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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Stand Up the Four Pillars

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is a message for the Coordinators, the Assemblies, the Assembly members, and all those looking at Assembly membership.  

All over this country, millions of people have awakened to the point that they know something is wrong.

You are among the blessed few who can help lead them and this country through this crisis. 

First, you have to correct your own public records and reclaim your birthright political status as an American.  Otherwise, you will be counted as a foreign "Dual Citizen" -- both a British Subject and a Municipal Subject of Rome, and have no standing to enforce the Constitutions. 

Second, you need to join your State Assembly and get it organized.  As you come together with other people who are declared as State Nationals of your State of the Union, you achieve General Assembly status. 

Then, out of the General Assembly membership, you form three smaller groups that perform special functions: the Jural Assembly that runs the State Courts, the State Assembly Militia, and the International Business Assembly. 

Third, you begin operating your State, providing services and access to the State Government for the people living in your State, and participating as one of the member States of the Union.  

And that's it.  This is what self-governance requires. 

Many individuals have gotten off track studying Federal Code and Municipal Code and IRS Code and State-of-State Statutes, but virtually none of this applies to Joe Average American. 

Others want to endlessly study the Constitutions. Our Federal and State-of-State Employees live under the Constitutions and need to know them --- and we need to know them in order to enforce these contracts on our employees --- but Americans don't live under the Constitutions. Americans live under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.

Others want to get embroiled in politics and political elections.  They want to talk about Trump v Biden, but, again, that has nothing to do with you. Those are private shareholder elections for offices in District of Columbia Municipal Corporations. 

Stop mistaking the United States Government for the American Government.  They are two completely different things. 

Stop wasting your time and energy learning their system.  Learn your own system, instead. 

Stop wasting effort on setting up trusts for yourselves and filing liens.

We have already done that and reclaimed back this entire country and everything in it for the States and the people who live here. 

Our claims are cured.  Our trusts both public and private are in place. Our Wills, both public and private, are in place.  Our indemnity bond to conduct business is in place. Our state immunity is in place. 

So there is nothing more for you to do, EXCEPT -- steps 1,2,3  above: (1) correct your own political status records; (2) join your State Assembly and get it organized; and (3) run your State of the Union from now on. 

Concentrate on knowing your part, and doing your part, and everything else falls in place. Stand up the Four Pillars and let nothing else distract you or take up your time. 


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