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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The States Are Summoned to Assemble

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since I started this work, I have been blessed and plagued to work "with" the Roman Catholic Church. 

The problem began with the Church, so that is where it has to end, too. 

There is a logic to this.  

The Roman Curia defined all manner of incorporated entities  --- everything that you can think of --- cooperatives, trusts, S-Corps, C-Corps, foundations, LLCs......the list goes on. 

So, by Maxim of Law, the Creator is responsible for what they create.

This entire situation derives from and returns to the Roman Curia. 

Given that fact, who are you going to go to when corporations get run amok?  Who are you going to work with to fix it? 

The Dalai Llama?   Headquarters of the United Methodists??? 

The Enemy is Now in View -- For All Americans

By Anna Von Reitz

We have waited long and patiently for the confirming proof of who and what form "the Enemy" has taken.  

This morning we have confirmation that the organization hoping to benefit itself from all this criminality is the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  

Whereupon it becomes a matter of utmost importance for all people worldwide to sue the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court for the liquidation of the International Monetary Fund as a corporation involved in criminal activities ---which it surely is and which it has demonstrated by knowingly making false claims before the World Court and also misleading President Donald J. Trump. 

We are heading up a Committee to Prosecute the International Monetary Fund.  

All corporations are obligated to perform lawfully and for lawful purposes --- not legally.  Even commercial corporations bear this obligation with respect to living people and their Natural Persons. 

As everyone including French President Macron and IMF Director Christine LaGarde have cause to know our government is not in any "abeyance" and our claim as the Priority Creditors of the United States has been given full Public Notice and  Due Process and has been subjected to international agricultural liens and cured. 

Message to William Mount, Christine LaGarde and President Donald J. Trump

This letter is self-explanatory for anyone who has been following this story for the last several years. It is our intent to sue for the liquidation of the IMF for criminal activity and malfeasance if this nonsense of them setting up Offices in North Carolina and pretending to operate our government does not immediately cease.

From James Clinton Belcher

May 8, 2018

To All Concerned: 

We have learned this morning that the IMF has falsely presumed that our government is not in operation and that our international claims are not in place and that the IMF is free to act as the Priority Creditor of the United States Corporation(s). 

This is not the case.  

Ms. LaGarde and President Trump and all the Principals have been given full Due Process and have cause to know that the States and People of this country are the Priority Creditors of the United States and its Corporations---- all of them. 

The Bundy Documentary Response

By Anna Von Reitz

I just finished watching a documentary about the Bundys and the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupation and the Ambush of LaVoy Finicum and  people are still so completely clueless after all this, that they couldn't find their butts with both hands and a searchlight.  

Well, here's the searchlight, anyway. 

1. First false idea --- "The Federal Government owns all these federal lands in the western states."   

No, these States own all the land within their borders.  They just need to be formally enrolled as members of the Federal Union by a Continental Congress.  So by all means, the actual land jurisdiction States have been summoned to assemble and take care of that business at long last.  

The Federales have been using this excuse for 150 years to claim that -- technically -- Nevada and Oregon and the other western states are still "territories" subject to their administration.  

As such, they have claimed a "proprietary interest" in the land holdings of these States-in-Waiting and acted improperly as usufructs and asset managers. 

BLM and FBI are both sister-subsidiaries owned and operated by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC. so when BLM got its tit in a wringer --- finally --- for trespassing on the property rights of the actual Nevadans, they went running to their fellow corporate subsidiary, the FBI, to enforce their proprietary interest against the people that employ them. 

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