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Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Illuminati Agenda -- Peace Through Death and Homogeneity

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here are the Planks of the Public Illuminati Agenda: 

Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try.....
no hell below us above us only sky..... Destruction of religion, Plank One. 

Imagine all the people living for today... No need for accountability for past errors, no concern for the future, either.  No conscience. Total selfishness. Plank Two.

Imagine there's no country, it isn't hard to do.... No homeland, no unique cultures, just one homogenous blob.... No nation-states, no monarchies, just one monolithic, all-controlling police surveillance state.  No private or even national ownership of anything.  No security for anyone, ever. Plank Three. 

Nothing to kill or die for and no religion too .... Also nothing much to live for, and repeat Plank One --- kill all religions.  

Imagine all the people living life in peace, you, you may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one---- i hope someday that you'll join us and the world will live as one!  

Let me repeat, the Illuminati's Public Goals are simple and were stated by John Lennon many years ago.  When he woke up and saw their actual agenda, he told them to go to Hell.  And they killed him.  

The Illuminati's Public Agenda is meant to sound all nice and peaceful and perhaps even practical.  

Religious wars are nasty and based on beliefs which can never be proven, so they are senseless, too. Everyone wants to get rid of Jihad-like efforts, whether by Muslims or Southern Baptists.  It's easy to blame religion for a lot of the bad things that have happened, not so easy to discern the good things that religion has yielded. It makes an easy target. 

When you infiltrate churches and mosques and synagogues with madmen acting as criminals and pariahs and purposefully discredit religions it's even easier to target them. 

When you infiltrate governments and operate them as for-profit corporations engaged in "war" against their own populations, it's easy to discredit them, too.  The only reason to have a government is to protect life and property.  Do you need a government that does the opposite? 

So that explains why the Illuminati have manipulated the governments to bring about their own demise, by making governments into crime syndicates, nobody has any use for them.  They are not only dispensable, they are a detriment.  Good riddance to bad rubbish that failed their trust and duty to their Employers. 

The destruction of private property is a sore point with most people, so they soft-pedal that one, but it is the self-evident result of not having any countries, religions, or governments --- aside from the one monolithic police state. 

What was it Klaus the Schwab said?  You won't own anything, and you'll be happy? 

That's because they plan to drug us into soporific zombie-like conditions with the mental functions of the mildly retarded.  We'd be happy in the same sense that cows are happy, at least until some meritorious bureaucrat decided that it was time to kill us and grind us up for chicken feed. 

The private agenda of the Illuminati is much darker and more insane than their Public Agenda which, at least superficially, has some potentially attractive elements.  The private agenda includes setting up their Precious Selves to rule as gods. 

It also includes giving themselves god-like powers to experiment with and torture and terrify the rest of us for laughs.  

When questioned about their plan to kill 90% of the other people on the planet in order to save the environment, they were asked to demonstrate their sincerity in their beliefs by volunteering to be the first to die. 

The hypocrites promptly started talking about giving everyone a basic income and enough pot to stay permanently stoned. 


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Your President or My President?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just as there are seven (7) Supreme Courts that are "supreme" for you or not, depending on the jurisdiction, subject matter, and political status of the parties involved, there are multiple Presidents.
For those who have grown up assuming that there was only one President, this will be quite a shock, but before we launch into that "venerable circumstance", there is more than one United States and more than one United States of America, too.
There's those United States and these United States, depending on whether you are talking about a defunct, bankrupt, Catholic-run commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services, or referring to the just-as-defunct United States Federal Republic, or perhaps you meant to refer to The United States --- the actual country and its conjoined Union States representing the National Soil Jurisdiction?
Obviously, it's not easy to speak about these things due to the multiple meanings being attached to the same words, or, in some cases, multiple offices -- both public and private -- being represented by the same titles, like President.
The title "President" refers to the Chief Executive Officer of a company or corporation, and it always has. It does not reference a Head of State, so, it has nothing to do with leading a country and everything to do with leading a business. Think about that.
George Washington got things off to a rocky start by choosing to occupy the Office of the President of the United States, which at that time, was an unincorporated business being operated by the Roman Catholic Church as an umbrella to provide postal services and operate other "concessions" such as the customhouses at every port of entry.
No doubt Washington chose this form of Presidency because of the threat posed by the Holy Roman Empire theocracy running the United States Company at the time; Washington had other loyal officers who could serve as the President of the United States of America, otherwise known as the United States of America Trading Company or before that, as the Virginia Company.
So what is really going on here?
Prior to the War of Independence we had two large Trading Companies and their Investors providing various services and trading in specific commodities: the United States Company and the United States of America Company. These international trading companies were the natural progeny of the original Colonial Investment Clubs that organized throughout Europe in the 1600's to invest in colonial development.
The New England Company and the Virginia Company were both originally British Investment Clubs; by the time of the Revolution, they had pooled together a mix of American and European Investors with the United States Company having a more Continental and Catholic collection of Investors, and the United States of America Company being dominated by British and Protestant Investors.
When the War of Independence came along, both investment companies split down the middle, one side being pro-American Independence and one side being anti-American Independence.
So right from the start you have "warring" trade and commercial interests at the heart of the conflagration; and, you have a total of four groups, two each on either side of the war: the pro-Independence United States Company, the anti-Independence United States Company, the pro-Independence United States of America Company, and the anti-independence United States of America Company.
The sentiments generally expressed covered a spectrum from blind fear of losing all their American investments on one end, to not caring anymore because British and Holy Roman Empire influence was killing the country's profitability anyway.
After the War, George Washington was the chief shareholder in the pro-independence version of the United States of America Company, so he chose to take over the Presidency of the pro-independence version of the United States Company to exert control over its resources which he did not otherwise control as a shareholder.
He was the eleventh such "President" of the United States [Company].
What happened to the anti-Independence versions of these clubs? Surprisingly, as private associations, they continued to conduct business as if nothing had happened. King George took over his job as "Prince" and "Arch-Treasurer" of the pro-British "United States of America" as part of the Treaty of Paris 1783, and the flow of British investment dollars and influence peddling continued.
So we now have two "Presidents of the United States" --- one occupying a Public Office, and one occupying a private company office. We also have two "Presidents of the United States of America", similarly disposed of, with one occupying a Public Office, and one occupying a private company office.
To add to the confusion, we have also always had The President of The United States of America, a separate unincorporated Holding Company Office belonging to the Federation of States--- and this is the Office everyone assumes that we are talking about when we talk about "Presidents"--- although we almost never are.
Over the course of the next few decades, both companies would "incorporate" and become franchises of larger multinational enterprises.
A version of the United States of America, Incorporated, was formed as a British Crown Corporation by the Confederation of States in the 1840's. This first incorporated entity was bankrupted by Lincoln in 1863, and replaced by a Scottish-based commercial corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated, in 1868.
The largely Catholic-based United States Company incorporated as a Roman-affiliated Municipal Corporation after the Civil War, with a first attempt in 1871, that was repealed in 1874, and followed by piecemeal adoption in 1877-78.
The idea that all this wheeling and dealing was going on in Washington, DC, by these self-interested investment companies and that the "President" was operating as a business CEO in the same sense as the President of McDonald's, Inc., is utterly foreign to most Americans.
Most Americans take it as an article of faith that their President is occupying an honorable Public Office, and that he is in fact acting as their President--- but something happened along the way. That Something was Abraham Lincoln, or as I call him, Dishonest Abe.
Dishonest Abe was a Bar Attorney and that prohibited him from occupying any office in the Public Government, so he and his friends set things up to elect him to the private office of "President" of the other investment club calling itself the United States of America [Incorporated] and pass this off as a public office election. This deceitful bait and switch first took place during the election and administration of Lincoln's predecessor, James Buchanan.
Franklin Pierce was the last American President of the United States, meaning, the Federal Republic. Everyone else since then has been serving other masters, and slyly occupying other presidential offices than those that the people of this country assume.
The actual presidential office of importance to the administration of our lawful American Government is the very seldom mentioned Office of The President of The United States of America, belonging to our unincorporated Federation of States. Our President represents us in international and global affairs; he acts as an Elected Agent of the States of the Union.
He occupies a Public Office, is bonded and indemnified, and makes a Public Affirmation accepting his Public Office -- but this is not an inauguration.
No, inaugurations belong to the Municipal United States Presidents, styled as President of the United States. Inaugurations are initiation rites of the Roman Theocracy running the Municipal Government controlled until recently by the UNITED STATES, INC. This version of President of the United States is a private office of a commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services --- a commercial corporation like GM, Inc., which serves the Pope, and exists only to make profit --- though many of these "Presidents" have usurped upon the lawful Public Office of our Federation President, and have also pretended to "represent" the President of the Federal Republic.
These corporate imposters have been filling in for our lawfully elected Presidents for 160 years and nobody noticed, each successive President building on Lincoln's stupendous fraud.
The actual British Switcheroo occurred during the election of Lincoln's predecessor, Buchanan, but members of the Southern States figured it out that the Public Office had been usurped in contravention of The Titles of Nobility Amendment added to the Federal Republic Constitution in 1819.
According to the Fraudsters, a President could choose whether to serve in the Public Office or one of the several private corporation offices of those corporations providing governmental services--- that is, as an American, or as a Brit or as a Papal Officer, at his discretion.
Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson chose to act as Brits. Franklin Delano Roosevelt chose to act in the Papal presidency capacity. Nobody dared to act as an American President, and if they did, they were killed. Simple as that.
The American People were told nothing about this change in interpretation of what Presidents do, who they are, and what they represent--- much less the change in their obligations to the Public, and indeed, which Public they could be presumed to serve.
Was it the British Territorial Citizenry known as U.S. Citizens serving as the Public?
Or the Municipal citizenry of the United States serving as the Public?
Or did we mean the American Public, which the Americans certainly intended?
The Public Office Elections of the actual American Government were gradually converted into phantasmagorical carnival-like events costing billions of dollars and involving commercial political lobbies, deceptively called "Political Parties" to disguise their nature as lobbyist organizations alternately commandeering control of the Public Purse.
This criminality based on semantic deceit and non-disclosure has continued unabated since Lincoln's Election in 1860, and has gotten to the point where many American believe that they must be members of Political Parties in order to have a voice in "their" government, which means they are mistaking this commercial corporation sideshow as their government.
They've been hoodwinked by charlatans, confused about which of these entities calling themselves the United States and the United States of America is which.
Meantime, one or the other commercial corporations was in relative power, with the British Territorial Corporation fronted by the military vying with the Roman Municipal Corporation fronted by the Roman Catholic Church, the "Republicans" versus the "Democrats", every four years.
And many many of our American Government Offices, the actual Public Offices, were "voluntarily"--- that is, unknowingly, vacated, one after another.
The Bar Associations continued their insidious assault against the unsuspecting American People under the direction of the British Crown operating under color of law and in violation of their Treaties with us. The "United States" Military continued its merciless pillaging and plundering of their own Employers. The Municipal Government Employees continued their slow illegal and immoral march across the face of our country, sprouting up endless "commissions" and "boroughs" and "Municipalities" ---and assuming all sorts of "powers" for themselves.
And all the people quietly serving themselves instead of their country and their fellow man, kept mum as tombstones about all this, though it could hardly remain a secret within the District of Columbia where all this deceit and the planning for profit from it, had to take place.
Lincoln's inability to act as either President of the American Federation or as President of the Federal Republic and his failure to honor that prohibition, was exacerbated by several other actions of his --- including his abuse of the Office of Commander in Chief.
Lincoln couldn't command a lawful soldiery or act as The Commander in Chief of our Federation Forces, nor could he act as the Commander in Chief of Federal Republic troops, so he acted instead as "a" commander in chief of mercenary forces --- by virtue of his own incapacities, he unlawfully converted our honorable Armed Services into Mercenary Services, operated by a British Territorial Commercial Corporation.
He issued a phony declaration of war to start the bloodiest (mercenary) conflict in our nation's history. Everyone should have known that a Declaration of War by our own Congress was required, but millions of naive Americans didn't notice the absence of a proper Declaration from the American Congress. They accepted the words and deeds of a foreign corporation "President", mistaking Lincoln for their President.
He was the Queen's "President" instead.
Lincoln followed up by ruining the Southern State of State organizations and bankrupting their Northern counterparts, replacing them "on an emergency basis" with British Territorial business organizations instead. In this way, the Brits gained an illegal control of our State's business functions. And again, naive Americans trusted " their '' Government, and hardly noted the change from " The State of Florida '' to " the State of Florida ''.
Lincoln launched the "Greenbacks" a foreign military scrip that based its value on the lives and energy of British Territorial U.S. Citizens and sold the U.S. Citizens into bondage and indentured servitude for periods of 10 or 40 years, in exchange for gold exchanged for Greenbacks.
The scheme worked like this --- Lincoln's Government ---issued "gold-backed bonds" that promised a high rate of return after either ten or forty years, which were called "1040 Bonds". Yes, the same 1040 you are familiar with. However, in order to buy these bonds, you had to first exchange your gold or gold certificates for the new scrip, and use Greenbacks to buy these new bonds.
When these bonds matured and investors sought to redeem them (cash them in for the return of their gold plus more gold as profit) General Sherman asked them what they used to purchase the bonds? Why, Greenbacks, of course. Then why should you expect anything but Greenbacks in return?
Their answer, that they had been promised gold-backed bonds, was ignored.
By voluntarily using the private military scrip to buy the bonds, they had also given up their gold and their right to demand gold in return. They were snookered by the treasonous Lincoln Administration and the equally crooked and treasonous British Territorial U.S. Generals supporting all this fraud and oppression.
Lincoln's greatest act of fraud came in 1863, when he adopted the so-called "Lieber Code" otherwise known as General Order 100, and began issuing "Executive Orders" as Commander in Chief, and claiming non-existent Emergency Powers.
Just after bankrupting the Northern State of State business organizations that were members of the original Confederation, Lincoln entrusted the nation's fate and its money to the military and claimed to set aside the Constitution (the one he was working under anyway) and the Public Laws of the Federal Republic and all other laws, except for the Lieber Code.
Fortunately for all of us, Lincoln had no such authority ever granted to him in any office, Public or private, and a criminal act of usurpation, fraud, and breach of treaty, trust, and contract is utterly void.
Read that -- the Lieber Code and the Hague Conventions never happened. Everything that Lincoln touched is what is set aside, and likewise, everything that his Successors have touched.
When you build on a foundation of fraud, you build on a foundation of sand. It can endure only as long as the delusions that created it. In this case, Joe Biden is trying to ride a very large sand pile that is melting into the sea.
The delusion that Lincoln was ever our American President is over.
But the U.S. Military still hasn't learned its history lesson. The Roman Republic was destroyed when a great Roman General, Julius Caesar, broke the law and crossed the Rubicon. The American Federal Republic was destroyed when Lincoln's Generals similarly broke the law. A Republic can stand only so long as the military remains true, honorable, and lawful.
That was the lesson on January 10th, 49 BC, in Rome. It was also the lesson on March 4th, 1861, when the Generals allowed Lincoln to take office and appear to be an American President.
Our military failed that test long ago and it continues to do so, both out of self-interest and fear of reprisal; thus, it condemns itself to acting as an illegal foreign mercenary force, instead of the honorable soldiery it should be and which the American People meant it to be.
Instead, they have spent the last 160 years operating as cheap foreign mercenaries in the ranks and as traitors to the American Dream in the officer corps.
This circumstance and the truth of it is displayed by their current refusal to do the right thing --- which is to accept the authority of the properly organized and declared civilian government, depose Joe Biden, and allow us to issue gold-backed currency for purposes of international trade, hold new Public Elections to our Public Offices, and get on with making the necessary corrections.
Instead, certain of our Generals and Admirals and members of the renegade CIA, have fronted yet another attempt to avoid the simple truth.
They propose to steal the private wealth of Americans (just as they did via the Greenbacks Scheme) and our so-called "Trust Funds" and property interests. They propose to give our land (which they don't own any interest in) to the Lakota Sioux Nation, and they propose to make us use a worthless digital coinage --- still in violation of the Constitution --- and they propose to continue to issue fiat money and the only basis of value their fiat money has relies on peonage, enslavement, and extortion.
These miscreants propose to simply change hands, left to right, from one group of pirates in possession of our stolen property, to another group of pirates in secondary possession of our stolen property--- and that means, building on more sand, more lies, more fraud.
This is one of those situations in which the only cure lies in correction. We have a viable correction that we can make, but it requires the U.S. Military to wake up and smell the java and do the right thing by their actual Employers -- the American People.
In error, they have received their paychecks from SERCO, a British Management Corporation, but the actual funding has always derived from the American People.
Just as many have mistaken which Public and which President we are dealing with, many have mistaken who their Employers actually are. In that respect, nothing has changed. All the money to support the military is still being extracted from Americans and the demise of the Americans and their private property interests, if the military allows it, means the demise of the military, too.
They have already seen their outrageous mistreatment at the hands of a Municipal Corporation "President" who actually has no Public Office and no authority related to them at all, they have been offered a one-time Amnesty from the civilian government, and still, they want to play games.
They want to control the land by giving it back to the Indians, who are virtually all dependents of theirs, and who also consider themselves members of a tribe indebted as Municipal citizens to Rome. Count that as no change for the better and considerable fraud and change for the worse.
All land in this country belongs to the sovereign People, the Lawful Persons and States of the Union; as a subset of the sovereign People, the Lakota get their share along with everyone else. That's the way it is. We are not giving up our sovereignty -- or anyone else's.
All soil in this country belongs to living people, which includes every American with a pulse--- any color, any creed.
This isn't exactly news to the Americans, but it is news to foreigners who live under very different systems of law and different "legal presumptions".
All those legal presumptions, titles -- including land titles -- are now defunct as a result of Lincoln's Fraud, and all reversionary rights return by Operation of Law to our civilian American Government.
So the U.S. Military has a choice -- to act according to the actual Law of this country and respond honorably to our direction, or continue to play war games illegally and immorally. So far, they have offered to give our sovereignty and land rights away and steal our private and public assets to donate to foreign interests.
Not exactly in keeping with a pledge to defend the Constitution (whichever one applies) from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. So far they have failed miserably to recognize and dispose of the traitors in their own ranks (domestic enemies) and can't tell friend from foe in the foreign venues, but it all comes down to this:
1. Everything Lincoln touched, everything he did, was fraud. It's all null and void as if it never was.
2. Everything built upon the fraud of Lincoln's Administration is likewise tainted, null and void. This includes the practice of issuing Executive Orders and assumption of Emergency Powers. It also includes any suspension or setting aside of any Constitution.
3. Everything must revert to the actual owners (States) and the actual sovereigns (people) of this country and the cadastral survey, physical landmarks, and United States Land Patents must be honored as private assets.
4. All Land Titles represent only a temporary and foreign interest of residents that are non-binding and secondary interests of custodians standing in for the actual owners.
5. All actual physical assets belong to the living people that form the population occupying the land and soil of this country and nobody else, including the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor, and their corporations, dependents, and employees.
6. There are no General Powers of Attorney available by appointment. Next of kin or an American Justice of the Peace properly occupying their Public Office, are the only Public Guardians. Read that: the Powers of Appointment Act of 1851 applies only to foreign corporations and their officers, employees, and
The courts which have operated in fraud for 160 years must vacate space for the American courts and return to their strictly limited jurisdiction without delay.
The members of the Bar must otherwise be prosecuted for inland piracy, racketeering, conspiracy against the Constitution, evasion of the Public Law, unlawful conversion, impersonation, barratry, kidnapping, genocide, felony theft, treason, malfeasance, extortion, illegal securitization schemes, fraud with intent to overthrow, insurrection, pillaging, plundering, illegal confiscation, and crimes against humanity including murder, misrepresentation, identity theft, peonage, enslavement, terrorism, bioterrorism, and human trafficking---- and must be deported back to England as subjects of the British Crown recognized as international criminals under indictment.
Illegally confiscated property belonging to Americans must be returned or compensated for at a rate of no less than three (3) times the market value of the property purloined. And the Provost Marshal's Office is responsible for seeing to it that these matters are swiftly addressed and resolved in favor of the American civilian populace.
All Territorial State of State Governors and Attorney Generals are on Notice and have received Due Process advising them that Americans have been the victims of a most ingenious crime and that no PERSONS operating under the names of Americans can be presumed to exist and that the Proper Names of American State Nationals cannot be used for public purposes of private courts.
All attendant presumptions of waiver of American birthright estates, incompetence, incapacity, dependence, citizenship obligations, derelict status, subjection to foreign law, voluntarily acting as a Commercial Transactor, and similar noxious and merely adopted Legal Presumptions are rendered Null and Void for Fraud and Deliberate Self-Interested Deception.
Under the Roman Civil Law, fraud once discovered vitiates everything resulting from it. Under both Maritime and Admiralty Law, the possession of assets by pirates does not change the ownership of the assets. The assets must be returned to the lawful owners or any transfer of possession from pirate to pirate fails to change the edict of the law. The assets still belong to the Lawful Owners --- in this case, the States of the Union.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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