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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Lawful Persons, Legal Persons , LEGAL PERSONS -- Sign in America

 By Anna Von Reitz

See that spectrum moving left to right? From "Lawful Person" to "Legal Persons" to "LEGAL PERSONS" ?
They are all "persons" and they are all existing in international or global jurisdiction as dead "fictional" entities.
When you, as an American standing on the land and soil of an American State of the Union, go to Walmart and buy a bag of beans using a bank account full of funds denominated as lawful money, you are operating as a Lawful Person.
Only Lawful Persons can use lawful money.
When you, as an American have "gone to sea" and are "voluntarily" adopting British Territorial U.S. Citizenship, and go to Walmart to buy a bag of beans, you are obligated to act as a Legal Person and use a bank card or bank account funded by Federal Reserve Notes, and by definition you are acting as a Legal Person and U.S. Citizen.
When you, as an American Municipal PERSON and Municipal citizen of the United States, go to Walmart and buy a bag of beans, you are acting as a LEGAL PERSON and use a bank card or bank account funded by FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.
The Americans operating as Lawful Persons are entitled to "denominate" fiat currency as "lawful money" by Federal Law, PL 73-10 and 12 USC 411, as remedy to the theft of their silver in non-equitable exchange for Federal Reserve Notes -- that is, Promissory Notes, or more popularly, I.O.U.'s.
This inequitable forced exchange of silver for paper promises was legalized by these provisions of Federal Law and it has to be maintained or the members of Congress are revealed to be nothing but robbers in suits.
Please note that in order to exercise this guarantee, you must be an American and you must be adopting your birthright political status. You have to declare it and record it.
Please note that although a member in U.S. military service adopting U.S. Citizenship, and functioning as a Legal Person, may have a birthright guarantee, that birthright is extinguished while in the service and remains extinguished until he or she "returns" to their American political status and resigns any foreign commissions they hold.
Ditto members of the Federal Civil Service and their direct dependents. They may similarly have an American birthright, but until they leave Federal Service and adopt their birthright political status as Americans, they have no ability to denominate their private script as lawful money.
So, Lawful American Persons use Lawful Money. British Territorial Legal Persons use private Federal Reserve Notes. Municipal LEGAL PERSONS use commercial bank scripts.
So, you may think, this is very odd. Nobody ever explained this to me. What difference does it make? I am still going to buy a bag of beans.
It's the difference between being a Creditor and being a Debtor, the difference between using your own assets, and using someone else's assets. It's the difference between being owed and owing.
Are you the long-lost inheritor of the American National Credit, or the poor slug who is the inheritor of the US National Debt?
In truth and in fact, your identity as an American has been stolen and you have been impersonated as both a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and as a Municipal citizen of the United States to prevent you from claiming the remedies that you are owed.
All Americans are owed Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions from all Public Debts as part of the same published remedies.
I, for example, may owe the State of Alaska for some public service that their organization has rendered, or I may owe the Municipal STATE OF ALASKA for services. At the same time, they each owe me far more, as a result of their use and abuse of my Good Name, my labor, and my other assets. And this is in fact borne out by the Treasury and Clearinghouse Records.
They owe me $12 Billion, and I owe the Territorial Government $50 Million. In round numbers. Go figure.
I have requested the Secretary of the Treasury to "offset" this amount, so that their account bearing my name no longer owes the Territorial Government anything.
They will still be $11.5 Billion in debt, but who's counting?
Quite simply, when two people owe each other money, they can each pay it off with new money they earn, or they can "swap the debt". Bring it down to simple terms:
Your brother owes you $100, and you owe him $10. So in lieu of you paying him anything, you reduce his debt to you by $10, leaving him with a $90 debt.
That's what a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption is, and that is what we are talking about when we tell our Public Servants to "offset the debt".
Instead of making this remedy widely known and accessible, the Gubmint has hidden it away and made accessing it extremely difficult, even though they know that they owe it.
And as a result, their "National Debt" has grown wildly out of control, instead of being moderated and reduced by the application of American National Credit, which has burgeoned, too, for lack of offset.
When questioned about this, the snide perpetrators, who are not eligible to use this guarantee themselves, pretend that they can't read plain English and that they have never seen an eligible American in their lives.
Well, yoo-hoo! Here we are! Your friends and neighbors! Returned from being kidnapped by Undeclared Foreign Agents, depending on you to do the right and honorable thing.
There have been questions about the Sign In America Program that is open to State Assembly Members who have declared and recorded their birthright political status as Americans. People have accused us of being "daft" and of working some kind of con game or fraud.
Instead, we are just plain old Americans showing up at long last, and demanding remedy that we have been owed ever since the 1930's, and which our purported Trustees have failed to provide.

Hear that, Mr. Secretary of the Treasury? Hear that, Joint Chiefs of Staff?


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