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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

America Replies --- So What?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's be clear that I am speaking in round numbers, using just one well-known example as the basis for a proportional comparison.
If China is owed 230,000 tons of gold, America is owed 1,800,000 tons of gold.
If China is owed interest on its 230,000 tons of gold since 1928, America is owed interest on its 1,800,000 tons of gold since 1870.
If a Third Party, Uncle Sam, owes all this gold to both China and America, which Creditor is owed more and has greater standing with respect to the debt?
America is the Priority Creditor and has officially accepted the United States Debt since 1998. China's claims made in 2011 are far down the pecking order, especially because Uncle Sam owes America a lot more than gold.
Uncle Sam owes America silver and land and every other commodity you can name, so that at the end of the day, China is owed only pennies on the dollar.
Of course, the Federal Reserve Bank System is bankrupt. It has been bankrupt since the 1930's. For that matter, so is the Bank of China bankrupt. All the Blood Money banks are bankrupt by definition. This is because there is no natural parity between money based on precious metals and script based on labor. It's apples and oranges, though both have value.
Herr Hitler bridged this gap by simple declaration, declaring that one loaf of good bread was the "value equivalent" of one hour of labor--- whatever kind of labor it might be, brain surgery or cleaning toilets --- and both were equivalent to one Deutsch Mark.
This is why the bankers love-hate the Germans: the Germans realize that labor is labor, just as electricity is electricity, and as a commodity, labor is equivalent in value. Ouch, to all the elitists.
The Germans also traditionally go about the business of establishing "standard commodity values" with plodding pragmatism, not offering the bankers and attorneys the leeway to redefine values at will.
This last part is extremely inconvenient for fraud artists, counterfeiters, and embezzlers.
If the value of whatever is being used as the standard commodity value is inelastic -- that is, can't be pulled and prodded into magically multiplying itself, there is no room in the system for unearned profits and unjust enrichment, and no cream to spread around to the cronies.
This is why the Federal Reserve System had to be created, and it is also the reason that crypto currencies are being fronted as a replacement to the Federal Reserve System. If you read the Federal Reserve Act you will encounter a lot of noble sounding platitudes and reasons for its existence, but the real reason it exists is to make money for the US CORP shareholders off of other people's labor.
Now we come to the present situation, where the purported Borrowers are on strike, and it is revealed that they are the Creditors, not the Debtors, after all.
China isn't the world's Priority Creditor. The long-lost Americans are. And we are baaack.
So, instead of China and the Brits backing HSBC offering to divvy up the wealth of the world and remake it to suit themselves, it's time that everyone backed off and all the corporations came to heel.
We, Americans, aren't here to cheat anyone.
We are not "the US", which is a foreign for-profit governmental services corporation, nor are we "the USA" which is a British Crown operation and another bloody for-profit governmental services corporation.
We are their Priority Creditors, the Principals of their bankruptcy, and their actual Employers.
Now that China has raised the issue and wants to claim a pre-eminent spot in the "who is owed what" debate, we think it only fair and right that the actual owners of the vast majority of the Slush Pile come forward and claim their stuff.
After all, the rest of the world has enjoyed the value of our resources since 1946.
Even if we dispense with the compound interest rates imposed by the Guts in Washington, DC, we are owed back our gold, silver, land, and other actual assets, plus a reasonable profit on our labor --- just like everyone else.
And we are owed this without any interference from anyone.
Including China.
With its narrow-minded focus on gold, gold, gold and more gold, China has lost sight of the value of labor and all the other commodities that make the world go round.
A far broader and more mature vision of "value" is needed, especially as regards the value of labor, which China has to offer.
The Biden Administration has no money or authority to buy Chinese goods. It doesn't even have the authority to shut down the ports on the West Coast where those goods are bound.
Instead, it has used flunkies like California's Governor Newsom to outlaw tractor trailer traffic needed to unload and transport the goods from the docks--- all in the name of climate change, which is another politicized farce.
America, meaning the actual civilian government--- is in Session and open for business. It's time for our Employees to stand down and time for our bankers to roll out the red carpet.

Everyone on Earth should, reasonably, be singing "Glory Hallelujah!" that the actual Americans are still here and we are not dependent on the madmen who have been misrepresenting themselves as our government.


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