroy it, but they are prohibited from that ---- and instead, they must scheme to find a way to make you destroy it. 

Choose life.  Choose it with all your heart, soul, and mind.  And as for those who are choosing death, let them die. It's apparently what they want, because that is all they think about and plan for. 

Close off their avenues to you.  Stop listening to them. Turn off their frequencies and their broadcasts.  Stop being interested in what they are trying to sell.  Stop feeling afraid.  Stop being angry. 

You have a choice and you are free to choose. 

Decide what you want. 

A life of joy and purpose and caring?  

Or a death of pain and ignorance and fear? 


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The Insular Tariff Cases - 1900 to 1904

 By Anna Von Reitz

As we have noted, our unincorporated Federation of States was impersonated by a Scottish-chartered commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America" --- Incorporated, beginning in 1868. 

We call this entity "the Scottish Interloper" and credit it with a National-level identity theft scheme in which it passed itself off as our Federation of States in order to gain access to our credit --- similar to what credit card hackers do today when they pretend to be their victims, run up a bunch of charges on the victim's credit card, and leave the poor sod to pay for all their unauthorized spending. 

Eventually, of course, enough people caught on -- especially their German Creditors -- and the perpetrators of these international crimes against our country and our people -- hit upon the idea of going bankrupt and leaving us as the presumed Secondaries responsible for paying their bills.  

As a commercial corporation, The United States of America, Incorporated, was eligible for bankruptcy protection and instead of laying the burden on Scotland, its debts were landed on the completely clueless American Public.  

This ultimately led to the First World War, but let's pause here at 1906-07, when The United States of America, Incorporated, was being entered into bankruptcy and the time period just prior to that--- 1900 to 1904, when the bankruptcy was being prepared. 

After all, there had to be an effective means to extract the payment out of the American Public for the bills that the bankrupt Scottish Corporation had run up in our names. Right?   

So now, we need to study the Insular Tariff Cases, which ostensibly dealt with foreign subject matter quite unrelated to the corporate bankruptcy scheme, but ultimately setting things up to administer the phony bankruptcy.  

These several related United States Supreme Court Cases all revolved around questions that arose from the Spanish-American War and the change of the formerly Spanish colonies to the status of United States Possessions. They also dealt with how tariffs were to be collected and who was responsible for this function and how these officers were to be held accountable. 

The foundational case discusses Cuba, but the same situation also applies to Puerto Rico, where the Spanish Law of the Inquisition was enforced and maintained as part of the law of belligerent occupation.  

It's important to note that from 1860 to 2020, the actual American Government was silent, so that all the acquisitions that the British Territorial Government made remained in Territorial possession under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance. 

Because there was no land and soil jurisdiction government in Session and able to take possession of the land and soil of the new territories, Puerto Rico, like the other Post-Civil War insular states and possessions (which included the western States-of-States entered into Territorial Statehood) has remained in limbo and under military occupation, and, that means under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 

So with this background, look at:  U.S. Supreme Court Neely v. Henkel , 180 U.S. 109 (1901) Neely v. Henkel (No. 1) No. 387 Argued December 10-11, 1900 Decided January 14, 1901 180 U.S. 109 APPEAL FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Syllabus There is no merit in the contention that Article 401 of the Penal Code of Cuba, which provides that the public employee who, by reason of his office, has in his charge public funds or property, and takes or consents that others should take any part therefrom, shall be punished, applies only to persons in the public employ of Spain. Spain having withdrawn from the island, its successor has become "the public," to which the code, remaining unrepealed, now refers. Within the meaning of the Act of June 6, 1900, c. 793, 31 Stat. 656, providing for the surrender of persons committing defined crimes within a foreign country occupied by or under the control of the United States and fleeing to the United States, or any territory thereof, or the.... 

The upfront of this is that even though Cuba (and also Puerto Rico) were no longer Spanish colonies, they continued to be under occupation and administered under Spanish Law ---which is how the Spanish Law of the Inquisition was retained in a US Possession.  

The additional and important point, is that this decision allowed for the extradition of government employees responsible for financial affairs in Puerto Rico or under Puerto Rican jurisdiction, even if they fled to one of the States of the Union.  

This was to be of vital importance later on, when the vast Internal Revenue scheme led to the creation of millions of Municipal Government corporations being set up in the names of Americans in Puerto Rico and thereby becoming subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  

This was also key, when it came to mischaracterizing millions of Americans as British Territorial "Taxpayers" --- meaning that these Americans were acting as volunteer Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service, responsible for collecting taxes and tariffs and paying them to the Crown.  

This is the essence and basis of the fraud and the power and the means of enforcement contrived for the Internal Revenue Service to operate offshore and still be able to extradite these millions of clueless American Taxpayers cum British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers into Puerto Rican jurisdiction --- and try them under the insanely draconian and self-serving law of the Spanish Inquisition. 

Even if we "fled" ---having never actually been in Puerto Rico-- to one of the States of the Union, we could still be extradited and jailed and tried under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, thanks to the law of belligerent occupation that allowed all this nonsense to exist and to continue for decades after it should have been resolved. 

Other mechanisms and presumptions created to implement this gigantic fraud scheme were set up by other Insular Tariff Cases, most notably, Downes v. Bidwell, and Hooven and Allison v Evatt. 

It was all about mischaracterizing Americans and impersonating us in various ways and capacities, so as to "legally" but not lawfully justify misapplication of foreign laws to us and confer foreign obligations upon us. 

This whole pile of dog dung is ready and waiting for anyone hearty enough to dive into it, determined enough to come out the other side, and within the context of the times, realize that the perpetrators backing the bankrupt Scottish Corporation dba The United States of America, Incorporated, were preparing the means to collect the debts of that Scottish impersonator from the American Public, upon its upcoming bankruptcy in 1906-07. 

They continued and elaborated upon this scheme when they imported the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. via the State of Delaware franchise in 1925.  

All of this convoluted and inbred fraud was further expedited by false salvage claims under Admiralty Law, when all the bogus Municipal Corporations warehoused in Puerto Rico were targeted as abandoned franchises of a bankrupt parent corporation and all assets vested in these presumed to exist Cestui Que Vie Public Trusts were deemed to be subject to salvage as stateless and civilly dead "prizes" adrift on the High Seas and navigable inland waterways in 1953. 

And absolutely all of this is gross international crime and fraud brought to us by the British Crown, the British Monarch, the Pope, and various other parties thought to "represent" us.  

The only one to dissent consistently was Chief Justice Harlan, who recognized the potential for all the "mischief" these Insular Tariff Cases could cause via the misapplication of Admiralty and Maritime commercial law to members of the American General Public--- precisely what has happened for the past hundred and twenty-three years--- during which Americans have lived in fear of foreign debt collectors engaged in foisting off foreign debts on them. 

We note that the age and duration of a fraud is insignificant, and that there is not statute of limitation on fraud, whether in Admiralty, Maritime Commerce, or Roman Civil Law. 

We have brought our claims before the High Courts which are refusing to answer for their sins and also before the Court of Public Opinion worldwide, so that everyone in every nation can see how we have been abused and betrayed by our own employees and our purported Allies.  

In view of this and other examples of premeditated fraud and self-service on the part of the British Crown and the British Government and the Popes and the Roman Curia and the Government of Ghent --- and these dog piles of prior-arranged court cases serving to implement the frauds and false claims benefiting these perpetrators --- we must ask, why would anyone do business with them?  Why would anyone trust them? Why would anyone believe a word they said? 

Like the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act passed by the British Parliament in 1864, there is a clear and obvious premeditation involved.  These people knew that they were committing fraud and crimes and they provided for it in a premeditated and self-interested fashion behind the backs of their trusting victims.  

They used a storefront and pretense of "law" to do it, while in fact operating as a criminal syndicate under color of law. 

Their latest gig has been to promote the "rule of law" which does not imply anything related to any actual or true law, but rather to their literal "rule" as despots using secret code and star chamber courts and undisclosed private corporation "laws" to promote their criminality throughout the world.  

We do not doubt that they will attempt to popularize this onslaught of corporate criminality in the name of "democracy" --- a form of government that they have never even attempted to practice.  


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The History and Limits of "Executive Orders"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Abraham Lincoln issued the very first Executive Order, dishonestly labeled Executive Order 100, otherwise known as the Lieber Code in the spring of 1863, on the day before he bankrupted the United States of America, Incorporated.  This was not a coincidence. 

Lincoln, who had been secretly prosecuting an illegal Mercenary Conflict and calling it a "war" for three years, was also acting as the President of a foreign British Territorial Corporation calling itself the United States of America, Incorporated, while passing himself off as the President of our Federation of States.  

The nickname "Honest Abe" was entirely tongue-in-cheek. 

By these legal maneuvers, Lincoln seized dictatorial powers for himself as "Commander in Chief" of a British Crown corporation in time of war, and as a result, what was illegal for an American President, became completely legal for Lincoln.  

He could now exercise unbridled executive power as the captain of a ship made of paper, and use the U.S. Army to enforce it.  

The issuance of his first Executive Order marked the time and date of Lincoln's greatest fraud and most outrageous seizure of unauthorized powers, in which he revealed himself to be a British Interloper and Pretender.  

Lincoln deceptively substituted his private office as the "President" of a British Crown Corporation for the public office of The President of The United States of America -- the presidency of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. 

Those familiar with the 1819 ratification of the Titles of Nobility Amendment knew that Lincoln was not eligible to serve as the actual President of this country and resisted his pretenses; the bulk of the American populace was left uninformed. 

And so the rot began, and the British Raj was established in America, as well as India, at about the same time.

They never actually won any wars against America, or India for that matter, they simply used fraud and impersonation to promote their assumptions of power, and once in place, continued to quietly parasitize their unwitting hosts.  

All so-called "Executive Orders" do not apply to the General Public of this country.  They only apply to the actual employees of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation operating as British Territorial U.S. Citizens--- although the officers of the American Raj routinely subourne compliance under color of law, simply by pretending to represent our government.  

It is apparent to any school child that the extent to which these hoodlums represent us is strictly limited and clearly stated among the delegated powers established by The Constitution of the United States of America, and that they have no other powers, executive or otherwise, in this country. 

For example, they and their "Presidents" have no right to censor American air waves or set up a British Title System in America or enter the American States without an Egress Treaty or say one word to Americans about health --- public or otherwise. 

Lincoln's 1863 power grab was followed up by numerous other acts of deceit and fraud that bubbled along in the form of war profiteering and double dealing that led to the First World War, and when that British Dog Pile finally came to its fruition, led directly into the "Roaring Twenties" and the Great Depression. 

None of this was coincidental, either. 

The G-5 nations agreed to bankrupt their "national corporations" at the May 1930 Geneva Convention. They did this by Treaty.  

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the U.S. representative at these meetings.  He was elected President of the United States (Incorporated) two years later, in 1932, when the effect of this bankruptcy agreement was becoming apparent. 

The purpose of bankrupting these so-called "national corporations" was to offload the debts of these foreign-owned governmental service corporations onto the backs of the working people of the respective countries. 

Over the course of the next fifteen years FDR would preside over the Second World War and use both the Great Depression he created and the great conflict it spawned as his excuse to impose slavery on the Municipal citizenry, involuntary indentured servitude on the British Territorial U.S. Citizens, the theft of 20,000 Metric tons of privately held American gold, the creation of over 350 new Government Agencies the people of this country never authorized, and allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor even though he had days of prior knowledge of the attack. 

The death dates of both Lincoln, a Republican, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, should be national holidays. 

Instead, Lincoln has a Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC, and is hailed as the Great Emancipator --- and nobody notices that the only people he "emancipated" were the Southern Plantation Owners who were emancipated from the legal responsibility of caring for and providing basic food, clothing, and shelter for their slaves.  

And FDR is lionized as a great hero of the common people, the laborers of the nation, whom he betrayed into the control of international unions that continue to mislead and bleed them to this day.  

The unauthorized government agencies that he empowered with the ability to write and enforce administrative code -- which these unelected bureaucrats enforce upon the public under color of law -- and the entire out of control bulk of the federal bureaucracy he created, is lauded for all the non-productive jobs generated by this process. 

This cancerous and self-generating growth of the so-called governmental services sector is what has led to AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, (founded in 1932) to be the largest labor union in the world. 

So, now, let's combine the total effect of Lincoln plus Roosevelt on the Federal Government -- the two foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia --  in terms of "Executive Orders" which have been foisted off onto and misapplied to the General Public and to our public infrastructure in this country.  

An excellent summary of this unauthorized practice of issuing "Executive Orders" by foreign corporation officers and misapplying these orders to our people and public infrastructure recently came across my desk, and so I am reposting the highlights here: 

EO [Quote] 10990 allows the [British Territorial] Government to take over all modes of transportation, highways and seaports.  [This is what they use as their excuse for claiming to own your private cars and trucks and for forcing their registration as commercial motor vehicles when they aren't being used in commerce.] 

11995 takes over control of all comms, telecom, internet, tv, and radio. [We have been under censorship and media gag orders since the First World War, leading to Americans being clueless about actual world events.] 
10997 takes over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.[This is how they can bargain with the Arabs and promise not to develop American crude oil reserves so as to artificially manipulate the world oil markets. This is also how they threaten electrical black outs and defer payments owed to you as the purported owners of all these electrical cooperatives: they stick you with the costs of these organizations, but never share out the profits.]  

10998 seizes all means of transportation, cars, trucks, and vehicles of any kind. [Follow up to 10990 above.]

190999 takes over all food resources, and farms, the food now [purportedly] belongs to them.  [This is what they use to manipulate commodity markets, accuse people of "hoarding" as a crime, and take other illegal and unlawful measures against the General Public.]

 11000 takes over and mobilizes work brigades, under "government"  supervision. [Think of Prisons for Profit schemes promoted throughout Great Britain in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Realize that there is a reason that 25 million Americans are incarcerated at any given time --- a far, far greater percentage of our population than any other country, and no, it isn't that we are endemically given to criminal behavior.  Rather, we have a criminal government that profits itself by accusing us of crimes.] 
11001 takes over health, education, and welfare. [This is what they use to assert authority to force members of the General Public to take vaccinations, pay for abortions, submit our children to their version of "Public Education" and pay for ever-increasing welfare benefits that are used to pay for votes in their private corporation elections --- which are passed off as public elections to the gullible people of this country.] 

11002 designates the postmaster general to operate a national registration of all persons. [This is part of the apparatus used to create the commercial corporations named after you in DOG LATIN -- yet another grossly criminal scheme used to defraud and obtain illegal and unlawful coercive power over people.]

 11003 takes over all airports and aircraft. [This is why airplane pilots could not refuse vaccinations and the reason that the airlines had to impose all sorts of ridiculous mask regulations, etc.] 

11004  allows the housing and finance authority [whatever that is and wherever it came from] to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designates areas to be abandoned per Agenda 21 and 30.  [We see this taking place in the DEW fires that engulfed Paradise, California and Lahaina, Hawaii, and which are now decimating the Gaza Strip. These vermin have got to be stopped and the only way to do it, is to cut off their supply of money and labor, expose their lack of authority, and accuse them as the criminals that they are.] 

11005 allows the takeover of the railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities. [Hint: if you have anything in a storage unit that is needed for your survival in hard times --- food, equipment, clothing, armaments --- anything like that, you'd better have it in your possession, or between roadblocks and illegal seizures and obstructions, you won't be able to get to your stuff in time of need.) 

11921 takes control of banking --- [even though they have absolutely no right or authority to say anything about banking and are not doing their one explicit duty to supply adequate and stable currency.]
13603  grants themselves the ability to demand forced uncompensated labor for indefinite time periods (an attempt to legalize slavery) and in February 2010, forced internment and resettlement operations. [Is anyone ready to wring Congressional and "Executive" necks yet?]

11005, 11310 --- these "Executive Orders" grant authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the executives orders listed and much
more.... [Unquote].

So, how, you might be wondering, have these cretins running the American Raj for King Charles (we should say, Emperor Charles III, because he is not acting as a King) and the FRANCISCUS Corporation, gotten away with according themselves all these authorities and powers in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land?  

Well, it's quite simple.  We are dealing with the American Raj -- the American version of the same illegal takeover activities we saw in India, promoted by the British Crown Corporation and its Roman competitors.  Both brands are equally guilty of crimes against humanity, breach of trust, fraud on an unimaginable scale, mercenary profiteering, war profiteering, unlawful conversion, violation of their service contracts and many, many other crimes. 

They can't impose their self-proclaimed executive "powers" on anyone but their own corporation officers, employees, and dependents, so they falsely register you as one of their employees or dependents via various undisclosed registration and application processes. 

Like the registration of Birth Certificates, which results in unlawful conversion of your political status as Americans in violation of both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.  

So, it's time to shove it down their throats, and the most peaceful and effective way to do that, is to correct the public international record concerning your political choices and status, populate your country's land and soil jurisdiction, stand up your courts of General Jurisdiction, enforce the Law of the Land, and send the British Raj packing.  

And we repeat --- the only ones obligated to obey any executive orders issued by the "commander in chief" of a British Crown corporation, are the officers, employees, and dependents of that corporation. Not the General Public. 

None of these grandiose claims to have control of anything hold water, because they are issued without authority or consent of the actual owners, the purportedly missing Americans, who are in fact present and accounted for.  

Possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

Even the actual officers, employees, and dependents of these corporations have been hornswoggled into undisclosed, false, and misleading contracts, and induced unknowingly to act as mercenaries and to commit illegal acts for the profit of these same corporations --- as a result, there isn't a member of any of the United States Military Services with a valid service contract. 

Not only can service members not hold these corporations to perform upon their benefits and salaries, but these corporations don't have a leg to stand on if these service members walk off the job and refuse to follow their "executive orders".

These Municipal Corporations and their franchises have all been misled and abused for criminal purposes and must be either liquidated or forfeited to the actual government of this country, as embodied in our State Assemblies which hold General Jurisdiction and our Federation of States operating in international and global jurisdictions. 

All "Executive Orders" pertain only to the executive branch of the respective Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia and are owed no special or general enforcement outside the subject corporations and their limited enclaves.


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