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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Politics of Love

By Anna Von Reitz

What it boils down to is that those responsible for this Mess stand condemned under every form of law there is, including Sharia ---- except for The Law of Love.   And that is basically because Love knows no Law. 

The essence of Law is Limitation. The essence of Love is Limitless.

That is why Laws, even The Ten Commandments, are always written in negative terms.  Law tells you what not to do, instead of what you should or need to do.  It works by prohibition, not prescription.

"You shall have no other gods before me," could be written as "I am to be your only god."   "Thou shalt not kill," could be written as "Thou shall preserve life."   "Thou shalt not commit adultery," could be written as, "Thou shall honor the purity and commitment of your body."

You can see already that Law casts things in a negative light and places the emphasis on what "not" to do, and that by recasting the Law in positive terms a different, proactive attitude is achieved.  You are no longer focusing on what you shouldn't do, but instead, are focused on what you should and can do. 

Instead of resisting Evil according to the Law, you by-pass Evil entirely when you live by Love. Evil is converted into Live.  

The change in perspective from prohibition to prescription naturally changes your attitude toward the teaching and gives you a way forward by giving you a positive action to pursue. 

Instead of standing around trying to bulwark yourself against the lusts and temptations of the flesh, you are re-focused on promoting the health and wholeness of your body and honoring the importance of your physical relationships. Instead of being focused on killing as "the" issue,  you are focused on preserving life, a focus which naturally extends beyond mankind to understanding and caring about all forms of life.

Law is exclusive.  Love is inclusive.

Love transforms everything, overcomes everything.  It never speaks in negatives.  It has no prohibitions, because it seeks only what is good. It has no judgments, because love itself is the only judgment.  Love is not only the answer, it is the question.  It is whole and complete unto itself and needs no negative to give it clarity or meaning by contrast.

My Grandmother used to say, "It takes the darkness to make the light shine brighter."  In the physical sense of light and dark, yes, the contrast is necessary, but the spiritual light of love needs no darkness at all. 

We don't need to know hate in order to know love. 

This is because love is already complete.  It needs nothing else at all.

I was given a precious glimpse of the wholeness of love, through the unlikely mirror of a mentally ill alcoholic. The night before he "suicided" himself, I listened to his recitation of his life, his exit interview.  I listened without judgment, and I realized that this is the way that God loves each of us --- without judgment, without need, without limit, "as is" just the way we are, however we happen to be, in whatever condition.  

Out of its own wholeness, Love sees us as we are meant to be when we are complete.  Love sees us as already perfected.  Whatever our circumstance or our sin doesn't matter, because in the realm of Love, we are made perfect and all else is just the Refiner's Fire, burning away the dross. .

In the great answering silence, Love loves us, and as the actual Apostle Paul said, love endures all things, believes all things, hopes all things--- precisely because love has no limits within itself.  No Law. No Limits.

Because love has no law but is instead a law unto itself, love overcomes law. This is how Jesus overcome law. And death.  The law that limits life was broken, because love cannot be contained or limited by law.  

Given this background, you can now see how the "politics of love" comes into play; it is the only possible salvation for the guilty parties, and the more guilty, the more desperately they need to accept, to practice, to live by, and to champion The Law of Love.

It has been foretold for many generations that our Father would destroy the world by fire and bring to ruin those ruining the Earth.

Please note that the world is not the Earth.  The world is the man-made construct of society and trade and commerce --- the proverbial "Shiny Thing" that we have created and added on top of the Earth.

The destroying fire can be actual, physical fire, or it can be the fire of the Holy Spirit.   Our choice. 

There are those among us who have pledged their allegiance to The Kingdom of God.  They use the word "God" as an acronym for "Gold, Order, and Dominion"--- so "The Kingdom of Gold, Order, and Dominion" is what they are talking about when they say, "The Kingdom of God" and this is what they have endeavored to create, manipulate, and benefit from for centuries.

The gold is literally gold, the "order" is provided by the Church and the systems of law recognized by the Church, and dominion is the result of controlling both the gold and the standards and enforcement doctrines of the various kinds of law. 

This is, obviously, not The Kingdom of Heaven. 

The Kingdom of God is a man-made construct purposefully created to benefit a few kingpins and whatever goals they have in mind --- good or bad --- for the rest of us.  The laws that these Planners establish are just as flawed, limited, and in the end, self-interested, as the rest of this "world" superimposed upon the Earth. 

The Kingdom of Heaven, by comparison, has only Three Laws, so the entire vast corrupt legal system is rendered unnecessary and obsolete.  Instead of focusing attention on the now-80-plus million statutes that the Planners have created, The Law of Love, The Law of Peace, and The Law of Free Will provide the entire basis for ordering our own actions and the operations of the world we live in --- and the greatest of these Laws, is The Law of Love.

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