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Monday, May 30, 2022

Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation – law enforcement saved their own children while parents were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed

The police are NOT coming to save you

Remember This When You Watch The News - shootings, poxes, war stories & more

Comment on SoS Convention

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ask yourselves --- can employees set their own wages? Determine their own job descriptions?
In a sane world, no, they cannot.
The SoS organization is composed of people who accept the presumptions of U.S. Citizenship and/or Municipal citizenship. By definition, these citizens are foreign Employees with respect to this country, and as should be apparent to anyone with a brain, the life or death of a commercial corporation like the US, INC. doesn't affect our lawful unincorporated government.
So both their pretensions of authority and the subject of their "emergency" fall short of any Public Interest, and certainly do not result in the establishment of any new and valid Federal Republic.
Even if the United States Citizens (as opposed to the U.S. Citizens) of the original American Federal Republic were still a viable population in this country, they would be Employees of the long defunct Confederation of States, and the Confederation of States would still be acting in commercial jurisdiction on behalf of the States of America.
So let's just make ourselves a little table so that people can see what they are dealing with and stop talking nonsense and wasting effort, time, and money:
Organization Members
States of America Free Men and Women
The United States of America State Citizens and American State Nationals
the United States of America British Territorial U.S. Citizens
the United States Municipal citizens of the United States
the UNITED STATES Municipal CITIZENS of the United
the Federal Republic * United States Citizens (American)
**Note** there is no "United States National" status as described in 8 USC 12 at this time, because there is no active American Federal Republic possible absent reconstruction.
There is, however, the possibility that the Federation of States can run the Federal Republic instead of the Confederation of States, because all powers of the Confederation were delegated to it by the Federation which actually did those duties, too, for a period of five years---1776 to 1781, when the Confederation was formed.
Everyone claiming to be or actually being a "citizen" of any stripe is an Employee. Those who do not claim any position as a "citizen" are Employers. Note* that the American Federal Republic has been dormant and awaiting reconstruction, so that its citizenry is obliged to return home to the Federation of States for Safe Harbor.
Meet the new-old Owners of this country, returned from overseas without ever moving an inch.
So when the US, INC. goes bankrupt, what is impacted? All the Municipal CORPORATIONS that have been registered since 1860 and which are now the property of the Primary Creditors, the people of this country. There is no emergency. It's just a routine bankruptcy with all the Creditors lined up for a share --- however, in this case, they weren't expecting the Primary Creditors to show up.
We did. We claimed all the property assets belonging to all these Municipal CORPORATIONS. We did this officially, on time, on the Public Record, and we rolled it all into a private American Common Law trust with the American states and people being the beneficiaries. Then we posted our liens against the Territorial Corporations and did the same thing with them.
So, whatever is left of the US, INC., belongs to us, including all its franchises. This results in a giant slush pile of assets belonging to over 320 million people, waiting for them to wake up and come home and claim their stuff.
That is the result of the most recent US. INC. bankruptcy. And nothing anyone else has to say about any of it makes any difference. It still yields the same actual result.
The Employees don't actually have authority over the Employers and the Employer's assets. And no matter what the Employees say, their deliberations do not result in the reconstruction of the Federal Republic.
The Federal Republic has to be reconstructed by the Confederation of States and the Confederation of States can only be reconstructed by the States that chartered it.
So, the Employers are back in town, the properly declared population is identified, and the States of the Union are in Session. As soon as all the State Assemblies are fully populated and organized, the actual Reconstruction can begin.
There is no longer a "state of war" in this country. The Employers have issued a formal Peace Treaty and International Proclamation and have told the Employees to stand down as a condition of their employment.
All the people who were subjected to an illegal probate of their estates based upon the idea that they or their parents voluntarily waived their birthright estates, have been redeemed, and the truth of the matter --- that these people could never be the subject of probate is underlined by the fact that there is no authority for the existence of any probate court in this country.
Finally, as is our custom and tradition, no mere majority of State-of-States organizations has any authority to speak for this country as a whole in any jurisdiction or domain.
It is the States that speak in international jurisdictions, and it is the Union States that speak to national issues --- and neither The United States of America nor The States of America have ever been organized as democracies.
Where Affairs of State are concerned it requires a full election on the part of all fifty (50) States or the fifty (50) Union States, depending on the subject matter.
The British-affiliated Territorial Government doing business as "the United States of America (Incorporated)" is the only democracy here and they can never get a majority mandate of their eligible voters to agree on anything. They obviously do not have any granted ability or authority to reconstruct our Federal Republic, and are engaged in fraud when they propose to offer a British Substitute as "a" Federal Republic and then further propose to usurp the powers of our American Federal Republic.
All this confusion and chicanery has gone on long enough. If there ever was any excuse for it --- which we doubt --- that excuse is now extinguished. The Owners who are the Employers and also the Donors of all Public and Private Trusts attached to this country are present and accounted for and as a whole, have reclaimed all their assets.
Any custodial interest or caretaking role assumed by our Territorial and Municipal Employees is at an end and the assets must be returned to the actual States of the Union and the Constitutional service contracts owed to the People of this country must be honored in full, with no further excuses or obfuscation or evasion.
It is upon the shoulders of the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London to immediately correct their presumptions and operations which have been based upon false and self-interested legal suppositions. It is upon the shoulders of the American Armed Forces represented by the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution, GAR, VFW, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, AmVets and all other affiliated and unaffiliated veterans' organizations to recognize that while they were employed by foreign commercial corporations during their tours of duty, the actual American Government to which they owe absolute allegiance is not incorporated, not a democracy and not subject to probate.
As a result of all the foregoing, any actions undertaken by the SoS organizations must be set aside and disregarded as actions that, however well-intended, were lacking authority and standing. No action is due to them.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]


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Looming Price Hikes on Food Set to Hit Americans This Fall

About the GAR and the State of War

 By Anna Von Reitz

I think it is very important for Americans and others around the world to comprehend the situation that the Union Army Officers and Senior Non-Coms faced at the end of the American Civil War.  

They knew what they were facing as a result of the political chaos --- a long-term state of war --- a political stalemate of unknown duration, and a simmering pot that might boil over at any moment.  

So they organized the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) as both a fraternal support organization that endures to this day, and as a Secret Society in the same sense as the Freemasons and their Lodges. 

As the progenitors never resigned their commissions their commissions are still "in the field" so long as the sons retain the name.  This is called a "Ghost Army" in military terms.  This is part of the reason that all the wordplay around what names stand for has been employed, and the reason that the use of these various styles of name imply the political status of combatants in "the state of war" that has been promoted ever since 1865.   

Look around at the men holding the top positions in the banks and the corporations, securities exchanges and commodity markets.  You will see many, many familiar names from the Civil War and Belle Epoch Era being attached via the use of generational titles like William Henry Harrison, III and still more variations that are not as obvious, like Warren G(erold) Harding. 

You will also find men deliberately adopting the names of Civil War veterans.  

These men are engaged in a long term internecine "war" of a commercial and sometimes political and religious nature.  

I think it's important for Americans (and others) to know that yes, Virginia, there is a "White Hats" organization and it is not something that just sprang up like grass in the spring.  They should know that this organization -- whatever they now call themselves in public --- is present, is funded, is patriotic, has its roots sunk as far back as the Revolution but primarily stems from secret service organizations formed by the GAR in response to "the state of war" we were left in after the Civil War. 

There are an estimated seventeen million veterans in this country, and at least half of them are attached in one way or another to GAR networks; they are armed and organized and make up the largest standing military force on Earth, which is only possible because they are volunteers.  

This puts a whole different light on the role of the paid military and the balance of power, both political and military, in this country.   For many people, it will be comforting to know that they are not alone and that American Armed Forces still exist and are still organized enough to carry out complex international operations as well as provide on-the-ground defense if necessary.  

We, Americans, have not been caught flat-footed after all, and it is largely thanks to the Officers and Non-Coms of the Union Army who were later joined by the Officers and Non-Coms of the Confederate States of America----- and combined as the Grand Army of the Republic, then and now. 

Right in front of our faces, our ancestors formed a new Army and named it appropriately as the Army of the Federal Republic, even as they waited for the Federal Republic to be reconstructed. 

As staggering as this truth is to contemplate, looking back over six generations and a hundred and fifty-seven years, the actual combined Grand Army of the Republic has been organized and standing watch the whole time.  It is to these Americans, who also gave us the Memorial Day holiday, that we owe a profound debt: they never stood down, then or now.  

They were not deceived when the powers of the world said, "peace, peace, but there was no peace".  


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