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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bundy Ranch: The Land and its Masters Revealed

Is this lawful activity by the BLM?   I doubt it.

The real solution to the Bundy ranch situation. Try to blow holes in this. I bet you can't.

Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. has the solution and sheriffs around the country are implementing it.

Read these articles and try to refute them. I bet nobody can.

First, what it's based on.

Now, how it works in real practice.

And now the legal stuff. Here is the real issue with the Bundy ranch.

WHO HAS JURISDICTION?  That is the ONLY question that needs an answer!

And last, the final nail in the Federal coffin of lack of jurisdiction from the Mack/Printz decision.
Majority opinion by Judge Antonin Scalia.

And here is the entire Mack/Printz decision. Read it and weep Harry Reid!

Rand Paul weighs in on the Nevada land grab

Breaking News: Clinton/Obama cronies behind push to remove Cliven Bundy from the land.

The truth will always eventually come out. This article exposes the real corruption behind this evil move to force Cliven Bundy and his family off the public land they have had prescriptive rights to since 1877.

This exposure is just beginning, and I challenge anyone to refute this.