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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Independence Day 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

When the Hired Help took over, they didn't bother to tell us that we are the actual and lawful heirs, the landlords of this country.  

If you don't remember who you are---if they can keep you in an ignorant and debased condition, kidnapped and enslaved in their foreign jurisdictions--- well, so much the better for them. 

So it came down to us and two frightening questions: how do you restore a lawful government to a country and to a people shanghaied for decades?  How do you return them home again after six generations lost at sea?  

When people ask why they should support us, I have a question to ask them in return -- who else is standing up for you?   Not the Queen.  Not the Pope.  

Who else served Due Process on the Trustees, on the Municipal Government, and on the Territorial Government, too?  

Well, here we are, on the record, with thousands of pieces of registered mail to verify the effort.  

Who asserted their standing and proved their provenance all the way back to the Armoricans and William the Conqueror?  

Who lawfully summoned the States of the Union to Assemble? 

Who else provided you with the tools needed to reclaim your own Lawful Person and return home to your natural domicile on the land?  

We could have collected kick-back money, kept silent, and gone on like all the others who have been paid off since 1871.  

Could have.  Didn't. 

So why should you support us and what we are doing?  Because we stood up for you, because we told you the truth.   Is it such a stretch that you should stand up for us, too? 

Our forefathers established a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, a lawful government which depends upon each one of us to self-govern not only our own lives, but the affairs of our individual States.  

Where is that lawful government now?  Look around as far as you can see, and you won't find any other organization operating in the proper jurisdiction, with the proper credentials and provenance to operate our Ship of State, The United States of America.

If you are Joe Average American, you should support us and what we are doing because we stand together to reclaim and restore your rights, your freedoms, your property assets and your lawful government. 

We have shown the world the evidence of the unconscionable contracting practices and other acts of constructive fraud that have been employed against us (and you) as a means to press-gang, enslave, convert, and impersonate Americans.  

We have called upon the actual Allies of the American People to enforce against these False Trustees --- and our Allies have answered.  Like the Riders of Rohan--- they have come when the Watch Fires were lit.

And who lit the Watch Fires?   We did.  

We exposed the fact that we own the land mass of the Philippines and that the Philippine Government created in 1934 was granted independence specifically so that they could act as our Trustee and hold our physical gold assets until we should come and claim them.  

Well, here we are, and there is nobody else with the standing to do so, who has pursued lawful due process and brought forward your claims and the claims of the lawful American Government.  

We have made many friends who support us, but at the end of the day, we need to stand on our own two feet and take up the responsibilities of honest men and women.  

This is our country.  And we are its lawful government. That means we have to  do the work.  It's not something we can hire someone to do for us, and it's not something we can do alone.  You are needed to take up an oar. 

We exposed the fact that we, Americans,  are owed all the land titles and patents owed to the Statehood Compact States, which means that you stand to inherit not only actual lawful possession of your own private property, but the public property of your States of the Union, free and clear of debt or encumbrance. 

Who else did that for you?  

We exposed the fact that we, Americans,  are owed the gold that FDR confiscated from our grandparents under color of law. 

We exposed the fact that we, Americans, are owed over $21 trillion dollars worth of credit as our National Credit.  

We have debunked the claims of the pirates and the mercenaries when there was nobody else to do it, and now you ask --- why should you support us?  How about this?  Because we are the ones who have supported you. 

If you are a Federal Military or Civil Service Employee, you should support us, too.  Why?  Because when you retire, you will want to come home and enjoy the freedom you fought for.  You will want to be at peace.  You will want the respect and care you deserve.  

And how are you going to get that from a bunch of crooks bent on defrauding Americans and stealing everything in sight?  Your freedom and your property rights depend on us, too, just as much as everyone else's.  

If we don't uphold our "Natural and Unalienable Rights", there will be no reference standard for you to claim any "Equal Civil Rights".  There will be nothing to be "equal" to.  

So your fat is in the fire along with every other American.  

This week, in despair, we deleted 85,000 emails.  With our current resources and staffing levels there is no way to answer.  We need volunteers.  We need educational materials.  We need prayers.  We need money to continue this effort and expand it. 

There are now Americans populating the land jurisdiction of all fifty states, but a great deal more remains to be done.  The People need to be educated and enabled to run the government they are owed. 

We are restoring the lawful government one office and one volunteer at a time. And that's why you need to support the effort, need to get your own political status records corrected, and need to join your State Assembly.   

The American Dream is still alive and kicking, but it depends on you as much as anyone.  This Fourth of July--- think it through.  It's not just a matter of what our Forefathers did.  It's a matter of what you do, too. 

We could make an earnest plea for more donations, because we surely need them, but don't think that throwing money at it will answer all the needs and serve all the causes. [Paypal address is:  Snail mail donations should be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.]  

We need your minds, your skills, your time, your care, and your ability to communicate, too.  It takes living people to run a lawful government. It takes a whole cadre of dedicated Americans in every State taking care of their own.

Now, we aren't saying this is an easy prospect, but its what has to be done. Americans have faced far greater challenges and won.  

Meantime, millions of people worldwide need to be brought along and educated, too, because this same vicious system of Corporate Feudalism has been employed worldwide to enslave and demean and devalue everyone. 

It's not just an American problem or an American need to live in peace and dignity. So let's build on what our Forefathers gave us and make it count.  Let the lessons learned be fully internalized so that we never forget who we are, and never fail to meet any challenge to our sovereignty.  


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