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Friday, December 9, 2022

District "Assemblies" v State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you see anything calling itself the "Continental Free Press" or "National assembly for the Government of The United States of America" or trying to pass itself off as "The Ohio State Republic" or "The New York State Republic", etc., know that it's being promoted by the thoroughly discredited Reign of the Heavens Society and run like an antelope away. 

There are three populations in this country. 

They are: (1) Americans adopting their birthright political status and living in original jurisdiction on the land and soil; (2) persons of various national origins working as British Territorial U.S. Citizens occupying Military Districts in Admiralty jurisdiction and adopting that foreign political status; I3) persons of various national origins working as Municipal citizens of the United States occupying Maritime Districts in Maritime (Commercial) Districts and adopting that foreign political status. 

Now, a mish-mash of confused people in the foreign political statuses, both Territorial and Municipal, are trying to form "assemblies" and are calling their organizations "assemblies" even though by definition, they can't form assemblies.  They can only form "associations" or "societies". 

This misrepresentation of who they are and what they are doing is resulting in confusion as they persist in calling themselves "assemblies" --- when they are not assemblies.  

The only people who can "assemble" are the Americans occupying the original land and soil jurisdiction, and they are contractually guaranteed the right to do so. 

Persons --- those operating in the foreign Admiralty and Maritime jurisdictions have no guaranteed rights at all, though they are generally allowed to meet together freely and "associate" with each other or form "societies" so long as they are not usurping or plotting against the actual government of this country.  

Most of this confusion is being caused by the erstwhile members of the thoroughly discredited Reign of the Heavens Society, which did at least admit that it was a "society" and not an assembly of any kind. 

Since it was forced to go underground and change its names this renegade Territorial organization which pretends to have authority based on the defunct Confederation of States, has spun off all sorts of fanciful names and titles and internet websites for itself, where it basically preaches anti-semitism and Nazi-like mindlessness and submission to their purported "authority". 

The States created three instrumentalities for their convenience to do business mutually  -- the Union formed in July 1776, the Federation in September 1776, and much later, 1781, the Confederation.  All three instrumentalities represent or, in the case of the Confederation, represented,  the States in different jurisdictions. 

The Union was conceived to hold the National Soil Jurisdiction sacred and apart from the hurly-burly and possible interferences of international affairs. 

Our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America was conceived to deal with International and Global business and from 1776 to 1781, it handled all external business affairs in air, land, and sea jurisdictions. 

Five years later, the unincorporated Confederation was adopted and began representing the States in global Maritime jurisdiction as "the States of America" as of March 1, 1781; in 1787, this Confederation of business organizations operating as States-of-States extended itself to operate the Federal Republic, under The Constitution for the united States of America. 

As anyone can see, the verbiage is consistent throughout.  The Confederation doing business as "the States of America" was the American Subcontractor awarded the original 1787 Federal Constitution Contract; and operating as "the Federal Republic" it assumed the enumerated powers and duties delegated under The Constitution for the united States of America in September of 1787. 

The Union continued to control and represent the National Soil Jurisdiction of the States and the unincorporated Federation continued to represent the States' international land, global air, and international Admiralty jurisdictions, as well as any undelegated powers in Maritime jurisdiction which remained with the States and/or people. 

Contrary to what some people have been misled to believe, the Confederation did not take over or supersede any of these other functions and authorities. The Federation of States simply split off some of its responsibilities and gave them to the Confederation to administer. 

All went well until the Southern members of the Confederation walked out and left the organization without a quorum to conduct business. This rendered the original Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation inoperable, and that made the Federal Republic inoperable, too. 

By Operation of Law, the "powers" delegated under The Constitution for the united States of America automatically reverted to the Delegator, the Federation of States from which the "powers" were transferred. 

And there they remain, until the actual properly declared and populated State Assemblies reconstruct their State-of-State organizations and restore the Confederation which will then restore the Federal Republic --- if that's how the States now in Session decide to organize things. 

Meantime, the unincorporated Federation of States simply resumes the extra work as it did from 1776 to 1781.  

The only valid "State Assemblies" operate under names styled like this: "The Texas Assembly" and they are true assemblies populated by the people living in each State, acting in their capacity as people, not as foreign "persons" working for or dependent upon foreign corporations. 

Watch out for the fake look-alike-sound-alike "assemblies" being promoted by the renegade Liars still operating the Reign of the Heavens Society under new deceitful names like "The Wisconsin State Republic". 

Look at this name and think. What are the words?  What do they mean?  Is a "Republic" in any way related to the "republican state assemblies" that we are owed?  Where do we see the word "Republic" show up in our history?  What is a "Wisconsin State" as opposed to plain old "Wisconsin"? 

After the Civil War the British Territorial Perpetrators came in and seized upon all the property belonging to the States and People and put it all in a State Trust in each State of the Union.  They named these trusts "The Wisconsin State (Trust)" and "The Ohio State (Trust)" and so on. 
They then assumed a custodial role with respect to these trusts and the assets contained in them, which gave them an excuse to subjugate us under their Territorial rule. 

So now we know where the "Wisconsin State" part of "The Wisconsin State Republic" comes from, but what about "Republic"?   The only Republic in our history is a foreign Federal entity known as the Federal Republic which was at one time funded and operated by the failed Confederation.  As with all Federal entities, that Republic was foreign in jurisdiction and population.  And any phony State Trust Republics add up to our Territorial Employees trying to pull another Substitution Scheme on clueless Americans. 

Any State Trust Republic has nothing to do with our republican States of the Union, but it sure it trying to pass itself off as one of our States.  

Please note that a State Trust is not a State.  It's another legal fiction trying to bust the world on a wooden nickel.  Now that the actual States are back in Session and the properly declared and recorded population has returned to their lawful jurisdiction there is no reason for any State Trust to exist.  These State Trusts are supposed to be liquidated and returned to the States of the Union to which they belong. 

In other words, "The Wisconsin State (Trust)" needs to be dissolved and all assets returned to Wisconsin, the nation-state of the living population of Wisconsinites living within the physical boundaries of Wisconsin.  The land and everything else doesn't belong to any Republic.  It belongs to the State, Wisconsin, and the people living there. 

Most particularly, the Trust Assets don't belong to any British Territorial Employees thinking that they are going to pull off another Substitution Scheme against the actual Owners.  These irresponsible and illegal antics must come to an end, and so must the assumption of any right to interfere with or impersonate the actual State and the actual State Assembly.  

What I have said here applies to each and every State Trust and every State of the Union. 

The Western States that did not come into existence until after the Civil War entered into Territorial Statehood, not true Statehood, because the States were not in Session and could not vote to enroll them.  As of the first of October 2020, this long-delayed housekeeping was completed when all the State Assemblies that existed prior to the Civil War voted unanimously to enroll the Territorial "States" as full and complete States of the Union.  

So there is no reason for any Territorial U.S. Citizen to assume any custody of any of our State Assets anywhere in this country, much less any authority to gin up a "Republic" based on a State Trust that is owed to the people of each State, and call themselves an "Assembly" without properly disclosing who and what they really are.  They might legitimately style themselves as a "District Assembly" or a "Municipal Assembly", but trying to foist themselves off as a State Trust Assembly is simply whackjob. 

Those who are subjects of a foreign Trust have no right to assemble, and the Trustees of such a Trust have no right to assert any interest in the Assets of a State Trust which belongs already to a State of the Union. 

It should be obvious that a State Trust has no political character at all and is not a viable political subunit.  All these State Trusts have been operated as Wards of the British Crown, in purported safekeeping until the return of the lawful owners. 

Well, the actual owners have "returned from over the sea" and declared and recorded their presence here without the services of a clearinghouse.  Our British Territorial Employees are honor bound to release the State Trust Assets back to the lawful owners, not mess around and continue trying to assert custodial interests and ownership interests that do no belong to them, much less offer to set themselves up with their own "Republic" based on our State Trust Assets. 

More British Bunko being promoted by the Reign of the Heavens Society trying to hide behind new names and faces and internet websites. 

If you see anything calling itself the "Continental Free Press" or "National assembly for the Government of The United States of America" or trying to pass itself off as "The Ohio State Republic" or "The New York State Republic", etc., know that it's being promoted by the thoroughly discredited Reign of the Heavens Society and run like an antelope away. 


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Key Take Home Message for Corporations and Corporate Officers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most corporations are run by businessmen and businesswomen who live in a world where crime is defined in terms of maritime (commercial) law.  It's not illegal to rape, burn, pillage, plunder, murder, conspire against, deceive, rob, kidnap..... etc., etc., etc., ----- a corporation. 

It is exactly for this reason that the Vermin among us have tried so hard to "redefine" people as corporations.  

Also, corporations can be owned as slaves.  There is no law against it. 

When you go into one of their Municipal Maritime Courts, you are never the DEFENDANT.  The DEFENDANT is a corporation these charlatans have named after you, a corporation that they own and control.  And you are supposed to be the slave operating the corporation for their benefit. 

That's their Narrative. 

No wonder you are confused; you are meant to be confused.  What sane person could make any sense of what they are doing, or the premises upon which they are acting?  It's like being caught in some Noir Film.  Everyone in the courtroom is a zombie and you are at your own funeral.  The judge can't hear you because you are "dead" and he's just going to go ahead and administer your infant decedent estate --- or some derivative of it ---- "for" your beneficiaries, that is, the British King, the Roman Pope, and of course, the judge, who gets a slice of the action.  

They've been getting away with this crap for decades.  Some of them have been doing it so long they think it's right and proper.  They will look you in the eye as they are stealing your home and say, "This is the way it's done.  This is the way it's always been done." because they've been there thirty years and they've been doing it all wrong the whole time. 

They don't know any better, and they don't want to know any better, because this evil impersonation racket is highly profitable for the Hired Jurists and Bar Attorneys. And as they will tell you with a sneer, "It's all perfectly legal." 

Which means it's against God and Nature and not lawful at all, but they've worked things around until they've got a "legal system" --- a racket--- going, and they are raking everything in under color of law at virtually no expense and no risk to themselves.  They just charge everything to their victims and place bets on the outcomes of trials that they themselves 

And now comes the take home message for all the men and women who have participated in this hideous scheme and profited from it at the expense of their country and their countrymen: you are all liable under Admiralty Law. 

This means that people like Warren Buffett, Larry Fink, and Elon Musk are, in effect, in the military--- whether or not they know that.  

They are subject to Admiralty Law on the sea and the Uniform Code of Military Justice on the land, and neither one of these forms of law tolerate any illegal confiscations, pillaging, genocide, piracy, human trafficking, enslavement, or similar crimes that the Corporate Raiders take for granted in their legal fiction world. 

Because they are corporate "officers" --- notice that word --- they have no excuse and no escape once the Provost Marshals and Judge Advocate Generals turn a baleful eye on them and do their duty. 

I am only saying this because it is coming as such a shock to so many politicians and others who have served as "officers" of corporations and done the bidding for corporations involved in criminal activities --- and now, the karmic wheel has turned, the cows (and sheep) are coming home, the trumpets are blaring and the confused Vermin are looking around and saying, "What?  Who? Me? I'm a civilian! You can't take me to trial under military law!" 

Wanna bet? 


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Just Bloody Give It Up

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, weary me.  All the Tories are out in force, slandering me and trying to lead Americans astray --- again --- so that King Charles can enjoy his brandy in peace and enslave what's left of humanity after his Father polluted the blood of billions of people and reclassified them as subhuman Genetically Modified Organisms belonging to the patent holders. 

And, of course, he, Charles, owns the patent holders.  

Can't you just see the Old Boys at the Club tipping their snifters to that and looking down their snooty long noses at the miserable and dying and maimed?   Such a brilliant plan.  Kill the weak and enslave the rest as GMO's without any kind of pesky rights or standing in law, then profit for decades afterward as the desperately ill spend their life's savings on medical care and medical products that do nothing but enrich the Vermin responsible for this whole situation.

The latest assault on language skills, history, reading ability, and common sense is represented by the Tories of the District Government fronting a bunch of new entities calling themselves by names like this: "The Wisconsin State Republic". 

I have news for all of you.  

"The Wisconsin State (Trust)" was formed after the Civil War as a means for the usurping British Territorial Employees to collect all the assets owed to Wisconsinites and Wisconsin -- the actual nation-state and put it in a trust that they, the interlopers, could control "for" us, and thus, subjugate and enslave us with legalistic garbage, semantic deceits, and protestations of goodwill where there was none.  

So what are they blathering about when they come up with something called "The Wisconsin State Republic" ---- not our republican States of the Union, and that's for sure. 

Stop being chumps and look at the words -- "Republic" versus "republican".  The words are similar but not the same, and they have entirely different meanings.  

The only kind of "Republic" that ever existed here was an instrumentality of the failed and defunct Confederation, and that "Republic" cannot be reconstructed nor can the Confederation be reconstructed absent action by the actual State Assemblies. 

So what is going on here? 

The actual State Assemblies are in Session and the State Trusts need to be returned to our control, but instead of doing what is right and honest, our Territorial Employees are trying another Substitution Scheme, throwing together British Territorial entities and calling them "The Wisconsin State (Trust) Republic" --- yet another oxymoron because a Trust cannot be a Republic. 

Just give it up, all you shameless Usurpers and Con Artists.  You should be ashamed and the people should be angry enough to make you ashamed.  Those who have stumbled into the trap need to stumble out again, and those "proposing" these organizations need to be stopped and given an education.  


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John Leake Findings

 By Anna Von Reitz

Immediately below, I am reposting a brief article by John Leake titled, " 
Covid 19 Hiding in Plain Sight since 2015.  I am reposting it because so many people seem confused about something that is exhaustively documented at this point.  Covid 19 is a bioengineered weapon that was developed and patented here in The United States. When the research supporting it was outlawed in 2014, the National Institute of Health under Anthony Fauci continued to fund research and development of Covid 19 offshore at the Wuhan Laboratory. 

The research had been outlawed and defunded by Congress, but Fauci and the NIH evaded their prohibition and developed it anyway, in anticipation of billions of dollars in profits for themselves and the Big Pharma corporations that the NIH and CDC are dependent upon.  So give a quick review of the facts and rejoin me for a crucial explanation at the bottom of the page:

Covid 19 Hiding in Plain Sight Since 2015 by John Leake 

The lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 was published in 2015

One of the most striking features of the corrupt pandemic response is that its innumerable elements of fraud, deception, malfeasance, unconstitutionality, and negligent homicide are NOT concealed.

Because these criminal elements are not reported by the mainstream media, they remain unknown to most people. Like pebbles tossed onto a recently mown lawn, they are not immediately visible, but would be to anyone who looks a little closer.

This is not actual concealment; it’s just a matter of not drawing attention to something. Nevertheless, such systematic omissions result in ignorance for those accustomed to obtaining their information from the mainstream media.

This ignorance is reinforced by the consumption of daily mainstream news, which diminishes awareness of any particular story that develops over a period of time.

A stunning form of this deception by omission is when public officials, scientists, and the media pretend not to notice extremely harmful and even criminal conduct that is detectable for anyone who bothers to look.

Public officials and news reporters have no excuse for not looking because it’s their job to look. Their omissions are analogous to a police investigator choosing not to look at a video surveillance recording of a bank that has just been robbed by a man not wearing a mask. Those who have committed dangerous and even criminal acts are, in this way, allowed to hide in plain sight.

A striking example is the histrionic debate over whether NIH grant recipients conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses.

The pinnacle of such theater were the jousting matches between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci at Senate Health Committee hearings, at which Dr. Fauci vehemently insisted his agency did NOT fund Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses.

Apart from Senator Paul, few in the Senate, and few if any in the mainstream media, questioned Dr. Fauci’s assertions.

And yet, to see that the NIH was, in fact, funding Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses, one need only to read the 2015 paper titled A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence by Veneet Menachery, Zhengli-Li Shi, Ralph Baric, et al.

This study plainly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells.

Towards the end of the paper, the reader comes to the following section:

Biosafety And Biosecurity.

Reported studies were initiated after the University of North Carolina Institutional Biosafety Committee approved the experimental protocol (Project Title: Generating infectious clones of bat SARS-like CoVs; Lab Safety Plan ID: 20145741; Schedule G ID: 12279).

These studies were initiated before the US Government Deliberative Process Research Funding Pause on Selected Gain-of-Function Research Involving Influenza, MERS and SARS Viruses (

This paper has been reviewed by the funding agency, the NIH.

Continuation of these studies was requested, and this has been approved by the NIH.

Note that the reason for pausing Gain-of-Function research was the determination that its risks outweighed its potential benefit. The legalistic assertion that this particular Gain-of-Function research was authorized to continue flies in the face of the risk assessment.

Such research was, in 2014, deemed to be too dangerous for mankind, and in fact (as we now know) it was too dangerous. That Professor Baric’s research was approved before this negative risk assessment was made is immaterial.

The 2015 paper and other documents show that Ralph Baric and his Chinese colleague, Zhengli-Li Shi, were indeed engineering SARS-like bat coronaviruses in a lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in order to make them highly infectious to humans.

Today we learn that Dr. Andrew Huff, former EcoHealth Alliance vice president and scientist, has just published a book titled The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History.

We welcome Dr. Huff’s report, though we suspect that he won’t reveal anything we don’t already know.

See more here


Anna's comment: 

The way that they have worked all this without being prosecuted is the same impersonation that they have used throughout The Great Fraud.  Remember that it is perfectly legal to kill, maim, plunder, murder, rape, or pillage a corporation.  That's why they have been at such pains to redefine people as corporations which can then be harmed and preyed upon at will and also owned as slaves.  

This deceit and process of lies has recently been discovered and the wheels of justice are now turning, but be aware that just as this impersonation scheme has been falling apart, the Perpetrators have been trying to run another scheme by which they can claim ownership of living flesh ---- the U.S. Supreme Court allowed genetic research organizations and individuals to patent and profit from genetically engineered organism, so the Vermin have attempted to "redefine" humanity by introducing patented scraps of DNA into the human genome and claiming that the victims are now "Genetically Modified Organisms" owned by the patent holders. 

Our American Government has already taken action as of January 2020 to outlaw all such claims in this country and we encourage people throughout the world to do the same.  The Supreme Court was clearly not considering the potential evil contemplated by the pharmaceutical companies and men like Anthony Fauci. 

If successful, the patent-holders would literally own people as property and could dispose of them and mistreat them at will; there would be no recourse to any Natural and Unalienable Rights nor any Human Rights or Civil Rights, because there are no "GMO Rights" extant.

It is all just another ploy to continue the practice of slavery almost a hundred and fifty-seven years after slavery was supposedly abolished in this country and 96 years after slavery has been outlawed worldwide (1926). 

The Source of this Nastiness is the Roman-affiliated Municipal Governments operating as "independent, international city-states"  worldwide and its British sycophants which have created caste and class systems for generations for the purpose of dividing and conquering their victims and continuing the evil practices of elitism, colonialism, and economic peonage and enslavement under new guises, using new excuses for the same old evils.   

Today's Serfs enjoy fewer freedoms and pay a larger percentage of their earnings to the Perpetrators of these evils than our ancestors in the Middle Ages, and if they are allowed to get away with any more of this process of "redefinition"  we will all live in a planetary pig farm, where the vaxxed will be farmed like pigs and the unvaxxed will be defined as enemies of the "state" --- however these vomit bags define the words.  

It's time to be resolute and organized and put an end to these "programs" and insidious practices and failed institutions.  


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How Long Can Silver Remain Cheap?

That was a question that Jeff Clark posed in a recent article that Mike Maloney wanted to explore further. As you’ll hear from Mike, there is a huge curveball out there waiting that is highly likely to change this game forever.

China buying up the world’s GOLD supply in preparation for new world reserve currency designed to END the DOLLAR

In the first quarter of this year, central banks around the world purchased 87.7 tons of gold. That rose to 186 tons for the second quarter, and in the third quarter a whopping 399.3 tons were purchased. A shocking 300 tons of gold was purchased by China alonereports ZeroHedge, confirming what we long suspected (even though China’s purchase was deliberately shrouded in secrecy).

That means China is buying up the world’s available gold supply at a pace that dwarfs all the other countries on the planet. Why is China doing this? “China thought to be stockpiling gold to cut greenback dependence,” reports Nikkei Asia, which goes on to say this gold was likely purchased from Russia:

“China likely bought a substantial amount of gold from Russia,” said market analyst Itsuo Toshima.

China has made similar moves in the past. After staying mum since 2009, Beijing stunned the market in 2015, disclosing it had boosted gold holdings by about 600 tonnes. It has not reported any activity since September 2019.

The People’s Bank of China likely bought a portion of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation’s gold holdings of over 2,000 tonnes, Toshima said.

In essence, Russia is selling gold to China so that both nations can ditch the dollar. And 100+ other nations are likely to go along with them, resulting in the collapse of global dollar hegemony.

Preparing for the launch of the new world reserve currency backed by gold and other commodities

While the United States of America is printing trillions of dollars in “mad money” and trying to wage war with Russia through its proxy state of Ukraine, China is stockpiling gold at truly astonishing levels. BRICS nations, meanwhile, are preparing to launch their new global reserve currency that would challenge dollar dominance and end global reliance on the SWIFT system (which has been weaponized by the West against Russia). Once this happens, the tide goes out and all the nations that have been swimming naked — i.e. not having enough gold reserves to back their currency creation — end up getting tossed to the trash heap of history.