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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Why the Military Can't Afford to Wait

 By Anna Von Reitz

Quite simply, they are being lied to and mis-advised by the very attorneys that are at the heart of this horrific, scandalous, criminal empire which functions under color of law--- not law.
The theory that the military has swallowed hook-line-and-sinker is that they can't arrest Joe Biden for treason until he takes a military Oath of Office and so, subjects himself to military law.
That is Bushwah with a capital "B". All Municipal citizens of the United States are residents of the District of Columbia and are subject to its law. No need to wait and no excuses accepted.
Once Biden takes the Oath of Office, he becomes the President and Commander-in-Chief, and instead of being able to arrest the rat, the military's hands will be neatly tied and they will have the "excuse" --- again, that they can't act against their Commander-in-Chief.
But they are acting against their Commander-in-Chief right now and spinning a lot of Bull-Pucky trying to excuse their inexcusable inaction, just as they have done for the last 81 years, when the indecent collusion between the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. began back in 1937.
Wiping their hands of their duty to the States and People of this country and covering their own rumps is what this "plan" to let Joe Biden take the Oath of Office is all about.
If the Joint Chiefs knew anything at all about law, constitutional, military or otherwise, if they were being honestly and properly advised, they would know that treason and High Crimes committed by any Municipal citizen of the United States at any time is cause for that citizen's immediate arrest. Allowing Joe Biden or anyone else "elected" via fraud is a crime. Allowing Joe Biden to sell his office to China is a crime. Allowing Joe Biden to extort money from anyone, including foreign governments, is a crime.
These are all crimes that the Joint Chiefs will be guilty of as accomplices and they will be guilty of a great deal more if they sit on their flat little rumps and promote any such scheme to allow Biden to take any Oath of Office pertaining to this country, our people, our purloined assets, or any position of trust, ever.
All that allowing Biden near the podium will do is provide the perpetrator with the protection of official immunity except by impeachment by the endlessly corrupt "Congress" --- which amounts to utter dereliction of duty and madness on the part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
You don't throw Brer Rabbit into the Briar Patch and you don't let crooks take Oaths of Presidential Offices subject only to impeachment by members of a criminal "Congress".
You don't tip-toe around and make excuses and try to dodge your absolute and sworn obligation to protect this country and its people from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Joe Biden is a domestic criminal called a "denizen of Washington, DC" inhabiting the District of Columbia. He is self-admittedly guilty and his confession is on video tape.
Joe Biden has broken international law dozens of times, betrayed the Constitution innumerable times, and done nothing but play the "nice guy" without actually being one for forty years in a Congress that is misrepresenting its nature and authority and is guilty of all the same crimes that he has indulged in.
The most glaring crime being committed by all these "persons" is Breach of Trust and criminal violation of their commercial contracts.
If the Joint Chiefs and their "plan" is any indication of what the American States and People are depending upon, it's best to fact the facts right now: the military is as corrupt as the Congress and they are continuing to work hand-in-glove to evade their obligations to the Constitutions and to the American States and People, to the Military Code of Justice, to the Hague and Geneva Conventions, and to decency itself.

They are doing nothing whatsoever but to cover their own butts, make excuses, and lie through their teeth--- and they all deserve to be court-martialed.


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Two documents signed yesterday and today by President Trump

Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Access to Twitter, Facebook to Customers Who Request It

Situation Update, Jan. 12, 2021 – Sources FRACTURE on outcome: Is Trump winning at unconventional warfare?

(Natural News) The CIA clowns who spread deliberate disinformation across the ‘net are doing an outstanding job of pushing noise and confusion. As a result, my sources are have now fractured into split realities, where in one reality Trump has given up and surrendered while in another reality Trump is about to achieve a decisive victory and astonish the world.

In today’s podcast, I discuss both arguments for what’s happening now, and I lay out details on how the US Secret Service tried to set up Alex Jones to be arrested on terrorism charges in D.C.

Most importantly, I discuss whether the troop expansion in DC is actually part of an unconventional warfare strategy being carried out by President Trump and Chris Miller, the Secretary of Defense. If Biden isn’t inaugurated on the 20th, the radical Left will stage an attempted color revolution siege of Washington D.C., but thanks to these maneuvers by Trump and Miller, there are 15,000 troops in place with the support of the Democrats and the media. Perhaps they are being played and don’t yet realize it.

Here are the two documents mentioned in the podcast:

President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration

Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies

Here’s what else I cover in today’s podcast:

  • The FBI is planning to run false flag operations at state capitol buildings in order to further demonize conservatives and set the stage for nationwide gun confiscation.
  • The real story of how US Secret Service tried to set up Alex Jones to be charged with terrorism on Jan 6th. But they failed and Jones averted the trap. (This is based in part on my private phone call with Alex Jones yesterday.)
  • There has been a coup in America, carried out by the globalists, the deep state and the CCP.
  • My sources are now fractured, with some saying Trump has surrendered and others saying Trump will achieve a decisive victory.
  • The bad news sources say everyone around Trump is refusing to follow orders for fear they will be charged with treason.
  • The good news sources say Trump is still maneuvering for a decisive counterinsurgency attack against the coup plotters and deep state traitors.
  • Chris Miller of the DoD signed the order for 15,000 National Guard troops to be mobilized into the DC area.
  • Importantly, when Trump announces the Insurrection Act, all National Guard troops are federalized under Trump.
  • Note: We still believe Trump has already invoked the Insurrection Act, but this has not yet been made public.
  • Sources say Democrats and left-wing media were tricked into supporting a massive build-up of troops in DC because they mistakenly think those troops will protect Biden. In reality, they say, Trump will command them.
  • Most National Guard troops are loyal to Trump and despise Biden.
  • The Jan 6th “siege” theater at the capitol was necessary to acquire Pelosi’s laptop and also trick the Left into supporting a massive troop buildup in DC.
  • The troops are necessary to protect Trump from the “color revolution” attempt of the radical Left, which will activate the moment they see Biden not getting inaugurated.
  • No outcome is certain. There are two paths, and many traitors still inside the Trump administration. Trump’s own plans may be thwarted at the last minute.
  • Discussion of consciousness, God, divinity and the role of suffering for the journey of self-discovery.
  • Why the real war is beyond the 3D realm and exists in the realm of spirituality and consciousness.
  • Is humanity ready to move to a higher state of existence, paired with self-responsibility? Or will we stay stuck in the “infant” stage of fighting and suffering?

The Federation and the Federal Republic

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been called an "obstructionist" by those seeking to resurrect the long-vanished Federal Republic. I earned that moniker, because I had the temerity to point out an obvious truth.
The reason that the Federal Republic isn't in operation is because the Confederation of States is not in operation.
Now that people know what The Federation is, they can more readily grasp what a Confederation is.
The States are Members of The Federation of States, but the States are not always in Session.
There is and always was a need to fill the gap and to have a business organization to provide what we today all recognize as "governmental services" whether the States were in Session or not.
Enter the "States of States". Enter the Confederation of these States of States.
Florida created The State of Florida.
Maine created The State of Maine.... and so on.
Florida is a Member of The Federation.
The State of Florida was a Member of The Confederation.
This simple system of governmental responsibility and administration of services went ballywhump during and after the Civil War.
When the South withdrew the participation of their States of States in The Confederation, The Confederation ceased to operate. All powers delegated to it returned to The Federation, and there they have remained pending "reconstruction", which has still to be done.
One of the jobs of The Confederation was to direct and administer and provide oversight for the Federal Republic --- the American Subcontractor established by the Federal Constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America.
You can see now how with The Confederation out of commission, it was also impossible to operate the Federal Republic.
The middle, the very guts of the operational portion of the American Government, both The Confederation and the Federal Republic, were torn asunder --- and thanks to a great many semantic deceits and sins of omission by self-interested European Subcontractors --- neither The Confederation nor the Federal Republic were reconstructed.
We've been operating a six cylinder engine on four cylinders for the past 150 years.
When I observed these facts in certain military circles I was met with howls of consternation; the Generals thought that they could simply resurrect and operate the Federal Republic and had not begun to contemplate the actual depth of the problem.
To resurrect the Federal Republic ultimately requires reconstruction of The Confederation which in turn requires The Federation to call the actual States into Session and for the States to take action.... it is a "sequential vortex", to borrow Pat McManus's description, wherein reconstructing one broken cylinder requires first fixing another, and that in turn requires a transmission job.
Needless to say, the Generals were not happy with me for bringing this up and a considerable effort was made to poo-pooh me and everything I said, but ultimately to no avail, because the facts are the facts. They couldn't just resurrect the Federal Republic by fiat.
However, The Federation can.
As the Delegator of all powers that The Confederation ever had, and also the source of all powers that the Federal Republic ever possessed, The Federation is in position to resurrect the Federal Republic and oversee its operations and delegate its powers to it, directly.
The Federation doesn't have to reconstruct The Confederation to do its work. We are quite competent to mow our own lawn when we need to and for as long as we need to do so.
Take home message: via the superior instrumentality of The Federation of States, the American States and People can reboot the Federal Republic, with or without reconstructing The Confederation first.
The Generals assumed that it would take years to reconstruct The Confederation and more years to reconstruct the Federal Republic after that. No wonder they were moaning and groaning and calling me an Obstructionist.
But no, The Federation can kick the Federal Republic into gear right now--- lawfully, legally, and with no permission from anyone. This is how we can bypass the whole conundrum of Reconstruction, keep the Federal Government operating no matter what the two incorporated foreign Subcontractors do, and all while we continue to work on the Reconstruction of The Confederation.

We'll have Old Bessie back up and running on six cylinders again. Heck, we might even drop in a V-8....


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The Federation

 By Anna Von Reitz

[This started out as an explanation for Coordinators and has been slightly edited and improved upon for general distribution; many people continue to be confused and think that The Federation is the Federal Government, when in fact, the Federal Government is named after The Federation....]

The Federation of States was created very early on— September 1776— as a means for the States to act together as one body in international and global jurisdictions.  

The Federation has no national level powers at all and is not in itself a sovereign body.  

The Federation is an agency of the States representing the sovereign bodies of the States of the Union in the foreign international and global jurisdictions.  In terms of business structure, the Federation is an unincorporated Holding Company.  What it "holds" are the international and global powers that each of the States vouchsafed to it for their mutual defense and protection. 

The Federation is like a bank that holds all the delegated powers of the States, and is then, the Delegator of all powers subsequently delegated to the Confederation, and which is also responsible for the later delegations of Powers made under the Constitutions. 

When any of the Subcontractors or even the Confederation are unable to function, all those powers delegated to them return automatically by Operation of Law to The Federation that made the delegation of power in the first place.

In order to operate in international and global business realms The Federation had to operate under a recognized sovereign — which is a problem because we were getting rid of sovereigns and because each individual State could not be recognized as a sovereign in international jurisdiction and still have the advantage of mutually shared powers. To get past this obstacle the Founders used the sovereign status of William Belcher, a patriot from Connecticut, who later served as a Colonel in the Continental Army.

Though his family acquired sovereignty in England as a result of the Norman Conquest, William Belcher, like his own forefathers, believed that people should learn to be self-governing. 

The Great Seals of both the United States and the United States of America are part of the Belcher Coat of Arms Array. 

As a result, William Belcher and his progeny became yet another safeguard for the new American Government, and the hereditary Office of Head of State passes down to them because “every ship that sails” sails under the Great Seals, meaning all corporations as well as all ships and all commerce taking place worldwide by American “vessels”. 

The rats have colluded to escape their obligations owed The Federation and the American States and People by attempting to “redefine” us all as non-American Commonwealth entities—- and they have contrived to unlawfully convert everything and everyone by a process of False Registration. 

That is the topic and issue that we address with the Declarations and other paperwork. 

Following the Civil War, the Belcher Family was literally hunted and murdered and slandered by British and Papist interests bent on setting the current system up. They were forced to flee from the East Coast to the West Coast, which was then still a distant frontier.  The Great Seals were stolen and were last seen in the possession of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. 

However, possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

The Belchers are still the Protectors of The Federation on the sea and in the air.

The members of The Federation are the States of the Union— and your State Assemblies are the embodiment of your States when in Session.  

Thus, the Belchers act to protect the interests of the States and People and keep The Federation alive (howbeit with a skeleton crew) when the States are not in Session and they have summoned the States to Assemble and take care of business and deal with The Mess.   

It is important to note that "Belcher" is an Anglicized version of "Belle Cher" -- the family is Norman French, not British, and "Belle Cher" is a clan name like "McDonald"---- so it is proper to think and speak of the Belle Chers as a clan, and not just a clan chieftain.  

The actual Members of the Federation are the States represented by State Assemblies. The Federation continues to hold the Mutual Powers of all the States.  

The people gathered to run The Federation’s Administration come from all over the country and are all volunteers serving at their own risk; some are related to the Belle Chers, but many are not.   Many are simply Americans who came to help once the banner had been raised. 

Our functions have been dictated to date by past-practice and necessity— all of which are practical matters, such as locating assets that belong to the States and People, which have been purloined by the Federal Subcontractors, and putting an end to the Great Fraud.

In doing so we all act under The Prudent Man Fiduciary Standard—- meaning that we administer all affairs of State with the same standard we would exercise as if the assets and resources belonged to us in a private capacity.  We use carriage accounting, not "double accrual" accounting.  We use the calendar year, not the Federal Fiscal Year. 

As the State Assemblies grow and people get up to speed they will participate as active Members of The Federation through their International Business Assembly populated by their State Citizens.  

At the present time two non-administrative issues have arisen and the State Assemblies have been polled by Roll Call Vote to enroll the States formed since 1860 and now, they are being polled again to establish a Public Law banning the use of patents to establish ownership claims on living people who have received patented DNA or RNA or nano-products via vaccinations and other means.  

This is being done to forestall claims that people vaccinated with patented genetic materials or related nano-products are converted into GMOs—- Genetically Modified Organisms— that may be owned as products under current laws. 

In other words, we need to close the loopholes that Bill Gates and others are trying to use to enslave and impose commercial ownership claims on living people, and the States and their Federation have the power to do this.  

And once that is done, we, The Federation and our Member States, will consider the issue of punishment for corporations that plot such crimes against humanity in the future. 

These issues are being addressed directly by Roll Call Votes instead of in any Congress because a Congress costs money and creates a target and frankly, judging by the questions we are being asked, people are ready to consider pros and cons of individual issues but are not yet ready to rightly interpret the verbiage of international affairs and take on the responsibilities involved— which will be a learning process. 

People don’t come into this world knowing how to self-govern.  When they propose to do so, as we have, we are immediately thrown into a snake pit of entrenched international and corporate interests that have no reason to welcome us, and a great many reasons to undermine us—-especially now, because they all owe us money. 

It is crucial for us to know who we are, know our standing, know our history, know what we are contractually owed, know who owes what to us, and stand together. 

So long as we know the above, and stay in our own lane, we have an unobstructed pathway forward and can proceed without fear or trepidation.  We are the Employers. They are the Employees. And that is all there is to that. 

Meantime, we have to educate a great many people — not only in this country, but worldwide.  The Public Law has not been enforced for two generations.  Our law schools no longer teach it because it has fallen into disuse. The Public Law fell into disuse because living people have been fraudulently “registered and redefined” as "persons" that cannot invoke the Public Law. 

This vast illegal, unlawful, and immoral scheme has been planned and executed by agents of the Holy Roman Empire and the Lord Mayor of London's Westminster Government---- all under color of law, protestations of "emergencies" that don't exist, and conditions of constructive fraud. 

As we declare our correct political status, we come back under the Public Law and under the protections of the Constitutions— much to the consternation of those who have preyed upon and cheated us and impersonated us. 

Perhaps worse from their point of view, they are exposed as the crooks and faithless men they are. 

I hope this answers your questions and feel free to share with all State Coordinators and anyone else who cares to ask.

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Smoke and Mirrors

 By Anna Von Reitz

We've all heard the expression "smoke and mirrors" and I trust everyone has a grasp on what we mean by that --- we are talking about magician tricks, ways to obscure what is real versus unreal, means to distract in order to deceive and to create illusions.  

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep mentally and emotionally buttoned down and our Shinola Sensors on "High".  

Think back to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  Didn't  those movies seem real within the context of their drama, even though in some corner of your brain you are perfectly aware that Wookies and Hobbits don't exist?

With all the technology now available, it's easy to not only create what doesn't exist, but to misrepresent what does exist.   It's easy to create photographic and sound images of actual people doing and saying things that they never said and never did.  

"Voice capture" technology can synthesize what sounds like your voice saying any number of things you never said. "Visual capture" technology can take photographic images of you and have you apparently doing handsprings, or whatever else the video techs want "you" to do. 

All the folks in Hollywood have worked themselves out of a job.  With voice and video capture they can have a young Goldie Hawn doing whatever they like on film; the actress is rendered superfluous.  She doesn't have to be present or know a thing about what her "image" is doing or saying on film. 

Via this technology, they can resurrect the dead.  John Wayne can star in a dozen new westerns and Red Skelton and John Belushi can do endless new comedy routines.  Of course, it won't be their creative genius saying, "Wait a minute, Pilgrim...."  or presenting a new comedic character.  

It will be an image of their image, manipulated by videographers and sound technicians working behind the scenes, deciding what "John Wayne" says and does next.  

They can apply the same technology to anyone.  Just get enough film of the "subject" meandering about in their daily lives, and record enough material of their voices, and the video wizards can make it appear that you, Joe Plunkett, neighborhood HVAC Technician, stood on top of the Great Pyramid at Giza and stripped naked to the stars. 

We are bringing this forward to create public awareness of this technology -- its uses and potential abuses.  

In the Middle Ages people were warned not to believe everything they heard, and Edgar Allen Poe is credited with the modern version, "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see."---- but now, Hollywood forces us to take it a step beyond that.  

Don't unquestioningly believe anything you see or hear. 

The video wizards can and do make convincing 3-D images that appear to be actual people. The world recently saw an example of this with the now-famous disappearance of Pope Francis; one moment he appeared to be speaking to the crowd, then the 3-D hologram disappeared, right on camera.  The data feed was interrupted. 

If they can create a convincing "Pope" to address a crowd of people in Rome, they can create any number of less savory images and actions, too.  Photographic evidence is no longer to be taken as binding truth; it may in fact be art, or parody, or visual False Witness of a most damning kind. 

And all without the necessity of any participation by the living man or woman being "pictured" --- or framed. 

It opens up a whole new realm of blackmail possibilities, without the necessity of convincing the subject to do anything wrong.  

All that is needed is a sufficiently sophisticated video and sound production facility, and you can have Vladimir Putin raping little boys, or whatever other horrendous things that twisted minds and hearts can visualize. 

There are, of course, ways to deconstruct such productions and identify what is real and what is fake, but that requires skills and equipment far beyond the capability of the naked eye.  

To us, these concocted images appear as real as Chewbacca. 

The same technology can be used to simulate "miraculous" appearances.  You could be visited by Saints or the Virgin Mary or Jesus just as easily as you could be visited by MasterYoda or Godzilla or Baphomet. 

If you are unaware that this technology exists, you would probably unquestioningly accept the reality of your direct experience, wouldn't you?  
You saw it and heard it, right?   So spread the word and be aware. 

It's time to realize how very limited and how easily manipulated our sensory array really is.  And turn your Shinola Sensors on "High".  


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Open your businesses now


Simon Parkes Posted 14 minutes ago that Trump will address the nation today from the Alamo.

 Trump To Address The Nation

Military Units Moving In.

Full combat US military units move into place - Under the cover of darkness...

Trump Makes First On-Camera Appearance In Days; Watch NOW Before Big Tech Removes The Video

Simon Parkes - January 11th and 12th updates. Conversations with Q

11th January Third Update. Conversation with Q

12th January Update. Who is Q

Situation Update, Jan 11th, 2021 – The final looting of the American empire is now under way

(Natural News) As the future of the world balances on a knife’s edge, Americans wait to see whether President Trump will invoke decisive action to defend the republic against treasonous criminals who rigged the elections (and censored all Trump supporters).

Today’s Situation Update for January 11th covers the most important developing topics:

  • Why the American empire is finished, regardless of who is in power after January 20th.
  • Why I believe the Insurrection Act has been invoked, but military generals are refusing to carry it out, rendering it null and void.
  • Pentagon leaders want war with China, and they want Bitcoin payouts. Everybody has to be bribed now. Almost no one acts out of morality or duty. This is the “final looting” of the American empire.
  • Military assets are being moved right now in CONUS.
  • More tweets from Lin Wood, and defending Lin Wood from false accusations.
  • Why the Left desperately wants a civil war so they can activate the military to be deployed against America’s patriots.
  • Sec. of State Mike Pompeo just ended America’s recognition of China’s “one China” policy that excluded Taiwan. America is now opening the door to recognizing Taiwan.
  • This may be part of an effort to invite China to attack the US military or Taiwan, as a pathway to engaging China in a regional war, which is the desire of the military commanders and Pentagon bureaucrats.
  • They may not be wrong in concluding that China needs to be countered right now, before they build more aircraft carrier strike groups and extend power all around the globe.
  • Rep. Devin Nunes calls for criminal prosecutions of Big Tech CEOs for their systematic censorship of conservative viewpoints.
  • We call for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to immediately SEIZE the domain names of Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and all tech companies now censoring conservatives. Seize the domains, criminally charge all the CEOs with racketeering and conspiracy.
  • How state AGs can block Amazon or other tech giants from conducting business in their states. How states can also fine Big Tech for censorship activities.
  • How covid vaccines are already being used to mass murder nursing home residents in Auburn, New York.
  • The covid bioweapons and vaccine agenda to depopulate the planet and kill billions of human beings.

One Freedom Rally Speaker on January 6th, 2021

Dr. David Martin standing in front of the Senate Office Building as he lists the felony crimes perpetrated against the American people by Dr. Anothony Fauci, Dr. Robert Redfield, and Alex M. Azar: