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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Two Bad Choices, Followed by One Bad Choice, As Usual

By Anna Von Reitz

When you educate yourself about history of money in America you will hear about the "Continental Dollar" a script issued by the first fledgling government which suffered its demise through hyperinflation.  

What the textbooks never tell you is that the hyperinflation was caused by purposeful British counterfeiting.  

You will also never be told that we are suffering the effects of this same evil now, and for the same reason: British counterfeiting. 

Trillions of dollars-worth of hundred dollar bills were printed by the Obama Administration, which sent actual government printing presses, engraving plates, paper and ink, to places like Burma and China and Thailand and Kuwait so that our currency could be hyper-inflated and devalued. 

This was a supplement to "Quantitative Easing" which as Godfrey Bloom and I agree, is just another form of counterfeiting. 

So, once again, for those who are paying attention, it should be perfectly obvious that our enemy and the Enemy of all Mankind is the British Government responsible for this and for a great many other evils.  This same British Government that has been manipulating our government for many generations using means both fair and extremely foul, as in this case. 

Barack Obama was born in East Africa --- a British Territorial Citizen from the Get-Go, and no more a Communist than I am.  Following their usual modus operandi and pretending to be their enemies, they hope to blame him on the Communists and at the same time, infiltrate the Communist ranks.  Just like Hitler, he was an implant acting under the direction of the Lord Mayor of London and the Lords of the Admiralty.  His differences with the Queen were quite genuine, in that he was the Boy Toy of Westminster and the British Crown, which have sought to undermine and compromise her position for the sake of commercial interests all her life. 

And the form of "British Government" that Obama worked for --- and so far as I know, still works for, is a Bully Boy for the Pope.  The only religion these people believe in is the idol worship of Mammon. 

Let's be perfectly clear here --- I don't hate or dislike the British People.  Far from it.  Nor do I have anything against sincere Roman Catholics.  

It's the extremely evil corporate interests that have been using the Queen and the Church as storefronts for their operations that I object to.  

Just look at all the little graven images in your own pockets. These are the "products" they sell, regardless of whether they are called "Federal Reserve Notes" or "Dollars" or "Francs" or "British Pounds Sterling", and regardless also of whether or not these products are made of paper or gold or silver or plastic or anything else.  

They are just products --- like so many variations of little wooden Tiki-gods produced by Omar the Idol-maker. 

To compound the idiocy of mistaking the image for the fact, and ascribing any special "value" to any of these things at all, we trade these things back and forth, and bet on them, and hoard them and play all sorts of games with them. Via their manipulation some people live lives of total immoral sloth, others commit gross crimes for want of even a little supply of these little idols, some countries have far more than they can ever spend, and others have to beg. 

From the perspective of an Angel on Earth, this whole place has been turned into an insane asylum because of "money".  Horrible injustices have been spawned because of it.  Countries have been overrun for it.  Billions of people have died to get it or died for lack of it, and it's a mirage. 

There is no such thing as money as a "store of value".  There is no safety or reason to run helter-skelter trying to find shelter for a value that does not exist.  Imagine my consternation and grim amusement as I listen to men argue -- earnestly -- all day long, about the "strength" of gold, the "weakness of the dollar" and watch the ceaseless ebb and flow of the betting that goes on.  

It's all completely loony-tunes---objectively insane: an active defiance of logic and fact, and it is institutionalized all over the planet, locked down like a cement overcoat over (nearly) everybody's minds. 

How can such a thing be?  How can it endure?  

It's called "Operant Conditioning".   

The mouse drops a piece of litter into the cup and gets a piece of cheese.  The mouse drops a piece of litter into the cup and gets a piece of ham.  The mouse drops a piece of litter into the cup and gets a piece of bread.  As a result, the mouse associates the piece of litter with "value" because it translates into cheese and ham and bread.  

The banking system has done the same thing to delude and condition the responses of otherwise sane and sober men. 

The thing being used as money is the litter, the cash register or card reader is the cup, and whatever the "mouse" receives is the reward. And because it is rewarded each and every time, the mouse goes back for more. 

All that is simple enough and easy enough to see.  

But is that piece of "necessary" litter really worth anything?  No. 
Is it really necessary?  No. 
Is the nature, color, or material used to make the litter important? No, it's completely arbitrary. 

Because of this early Operant Conditioning and the fact that their parents have also been bamboozled, billions of people on this planet develop a Basic Logic Fault. It's like a feedback loop in a computer program. The logic process concerning money goes so far, stops, and returns to reset: blip-blurp, blip-blurp, forever and ever.  

Even otherwise well-educated and experienced people can't engage me in an intelligent conversation about this topic, because of their firm belief that money has value.  And my equally firm conviction that its nothing but a "traditional" and well-orchestrated con game.  

It's as if the whole human race is a family of pea-pickers set on automatic pilot: my great-grandfather was a pea-picker, and my grandfather was a pea-picker, and my father was a pea-picker, and I am a pea-picker, and my son is a pea-picker and my grandson is a pea-picker.... ad infinitum. 

And when it comes to money, they can't break their minds out of the seemingly inescapable destiny of being a pea-picker / money user, too.  

All over the world, people can't imagine a world without money.  They can't even entertain the thought of other forms of money, much less the all-important question of who or what should control your access to money, if you are going to use such a cock-a-doodle-loo system in the first place. 

So let's go over some important and relatively recent history and facts. 

Sovereign governments can't go bankrupt, but incorporated "governments" --- or to be exact, governmental services corporations, can.  

So these yahoos have been operating as "governmental services corporations", making false claims against the assets of the people and of the countries they are supposed to serve, obtaining credit based on this purloined collateral, charging whatever they want against credit owed to others, then going bankrupt, and leaving the victims (the presumed to be co-signers) holding the bag for them. 

The world's "governments" are involved in something that is very little more sophisticated than a credit card hacking scheme. And except for Iran and North Korea and some Pacific Island Kingdoms, they are all in on it.  

They all think they are so smart, that their actions are so secret, that nobody will figure out what they are doing, how they are doing it, why they are doing it, and ultimately, who is responsible for it.  

The generals and the bankers are responsible for it.  Both.  But when push comes to shove, you can bet that the bankers will get the bad end of that deal, now and forever, anon. 

It will surprise many people to learn that "bankruptcy" is a patented business model based on deliberate insurance fraud against the public, and that insurance is merely legalized gambling among commercial corporations. 

This is why you can't add your spouse to any insurance plan without a "marriage license" --- the license permits the legal presumption that the "marriage" is in fact a joint venture among commercial corporation franchises, and the parties to it --- interpreted as commercial corporations, not living people -- are by this pretense made "insurable".  

Also in this way, living people who are otherwise owed absolute indemnity, become subject to tax collection, tariff collection, and, in a divorce, subject to the distribution of their assets by their unseen "silent partner" in all this skullduggery, ---the same "governmental services corporation" that has secretively gained an "insurable interest" in your "marriage" and the "products thereof" ---- otherwise known as your children, via the issuance of a "marriage license".  This is also one of the primary scams they play to make you liable to debtor's prison and "impoundment".  

What does a bail bondsman really do?  He provides a "bailment"---- an insurance policy for the guilty "State of State", guaranteeing their insurable interest in YOU, with yet another insurance policy issued by another gambler. 

It's all stupid enough to provoke howls of laughter, but the damage all this sanctimonious crime causes is absolutely mind-boggling. 

Instead of people simply working together to take care of themselves as a group, they muddle along and let all these parasites and predators play havoc, and these "Service Organizations" and "Professional Associations" exponentially increase the actual cost of the services needed many, many times over.  

Now, you have the lay of the land and the stench of the stink, and it should not surprise you to find that what you think of as your money has no magical value. 
It's not special.  It's not mysterious.  It's a commodity like pork bellies.  If it is made of gold, it has the market value of that much gold.  If it is made of paper, it has whatever value people will pay for it, usually under the duress and coercion of legal tender laws. 

So, there are two established "schools" of money manipulation. 

There are the Gold Merchant Banks, who manipulated world "government" corporations to steal and hoard vast amounts of gold, so that they could force the use of fiat currencies, devalue them, drive up the price of gold, and then, cash in by controlling access to the gold supplies and forcing the great-grandsons and great-granddaughters of the people they stole all the gold from in the first place, to buy it all back at a ten thousand percent (or more) "value accrual" plus interest price.


Theirs is a simple, brutal commodity rigging scheme. They hoped to evade attention and public understanding of what they were (and still are)  doing by staggering this scheme out over decades and boiling the frogs slowly, milking the value out of the fiat currency they forced upon us as they went. This is the "Hundred Year Plan" of the schemers who built the Federal Reserve. 

They were so entrenched and so successful, that J.D. Rockefeller and the  Vanderbilts and J.P. Morgan and the Mellons and other Party Hearties decided to start the International Monetary Fund -- a vast fiat and securities-based commercial credit fund and use other commodities besides gold, but including blood and labor--- as the basis of their lending.   They also schemed to control by interbank treaties and agreements the transfer of credits and debts between banks.   

Both of these groups collude with each other to bilk and milk the public.  They simply use different "instruments" to do it, which amounts to --- would you prefer to be dismembered using a knife or a saw?  

Joachim and Boaz, pillar and post--- again.  

For the past several years these groups have been paralyzing each other, one group blocking, one group unblocking, back and forth, as they jockey around trying to keep two steps in front of the bank and securities regulators who are finally waking up and "taking steps" ---- only because it has occurred to them that they, also, might otherwise lose their heads----   and ten steps ahead of the General Public, which will roast them alive like Jacques De Molay if average working people ever wake up and realize how badly they've been abused by the whole delusion of money.  

I have suggested to both groups, that for the good of the whole world, and their own health, they should come up with a solution.  This is what they've come up with: 

They will have a group of cronies in the Municipal US SENATE ram through a new digital currency based on nothing at all but digits and false claims; they, the same guilty bankers, will parcel out the digits to their cronies and use this so-called "money of account" which is created by entering digits onto a bank ledger --- to pay off the endlessly stupid government officials and labor unions.  

I burst out laughing.  I couldn't help it. 

They create this whole problem, they inculcate this whole bizarre system of idol worship, they kill billions of people over the course of three centuries, they build a whole civilization based on fraud and criminality, they truncate and maim countless lives --- and the best they can come up with as recompense, is a system that costs them nothing, which they control, and which they can use at will to abuse anyone on Earth. 

They propose to have this "Senate Action" carried through by December the 18th, so that they can celebrate their conquest of the entire planet on their pagan holiday, the Winter Solstice.  

I had to remind them that nothing the Municipal or Territorial Officers do has any validity at all with respect to us and our land and soil holdings and never has.  So they will in fact have nothing to peddle but a glorified credit card system and more hot air. 

To say that this solution is not a solution and not at all acceptable, would be a gross understatement.   The arrogance and affront involved is breath-taking. L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace, but audacity on the part of capitol level criminal felons who have been caught in the act is not audacity.  

My solution involves deprogramming the Operant Conditioning. Just plain removing it as if it never was, letting people see "money" for what it really is, and letting the bankers and their "products" go spin in the wind of the Abyss. 

So, between the two extremes, they better get serious about a real solution and they'd better not expose their cronies, including those in the  "US SENATE", the Knesset, and the Parliament. 

At the rate things are going, they will need every crony they've got. 


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Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials - Part 8

By Anna Von Reitz

Here are all the links to the Austin meeting pre-study materials up through part 8.

Instruction on the Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

The Introit of the Mass is a fervent prayer; which may be said in every necessity and adversity:

INTROIT Bow down thine ear, O Lord; to me, and hear me: save thy servant, O my God, that hopeth in thee: have mercy on me, O Lord, for I have cried to thee all the day. Give joy to the soul of thy servant: for to thee, O Lord, I have lifted up my soul. (Ps. IXXXV.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT Let Thy continued pity, O Lord, cleanse and defend Thy Church: and because without Thee it cannot abide in safety, govern it ever by Thy gift. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.
EPISTLE (Gal. V. 25, 26.; vi. I-Io.) Brethren, If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not be made desirous of vain-glory, provoking one another, envying one another. Brethren, and if a man be overtaken in any fault, you, who are spiritual, instruct such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. Bear ye one another's burdens, and so you shall fulfill the law of Christ. For if any man think himself to be something, whereas he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. But let every one prove his own work, and so he shall have glory in himself only, and not in another. For every one shall bear his own burden. And let him that is instructed in the word, communicate to him that instructeth him, in all good things. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap. For he that soweth in his flesh, of the flesh also shall reap corruption: but he that soweth in the spirit, of the spirit shall reap life everlasting. And in doing good, let us not fail: for in due time we shall reap, not failing. Therefore, whilst we have time, let us work good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the faith.
EXPLANATION This epistle is taken, like that of the Sunday before last, from the epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians, in which St. Paul shows them the insufficiency of the Jewish law, and that they can only be saved by a lively faith in Christ, but now he admonishes them to the performance of good works. You now live, he tells them, in the Spirit, that is, the Holy Ghost animates your heart by His grace, enlightens, confirms, and inflames you, admonishes and teaches you, impels your heart to do good; you must, therefore, also regulate your external conduct accordingly, and in particular devote yourself to the practice of humility and charity, as the foundations of a truly spiritual life. Humility must teach and move you to think little of yourself, to avoid vain glory, and not to confide in your own strength. But charity should impel you to be meek and compassionate to all, even sinners, to correct them charitably, and lead them back to the path of virtue; since he who is harsh to the erring, despises and treats them roughly, is often permitted by God to fall into the same, nay, even into greater sins.
Particularly you must show your charity one for another, that one bears the burdens of the other: that you bear the faults and imperfections of others just as patiently as you wish others to bear with your own imperfections; thus you will fulfill the law of Christ, which commands us to love our neighbor; you will prevent many sins which are occasioned by considering yourself perfect, raising yourself above others, criticizing their failings, and causing disturbance. True glory consists in knowing ourselves, our faults and evil inclinations, and in eradicating them. Be grateful to those who instruct you in the word of God, and give to them willingly of your earthly possessions. What you sow, you shall reap; if you only follow the dictates of the flesh, do not mortify yourself, do not correct your failings, and indulge your sinful appetites, you will one day reap death, destruction and damnation, whereas, on the contrary, if you follow the dictates of the Holy Ghost, you will reap of the Spirit of life.
Let us obey this doctrine, for it is of interest to us, and impress deeply on our heart that without mortification of body and soul we cannot be saved.
ASPIRATION. O. St. Paul! beg of God the grace for me, that I may always walk in humility, and the love of my neighbor, particularly in bearing with his imperfections and failings, and thus fulfill the law of Christ in this as in all things.
Tenth Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Luke VII. 11-16.) At that time, Jesus went into a city called Naim: and there went with him his disciples, and a great multitude. And when he came nigh to the gate of the city, behold a dead man was carried out, the only, son of his mother, and she was a widow, and a great, multitude of the city was with her. Whom when the Lord had seen, being moved with mercy towards her, said to her: Weep not. And he came near, and touched the bier. And they that carried it stood still. And he said: Young man, I say to thee, Arise. And he that was dead sat up,. and began to speak. And he delivered him to his mother. And there came a fear on them all; and they glorified God, saying: A great prophet is risen up among us, and God hath visited his people.
Why did Christ show compassion to this widow?
To convince us that God takes sorrowful and destitute widows under His protection; and is to them a consoler and helper; and to teach us to do the same. Woe, therefore, to those who oppress them and cause them to weep. The tears and cries of widows will ascend to God, who will terribly punish the injuries inflicted upon them. (Exod xxii. 22. 23.)
Christ had still other reasons for compassion, for He saw in this deceased youth the death of sinners, and in the afflicted mother the pain which the Church experiences at the spiritual loss of so many of her children. Should this not also awaken our sympathy since it was the principal cause which moved our Saviour to compassion. If we are faithful children of our mother, the Church, it is impossible for us not to share her sorrow, and we would surely not be her children, if we could contemplate without sorrow the multitude who daily die the death of sin, and thus separated from the living body of Christ, hasten to eternal destruction. O let us with the Church unceasingly, ask Jesus, that He raise sinners from their spiritual death, enlighten those in error so that all recognize the truth, find, and walk the path which leads to life !
Why did Christ say to the widow: Weep not?
He wished to moderate her excessive sorrow, and to teach us that we should not mourn for the loss of our relatives, like the heathens who have no hope of resurrection to eternal life. (Thess. iv. I a.) Resignation to the will of God, with prayer and good works, will be of more use to the dead than many tears.
What else do we learn from this gospel?
That no one, however young and healthy, will escape death, wherefore we should always be prepared to die.
If there were locked up in prison several hundred persons, on whom sentence of death had irrevocably been pronounced, yet who knew not the day or hour of their execution; if one after the other, and often he who least expected it, were taken out to be executed; would not each one's heart tremble, whenever the prison door opened? Now the irrevocable sentence of death is pronounced on us all; we are all locked up in our bodies, as in a prison; (Ps. cxiv. 8.) one after the other is called hence, yet we do not regard it. We live as though we could live forever; we think only of the body, but for the soul nothing is done, except that we load it with sins and vices.
Is this rational? The body will be food for worms, but the soul (without knowing when) will travel into the house of eternity, to which place she must bring treasures of good works, in order to live happy for ever. Who would, therefore, be so foolish as to care only for the body during life, and neglect the salvation of the soul?
O man, says St. Francis of Sales, (Phil. part. i. chap. 13.) represent to yourself in lively colors, that at your death the world will cease to exist with respect to you. In that last hour the pleasures, the vanities, the riches, the honors, the friendships, and all that was dear to you, will disappear before your eyes as so many shadows. O fool that I am, you will then say, for what trifles and fooleries have I lost all! On the contrary, piety, good works, penance, etc., will appear pleasant to you, and you will exclaim: O, why did I not travel on this blessed road? Then the sins which you now consider as mere trifles, will seem to you like mountains, and all that you thought you had accomplished as, great things, with regard to piety, will seem to you very little.
What terrible fear will then seize your soul, when she must travel alone into the bottomless abyss of eternity which, as St. Bernard says, devours all possible, imaginable ages, and of which St. Gregory says, that we can easier say what it is not than what it is. What terrors will befall her, when she must appear before the tribunal of that God whom she never really loved and honored in her life-time and before whom she must now give the strictest account, and hear an irrevocable and just sentence!
Should not these thoughts make an impression upon you? How can you escape this terrible future? By living now, as you would wish to have lived at the hour of death. Die daily with St. Paul by crucifying the flesh and its lusts and by voluntarily withdrawing your heart from the world, its pomps and vanities, before death will do this by violence.
RESOLUTION O world! because I cannot know the hour, in which I must leave you, I will not be attached to you. O you dear friends and relatives, you, too, I will in future love only with a holy inclination, directed to God, which will not cease with death, but remain forever. O Lord! help me, that I may die totally to myself and the world, and live only for Thee, and partake of eternal happiness.
INSTRUCTION ON THE CEREMONIES USED AT FUNERALSBehold, a dead man was carried out, the only son of his mother, and a great multitude of the city was with her. (Luke vii. 12.)
Of these people who accompanied the funeral of the youth, we should learn to pay the last honors to the dead, and follow their bodies to the grave. This is a meritorious work, one pleasing to God, if it be not performed from vanity and self-interest, but for love of God and the deceased, with the charitable intention of assisting him by prayers. Therefore those do very wrong, who from worldly motives either omit this good work entirely, or during the funeral procession indulge in idle talk and deny the deceased even a short prayer.
Why is a cross carried before the corpse?
By this is indicated that the deceased during life professed Christ, died believing in Him, and hoping for resurrection through Him.
Why are lighted candles carried before the bier?
To represent the desire of the Church that the deceased through the grace of God may be received into eternal light.This custom is very ancient; wax-candles and torches, together with prayer and great solemnity were made use of at the burial of St. Cyprian who was beheaded for Christ's sake, in the year 258 after Christ. (Ruinart.)
Why are the coffin and the grave sprinkled with holy water?
In order, as St. Thomas of Aquinas (Lib. iii. art. 21.) remarks, to implore God, on account of the prayers which the Church says when she blesses the water, that the souls of the faithful may be cleansed from all stains, and may receive consolation and refreshment in the tortures which they may still have to suffer.
Why are the body and the grave incensed?
By this the Church indicates that the deceased by his Christian vocation was a good odor of Christ, (ii Cor. ii. 14, 15.) and admonishes the faithful that their prayers should ascend like incense to heaven for the deceased.
Why are Psalms and other sacred canticles sung?
This is done to remind us of the teaching of St. Paul, (i Thess iv. 12.) not to be excessively sorrowful for the loss of the deceased, like the heathens who have no hope of eternal life. We also signify, thereby, that we congratulate the dead for the peace which they now enjoy. (Apoc. xiv. 13.) This custom, as St. Jerome shows, (Ep. 53.) is derived from the apostles, who interred St. Stephen, singing Psalms and hymns of praise.
Why are the bells rung?
To invite the faithful to the funeral and to pray for the dead who, during lifetime, was called very often by the same bells, prayed with and for us during religious worship, and who is not separated from us by death.
Why art the bodies of the faithful buried with the head towards the East, and those of the priests towards the West?
The faithful are buried towards the East, whence the sun rises, to indicate, that they are waiting for Christ who is called the Orient from on High, (Luke i. 78.) and whose voice they will hear at the end of the world, when He calls them to the resurrection; the priests towards the West, as a sign that on the day of judgment they will be placed opposite to the souls confided to them, to give an account of their charge and to bear judgment for or against them.
Why is a cross or monument erected over the grave?
To show that the deceased was a follower of Christ, the Crucified, to admonish the passers-by to pray for him, and to remind us of the solemn moment of death.
Why is the body laid in consecrated ground?
This is done through reverence for the bodies of the dead which are, by baptism, temples of the Holy Ghost; to show that, even in death, they still belong to the communion of that holy Church, in which they were embodied during life by baptism, and to which they clung in faith even until death; to inspire the surviving with a holy fear lest they profane graves.
Why is the solemn funeral service of the Church denied to heretics?
Because they would not belong to the Church during life, and despised the holy customs and prayers of the Church for the dead. How should the blessing and prayer of the Church be useful in death to one who despised them during life.
Why does not the Church permit criminals and suicides to be buried on consecrated ground?

In order to express her horror for the crimes perpetrated by them, and to deter the faithful from committing similar actions.

A Wake For Michael O'Sullivan

By Anna Von Reitz

For those who know for whom and what I speak, this time is set aside for our wonderment and gratitude, for all those who have lived a larger life, and given of themselves so that others might live a better life. 

Tonight we are gathered together to remember such a man. 

The autumn has already come and is nearly gone in Alaska.  The last of the herbs will be gathered in, rain or shine, tomorrow.  The sky is a shade of silver to the North, and here, we sit under the shadow of a rain cloud. 

I have loved Ireland and the Irish all my life, but never more than in the person of my friend, Michael O'Sullivan, whose spirit and generosity and love for life have touched so many and been such a blessing for his family and his wife and his friends, who now find ourselves aggrieved. 

As we stumble along unaware we meet those people who will be our firmest friends in all adversity, and at the time, we don't know who they are or what time will prove. 

Michael proved to be such a friend to me. 

This week I have lost a friend in the flesh that I can never replace, a man who gave meaning for me to the Hebrew concept of "racham"-- "friendship" of the kind that Abraham had and will have with Our Father forever, friendship of the kind that Jesus spoke of when he said, "No greater love has a man than this, than to give up his life for his friends."

Michael O'Sullivan has paid that price today. 

How many more good men must die until the greed and stupidly of Mankind is finally recognized? And corrected? What are these "tokens" for which men struggle and die? What possible price can bring them back? 

Compared to life and health and joy and love what can The Bank of International Settlements provide? 

The time has come to fully awaken and see what has value, and what does not.  

Michael said to me, "Don't sweat the small stuff." 

He considered himself "small stuff".

He meant--don't grieve for me.  

But he wasn't small stuff to me. He was cadre. He was soul. He was a brother that the rest of you will never know.  He was a man who gave his life that you might live, and gave his love to all Mankind. 

No greater love has a man than this, that he gives up his life for his friends.  

Good-bye, Michael. Rest In Peace. And know that you take a piece of my heart and spirit with you. 


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