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Monday, August 22, 2016

What Your Donations Buy - From Anna Von Reitz

As most of you know, we have brought together a crack team of non-Bar lawyers, paralegals, and researchers to address three basic issues:

Foreclosure Fraud
Identity Theft/Mischaracterization of American State Nationals
Lawful Banking

Your donations have made the Second Summit just held in Anchorage, Alaska, possible.  Your dollars supported airplane tickets, hotels, and printing costs related to the conference.  People here in Alaska paid for meeting space, utilities, equipment, food and per diem and transportation.  Together, we all made it happen. 

As a result, we have exhaustive and precise information about what "citizenship" is and is not, what "nationality" is and is not, how one becomes a "citizen" and how one ceases to be considered a "citizen" and how to properly reclaim our birthright status as American State Nationals.  We are now "locked and loaded" on these issues and have delved through and discerned all the trap doors and semantic deceits that the Federal "Code" can offer.

Your birthright status as a Californian, Coloradan, or Virginian or any other "State National" is recognized in the old Federal Code at 8 USC 1101 (a) (21). That is a precious one sentence long statement of who and what you are, in their own words, admitted on the page, black and white.

The Second Summit -- British Government Gratitude Explained

by Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I have been quiet this week.  And yes, there is a reason.

I have been holed up all week with a small group of researchers following breakthrough information discovered last week scattered throughout the Foreign Affairs Manuel. The results will take several days to explain.

Look at these two groups of words "United States of America" and "united States of America" --- look close. 

In the first group, you have a proper name in Upper and Lower Case, something called "United States of America".  This name implies that the "United States" belongs to something called "America".  In the second group, you have the word "united" being used as an adjective to describe something called "States of America".   Same four words, totally different meanings and entities involved.

The "United States" belongs to America as a possession (territorial), but the "States of America" are united.

Oath Keepers response to SPLC hit piece against patriotic gun owners

Oath Keepers response to SPLC mouthpiece "Waco Jim" Cavanaugh's attack on patriotic veterans and gun owners.
This is an extensive article from Oath Keepers and deserves your attention.
This article will show you how late it actually is for freedom in our country.
See also Jason Van Tatenhove’s write up here.
But they might work to unite the Warrior Class with the rest of real Americans.
What the “Southern Preposterous Lie Center” Fears Most: A Uniting of the American Warrior Class

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Expatriation Ad Campaign Update

From the Desk of Paul Stramer

Here are the latest statistics for ONE WEEK for Anna's website. This is a new high.
Notice we had over 6000 first time visitors in one week, and over 12,000 page loads in one week.
This does NOT include traffic from the blog.

The Expatriation Ad Campaign is working even with the limited exposure we have at this point.
We have 147 new subscribers to the automated email system for Anna in just the last week,
and 390 new subscribers in the last 30 days.

We have had 25 new people subscribe in the last 24 hours. If that continues that would be about 750
new people in the next 30 days.
So now we know the system is working as intended, and the only thing remaining is to push millions
of these ads across the internet.

In the last week I have spent about $400 on paid advertising to kick this off. The effects of that money
will be ongoing for weeks, and I have not even touched Google ads or any of the big search engines yet.
This was just from traffic exchanges and banner systems, and email lists, some from the funds donated and
some from my own pocket.

I would like to do that times 10 within the next 2 months. So if you can help with that expense here is the link
for our PayPal account.
Feel free to use these ads on your own website if you have one. The ads are here:

You should make the link where the visitor is sent when they click the ad:

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