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Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Population Collapse

 By Anna Von Reitz

China's leadership was beguiled and bribed into accepting fear of overpopulation as the basis for an incredibly stupid "One Child" mandate. 

As Chinese couples could have only one child, they wanted a boy.  This led to genocide of Chinese girl babies and toddlers.  This left the Chinese with millions of parents traumatized by the loss of their daughters, men without wives, and no way to improve their situation. 

This is all the more horrific, as China's greatest asset has always been its labor force. They literally undermined their own greatest asset. 

Too late, they have realized their mistake. 

China is facing a devastating population collapse just like the western world is already suffering. 

Those responsible for this are trying to cover it up by forced immigration campaigns, and pushing refugees from other countries into the stricken labor forces of the countries worst impacted by these disastrous policies. 

This is why Norwegians are trying to live next door to Algerians and Afghanis. 

This is why half of London is now populated by immigrants from the former Commonwealth. 

This is why China Joe has invited millions of refugees and immigrants to The United States. 

This is all the result of failed corporate policies and idiot leadership. 

The population collapse in Western Europe, North America, and China, is leading inexorably to a collapse of the housing market and collapsing real estate values and bank closures and it won't be long until the currencies and stock markets fail, too. 

This is no secret, folks, and the Covid fiasco has made it infinitely worse. They have secretly sterilized a third of the world's population and made worldwide economic collapse inevitable.  

A roomful of pampered weak-minded ninnies got together in Davos and swallowed the idea that the world is overpopulated, and now, thanks to them, it is dangerously depopulated instead. 

These immoral buffoons also thought they could make themselves richer by killing off their Creditors, but failed to realize that their Creditors are also their Customers. 

We are the value that gives value to everything else. 

And they didn't know that. 

All these problems have taken root in Think Tanks in Switzerland, unfortunately populated by people who can't reason their way out of a box.  

This is why there is wild talk about blowing Switzerland off the map, annihilating Zug, vaporizing Geneva, turning Bern into glass, while the clueless Swiss people still pull on their leather pants and yodel to their goats. 

They don't know what's going on or why everyone is so mad at them. They don't realize that their country has been used as Crime Central by international bankers and corporate moguls. 

Just like the Americans continue to whistle Yankee Doodle and think that they are free and don't know that their sons and daughters have been used as ill-paid mercenaries for the last sixteen decades, the people of many nations have been deceived and deluded.  

It is staggering how much we've all been lied to, and how consistently we have been deceived by simple carnival tricks and broadcast propaganda. 

Please observe-- there are still Village Idiots talking about overpopulation and human-caused global warming, mostly on PBS. 

Meanwhile, there are an estimated sixteen million abandoned homes sitting vacant in The United States and miles upon miles of abandoned storefronts and empty strip malls. 

There are even corporate-sponsored programs to make the empty shops look like they are occupied, to keep people from catching on. 

The situation in China is even worse, if that's any comfort to anyone. 

The fact remains that a small number of men who were never competent to manage a business, much less globe-spanning corporations, were placed in power by religious and political factions regardless of their own incompetence. 

They have tragically, stupidly --- and irrevocably, depopulated our planet and caused an inexorable collapse of our world economy. It has already started and it can't be stopped.  

All we can do is outlaw the political parties and expose the religious quacks, arrest the criminals responsible, clean the nests of vermin out of Switzerland, NYC, Tel Aviv, and also the Corporate Board Rooms worldwide -- and do our best to cope with this. 

If there is any silver lining, it is that we are now forced to cherish our children, because they will be few and far between in years to come, thanks to low IQ criminals like Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab. 

We are also forced to cherish our elderly and invest in their longevity.  We will need them to keep working and contributing like never before. 


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The Great Temptation for Assembly Leaders

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the Bible, Satan promised Jesus (Yeshuah) the whole world, all the power and pelf of the whole world, if he would just bow down and worship Satan.  

This is called The Great Temptation. 

What we may not understand, is that each of us is similarly tempted. 

The situation arises because people don't like the burden of their own authority.  

We don't really want to take responsibility for our own lives and govern ourselves.  We want someone or something else to do it for us, like a surrogate parent. 

It's easy to see how we are bent this way.  

As children we have our parents, then our teachers, then our drill instructors or college professors, then our bosses on the job. 

There is always someone in each stage of our life, cradle to grave, telling us what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it.... 

When we come out of that system of things, and  there isn't someone telling us what to do and there isn't a clear hierarchy of "power" and a specific "authority" standing over us, we are at a loss. 

We are like ducklings searching for Mama Duck. 

We get frustrated and scared.  

Many Retirees are so nonplussed by this sudden lack of external control, that they die soon after they retire, complaining that they feel purposeless and adrift.  

We see the same pattern in long-term prisoners who are suddenly released from prison. They are so used to the schedule and routine of life in prison that they can't function in the outside world. 

So where are you in your life?  

Have you accepted your responsibilities as well as your rights?  Have you seen the limitations of authority?  And the abuses of it? 

The leaders of our State Assemblies are daily faced with The Great Temptation as scores of new people pour through our doors, seeking to claim their birthright as Americans--- but they are coming to us from the hierarchic Federal System, and they shortly make it clear that they want Mama Duck.  

"Who is in charge here?" they ask, bewildered. 

They barely taste their freedom before they want to lay it down, and they are insistent about it, too. 

They want the Assembly leadership to lead them and abhor their own natural authority because it is so unfamiliar and cumbersome. 

Some people overreact to the lack of authoritarian hierarchy and have delusions of grandeur.  They think, oh, nobody is in charge here, so I must be King!  (Or Queen.) 

They have yet to learn that their rights end where the rights of others begin.  

Others start wandering around aimlessly, nonplussed and vaguely frightened.  

All these people want the Assembly Leadership to take charge -- either by making themselves the Assembly Leadership or by forcing others to assume the familiar role of the Despot in Charge. 

It does not immediately occur to them that they are in a different paradigm now, and that our leadership is charged with a different role and responsibility. 

The leaders in the old (Feudal) Federal System were trained in the foreign hierarchy model of leadership, in which the goal of the leadership was always to accrue more power for the leaders.

Our system is exactly the opposite.  The goal of our leaders is to empower others, not to further empower themselves. 

When everyone is looking at you, begging you to take the burden of their power and authority from them, and expecting you to exercise their authority instead --- then you are facing The Great Temptation.  

It would be so easy and familiar to disempower them and exalt yourself. Look, they even want you to do it. They are begging you to do it. 

But.... and this is the whole point: 

The only way that the people are going to be free, is if you stand your ground and force them to accept the burdens of their own responsibilities. 

As a member of the leadership of an American State Assembly, it's your job to empower them, not yourself. 

Even if being empowered is something they are afraid of.  Even if they beg you to make all the decisions for them. Even if they bitterly complain about your lack of leadership. 

They will come to know the infinite gift and glory you bestowed, when instead, you chose to make leaders out of each and every one of them.  


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Dear Tanya -- About Coordinators, Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Tanya, 

You are suffering under a too-common assumption that Coordinators are "Federal Agents". 

The Federation of States is not the "Federal Government". 

And the Coordinators are not "Federal Agents", which would imply that they work for the Subcontractor Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia. 

Coordinators are State Nationals who volunteer to work as Go-Betweens shuttling between the Federation and their State Assembly to get questions about the assembling process answered. Period. 

We are in an extraordinary period in our history, when we are restoring structures and doing things that haven't been done in decades.  Nobody now living remembers the American Government fully functioning as it ought to. 

As a result this process of assembling the State and bringing it into Session is far from the routine and familiar process it once was, and the local knowledge that once informed this process is no longer present. 

This has required the Federation to act as the Summoning Authority and to take on a much more active role in providing support and guidance, but it in no way prevents the people from getting involved and acting as Coordinators or serving in other roles.  

We don't have a hierarchy, Tanya.  All we have are jobs to be done and functions to fulfill.  So instead of reacting against imaginary authority figures and questioning the "leadership" --- consider what you can do to help.  

Because there's nobody here but us chickens. 

Thank you for your "notice" and concerns. 


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The Evil Sock Monkey

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a child, everyone had Sock Monkeys. 

These were mostly homemade affairs, constructed with whatever stuffing came to hand and three pairs of workman's socks, marled gray, with bright orange-red heels and toes, twisted around to make a head and monkey face, long, skinny arms and legs, and if you felt like it, a tail. 

Some Sock Monkeys are tail-less.  My Mother shook her head and said they were a subspecies, still able to breed with the tailed kind. 

Such Sock Monkeys were mostly loved by children and pets, especially dogs, who could always find something to do with them.  

I thought they were creepy myself, not worthy of any terror, but creepy nonetheless. Like clowns. 

When I grew up, and I had to describe the d├ętente between the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund, I said they were like the right and left hand of an Evil Sock Monkey, having no particular strength or will of their own.

The Federal Reserve is always righteous, eager to fulfill its obligations, keep its contracts, and ride herd like a cowboy on prime interest rates.  Oh, yes, this, the right-hand of the Evil Sock Monkey, will promise remedy on every side. With steady and gleaming eyes, they will open their generous paws and say, "Amen!". 

They know, however, that their partner in crime, the left-hand of the same Evil Sock Monkey, the International Monetary Fund, will deny access to any remedy the Federal Reserve provides by manipulating the so-called SWIFT System. 

Thus, they have worked together, hand-in-glove, one hand sanctimoniously appearing to fulfill its legal and lawful obligations, while the other hand deftly denies any access to these remedies. 

The net effect is that the Federal Reserve never pays the victims, but splits the difference with the IMF. 

They have been working together in this fashion since 1937, and with one aim -- to make sure that the victims of this collusive financial atrocity never see a penny of remedy and never control their own assets --- not even their own credit. 

When I observe that neither the assets nor the credit belong to the Federal Reserve nor the IMF nor the SWIFT System -- any of them -- and point out the fact they are colluding together to obstruct both justice and trade, they smirk and pull droll faces. 

Just like a Sock Monkey.  It really is enervating. It's clear that they think they're cute. And clever. 

"You're one in a million," they croon, apparently unaware of the prophecy left to them by Colonel Mandell House --- himself a creepy advisor to Woodrow Wilson, who never saw any military service at all despite his honorific title. 

I hum a snatch of "Gimme Shelter" by the Rollingstones, drink my coffee, stare at the toe of my high-heels. They slither around obligingly at my feet. The atmosphere turns solemn. 

Rolling Stone is an adequate translation of the banking side of my family name. 

I turn into the air conditioning draft so they get a good solid blast of the pear-scented 4711 Cologne I'm wearing. 

"There's 300 of us, who consider ourselves Americans," I say lightly. 

A faint tremor hits the room, like the highest note of a violin string hovering at the edge of audible sound. 

A slack-jawed vacant look passes over their faces, as the thought comes home to them and they imagine Gideon's Army incarnate. 

"And," I pause a moment, "we are not a Committee." 

The Federal Reserve and the IMF have been playing this game for three generations, acting as the right and left hands of an Evil Sock Monkey, depriving their Creditors of any satisfaction.  

And neither the assets, nor the credit, are theirs. 

How's that for a fat lady's broken zipper? 


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