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Saturday, July 13, 2024

International Public Notice: Over the Target

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are officially over the target and catching the flak; this past two weeks has seen an unprecedented effort by agencies and quasi-military personnel to promote slander and other harassments aimed at discrediting Federation officers and personnel.  

This is no doubt the result of our view of the activities of our unlawfully converted military and both of their corporate presidential candidates, and our objection to their continued hegemony apart from civilian oversight, and also our direct objection to their plan to substitute a British Territorial "Republic" for the American Republic we are owed. 

We don't pander for the simple reason that there has been more than enough of that.  Plain-speaking and truth is what is required to overcome the criminality that Corporate Feudalism, bankers, dishonest clergy, politicians, and mercenary armies have made of this world. 

We also object to and disapprove of spraying the Earth with incendiary waste products from various industries as chemtrails, exploding shells full of used but still highly radioactive nuclear wastes, promoting outlawed biological and chemical warfare, phony vaccines and pandemics.  

We even object to and protest their loathsome practice of incubating screw worms and broadcasting millions of maggots over countries like Argentina and Panama --- introducing an alien species of flesh and blood eating flies to infect and feed upon domestic livestock and human beings in countries that have traditionally been friends of ours. 

We objected to the insane invasion of Libya for the "crime" of advocating an African Union similar to our own and the use of gold-backed currency among the Union members.  We think it is obvious who the criminals were in this matter, and it wasn't Gaddafi.  

We object to the monopolization of the money transfer system, SWIFT, the imposition of non-negotiable legal tender such as EUROS and FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, and the many instances of failed legalization of regulations and acts of legislation which are criminal in nature and were never remedied by providing access to exemptions, debt swaps, and other means to legalize them. 

Yes, we object to all of this and more.  

We object to the existence of arbitrarily imposed and illegal and criminally misused "State Trusts" which have been used to latch onto American assets and misuse them as Slush Funds for politicians and as collateral for foreign debts --- we especially object to foreign war debts and wars for profit being waged using our people as cheap mercenaries and our assets being used as the collateral funding it and our good names being slandered in the process. 

Yes, we object.  We disapprove.  We protest.  We are not at all pleased with this insane misuse and abuse of our assets by purported "custodians and trustees" we never appointed to these duties, and impositions made upon us based on the completely false idea that we were "absent" or adopting foreign citizenship obligations. 

By what possible "authority" do these corporations continue to carry out actions like these "in the name of" our government?  

These are not acts of war or anything politically motivated; these are acts of genocide both in actuality and on paper, with commercial advantages being sought-- crimes, in other words. 

Even the recent U.S. Supreme Court actions allowing the British Territorial State Trusts to use our gold reserves to mint gold coinage for their own use is a violation of our property rights and contracts; our contracts with the actual States of the Union require that we -- not they -- provide a National Coinage and Currency for the use of all the States. 

They and everyone else in the world can see that we are here and doing our job.  

We have served due process and notice and record of our actions over the course of three decades; we have published our lineage treaties and identified ourselves and recorded and cured and published our claims. There can be no doubt that we are native to America and to our specific States of the Union. And there can be no doubt that any claims otherwise based on undisclosed "registrations" of American babies are unconscionable and illegal and self-interested.  

We have resumed operations in spite of all this British hokum and are in General Assembly in all fifty (50) States of the Union.  

We have taken care of housekeeping, such as  enrolling all the incipient Territorial "States" as States of the Union and completing the process mandated by the Northwest Ordinance.

We have published the first Public Law in decades, outlawing claims by patent holders seeking to enslave people by undisclosed injection of patented mRNA or DNA materials. 

We are here, presenting ourselves.  And their response?  Do they yield as required by their employment contracts to the remaining civilian authority of the actual American Government?

Will they continue to pretend that the "absence" of a lackey organization wielding delegated power somehow overcomes the right of the delegator to exercise their own powers directly?  

Obviously, these men are not reading their contract nor are they listening to their employers, and they have continued to engage in criminal acts, including fraudulently misrepresenting their corporate elections as public elections. 

A recent expose on the website of the Comptroller of the Currency shows their preparations for a "global reset" of currency values without, however, facing the basic questions of ownership, representation, and resources. 

We have reclaimed the assets of the State Trusts and they have been fully informed that the living progeny of the victims whose property was cashiered illegally by the British Territorial Raj are here to collect their birthright assets that our purported custodians socked away "for" us and then taxed us for the use of our own land and our own credit. 

These are the acts and thoughts of criminals engaged in illegal booty and prize salvaging.  These are the acts and thoughts of Executors de Son Tort.  

In Law, there is no excuse for the continued pretenses and obstructions that these foreign Principals and their corporations masquerading as governments have made. 

They know that we are owed an immediate and unquestioned liquidation of these State Trusts in our favor.  

They also know that even though they have acted as corporations, when they seized upon and copyrighted our Given Names in order to create corporate franchises for their own benefit, they acted as Public Usufructs to legalize this action.  

As such, they owe us the Usufructuary Duty to hold us harmless from all charges and injuries accruing from their action.  

That means that their Principals are responsible for paying all bills, all charges, all penalties, all fees, all taxes, all insurances related to their franchises and to hold us harmless --- but have they?  

No, they have not.  

They have pretended that their franchise taxes are our taxes, that their franchise's citizenship obligations are our obligations, and so far worked to confuse the identity of the living man with the En Legis "person" they named after us, that most of the world, including the victims, have been fooled by this chicanery. 

They have claimed a repugnant ownership interest in their imaginary franchises named after us, taken out insurance policies on these franchises and on their franchises' purported property assets, used them as collateral backing their own debts, and then not even had the decency to use the life insurance to pay off the debts still owed by these "franchises" when they die. 

The $950 Trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" --- another pot of insurance premiums -- that Prince Philip received in April 2017 from the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA -- should have been used to pay off a substantial part of the world debt. 

Instead, it disappeared, while the insurmountable debt being amassed on the clueless victims of these scam artists continued to climb and to devalue the entire world financial system. 

It's time for all the purloined assets to be returned and for this to be accomplished in an honest and transparent fashion. 

First, in America, all title, right, and interest in land seized upon illegally and without full disclosure in the 1860s and again in the 1930's and placed in State Trusts, must be returned to the living heirs still living on and possessing title to such land.  

You may begin with all lands and land assets held in the Wisconsin State Trust in the name of Julius Alfred Schnur and Alfred Julius Schnur, their heirs and assigns -- to be returned together with all cadastral surveys, patents, plat numbers and titles to Anna Maria Riezinger, at our Fiduciary Office, address listed below.  

This is a lawful demand for liquidation of illegally seized-upon Wisconsin State Trust Assets, via return to the rightful owner.  Proof of life and identity have already been provided. 

Second, bank liens and security interests based on fraudulent misrepresentation and the practice of loaning the victim his own credit, must be released. 

Third, all property taxes assigned or collected on the basis of this fraudulent salvage operation must be credited to the rightful owner(s).  

Fourth, the profits gained from these unlawful, illegal, and immoral activities must be seized upon and used to provide restitution to the victims. 

We are not interested in an artificial "Great Reset" that does nothing but victimize the victims again  while building yet another financial edifice on fraud and sand.   

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 13th 2024


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Friday, July 12, 2024

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International Public Notice: Use the ILRPS

 By Anna Von Reitz

Since the beginning of our work describing and documenting the outrageous fraud schemes which have been employed to deceive and defraud nearly everyone on Earth, there has been a need for people to step forward and identify themselves and assert their political status. 

What we found was that most land recording offices were either already shut down or in the process of being shut down, so that in many countries there was no longer any official public means of recording such information.  

And those recording offices that stayed open were largely guarded by British Bar Attorneys acting as attack dogs, telling clueless bureaucrats that they couldn't record claims for other kinds of land assets outside the Queen's Land Title System.  

This isn't true; in fact, the living people native to a country are all land assets under international law and they all have property interests in land assets.

In truth, only living people can own anything physical.  Corporations and Queens can only act as custodians of physical assets, which requires that the physical assets in question be placed in trusts. 

In the minds of the colluding Bar Attorneys, all the living people in our country had been unlawfully converted into "persons" as a result of undisclosed citizenship contracts foisted off on them while they were still babies in their cradles.  

So it appeared to the British Bar Attorneys that we were presenting ourselves as competing trustees, trying to seize upon a trust that the Queen had already created and seized upon -- when in fact we were groggy crime victims, reclaiming our own assets, and so-called "reversionary trust interests". 

Thankfully, international law and custom and tradition held firm enough for us to secure the recording of our claims; the only final reply the criminals could muster was to continue to shut down land recording offices and functions, so that people had little or no means to establish and prove their identities or their claims to their assets. 

More recently, they have tried to destroy the public records created by the Municipal Corporations in this country including Uniform Commercial Code Units, in an attempt to hide even these records and claims.  

In the face of this opposition and obfuscation and refusal to provide land recording and claim services, people were reduced to publishing their political status and identity in public newspapers, but then, the newspapers were told they couldn't publish such notices and those who continued to press their "reversionary trust interest" and claim to own their own names and private and public property interests, were harassed and beaten, subjected to false claims in court, impersonated, and otherwise harmed by the miscreant Bar Members. 

So, we began to provide our own International Land Recording Services for Americans -- the Land Recording Offices were opened in every State and at the service of every State Assembly. 

But what about the rest of the world?  Investigation in places as far-flung as England and Egypt, Hong-Kong and Barbados, Argentina and Zimbabwe, all showed the same conditions --- people being deprived of any means to publicly record their interest in their own physical property.  

The International Land Recording and Publishing System was created to fulfill this need on a global basis and provide a means for everyone worldwide who has suffered from identity theft to: (1) be able to prove who you are and where you come from; (2) claim your "reversionary trust interest" in public trusts used to cashier your assets without your consent; (3) have a credential card that is viable worldwide; (4) have a bank account that is viable worldwide. 

Everyone deserves to own their own name, their own land, their own homes and businesses, without being "presumed upon" by foreign governments and commercial interests.  

Everyone deserves the freedom that goodwill and good behavior earns.  

Everyone deserves peace and protection from commercial mercenaries and pirates. 

Everyone deserves honest banking services and free access to trade and commercial markets. 

So the International Land Recording and Publishing System provided by the Global Family Bank gives everyone worldwide the ability to establish your identity and get a free ID card, establish your claim on your own Good Name and property interests, and finally, access to your own bank account and gold-backed asset currency.  

It's a win-win-win, and long overdue.  

The more of us who do this, the more the living people who desire peace and abundance and compassion are empowered. 

So if that describes you -- if you desire a world at peace, a world based on truth and justice, a world in which compassion is practiced --- this recording system is for you, worldwide.   

It's our free gift to you.  

Americans already have their Land Recording Offices open, and should be using them, too, to obtain State Credential Cards --- but everyone, everywhere, now has access to credentials and banking services provided by the ILRP Service.  

You don't have to wait and hope and worry anymore. 


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International Public Notice: The Other Alternative

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have seen how the British "Governments" -- the Monarch, Westminster, and the British Crown, have by duplicity and fraud worked to take advantage of their own people and their people's private assets as collateral to fund wars of aggression, including illegal Mercenary Conflicts worldwide.

The first round of the present nastiness began in England during the reign of Queen Victoria where they "latched onto" their own people via a process of undisclosed corporate enfranchisement and used the proceeds to promote the British Raj in India. 

We have seen how this has been expedited by evasion of their lawful contracts and by unlawful jurisdictional conversions and human trafficking.  

We have seen how this same scheme has been applied by the villains worldwide and how it has resulted in widespread fraud, impersonation, identity theft, and conspiracy to evade lawful contracts and obligations. 

We have seen how this has promoted the existence of the equivalent of the British Raj in India being used as a means to illegally seize assets belonging to other people and other countries. 

We have seen how the Government of Westminster has colluded with the British Monarchy and how the British Crown Corporations have been used to entrap and illegally seize upon and "salvage" property assets belonging to entire countries, and how they have then used Municipal trusts to launder these ill-gotten gains. 

This is British Colonialism being practiced in international and global venues by corporations.  We call it Corporate Feudalism.  

It was pioneered by Cecil Rhodes in South Africa and resulted in one of the most oppressive, ruthless, and racially bigoted regimes in human history. 

The excesses, thefts, and brutality expressed by the British Raj in India also speak volumes concerning the nature of this form of "government" which should be, by now, recognized as a form of National Socialism.  

This is why we speak of the "British Nazis". 

It comes as a great surprise to many people today that Nazism, as a form of government, was embraced internationally.  

Post-war media and propaganda have been used to focus attention on Germany's Third Reich and on demonizing and isolating Hitler's regime, but there was also the Vichy French Government and the Italian Government under Mussolini, practicing their version of Fascism, and many Fascists all around the world --- Lithuanian Nazis, Swiss Nazis, even Algerian Nazis ---  and there were numerous affiliated organizations and famous individuals who supported the Nazis, too. 

Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush's adoptive Father, was an outspoken Nazi supporter and bankrolled Hitler's efforts from the start.  

The abdicated British King Edward VIII was also an outspoken supporter of the Nazis and Hitler's regime.  

We have photos of the British Royal family including the future Queen Elizabeth II practicing Nazi salutes and home movie clips of the children calling Hitler "Uncle Adolph".  

Thus we speak of "British Nazis" and know whereof we speak, both in terms of the history, and the results.  

It has long been the practice of the British ruling class to "play both ends against the middle", to finance both sides of every war, and keep a foot in both camps, so as to better victimize the losers and take advantage of the winners. 

Hitler's entire rise to power was financed by the same industrialists and Monarchists that supported Winston Churchill. 

Those same interests persist in pushing the same old ugly agendas: eugenics, transhumanism,  geoengineering, weaponization of the weather, biowarfare, slavery, indentured servitude, racial superiority, clandestine sexual perversions, genocide as an administrative convenience, illegal confiscation of assets, impersonation, barratry, fraud and unlimited powers of government.   

There is no difference between Hitler's Will to Power and Absolute Monarchy.  

And this, it must finally be admitted, is what these undeserving cretins have been driving toward all along, with no respect for their own word, no conscience, and no decency. 

They have sought to build a world hegemony based on unconscionable citizenship contracts foisted off on babies, impersonation, barratry, identity theft, unlawful conversion of assets, and other forms of white collar fraud allowing them to evade their social and business contracts.  

The people of Great Britain have been owed a Christian Constitutional Monarchy since the Act of Union and also have been owed a Protestant Monarch as a pre-condition of the formation of the respective National Trusts and the contributions made to the National Trusts creating the legal fiction entity known as "Great Britain".  

Yet almost immediately, in 1702, these agreements were secretly violated; there has never been a Christian and Constitutional Monarchy.  It's all been shell games and fraud, appearances, smoke and mirrors sideshow stuff. 

Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in which she kissed the Bible in front of the entire watching world, and seemed thereby to create the required Christian and Protestant Monarchy, was in fact a fraudulent act.  She acted in the Maritime venue and dishonored that contract within three days afterward. 

Think of a little kid, swearing to tell the truth with their fingers crossed behind their backs. 

This typifies the fraud against the Public Interest that these persons have practiced for 300 years. 

The Monarchs, who held their crowns as "gifts and tokens" of His Holiness the Pope, as signs of their appointment as hereditary Overseers of the various Global Trust Interests they administered, were forever compromised and acting in conflict of interest from the start of any role as "Protestants". 

How does one act as an Overseer of the Global Estate Trust, owing one's crown to the Pope, and pretend to be a Protestant and serve the National Public Interest at the same time?  

Answer: this is done by "Special Papal Dispensation", like King Henry the Eighth worked out, allowing him to be the titular Head of the Church of England and get a 40% share of the value of every baptized member of the Church of England, while passing on 60% of "the take" to the Pope. 

Like their Catholic brethren, the members of the Church of England were never told that their baptismal enrollments and later, Baptism Certificates, resulted in commercially valuable instruments representing the "deposit" of their souls as chattel backing the debts of the Monarchs and Church. 


In this way, people really could speak about "buying and selling" souls. 

This is typical of the Satanic nonsense promoted by the followers of the Father of All Lies. 

They delude themselves with these narratives until they believe that they actually own your soul, and being convinced of this, they feel entitled to treat you as a slave and practice any amount of evil against you. 

It remains to us to observe that the Baptismal Certificate, like the Birth Certificates, like the licenses, and the registrations, enrollments, and enlistments perpetuated by these Con Artists,  are factually only a piece of paper and not a valid contract for lack of full disclosure and equitable consideration. 

Their purported contracts are also void for fraud. 

They have not fully and openly disclosed their identities, intentions, and nature; while pretending to be Protestant Monarchs, they have instead been Catholic Overseers; while pretending to be guardians and custodians, they have actually been commercial pirates and predators unjustly enriching themselves by unlawfully and illegally latching upon purloined assets, issuing themselves titles to property they don't own, and loaning us our own credit. 

The traditional punishment for these activities is death.  That is what the Hague and Geneva Conventions require.  

Piracy, meanwhile, is punishable by hanging and in the worst cases, by drawing and quartering and gibbeting.

We do not propose to increase the bloodshed and trauma already inflicted on this world.  

What we propose is the liquidation and/or forfeiture of all corporations related to these abuses, or, there is another alternative.  

The corporations can be lawfully converted. 

Just as they were unlawfully converted, they can be lawfully converted, come back under the Law of the Land and traditional Merchant Law, and begin operating as responsible and honest business organizations.  

The lawful conversion must benefit the victims, so that the offending governments are not rewarded for their infamy, and their people are not unfairly benefited at the expense of the rest of the world, but not punished, either.  

We must remember that the British peoples were among the first victims of these con artists. Blaming the victims is not appropriate.  They must have their share and return of their own assets.  

Then, to each their own, the people to their homes and land, their businesses and occupations; the institutions to their proper place, allegiance, and functions; the governments in their intended roles and jurisdictions; the mercenary armed forces converted back to an honorable estate --- and the world set right again. 

We call upon all military, police, law enforcement, peacekeeping, and militia forces, all criminal prosecutors and crime prevention organizations worldwide, all banks and financial institutions, to recognize the fraud that has been perpetrated against this country and many other countries. 

The Great Fraud amounts to a vast multinational identity theft and impersonation scheme that has impacted billions of people over time, and which has been the prime motivation and means of promoting illegal mercenary conflicts disguised as "wars" and also the profit motive behind insurance frauds resulting in genocides, tax scheme frauds disguised as gift and estate taxes, and more tax schemes disguised as concern for the environment. 

Everyone, everywhere, must hear and raise the alarm, so that these criminals are no longer allowed to operate in our midst and prey upon our people and our assets.   

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 11th 2024


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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

International Public Notice: Getting It Straight

 By Anna Von Reitz

When we were going to school we had two textbooks, one called "American History" and one called "United States History".  These are two separate entities and two separate histories.  

The American Government is a "republican form of government", from its roots at the county level, to its top offices and institutions. 

It is not now and never has been a democracy. 

There is a profound difference between our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and a British Crown Corporation merely calling itself "the United States of America, Incorporated". 

It is the same gulf that stands between a woman named Elizabeth Arden and a British Crown Corporation calling itself ELIZABETH ARDEN.  

Our unincorporated Union States, each one composed of all the living people populating all the unincorporated Counties within their State borders, created both the Federation of States (1776) and the Confederation of States (1781) as unincorporated instrumentalities.  

What does that mean?  Both the Federation and the Confederation were designed and intended to work for the Union States in international and global venues, as "instruments" or "agents" to conduct business. 

The American Confederation created in 1781 was additionally awarded a Constitutional Service Contract in 1787.

This original Confederation did business as "the States of America" and the Constitutional Contract it was awarded was called "The Constitution for the united States of America".  

This original Confederation ran the resulting Federal Republic from 1787 to 1861, when it lost the quorum of its member States-of-States organizations needed to conduct business.  

As a direct result of this failure to maintain unity the Federal Republic (the American Federal Subcontractor providing government services under The Constitution for the united States of America) and its members all known as "State Republics" (land) or "Republics of State" (sea) also lost the ability to function. 

A third of our original American Government and a third of the Federal Government (the American third) were both taken out of service by the so-called Civil War and never reconstructed afterward.  

What remains of the American Government are the Union States holding our National Soil Jurisdiction and our Federation of States holding our International and Global jurisdictions.  

What remains of the "United States" Federal Government are the British Territorial Subcontractors and the Holy Roman Empire Subcontractors, and/or their Successors. 

Think of it as a six-celled combustion engine running on four cylinders.  

The American Government is still fully functional despite these injuries; we retain concurrent and superior general jurisdiction over the actual physical Counties and States, and maintain their mutual powers internationally and globally via our Federation of States.  

The "US" Government continues to unravel in a heap of European intrigue, criminality, and deceit, having pulled off a huge scam, amounting to a national-level identity theft and impersonation scheme against their American Employers and the American Government.  

The incorporated "United States Government" entities are functionally bankrupt and only being limped along by colluding banks that are continuing to bar us from access to our own assets and pretending that these white collar criminals are our representatives and custodians. 

Any such presumption is unsupported. 

Lately, Mr. Trump and his followers, all acting knowingly or unknowingly as British Territorial Officers and Crew members of a British Crown Corporation calling itself "the United States of America, Inc." have proposed that they will either: (1)  invade and inhabit our still unreconstructed American Federal Republic, or (2) substitute a British Territorial knock-off, perhaps a corporate franchise calling itself "the Federal Republic, Incorporated" for our Federal Republic. 

We return the favor and counterclaim that they return to their base in the District of Columbia, do their jobs according to their contract, and cease and desist all efforts to misrepresent us or defraud us further.   

These British Territorial Mercenaries are already functioning under the deceptive name of "the American Government, Inc."  which we don't appreciate and which we want everyone to be aware of. 

These matters and issues must be faced and resolved. We have seen enough British Territorial "mischief" --- crime and abuse, bad faith, false claims, and war-mongering --- to last several centuries. 

We are calling upon the rest of the world, indeed, on everyone reading these words, to take immediate action to stop the British Nazis behind this attempt to steal our national identity, impersonate us, and lead this entire planet into another grisly war-for-profit. 

This morning a friend sent me a quote from Germany in 1932 --- Adolph Hitler, another charismatic political leader, acting as Pied Piper saying, quote: 

"The nation is threatened from within and without. This is not a time for half-measures. It is time to make ourselves great again. And on that day, heads will roll in the dust. – Adolf Hitler, 1932"

Where have we heard this "Make ourselves great again" slogan before?  And now see the same "set up" being applied to America?  A charismatic political leader?  An economic downfall precipitated by an incompetent military government?  Hyper-inflation? 
Fiat currency? 

The set up supporting Hitler and Trump is exactly the same, right down to the "Gay Agenda".  

Hitler used gay brown shirt political capos to put him in power using promises of normalization and justice; of course, he then had them deposed and murdered the moment he took power. 

So now we have Joe Biden espousing the rainbow flag and promising the same things to get the sexual "spectrum" to come out of the closet -- where Trump can identify them and blame them and lead a rampage against the imaginary target they provide. 

Anything to keep public attention focused away from Trump's own participation in and support of the Pandemic Genocide.   

Bottom line, Trump is a business tycoon, Joe Biden is a hack, and both of them are tainted ---with no reasonable replacements standing in line, and all within spitting distance of the British Territorial "National" [Corporate] Elections. 

Why are these same deceptive, run-amok, foreign, for-profit "governmental services corporations" still assuming that they have any authority or part to play in determining the future of our world or our country?  

They don't.  Apart from us and apart from following our instructions and earning their pay -- in gold or silver --  they don't have a pot. 

They are exposed, caught, denuded, red-handed, paws in the cookie jar up to their shoulder joints, and they still think they can brazen it out and not only fool the American Public, but the rest of the world as well? 

This "show" is not only over for the Communist Union leaders and their Municipal Empire and the municipal corporations that have been used as storefronts for that cabal; the "show" is over for the British Territorial Empire and their corporations, too. No more substitution frauds. 

We have claimed their corporate debt as our credit; delegalized their remedies for lack of performance; updated our Sovereign Patents in all three major jurisdictions as of 2015; reclaimed our assets and birthright status; served Due Process; issued our Judgement; cured everything; and rolled it all into private and public trusts subject to one Irrevocable Will that is firmly recorded and distributed world wide. 

That Will is entirely in favor of the living people, not the corporations.  Everyone gets their purloined stuff back.  The guilty corporations are either liquidated permanently or forfeited and placed under new management.  The criminals go to jail.  The honorable members of the military and various units of government are granted amnesty.

Te Deum.  That, and our completely new, clean, and uncomplicated banking system, is really all that is needed to restore sanity and to birth a new era of peace and plenty for everyone. 

Everyone who wants to know more also gets a free education about actual Law and History and Science --- not the twisted, politicized, suppressed, and dumbed-down pablum that has been the stock and trade of our schools and universities for over a century. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 10th 2024  


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