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Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine is not ‘a vital US national interest’

Keep US Out of War

URGENT Health Ranger mega thread on Russia, nuclear war, cyber attacks and impending financial collapse

Original thread from the Health Ranger:

1/23 We are all in urgent danger due to the planned escalation of the conflict involving Russia. As I’ve warned dozens of times in my Situation Update podcasts on, the persistent plan from Biden / Obama has been to maneuver Russia into a position where Putin would decide to nuke the United States, or where a false flag nuke could be blamed on Russia. This would bring about Obama’s long-desired destruction of America, and any survivors would be subjected to a dictatorial war-time authoritarian regime which would nullify the Bill of Rights (and 2A) under “emergency” powers.

10/23 BANKERS’ WARS: The cutting off of Russia from the SWIFT financial system — announced yesterday by western nations — is the economic equivalent of the WWII oil embargo against Japan. That forced Japan to strike out as a last-ditch survival mechanism, leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which was ALLOWED by US leadership in order to whip up public support for America’s war in the Pacific. 9/11 was also allowed to take place in order to launch the surveillance state and expand Patriot Act powers to spy on the American people (and Trump, later on).

11/23 Also understand that Biden has NOT placed any sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, but Biden has halted US pipelines and effectively placed all sorts of sanctions against the US energy sector. In other words, Biden has unleashed economic sanctions against America, but not against Russia’s energy sector. This tells you the truth about who Biden (Obama) is actually targeting: It’s America, not Russia. And as oil prices climb globally, RUSSIA BENEFITS from all the extra revenue. Biden’s policies are actually FINANCING Russia’s war!

23/23 Whatever preparedness actions you have taken so far, DOUBLE THEM. Get ready for the possibility of needing to survive many months without food, electricity, banking, fuel, emergency medicine or the rule of law. What we all experienced in 2020 – 2021 was just the warm-up round compared to what’s coming, thanks to Biden’s declaration of war against the American people. Trump’s leadership sure is looking good right about now, as everybody is realizing. God help us all.

A Summation for Farm 42

 By Anna Von Reitz

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the current situation and solutions to it. 

That said, the idea that there are debt dollars illegally positioned against M1 and M2 assets, and that this is the cause of the problem, is like saying that we never knew the Atlantic Ocean was wet.  It inspires nothing but a cynical smile and appreciation of just how deep this conversation is likely to get. 

You can't solve the problem presented by Odious Debt ---that is, debt established by false pretenses, semantic deceit, phony bookkeeping, or other means of fraud, of which the victims are unaware, and from which they do not profit --- precisely what we are dealing with here and now, by letting the Perpetrators pretend that they are the Avenging Angels, instead. 

Such a course merely guarantees that we will all be victimized yet again.   Likewise we cannot argue legalities when it is the Law and Flesh and Blood that is offended. 

The immediate problem started when the Committee of 300 was erroneously given authority by Ferdinand Marcos --- authority, it turns out, Marcos never had to give --- and the Committee of 300 closed the physical asset accounts and took them off-ledger.  

What ensued can only be described as a very dangerous and increasingly corrupt 3 Ring Circus. The Trading Platforms and pass-through concessions like the Federal Reserve took full advantage of the opportunity to use other people's assets and pay them nothing but a portion of their own credit in return (if you were lucky and well-connected) or, steal the entire amount of the victim's credit, plus all interest and fees paid on that credit.  

Does anyone see a problem with this?  One that has nothing to do with "legalities" or "debt dollars" positioned anywhere at all ----but everything to do with Law?  

Especially as this entire ludicrous personation fraud was promoted using falsified and undisclosed registration of babies so as to unlawfully convert their natural persons and estates into corporations benefiting the Queen, the Pope, the Lord Mayor, and every Bar Attorney from here to New Delhi?  A purported private contract of which the victims were totally unaware? And resulting in the Unjust Enrichment of those who set up and operated this gigantic fraud? 

We are now trying to "unstick a stuck world economy" and sort out jurisdictional priorities that have been deliberately obscured and evaded for profit and coercion, while at the same time providing mankind with some viable --- and believable --- means of conducting both international trade and commerce. 

And we are supposed to do this without hurting anyone, including the criminals, if possible.  

Let's begin by observing that the actual physical assets are the inheritance of the living people and do not belong to any foreign corporations gratuitously named after them for the purpose of illegal and unlawful impersonation.  

Thus there is no basis to claim the existence of CORPORATION TRUSTS  in this circumstance; all such constructs lacking full disclosure and knowing consent are null and void--- this applies to all Americans, all U.S. Citizens, and all Municipal citizens of the United States, who were never given full disclosure and who could not knowingly consent as a result. 

All purloined assets must be returned to the control of the victims and forfeited for their enjoyment.  The same is true in every country worldwide where this criminal racket has been employed.  

The Odious Debt must be discharged by applying the National Credits to the National Debts, which are by definition, equal.  

The profits realized from this scheme in the form of interest paid for the use of one's own credit, mortgage payments that were never owed by the landlords, property taxes that were never owed by the landlords, federal income taxes paid by people who never had any "federal income", insurance payments made by those who were already indemnified, and so on, must be returned  in the form of pre-paid credit and investment capital and placed under the oversight of the lawful governments and the people who have suffered this outrage.  

To accomplish this, the guilty corporations must be nationalized and a full public accounting made for each country.  

To get us all through this arduous but necessary exercise, sufficient assets and credit must be deployed to guarantee a peaceful and plentiful and pleasant environment conducive to business and development, cultural growth, maintenance and expansion of infrastructure, environmental clean up, health remediation, and public services worldwide.  

Thankfully, the actual Heir of Severino Sta Romano has recouped his standing, the actual roles and duties of Ferdinand Marcos have been elucidated, the assets of The United States of America---our unincorporated Federation of States, have been claimed, and all our assets have been released and assigned to me as the lawful Fiduciary. 

Everyone dealing with incorporated trusts and other such vehicles operated "in the names of" countries, provinces, states, and living people can now go home, the bankruptcies can now be voided, the unlawful and unauthorized probate courts shut down, and a reset of a very different kind begun--- one that doesn't accept Odious Debt as an obligation. 

I shall similarly observe that we are not facing any overpopulation, but are instead facing a population collapse, as the developed countries have failed to meet their replacement goals for decades and thanks to the continued delusion and coercive actions of the Idiot Eugenists a very substantial part of the current generation has been murdered and/or rendered infertile. This crime, like the financial crimes, will be exhaustively researched and fully addressed by the living men and women of this planet and absolutely no repugnant claims of commercial ownership of living flesh based on the undisclosed injection of patented DNA or RNA fragments or other genetically engineered flotsam will be entertained.  

I will personally skin anyone or anything that attempts to bring forward such claims regardless of what the U.S. Territorial Supreme Court has to say about it.  

Finally, I will observe that on average and except for areas being influenced by highly unusual excitation of volcanic magma along both the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Pacific Ring of Fire, our planet is cooling and has been for decades --- and it is now facing a Solar Minimum exacerbated by asinine attempts to dim what sunlight we have with a poisonous aerosol spraying program that has distributed industrial wastes including heavy metals and incendiary metal oxides all over this planet.  

The Perpetrators of this insanity have also, by dint of destroying natural forests and coral, kelp, and algae in the sea, succeeded in reducing the amount of atmospheric oxygen by 5% in the past hundred years.  For your information, Earth has suffered a reduction of overall atmospheric oxygen amounting to 13% loss over the past 2,000 years, 5% of that in the last hundred. Do the math.  This reduction in atmospheric oxygen has not only wrecked the Carbon Cycle on this planet and resulted in increased concentrations of carbon dioxide, but it has caused brain damage and oxidative stress on our bodies, that has resulted in a vast proliferation of chronic disease, illness, and death quite apart from the efforts of the profit-driven health care corporations which have done their best to promote the same. 

These circumstances require the urgent attention of sane, logical, and dedicated scientists, not politically and materially motivated hacks looking for a new excuse to impose a punitive tax.  

Those of you who care anything at all about Justice and actual Law, those of you who can see the absolute necessity of cleaning up this Mess and doing a righteous job of it----come on along.  Learn to be Counselors of Law instead of attorneys.  

I am here to discuss this and everything and anything else which you may wish to discuss. 


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