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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Correct Name and Address

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I had to sever a relationship with my home church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Taken together with the loss of my dog this Sunday past, it just about broke my heart. 

Our lives are such simple things, so dependent on relationships, and we all have such a deep need for "belonging" --- and in the case of our pets, "belonging to" --- that our lives become defined and find their meaning in relationship to other lives.

There are times like this, times of loss and of grief, of bitter disappointment and uncertainty, when we look for reasons and find only facts. And the facts aren't comforting.

I remember someone in a book or short story somewhere saying that it felt like all their prayers were going to a dead letter box. 

Given all the deceit that we have uncovered in both government and religion, it's worth thinking about.  Have our prayers been re-routed?  Sent to a "dead letter box"?  Misaddressed somehow? 

Let's begin with the correct name. 

The man we all call "Jesus" and "Christ" was actually named Yeshuah (also transliterated as "Yashuah") and is properly translated in English as the name Joshua. Not Jesus.

But we are all taught to pray "in Jesus Name". 

Or in the name of "Christ Jesus" which is even worse.

Doesn't make much sense, does it?  A strong whiff of rat pervades the atmosphere. 

Why teach people to pray using a wrong name?  Why substitute titles like "Christ" for names, and names for titles?   Why invoke the name of a Person, "Christ", instead of the actual name of the man?

We start out with "Guilleroi" and wind up with "Mr. Bill". 

That's quite a stretch, isn't it?  One can only imagine the actual man returning and wondering in a bewildered fashion --- who is this "Christ Jesus" they are all talking about and invoking all the time? 

All those prayers and invocations really are going to a "dead letter box".

Next, let's look at the address.

You can't exactly drop a prayer in the slot at the Post Office like a Letter to Santa, but you can put the correct name and address on it.

And there we run into other problems. 

First of all, Jesus didn't teach us to pray to him.  He taught us to pray to his Father in Heaven, in his name---like an "in care of" address.   Pretty hard to pull that one off if you don't know and use his name, also impossible if you use a title like "Christ" or "Christ Jesus" instead. 

Now, Joshua and his Father are not stupid.  They know when we are earnestly trying to reach out to them and what we need and all about whatever it is that troubles us before we even speak it.  They overcome our ignorance and limitations. They bypass those who are trying to deceive us.

But the point is, we are being deceived.  We are being given bad advice by the various churches and taught bad assumptions and bad habits of mind.

How many people have been taught to pray to the Son and not the Father?

How many people have been taught to literally worship the man, the creation, and not the Creator?   Romans 1:25.

And at the end of our pitiful epistles, the pouring out of our lonely hearts, how do they teach us to send our prayers on their way?

By saying, "Amen" ---- but that has a double meaning, depending on how you pronounce it, and who is ever taught this? 

Say it one way, and it means, "It shall be so." which sounds rude and presumptuous when you are asking for help.  Say it another way, and it's the name of an Egyptian sun-god. 

Mis-addressed with a capital "M". 

Yes, it's more than enough to make you think that yes, our prayers have been misaddressed to a dead letter box --- literally. 

Words can be such deceitful, unmanageable, squishy things that somehow manage to roll around like a jar of spilled marbles --- even at the best of times and with the best intentions. 

And there is plenty of reason in view of everything else, to think that all these "mistakes" have not happened with the best of, here we are, again, being taught all sorts of rubbish by the experts we rely on. 

As for me, I've been praying all afternoon without saying or thinking a single word.  Praying for the animals.  Praying for all the clueless young people throwing bricks.  Praying for the Earth we all live on.  Praying for our country.

And all without a single word.  It's all just pure feeling.

In the final analysis, I believe that this is how we are meant to pray "in the spirit" with no middlemen, no feckless words, no mistakes in pronunciation.
Just write it with your heart and send it with your love and let your whole life be the message.


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Your Flags

By Anna Von Reitz

For many Americans it is startling news to hear that there is another whole layer of government -- their government -- that predates all the stuff they are familiar with, a government that works from the bottom up, instead of the top down.

It's an even bigger shock to learn that there is another American Flag that is their flag just as much as Old Glory.  The difference is that Old Glory is a war flag, and our other flag is a peace flag. 

Every country in the world has both a war flag and a peace flag. 

The second Secretary of the Treasury, a man named Oliver Wolcott, designed our peacetime flag in 1799.  It has flown over Federal Courts, Post Offices, Customs Houses, Treasury Buildings, and similar installations for a total of 22 years since then.

Most likely, you have never seen the American Peace Flag.

This is ironic because our actual government of, for, and by the People of this country has been at peace since 1814 and we should have been flying the peace flag this whole while -- regardless of what the Territorial Subcontractors have been up to.

Unlike us, our British-aligned Territorial Subcontractors have kept themselves in a constant state of war, war, and more war; unfortunately, they have conducted these wars "in our names" and they have used the Title IV version of our war flag (that we set aside for them to use when exercising our Delegated Powers) to do so. 

As a result, the Title IV war flag is what you have seen flying on Federal Buildings throughout your lifetime. It wasn't always this way.

In The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne described a different flag  -- a flag with vertical stripes.  You can read this description within the first few pages of the novel, in Chapter 1, The Customs House, and visualize it for yourself. 

What Hawthorne is describing is your peace flag: vertical stripes, blue stars, a white quadrangle.  It looks quite foreign and odd the first time you see it, but as you get used to it and realize what it symbolizes--- and accept the fact that it is yours every bit as much as Old Glory--- it grows on you. 

It makes your heart swell and your eyes tear up for different reasons, because it symbolizes peace at home and abroad.  It symbolizes being able to enjoy the blessings of freedom, instead of forever fighting for them and never quite getting there yourself.

There is a report in the news today that the world's largest American war flag, located in Wisconsin (my home State as it happens), was literally torn in half by a storm last night:  

People around the world are hailing this as a sign from Heaven, a judgment about to fall on America, a signal of danger, a cause for weeping.

I am here to tell you that yes, the True God tore that flag in half, just like he tore the curtain in the Temple in half.  The war flag is going down, after a hundred and fifty years of war. His judgment stands against it and against "the US" and that is as certain as his love for America.

Instead of weeping and being in shock, be glad.  There's a new flag coming. Your flag.  The American Peace Flag will be raised again for the first time since before the Civil War, and I don't want you to feel bad about this. 

As beautiful and meaningful as Old Glory is, it is also steeped in blood and misery, deprivation, loss, and shattered dreams.

The Peace Flag tells a completely different story.

A happy story.

I highly recommend that members of our State Assemblies fly the American Peace Flag when they wish to decorate their homes for the Fourth of July or hold their Public Elections. 

Both versions of the flag are property of The United States of America, so it is entirely right and proper that those who are at peace and who desire peace should fly the American Peace Flag.

It does not indicate any disloyalty or disrespect for our troops; rather, it beckons everyone to come home and enjoy the blessings of peace that they have already earned. 

Quick Quiz:
1. True or False --- All countries have both a war flag and a peace flag.
2. Choose one:  The American Peace Flag was designed by: (a) Benjamin Franklin in 1756; (b) Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850; (c) Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott in 1799.
3. True or False -- Both the war flag and the peace flag are property of The United States of America.
4. Choose one: The American Peace Flag denotes: (a) civilian government at peace; (b) military government at peace; (c) general amnesty.
5. True or False -- The actual civilian government of this country has been at peace since 1814.

1. True; 2. (c) Oliver Wolcott; (3) True; 4. (a); 5. True

Claim Your Guarantees

By Anna Von Reitz

The Federal Constitutions don't give you any rights you didn't already have.
They do, however, guarantee that the Federal Government won't usurp against your rights.
The question is--- do you want the benefit of those guarantees?

Good. Now that that question is settled....
The next question is --- how do you think your constitutional guarantees are enforced?
The Constitutions can only be enforced by the Parties to the Contract.
So, who are the Parties to the constitutional contracts?
The People (our side) and the Federal Subcontractors (their side).
This is a little trickier than it looks, but not much.
When we say "People" we are talking about "State Citizens".
State Citizens are Americans who hold a singular allegiance to their State of the Union, and accept the job of running it.

Are you able to act as a State Citizen for your State?

Again, that depends.

You can act as a State Citizen if you have no other obligations to any other government.
This means that Federal workers and their dependents can't act as State Citizens. Attorneys can't act as State Citizens. Active duty military personnel and their dependents can't act as State Citizens. New immigrants can't act as State Citizens without declaring their political status.

All these groups of people may be as American as you or I, but, they can't act as State Citizens until they are cut free of other obligations.

Once they quit, retire, tear up their Bar cards, or are fully discharged from the military or renounce allegiance to their former country, they can "come home" and be State Citizens. Until then, they can only act as State Nationals.

So what's a "State National"?
An American born within the borders of one of the States, who is guaranteed all the rights and benefits, but who is not able to serve as a State Citizen.

This includes Americans born abroad to American parents.

State National status applies to people who are too young to be State Citizens (must be 21) or who have some disability or circumstance that keeps them from acting as a State Citizen.

Federal employment is one of those disabilities, and being too young to serve is another, but there are many more.

For example, you are 65 years old and feel that it is time to retire from public duties. You have ten kids at home and can't spare the time. You are fighting cancer and don't have the health and energy. The list goes on.

Obviously, your circumstance can change.

Federal Employees do quit or retire and do get discharged from military service, young people reach the age of 21, elders may decide to come back to work, babies grow up, cancer goes into remission.
So, a person in State National status can change to State Citizen status and vice versa, depending on their employment, their age, their other obligations, their health, and many other factors.

Both State Citizens and State Nationals are owed all the constitutional guarantees, but only State Citizens can enforce them. That's why State Citizens are needed and the reason the State Assemblies have been called into Session.

Please note that Federal Employees and Dependents and others who are neither declared State Citizens nor State Nationals have no constitutional guarantees.

All they have are "Equal Civil Rights" that can be taken away with the stroke of a pen.

Bottom line --- if you are an American, and you want to preserve your constitutional guarantees, you need to record your political status with your State Assembly.

And, in whatever ways you can, you need to support your State Assembly.

There has been a wrong-headed idea that Federal employees are at odds with, or in competition with, the American People --- that is, the State Citizens, but in the vast majority of cases, Federal employees are Americans whose constitutional guarantees depend on State Citizens and on the State Assemblies, and all Federal employees, including Agency Personnel, are ultimately employed by State Assemblies.

So, it's time for everyone concerned to figure out where your bread is really buttered, and also where you may be missing the boat.

If you were born in America, born to American parents, or are a Naturalized US Citizen, you have choices to make.

Do not take your constitutional guarantees for granted.
Claim them by declaring and recording your correct political status, either State National or State Citizen, with your State Assembly.

Failure to do so will result in a legal presumption that you have "waived" all guarantees and don't stand under the protections of the Federal Constitutions.

Millions of Americans are in limbo land, unaware that they need to record their political status before they can claim their guarantees, and many more are angry and upset because their guarantees have been violated.

Declare and record your political status, organize and support your State Assembly, and as if by magic, your constitutional guarantees have enforcement at all levels.

So stop griping and worrying and milling around. Get educated, get organized, and pool your resources. Donate time, skills, and funds to back your State Assembly and your Federation of States.
To support this work donate to: at Paypal or send to:
Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
Quick Quiz:
1. Do you have: (a) constitutional rights or (b) constitutional guarantees?
2. True or False --- A State Assembly is composed of State Citizens.
3. Who can enforce constitutional guarantees? (a) State Nationals or (b) State Citizens or (c) Federal Employees
4. True or False --- A State National can become a State Citizen and vice-versa.
5. True or False --- You have to declare your political status as an American or you are presumed to be a Federal Citizen having only "Equal Civil Rights" that can be taken away.
Answers: 1. (b) 2. True 3. (b) 4. True 5. True

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By Anna Von Reitz

We are not issuing nor authorizing any "call to arms".   I have explained the mission of The Peacekeeping Task Force succinctly and for the record. 

Evaluate. Train. Coordinate.

I have also made it clear that people who want to live as "undeclared persons" and live under rocks and eat dirt out in the woods as some kind of outlaw brigade can't be part of our Assembly Militia. Only members of the State Assembly can participate. 

We are here to educate everyone about the proper exercise of arms and community public safety, so everyone is invited to Public Meetings about these topics, including the Federales if they want to come.  

That said....  

We are not here in any "unofficial" capacity. 

This is the actual government of this country and it must be respected as such.  In return for that respect, we don't do any snake-eyed, behind the bushes stuff, and we don't mean to make our organizational efforts sound like emergencies. 

We didn't declare any emergency related to the Covid-19 mess and we are not declaring any emergency related to the riots now.  We are simply seeing the urgent need to proceed with the evaluation, training, and coordination of our citizenry and community resources.

The actions taking place in cities where riots have erupted are addressed to people who are 99% identified as and standing as foreign Territorial and Municipal citizens.  Therefore, the Territorial and Municipal Governments are stuck addressing the situation and protecting us from a lot of angry and ignorant Americans who are fed up with THEIR government.

In keeping with what I have been trying to teach all of you for months about staying in your own lane --- THEY are responsible for THEIR riots, including the damage that THEIR riots cause to our infrastructure and our people.

Remember --- this is Your Government. 

We are responsible for protection of our State Nationals and State Citizens, those who have declared their birthright political status and who have returned to the land and soil and who are owed their Constitutional guarantees.

The essence and mission of our Peacekeeping Task Force is-- and I repeat --- to: (1) evaluate; (2) train; and (3) coordinate our Sheriffs, our Assembly Militias and our Continental Marshals-- to prevent crimes in our jurisdiction and protect our people and their assets.  

This is about, and for, those people who declare their birthright political status as Americans and who join their State Assemblies.

That's why it's called a State Assembly Militia. 

It operates under the authority of the State Assembly and is composed of State Citizens and is not any kind of "unorganized" militia.


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Saying Good-bye

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I had to do something I have been avoiding, just like I have avoided the death of my beloved Labrador Retriever. Some things are just too awful to take straight up, so you parcel out the grief a drop at a time.

I loved the Church I grew up in, a warm, old, motherly Norwegian Lutheran Church full of coffee smells and cookies, Kensington Dinners and Bible School pageants, choir practice on Wednesday nights....many good memories.

But today, I had to write a Severance Letter. The reasons are explained in the following text.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Via: RB 370088 078 US
Attention: Pastor Steve
115 North 5th Street
Black River Falls, Wisconsin 54615

Dear Pastor Steve:
We have never met and I hope you won’t take what I am about to say or explain to you amiss.
My name is Anna Maria Riezinger. I grew up in Black River Falls and graduated from High School there in 1974. I was a loyal and active member of ELC from age 7 until I left home. I was baptized at ELC by Pastor Thomas Hyde prior to my Confirmation, somewhere around 1970.

Some years prior to this, all the churches that were never subject to taxation anyway, were led astray by a gratuitous promise from a foreign government --- an offer worthy of Satan himself --not to tax them if they reorganized as 501 (c) 3 corporations. This bogus offer to give them something they already had, also had other consequences and resulted in the unlawful conversion of the Church and Church assets.

By incorporating the Evangelical Lutheran Church became a commercial entity. The members were redefined as corporate franchises and in exchange for the privilege of bankruptcy protection, the Church became subject to the same foreign government making the improper offer in the first place. All of the Church’s assets --- including the parishioners --- were claimed as property assets belonging to the sponsoring parent corporation.

As token of this, the Baptismal Certificates issued by the Church became “securities” –- commercial paper--- that has since been bought and sold on black markets claiming to deal in souls.

This came as a shock to me, and I am sure it is coming as a shock to you, but it is nonetheless a fact.
I was certainly never given any full disclosure of this consequence of being baptized or confirmed at ELC and I feel that I have been cheated and betrayed; if one cannot even receive the sacraments without the filth and stain of commercial advantage, there is no longer any true meaning to the words or the acts. It has all been reduced to commercial fraud.

Upon discovery of this deceit and circumstance, I have been in a quandary. How does one react to something like this, except to protest and take exception to it? I do not wish to be counted as a member of a commercial corporation, albeit one styled as a “non-profit”, masquerading as a church.
Please draw a line through my name on the baptismal and confirmation records. Thank you.

Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
(907) 250-5087