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Thursday, February 28, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 42 The United States Raj

By Anna Von Reitz

Many of the people reading this can remember film clips of Mahatma Gandhi and news reels being shown of the massive population-wide but largely peaceful demonstrations taking place in India in the late 1940's against the British "Raj".

The whole point was to free the Indian Subcontinent from British rule and oppression that began in the 1860's and to restore self-government to India.

How ironic. 

The British did the same thing here and at the same time, the 1860's, but they could use deceit to get away with it here, because they had many Tory sycophants ready to willingly subject themselves to the Queen, and even more clueless wonders ready to do anything for a paycheck, and most of all because they could pass themselves and their flunkies off as "Americans" --its a lot harder for a Brit to pretend to be a native of Calcutta than it is to say he's from Maine.

The historical evidence of a worldwide coup in the 1860's that secretly restored a British military hegemony in America and which accomplished the same basic aims using the same basic means in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, and England herself, is incontrovertible and it all stems from Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria, and their completely cynical and non-disclosed contractual "enfranchisement" of the working classes in all these countries.

The end result is the equivalent military "Raj" ruling the United States has endured for over 70 years longer than the Raj in India, with most people being none the wiser.  Until now.

The British Territorial Military Government usurped upon us beginning in 1863, at the about the same time (a little after in some steps and a little earlier for others) that Disraeli and Queen Victoria were enfranchising British workers and taking over India.  They basically enslaved and "hypothecated debt" against all of us to raise the capital to enslave India. 

So as we were sitting there as good little British and American and Aussie and Canadian Schoolchildren being fed propaganda daily, and as the world was cheering the more or less peaceful separation of Pakistan from India and then cheering the people of India for facing down the pitiless Raj and showing them up for the brutal thugs they really were ---- little did we know, that our very own beloved "US Military" was cut from nearly the same cloth. 

Perhaps the native Christian ethics and the honesty of the Heartland served to somewhat moderate the brutality of the so-called "American Military" which hasn't been "American" since the 1860's, but we made up with clueless stupidity and brute strength what we lacked in guile and sophistication. 

Through two World Wars we served our British Masters to our own detriment and this is the thanks that we have received --- the complete undermining of our Government, our school system, our monetary system, our morals, and our property rights.  And now we stand threatened by our own employees. 

Both Obama and Trump have armed the Alphabet Soup Civilian Agencies belonging to the Holy Roman Empire Municipal Government to the teeth in preparation for the precipitation of another Civil War that the Benelux and French banking interests plan to unleash against the British-led Banksters on our soil. 

Both sides are as nasty and dirty as two Nazis in a sun bed.

We are supposed to be sucked into this planned conflagration which is meant to blossom into yet another "final" World War against "Evil", but the fact is that both sides are evil and there are no winners. 

Before it comes to that, let's expose the situation and decline to host any such war on our soil.  It was bad enough during the similar mercenary conflict known as the Civil War.  No repeats welcome nor necessary. 

We will paddle our own boats, reconstruct our own Federal States of States, and provide our own services.  Thank you, very much. 

It is this Third Path that beckons us, to restore our country and our lawful and actual Government by peaceful means, and which also calls on the conscience of the whole world, so that these venal men who have enslaved and murdered our people, cheated and defrauded entire generations, and misrepresented America to the rest of the world, can be seen for what they are and what they do.  Let the fruits be exposed and speak for themselves.

As Jural Assembly members and lawful American State Citizens, it is long overdue for us to take our employees in hand and put an end to the so-called Reconstruction, and also put an end to the self-serving lie that our Government is in any kind of "abeyance", and finally, to totally reform the United States Raj.

For the last several months we have been inundated with commercial corporations operating on our shores under deceitful, duplicitous names designed to fool people regarding their true identities, natures, and intents.
We have "The Republic of the United States of America" and "The Republic for the united States of America" and "The Republic" and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA---(INC.) and "The United States, Inc." and you name it, we have it.

There's a virtual smorgasbord of dishonest commercial corporations offering their services and pretending to be us, but the fact remains that our actual Government operates under exactly three Proper Names styled like this:

(1) The United States
(2) The United States of America
(3) the States of America

And nothing else. 

Similarly, there is a plague of other lesser franchise corporations trying to pull the same wool over our States of the Union and to impersonate them for the purpose of securing control of our assets for their benefit and abuse. 

We've had "ALABAMA" and "AL" and "ALASKA" and "AK" and all sorts of variations on these themes and what it all comes down to is this --- they are fakes.  Not our States.  Not our People. 

Whatever else they are, they are not us, and many of them have unsavory associations with the same fraud artists and organizations which have defrauded and abused us for decades, including The United States Raj.

Forewarned is forewarned.  Everyone can now see what is going on and the urgency with which a restoration of our lawful Government of, for, and by the People of this country is sought. Let every good man and woman from every corner of the globe do all that they can in support, by thought, by word, by prayer, and by deed. 

Both the British Hegemony and the Holy Roman Empire Atrocities have had their day.  It's time for different answers and we must find them. 

Nobody can do for us what we need to do for ourselves, which is simply to update and restore our own government under our own power, acting in our own proper capacity as Lawful Persons and as American State Citizens---but just as we cheered the People of India three-quarters of a century ago, the public opinion of the world must be turned against the British Interlopers and the HRE with equal force.   

We have experienced first-hand their guile and mistreatment for 150 years. It's time for America and the rest of the world to be truly free and assembling our States is a first and most important requirement.   


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How To Use Your Paperwork

By Anna Von Reitz

The best paperwork in the world won't help you if you don't know how to use it, so yes, you need to think about it beyond just recording it.

Reason and Logic:

The reason you create and develop the paperwork in the first place, is to use it as superior evidence of who you are (a Lawful Person) and the capacity in which you are acting (peaceful American State civilian).

The British Territorial Army (aka United States Raj)  has deemed it expedient to misidentify everyone as enemy combatants until proven otherwise. 

The two sides in this ugly 150 year-old fantasy "war" are the British Territorial Government operating a Territorial State of State, like the State of Wisconsin, and the Municipal United States Government operating a Municipal State of State like the STATE OF WISCONSIN.

So the Army has their Undeclared Foreign Agents (doctors and nurses illegally conscripted under the old Federal Title 37 as "Uniformed Officers")  at the hospitals identify all newborn babies as "lost on the battlefield" and then "presumes" the newborns are wards of their Territorial States of States, and then the cretins ship your data off to have you arbitrarily defined and registered as a Municipal "Enemy Combatant" so that the Army can come back in and pillage your ESTATE, etc., under the guise of you being an "Enemy" and all this absolute crap is being promoted from both sides of this farce.

So, they have "evidence" that you are both a Territorial Pauper, a Ward of the State of State, and more "evidence" that you are a Municipal Citizen, a "US CITIZEN", which makes you a "presumed" Enemy Combatant, already a criminal under their unauthorized 14th Amendment and a slave because you are a criminal. 

Oh, my, haven't they all been busy making up lies and processes to defraud and rob the people they are supposed to be protecting and serving?

So now that you know what these vermin have been perpetuating against innocent people, and how they have been doing it, isn't it time to answer back? 

Yes, so, they have issued a "Birth Certificate" in your NAME, and this serves as evidence for them, but it can also serve as evidence for you.  It's a two-edged sword.

You are going to get a few Certified Copies of the BC and put them in a file. Along with that, you are going to obtain two affirmed and Notarized Witness Testimonies from people having first hand knowledge of who you are (friends, family, classmates, long time employers, co-workers, etc.) and where and when you were born, clearly identifying a picture of you as "the" one who was born at such and such a time and place to such parents. 

This establishes who you are and connects your physical body to the name, so that your living Lawful Personhood can be established.  Notice that you have a birthday, but the THING they created when they registered you as property belonging to their corporation has a birth date, which is the file date when this bogus PERSON was created.  Two separate days, two separate persons.

The additional pieces of paper --- the Deed of Re-Conveyance officially removing your Trade Name from the international jurisdiction of the sea and placing it back on the Land, the revocation of all prior Powers of Attorney, the Expatriation from Territorial and Municipal Citizenship, the Certificate of Assumed Name(s) -- all serve to transport you back to Lawful Person status and put you firmly back on the land and soil of an American State and seize control of your identity and your assets. 

All this recorded evidence now stands against their evidence and is superior, because yours is more recent, more credible, and more complete.

So now you've got a problem.  Your neighbor is suing you for an easement. The inquisitors are harassing you over "federal" income taxes and you don't have any federal income.  Your wife wants a divorce.  Some goon from social services is trying to steal your kids for the sex market.

What do you do? 

All of these courts--- absolutely all of them--- are nothing but For Hire entities having no official office or capacity related to American State Citizens. 

As American State Citizens and Lawful Persons you are outside their jurisdiction by about a thousand miles 90% of the time--- but you have to know that and you have to bring that forward.


First, you can often avoid the conventional court schtick altogether.  Go to court, stand up without entering the Bar, (the railing between the onlookers and the court per se) when your name is called and say, "I am visiting the Court as a Lawful Person to request arbitration." If this provokes a response from the Judge, simply shrug and say, "I have been misaddressed by the Prosecuting Attorney, your Honor, and request arbitration."

Your chances of presenting your ownership interests according to a normal course of business are much better in arbitration and if you have done your homework, your chances of getting a private arbitration service to agree with your position --- if you can explain it adequately (which is covered below) --- are also much better.  But be aware that arbitration is not for criminal matters and that results are generally speaking binding and non-appealable for both parties.

The words "Lawful Person" "visiting" and "misaddressed" are all red flags for the Judge, who is most likely going to expedite your speedy exit from his courtroom.

Second line of defense, when faced with criminal charges or unavoidable confrontation in their arena:

1. The Judge is not your enemy. The Judge is the Referee.  He makes his money off of judgements so he will be delighted if he can nail someone and he really doesn't care who.

2. The ones you want to torpedo and/or discourage are the Prosecuting Attorney and the District Attorney who is responsible for the Prosecuting Attorney.

3.  All these guys are racketeering on our shores and really don't have a leg to stand on, so they are probably more afraid of you than you are of them.

4. You can prepare your demonstration in advance and have your evidence ready to go, so get yourself several copies of everything, keep one Master File Copy, put one additional copy of your Master File somewhere else safe, and the rest of your copies are then available for presentations.

5. You don't need to present an Authenticated Birth Certificate and you never need to record a Birth Certificate.  You just need a Certified BC to present to the District Attorney. Along with that, you bring either original or recorded copies of a set of two Witness Testimonies done before a Public Notary under penalty of perjury and from without the United States affirming that you (photo embedded in the page) are to their first-hand knowledge "the" man or woman whose actual physical birth event occurred in Flat Rump, Texas, July 4, 1946-- or whatever your details are, of course.

6. These three documents establish who you are, where and when you were born, and your physical presence leaves no doubt that you are alive. 

7. You set the DA or Assistant DA down and look them in the eye and you plunk that BC down on the desk and you say, "I am not presenting this for any purpose of identification."  That is lawyer-speak for "I am here for payment and exemption." On top of the BC, you lay down the Witness Testimonies.

8. Then you say, "I am a Lawful Person, an American State Citizen, and I have been misaddressed by Peter K. Lipsalot, Esquire, an attorney in your Territorial State of State District.  He has sent unsolicited mail misaddressed to a foreign PERSON to me."   You plunk down whatever summons or other paperwork has been sent to you or delivered to your door.

9. Then you say, "I want this clearly understood. I am a Lawful Person standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of this State. I am not a resident of any State of State.  I also want it understood that I have not volunteered for any Territorial or Municipal citizenship or duty and that I claim my exemption from such duty effective with my actual birthday.  I have placed Notice in your Public Record and I fail to see why Peter K. Lipsalot, Esquire, is being allowed to misaddress me in this manner."

10.  "Any unauthorized Municipal PERSON represented by this NAME has been returned to the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary and his Successors have been named the Fiduciaries responsible for this ACCOUNT. Now, I have not made any charges against this ACCOUNT and I have not authorized Mr. Peter K. Lipsalot, Esquire, to make any charges, either.  Now, surely, this is all a Big Mistake and Misunderstanding." Plunk down a black and white copy of your Form 56 and mailing receipts.

11. "Because as there is light in the day, I am not dead in any sense of the word. Now, I know, that you are operating under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act and I know all about the Lieber Code and I know and can prove for a fact that I am a peaceful Third Party non-combatant who is owed the Law of Peace and I refer you, Sir, to AR27-1-161 so that you can see in military terms exactly what kind of law and exemptions and reparations I am owed.  And I see no evidence of any valid contract, no authority to address me, and no jurisdiction of the court related to me.

I want this whole matter cleared up and cleaned out, and I wish for my Lawful Person and all my assets to be fully exonerated and exempted -- with prejudice foreclosing any further contact or court action presuming against me and my material interests. If Peter K. Lipsalot wishes to continue his attack after you have explained that I am a Lawful Person, not a Legal Person, he can take it up with the Secretary of the Treasury. "

12. Be just as nice as the flowers in May, folks.  You can afford to be.  Put a business card with an "in care of" address for the return of the paperwork, and just walk out. They have a performance obligation to you six miles wide. Make them perform.   

Now all this takes chutzpah, initiative, pre-planning, and practice. You can't just sit around and think that, oh, I know who I am.... and think that everyone else is just going to know who you are. 

That DA's job is to fleece any and all "enemy combatants" in a non-existent 150 year-old "war" clean.  He's going to see you as an "enemy combatant" if you leave him an inch and a phooftee in the wind.

Once you really start thinking about this, you will realize that there isn't much out there proving that you even exist, much less any record of your political status and capacity--- and what there is, is wrong.  That makes you a sitting duck for these racketeers. 

Our own dear Generals and Admirals of the US Navy set it up this way with malice aforethought while they were playing with their toys and drawing their pay. 

That factoid along with a clear view of what these renegade employees have been doing,  should jerk you awake and get you up on your feet. The sooner the better.

Once you have your own records established and polished and you have your Superior Evidence nailed down, join your State Assembly. 

I thought that starting with the State Jural Assemblies would be a good idea and it still is, but only if you are setting up an actual State Jural Assembly, not a "State of State" Jural Assembly nor any kind of incorporated "STATE" Jural Assembly, which doesn't get the job done and doesn't put an end to this mischief.  

Been there, done that, and too many times.  This time, we are going to settle this hash and if the Brits or the Popes or anyone does anything at all to impede us or harm us, they are going to be fully liable and exposed for all the world to see. 


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Civil is Not Civilian - A Short Explanation of Corporate Feudalism

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people make references to the "civil government" without realizing that the "civil government" is not the civilian government.

"Civil" refers to the Municipal Government --- and ultimately, to the Municipal Government of Rome, "The" City.  Rome is unique in the history of the world and its "Empire of the City" has spanned the centuries in a single leap from 700 BC to the present virtually unaltered in form.  It is still an all-embracing Municipal Government, and this is the form of the "Holy Roman Empire". 

Voltaire once quipped that the Holy Roman Empire was "not holy, not Roman, and not an empire" --- and in part, I wholeheartedly agree; but in another sense, it very much is an empire that has used the Church as a storefront, used Rome as a base of operations, and which now encircles the globe in a python-like grasp of interlocking trust directorates and commercial corporate interests.

When our country was founded a little over two hundred years ago, commercial corporations were somewhat an oddity.  Only a few industries employed commercial corporations, notably shipping and trading companies, banks, fledgling insurance companies, trade guilds (unions),  and government-to-government operations.

There were no stock exchanges. No stock market.  No publicly traded companies. No SEC. No DTTC.  No Corporations Company of America.  No massive insurance funds. No trading in bonds, except sovereign bonds between governments.  The explosive growth in all these areas and the development of all these corporate institutions was fueled by the use of "commercial paper" as a money substitute. 

And that, in turn, was fueled by the spread of the Municipal Government of Rome and the standardization of shipping lanes, postal services, trade policies, post roads, communications systems, expansion of the use of insurance and bottomry bonds in shipping, the advent of pension programs, the proliferation of commercial patent processes under government protection, international copyrights and trademarks also protected by governments, and what has developed into the modern Uniform Commercial Code. 

In a relatively short period of time, "commerce" has exploded onto the world stage and guided by the single-minded demand for profit, has fueled a new brand of Corporate Feudalism, clearly visible in the economic polarizations that commerce has created.

Along with the explosive growth created by institutionalized gambling (insurance, commodities markets, stock exchanges, investment and brokerage houses, investment banking, bond markets, etc. are all forms of institutionalized and increasingly deregulated gambling) came another "push" to bulk up the commercial markets --- the securitization, bonding, and enfranchisement of practically everyone and everything on earth. 

Commerce, by definition, is business conducted between two incorporated entities, and incorporated entities have to be sponsored and chartered by governments or enfranchised by other corporations that are sponsored by governments.  All incorporated entities are "unnatural" and consist of total legal fictions, businesses created by businesses, corporations created by other corporations, and totally cut off from the realm of physical reality.

To funnel this explosive growth and keep the momentum going and to benefit themselves, the promoters of the whole realm of commerce --- the Municipal Government of Rome operated by the Roman Pontiffs -- approved the securitization, bonding, and enfranchisement of living people, and thereby reduced men to things --- commodities to be traded, corporations to be moved about and controlled and held to account like any other corporations, little bricks in the vast edifice that the Civil Municipal Government has been building.

The big problem with the Civil Government is that it is all built on lies of one kind or another, and on enslavement of Mankind by networks of bullies and thieves in nice suits--- which leads inexorably back to the evils of Robber Barons and racketeering "for the king" however "the king" may be defined, and to a brutal new kind of industrialized and computerized Feudalism in which we all serve corporations instead of corporations serving us.

And that is, in part, what we come to address as we gather ourselves together in Faith Communities and Patriot Groups and State Assemblies and wherever living men gather to contemplate the circumstance. 

It is grossly unlawful to securitize living men as commodities and also unlawful to subject them to bondage, yet the perpetrators have sought to get around this by legal chicanery ---kidnapping living men from their natural estate on the land and soil of their respective countries and shanghai-ing us on paper first into the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, and next into the foreign realm of the international Jurisdiction of the Air--- and unlawfully converting our names into the names of corporations. 

This is a crime known as "personage" and it has been rampantly practiced by the governments of the western world since the 1940's, right under the noses of the Popes and Prelates, the Justices and Politicians, the Generals and the Admirals responsible for protecting us.  

We can only conclude that at least a very substantial part of all that comprises world government is criminal in nature, and that the institutional and legal and Public Law safeguards have failed from the Pope, who is supposed to liquidate corporations caught in unlawful activities, on down to local "law enforcement" agencies which have failed to enforce the Public Law. 

Thus, again, the only strength is in public awareness and public action to put things back in order before a few madmen like George Soros create Hell on Earth instead of what is meant to be -- a Heaven on Earth. 

Millions of Americans have to be awakened to the clear and present danger that our own runaway military and federal civilian subcontractors have presented to us and to the rest of the world.

Everyone needs to reclaim their own good name and estate as living people and in this country, that means to "return" from any presumption of "US Citizenship" and also placing one's political status firmly on the Public Records of these private corporations as being American State Nationals and/or American State Citizens. 

All this corporate hanky-panky needs to evaporate like mist on a summer morning. Let this outrageous criminality be nullified as the fraud that it is, and let all the assets be returned free and clear -- as the actual Public Law requires.


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Sovereignty and Why Spain is Ultimately Important

By Anna Von Reitz

In the great scheme of things sovereignty is a key idea that people need to understand.
In truth, only God is sovereign. All the problems we have in this world go straight back to the Book of Samuel.

The confusion arises because we were given free will and people mistake free will for sovereignty.
The two things are not the same, and neither is Man's "sovereignty" anything akin to God's sovereignty.

Admitting that, let's discuss what passes for sovereignty among men.

There is what we call "Lawful Sovereignty" which is what our Forefathers touched upon with the concept of "Natural and Unalienable Rights". These are the "gifts of Nature and of Nature's God", as Thomas Jefferson put it: the exercise of freewill, to be able to think, talk, move about, work, live, and all those other fundamentals we tend to take for granted.

Then there is "Legal Sovereignty" which is what goes on with Monarchies and governments. This is the sort of sovereignty that Saul received, where people arbitrarily make someone "king" over them for whatever reason, and subject themselves to the monarch as their leader.

In this country, the Founders of our Government adopted and espoused Lawful Sovereignty and the concept that Mankind was born free and should remain free to believe and live as we see fit, and so long as we cause no harm, the Government should not interfere with us.

They also found a way for us to enjoy Legal Sovereignty.

That answer came from William the Conqueror and the Norman Barons who overcame the Monarchy in England by force of arms and whose direct descendants enforced the Magna Carta.

Upon his death, William made his senior nobles "sovereigns in their own right" and bequeathed to them perpetual landed interest that could never be sold or ceded.

These men held rank equal to King John and the only difference between them was that King John was responsible for the care of the poor --- via the "commonwealth"--- and the church's holdings in England.

These men who were kings in their own right were not kings in the public, but in the private realm. They owed and their descendants owe no "fealty" to anyone but themselves.

What William Belcher did in acting as Legal Sovereign over the American interests in the international jurisdiction was an exact repeat of what William the Conqueror did when he bequeathed sovereignty to William Belcher's ancestors: he made every American born in this country a free sovereign in their own right.

This is the source of Legal Sovereignty in this country. It goes all the way back to the Norman Conquest. It is because of this that our homes are our castles and we are not born into subjection to any earthly power.

That does not mean that we cannot willingly subject ourselves and that does not mean that other sovereigns will not attempt to subject us, as the British Monarchs have deliberately sought to do in Breach of Trust and under conditions of fraud now to be addressed.

So now that you understand better the concepts of Lawful Sovereignty and Legal Sovereignty and the basis for your claim to both, you are ready to comprehend the importance of Spain, a country and a venerable Monarchy that most Americans seldom think about.

Spain is the Keeper of the bulk of the Holy See's assets-- most of the gold that the Church has is in three Spanish banks.

The Spanish King is the Lord of the Earth in the same way and in the same system as the British King is Lord of the Sea. All the land in America was ultimately granted to us by the Spanish King, all the payments and squabbles and wars notwithstanding it was his to settle ownership interest in the land and soil, which he guaranteed to our ancestors and which remains ours as long as we live and stand as American State Citizens.

This is why the British usurpers have been at such pains to unlawfully convert our political status records to that of "US Citizens" and to thereby quietly eradicate our natural lawful and legal sovereignty so as to subject us to their Queen without a shot being fired.

And also acquire our land and soil assets.

The Spanish King is an honest man. He knows what has gone on here. And he is still Lord of the Earth, in that system of things. He is our natural ally in this argument and bound to defend the Lawful People against the Legal Persons, a role that defends the natural Order of Things and the supremacy of the land and soil in the lives and affairs of men.

But he can only act if we also act in our own favor and exercise our own sovereignty and choose to govern ourselves as American State Nationals and American State Citizens, because it is only in that status and in that capacity that we heirs of our kingdom.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Attempt to Repeat Past History

By Anna Von Reitz

Destry is confirmed a military op shill and so is the whole Michigan General Jural Assembly.  It's NWO.  U.S. and other Foreign Citizens being invited to come run our States of the Union "for" us.  Another attempt to repeat past history. 

First, they substituted British (specifically Scottish) Territorial States of States for our "missing" Federal States of States.

Next, they substituted Roman Catholic Municipal Corporations operating as STATE OF STATES for our still "missing" Federal States of States. 

Now, they are trying to substitute "multi-national" organizations to operate as STATES --- and usurp upon our land and soil jurisdiction. 

Want proof?   Here's the phony UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INCORPORATED) they have set up and here's the names and addresses of the Registered Agents thereof all nicely listed for every phony incorporated "STATE":

Bear in mind that the entire job and purpose of a "Registered Agent" is to serve as a point man who can serve as the contact for a foreign corporation seeking to do business with you.  So here are the Registered Agents for all their phony "STATES" that are foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services". 

And look who these foreign corporations are providing Registered Agent Services for?   "Alaska Resident Agent" and "Alaska Statutory Agent", "California Resident Agent" and "California Statutory Agent"..... et alia.

They are flagrantly, in your face, admitting that they are acting as Registered Agents for Foreign entities called "California Residents" and for Alaska Statutory Entities --- and that means all the corporations formed under "State of State" Statutory Law.

And as if having one set of phony "STATES" wasn't enough, here's the Registered Agent info for 49 out of 50 other phony Municipal Corporation "STATES" -----   and their Registered Agents: UNITED STATES CORPORATION AGENTS, INC.  Some examples. Look in the right hand column for other states.

If these were our "States" they wouldn't need a Registered Agent to do business here. 

If these were our States, they wouldn't need to show their names in All Capital Letters to "silently take Notice" that they are incorporated entities, either. 

If these were our States, they wouldn't be populated by "Residents" just passing through. 

If these were our States, they wouldn't have any foreign-registered franchises operated as "Statutory" entities. 

Destry and Company and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about are trying to do another End Run and get the dumb Americans to buy into their crap and give them control of our country and our credit and our resources AGAIN. 

Only this time, they want the usurpers to be lousy NWO multi-national conglomerates, so that the blame for this fraud can be spread all over the world. 

We have one chance to get this right, folks, and hold the perpetrators feet first to the fire.  We have to get organized and we have to operate in the correct capacity and we have to form our own Federal States of States to replace all these Undeclared Foreign Interlopers.  

They are trying to pull it again--- substitute their foreign States of States for our States of States. 

And there's the proof above, in black and white.


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What's Right, Not Who Is Right - Me and the Military

By Anna Von Reitz

So let's put an end to the stupidity before it starts.

My husband is an Air Force Veteran. Honorably discharged. He's a Life Member of AmVets. I have supported the Paralyzed Veterans of America for more than 20 years and before that I was a card-carrying member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My Father and my Uncle Henry were both in the US Army Air Force during WWII and my Uncle Merton was with Patton's Third Army in Europe. Everyone got the picture?

Field McConnell and I are personal friends, for those of you who have followed the work of Abel Danger or seen the highlights reported on my website. My Executive Officer is a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, also Honorably Discharged.

So, this is the reality. Not a "Vatican Agent". Not a stranger to the U.S. Military. Not an "Enemy" of the U.S. Military.

But I am a fierce voice for reform of the U.S. Military, because it has become infested with PsyOps and "Economic Warfare" and worse other weaponry aimed at us, the American People, they are supposed to defend.

And, they have been running a secretive British Territorial United States Government on our shores since 1863.

It's time for this garbage to stop and for the actual civilian government to be restored. They don't like that, but that's what's coming.

They can't disprove a thing I am saying.

So here you've got Destry Payne and the "National Assembly" --- but they won't tell you (and certainly didn't tell me) what nation they are assembling.

Turns out that it was a NWO nation to be populated by "U.S. Citizens" and people having citizenship obligations to foreign countries like the Netherlands--- like Destry's MO.

If it makes sense to you that foreigners and American's claiming foreign citizenship obligations should be bossing you around on your own soil--- just go ahead and swallow the Cock and Bull stories these guys are trying to sell you.

But before you take the hook.... Look up the Lieber Code and the very first Executive Order, which was issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. And then write yourself a little letter to the Congressional Research Service or the Library of Congress and ask ---- is the Lieber Code still in force?

The U.S. military isn't supposed to have one word to say about our country's land and soil, except to defend it. They are supposed to keep their noses spotlessly clean and not interfere in the functioning of the civilian government.

However, as I exposed recently about the Iraqi Dinar and Zim junk bond operations, our Generals and Admirals have been abusing their positions of trust and power and diddling with the civilian governments of whole countries, ----including ours.

Here are just some of the incorrect ideas that Destry and friends are trying to sell:

1. That you can have Dual Citizenship, both U.S. Citizenship and Netherland Citizenship ---- no American Citizenship at all ---- and have a right to run the American States and dictate what goes on here.

The fact is that our Forefathers demanded that we have ONLY American Citizenship when we operate the actual States of the Union.

The military brass doesn't know that because all they have ever dealt with are Federal States of States, and the Federal entities have always allowed Dual Citizenship.

They are mixing apples with oranges and thinking that we will be stupid enough to do so, too.

2. That the fraud back in 1860 magically nullifies everything that has gone on here. Wrong. We are not liable for the fraud, but the fraud happened and the damage is real.

The British Government---especially the Scottish Government, and the Popes and the Lord Mayors of Westminster --- are the chief parties responsible for the fraud, but the U.S. Military isn't clean in this matter, either.

"Our" Generals and Admirals went along with the fleecing of America and they benefited from it. It was by using legal chicanery to enslave us that they built up the biggest, baddest military machine in the world.

And after World War II, they just kept on going.

They are the reason we have been at almost constant war since the founding of this country. They don't know when enough is enough.

Well, we are calling "Enough!" and they need to hear it. Our States are ours and they are under contract to protect us and our States, not horn in and try to put in their own puppet multinational organizations instead.

3. That the State organizations we, Americans, are organizing are "interim" organizations of some kind. This goes back to the false idea that our government has ever been in any kind of interim or "abeyance" in the first place.

When the Confederate States of States, both North and South, were shut down at the end of the Civil War, the Federal Branch of the Federal Government shut down.

But that's just a small part of the actual American Government and not the most important part of the American Government, either. Those States of States were just service contractors and as history has proven, we could hire any commercial corporation to provide those service.

Oh, dang, my dry cleaner went out of business.

Does that mean that I went out of business? Of course, not.

Our government has been alive and well and paying the bills for 150 years and all this idiot-speak about "interim" governments and "governments in abeyance" is just more fraud, trying to get us to agree to this nonsense and give them an excuse for their bad behavior and Breach of Trust.

So, to all the "Military Experts" out there--- better think long and hard about who you are actually supposed to be serving, and who and what your Generals and Admirals are supposed to be serving.

The American People have finally woke up. We aren't happy. We are taking the necessary steps to reclaim our birthright political status and repopulate our land and soil jurisdiction States --- steps that wouldn't be necessary except for crap that our military endorsed --- and then we are operating the actual civilian government, our States.

Listen up. We are the long-lost Civilian Government. We are your Employers. Despite your best efforts, we have come home again and we are minding our own store from now on. Your duty is to protect and defend us. And that is all your duty is.

Keep your nose out of our business as we peaceably assemble our rightful civilian government. Stand ready to receive new orders from the actual civilian government of this country.


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Use Your Heads

By Anna Von Reitz

Destry has never declared his political status as an American State Citizen and put it on the Public Record. 

Anna has. 

Why would any honest American have any problem declaring their status as an American? 

They wouldn't--- unless they were working for foreign governments. 

And that is the long and short of it. 

Where is there proof that any actual American State ever allowed Dual Citizenship? 

They --Destry and MGJA--are the ones making the claim and promoting the practice. They are the ones that have to "prove" it. 

And they can't-- because our forefathers never allowed Dual Citizenship in any actual State. 

It was common and still is in the Federal Government but never in the jurisdiction of the actual States--- and for obvious reasons. 

Otherwise, we'd have people like Destry Payne, employees and Undeclared Agents for foreign governments coming here and telling the States what to do. 

So. Enough said. 

Anna's records are posted at the Palmer Alaska Recording Office and at the Anchorage, Alaska UCC Office and all over the Internet. She isn't afraid of or hiding from anything.  She's an American. Her whole pedigree is Public Record. 

So why not him? 

If he is really an American and acting as one-- let's see him stand up and expatriate from any other Citizenship. 

If he's so right and trustworthy, let's see credible proof that any actual State EVER allowed Dual Citizenship? 

We say that the Federal entities are the only ones that have ever practiced Dual Citizenship. 

Prove us wrong or shut up and obey the actual Public Law. 


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“Attorney General William Barr will never — EVER — drain the swamp” (Video)

Found Here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Just Confirmed

By Anna Von Reitz

Just confirmed worst fears and suppositions. Destry Payne is a Dual Citizen--- US and Netherlands. 

This means that with respect to the American States and American People and our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America he is serving two (2) Foreign Governments and has nothing to do with us at all. 

Stamp a big NWO on his ID and have nothing more to do with what he is "assembling".  

He is most likely trying to get enough people involved to claim that some kind of credible insurrection against the Territorial Government is going on-- which would then provide the excuse to call in UN "Peacekeeping" forces owned and operated by Soros and the Rothschilds 

I knew that things were not adding up but this is worse than I anticipated. He is now in Alaska and posing a direct threat to me. 

Everyone needs to form up their own State using reliable local people and regroup under their State and our venerable Federation of States, The United States of America. 

Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, California, Montana, Georgia---- these are our actual States in international jurisdiction. 

Only American State Nationals and American State Citizens have any right to operate these States and our States do not allow Dual Citizenship of any kind---much less Citizenship in the Netherlands. 

Let everyone be warned.  


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