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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Why the Navy and Marine Corps?

 By Anna Von Reitz

You may have noticed something funny--- not in the humorous sense, the odd sense. 

Our Saviors are the Navy and the Marine Corps, not the Army, not the Air Force. 

Common sense would seem to dictate that the Army, which Lincoln left in control, would step up and defend our borders and our people, but instead, they are all hunkered down and ready to let "the National Guard" --- an entity that can't  exist as a nationwide force under the Constitutions --- do their dirty work for them.  

While the Vermin were busy stealing everything else, they also stole our "well-regulated" state militias, renamed the State Militia "the National Guard", walked in, and started running things "for" us, under the guise of the State Trusts they also created "for" us. 

The fact is that the Army has been dirty since General Grant and General Sherman made it so. 
Most of the evil that has happened in the past 162 years lays on their shoulders, and they know it, so they are trying to avoid the blame and staying very quiet and doing whatever anyone tells them to do so long as there is a paycheck in it. 

Their leaders hope to use the illegally and unconstitutionally formed "agency" of the National Guard --- which isn't subject to the Constitutions ---- and not operating under the Constitutions--- but which instead exists as a private corporation's mercenary force, to assault and kill the innocent American people who have so loyally supported all of them, the Army and the National Guard, too. 

Unfortunately for the Head Cheeses responsible for this situation, the Navy still flies our flag and so does the Marine Corps and they have a grudge-match to settle over September 11. And once the word gets out, it isn't going to matter to our Army or our Air Force what the talking heads say about evil "Sovereign Citizens" ---- they are going to know in their souls that they are being stood down and misdirected.  And they are going to march.  And they are going to slaughter anyone who doesn't stand with them.  And Gideon's Army will go with them.  

That is what is becoming very, very clear to the sniveling white collar crooks who have glutted themselves at our expense, and they are afraid.  They are very afraid.  As they should be. Because when our guys get a load of how they have been used and abused and cheated and misdirected by all these Corporate Cheats, there will be Hell to pay, and right behind every loyal American soldier will stand ten more men, also Americans, who are veterans. 

Millions and millions and millions of veterans. All experienced. All very grim. And all very well armed. 

They persist in thinking that the "Space Force" will be their Ace-in-the-Hole, or some plague of germs, but I personally doubt it; and when the United Nations soldiers see their own home countries being assaulted by the same vicious criminals, like the Swedes finally realizing that they have been invaded by "refugees" under the banner of world peace, hey, guess what? 

And the Germans, French, and Italians all realizing that they are still under occupation?  To say nothing of the British People and the Danes and all of Scandinavia?  Hoo-hoo!  Watch out! Just imagine the Japanese, how hard they have been worked by these Vermin?  Imagine their response when they realize the deceits involved?  The Aussies?  The Canadians?  

Right now, the Government of Sweden knows who blew up the Nordstream Pipelines, and despite all the best efforts of treasonous little psychopaths, the word is getting out about Joe Biden and NATO and Is-Ra-El, to say nothing about Zelensky in Paris, going on extravagant shopping binges with his wife, while the people of Ukraine and most of the rest of Europe suffer needlessly.   

The CIA Big Wigs responsible for all of this deceit and the whole "culture of lies" that has infested Washington, DC,  think that they are immune from justice even as the polls clearly show that the people of this world are no longer listening to their Talking Heads, no longer care what the News Anchors intone, and don't trust this current corporate sideshow.  

The exhortation to "Turn the Knob" is taking hold as millions upon millions do exactly that and turn their attention to other activities --- like discovering for themselves what is important and what's going on. 

People all over the world have sense enough now to know that the Corporations masquerading as their governments, aren't their governments. They are seeing who is lined up in support of these corporations and who are all members of the so-called World Economic Forum?    

And just wait until they turn their gaze and take a good long look at the banks....


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An Open Letter to His Holiness, the Pope 20th December 2022

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis, 

Ecclesiastical Law makes you and the Roman Curia responsible for the creation of corporations of all kinds.  This includes the proliferation of trusts, non-profits, NGO's, foundations, cooperatives, LLCs, S-Corps, B-Corps, C-Corps and so on.  

We are pleased that you honored your obligation to dissolve both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., but also see that you stopped short of prohibiting those responsible from creating new corporations for the same purposes and guilty of the same sins against Mankind. 

To be effective in disciplining these and other governmental services corporations around the world, it is necessary to permanently remove the privilege of incorporation from those responsible for dire acts of trespass and transgression.  

We note that corporations may be formed for any lawful purpose, but not merely legal purposes, a stipulation by which our ancestors have firmly established the limitations of corporations of all kinds and fixed the proper sphere of their activity. 

By what stretch of the imagination is it "lawful" to inject foreign and undisclosed genetic materials into living flesh, in order to murder and maim for profit, and to alter the natural genome of innocent people--- in order to promote claims of owning them via Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) patent rights?   

These acts and similar acts promoted by the UN CORPORATION and its WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INC.) and its franchises and subsidiaries, the NIH, INC., the CDC, INC., the FDA, INC, the DOJ, INC., MICROSOFT, INC., RAYTHEON, INC., MODERNA, INC., JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, INC., BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, PFIZER, INC., BAYER, INC., MONSANTO, INC, PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE, INC., WELLCOME TRUST,  CIA, INC., DIA, INC., NSA, INC., FBI, INC., US PATENT OFFICE, INC., SERCO, INC., NATO, INC., and their affiliates ----are unlawful and every single named corporation must be dissolved for unlawful activity which has resulted in injury and injurious harm, both.  

The Corporate Veil must be removed and their leadership must be punished and deprived of any further privilege to incorporate anything. 

These actions cited above, both harm accruing directly from the undisclosed injections, and harm resulting from the obscene ownership claims,  have been undertaken recklessly without regard for Law or Custom of any kind.

The participants in this conspiracy to murder, maim, defraud and enslave living people for the benefit of inanimate corporations were encouraged by members of the Municipal Congress of the United States who made false guarantees of protection to the pharmaceutical corporations engaged in the production of vaccines, promising to hold them harmless regardless of injuries sustained from vaccines they produced and marketed, and were also encouraged  by the actions of the US SUPREME COURT, INC. which allowed them to patent living organisms that had been altered by genetic engineering processes. 

Additional unlawful acts and processes have been undertaken by the IMF, INC., and the FEDERAL RESERVE, INC., to create monopoly control over availability of commodities, including food, fuel, and currency; the WORLD BANK, INC., has been caught engaged in promoting rigged gambling and platform trading on private assets without any granted authority from the asset owners; the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, INC., has sat on its rump for eighteen years and turned a deaf ear to the properly declared and evidenced owners of the world's physical gold reserves based on false claims made by the discredited UNITED STATES, INC., and the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Reserve have thus far failed to answer our demand that they come to the table and hammer out new agreements with the asset owners and their lawful Assigns, in line with the Public Good worldwide. 

The Donors and Fiduciaries and Attorneys in Fact for the estate of Severino Sta Romano, the Witnesses of Giovanni Baptista Ricchello, the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America, and the lawful and spiritual inheritors of the St. Germain Endowment are hereby fully informing you and the Vatican Chancery Court and the International Court of Justice and the Bank of International Settlements and the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements that the trust indentures owed to the D'Avila Family, the Urban Family, the Santiago Family, and many others are being breached and their private assets are being misused to generate credit without their consent, and without recognition of the fact that the credit generated from their assets also belongs to the asset owners. 

The World Trust which is supposed to be opened on December 24th and used to adjust accounts and deliver the world economy from want and debt is instead being used to sop and reward the Perpetrators --- all Corporations ---- for their crimes against Humanity, and this is being done against the Will of the Donors, the actual members of St. Germain's Family, both physical and spiritual. 

The St. Germain Endowment,  intended for the support of The United States of America, has been commandeered and unlawfully incorporated by persons lacking any authority to do this, and they have proceeded to make venal "investments" of the capital in things like "Bad Dragon Dildoes".  My relative, St. Germain, and the current members of the Saint Germain Spiritual Family, would vomit if they could see the evil things that their sacrifices are being used to support by these Corporatists who have unlawfully and illegally mismanaged the organization and the assets. 

The Seven Shining Ones had better rise up off their velvet tuffets and listen and obey,  for I carry the Word of the Living God concerning these matters, and his Word has gone forth; it will not return unsatisfied, so yield to the Greater Will that grants your breath.  

Why have you allowed these corporations to continue this madness, when the lawful government of The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States, has already outlawed any such patent claims made against living people? 

Why have you stood silent while corporations --- that you and the Curia are responsible for creating --- have committed acts of fraud and forced conscription (press-ganging), inland piracy, and conspiracy in violation and trespass against our constitutional agreements and treaties? 

Why have you allowed Joseph Biden to create the WHITE HOUSE OFFICE, INC. and offer to use that as a substitute and successor for the UNITED STATES, INC.?  Is it not apparent that the same gang of hooligans cannot be trusted to do anything different or better?  That a new round of unlawful acts under a different name is no better than the prior offer? 

Why are you continuing the system of profiteering and bondage begun in 1937, and the perpetuation of mortgages against the innocent people of this country, and all the False Claims that have been made against our assets?  Isn't the Ecclesiastical Law and the Roman Civl Law --- both--- clear enough?  

What possible excuse is there for continuing to impersonate us and to impose Municipal Law on us, when we have placed our own lawful Government in Session and declared our birthright political status?  There are no conscionable UCC Contract Trusts.  There are virtually no conscionable Territorial Offices or Officers, either. 

To the extent that these PERSONS/Persons exist, they are the ones who need to declare their political status and obey the Foreign Agents Registration Act; we have no such obligation in our own country.  

We, however, are awake and aware and are here to tell you the Truth. Those who are doing these evils in the sight of the True God are doing so to their own ever-lasting condemnation; every Lie is being counted against them.  And the assets of the World Trust may not be used to save these evil-doers who have besmirched the Good Name of our country and our patrons. The assets of the Santiago Trust and seventeen other Family Trusts must be returned to the control of the man Anthony Santiago Martin also freely trusted and granted his irrevocable General Power of Attorney to.  

Although the existence of Municipal Corporations is not explicitly prohibited, unlawful activities undertaken by Municipal Corporations are prohibited and the sentence rendered is pre-ordained. All Municipal Corporations engaged in unlawful activities must be liquidated and the assets returned to the lawful owners and injured parties.  We have taken the trouble to list numerous Muniicpal Corporations that need to be liquidated including the SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION of Schaumburg, Illinois. 

This same pre-ordained fate does include Municipal Corporations owned by the British Crown.  

                                   Most sincerely, 
                                        Letter from and by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                        The United States of America -- Unincorporated.  

Rat Watch Alert, Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hello, Campers!  Hello, Rat Watchers!  

Have you noticed an uptick in the proliferation of purple LED street lights and purple LED lights in general?  They are suddenly all over, but especially in major urban areas.  

As one of our Ace Rat Watchers has just brought forward, there is a reason for this. 

Raytheon, Inc., a major military "defense" (Ahem!) contractor has a patent, US 2012/0250948 which allows them to collect biometric identification (dog tags) using Ultraviolet (UV) Image Data. 

See United States Patent Application US 2012/0250948, "System and Method for Biometric Identification using Ultraviolet (UV) Image Data. 

So, the Vermin have invaded and trespassed against your Guaranteed Right to Privacy, biological and otherwise, by injecting people with technology that not only tags them like lost dogs, but also returns feedback information about their vital signs and physical condition. 

At first glance, you might think that this is a good thing and that it could be put to good uses --- being able to locate missing people, being able to rejoin adoptees and biological families, being able to monitor people with known heart conditions, or remotely care for and monitor people with chronic diseases like diabetes: "Wake up, Shirley!  Take your insulin!" 

It could be used to save lives and serve good purposes, but it could also be used for very evil purposes, too.  Which, given human history, do you suppose will be predominant once you tacitly give Government Contractors the right to spy on the most intimate details of your physical being?  

"Hey, Guys, it's time for Marlene to get pregnant!"  

God and the Constitutions gave us the right to privacy for a reason.  Our unique biology is ours, not theirs.  And any unauthorized prurient snooping into it is strictly forbidden.  

Time to get off your couch and ring the alarm bells.  Loudly.  Every official and officer from the local Highway Patrol to the Governor and THEIR Congressional delegations need to get a send off about this and its connection to the undisclosed Covid-19 injections which have dog tagged two thirds of the people in this country. 

Raytheon, the Department of the Defense, the Patent Office, and any foreign officer promoting this technology or using it for the purpose of biological identification and spying are all liable for violation of our Guaranteed Right to Privacy--- including biological privacy. 

If they want to treat us like dogs, let them find out that dogs can bite.  


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