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Monday, February 13, 2023

What Goes On in Hell Stays in Hell.

From James C. Belcher

We are weary of explaining this to everyone, including Kirk Pendergass, but it's simple enough. 

What happens in Spain among Spaniards has nothing to do with us. 

What goes on aboard a foreign ship at sea and under a Captain's Command, has nothing to do with us. 

As I have explained before, there is no way in Hell that the U.S. Military can "restore" our Republic, because they have no standing and no granted authority to do so.  

They can say they are doing it or have done it, but that is just nonsense.  Their experts at Quantico know it's nonsense, because they know the difference between the two international jurisdictions of land and sea. 

If anyone is advising Trump any differently they are doing so in either (1) ignorance or (2) treachery.  Like Jerome Adams, former U.S. Surgeon General. 

Everyone promoting this: 

needs to stop before it comes back and bites them in the $#@%. \

The military is subject to our "foreign" civilian authority, because of the way the Constitutions were set up from Day One, and despite all their attempts to change and evade facts and ignore us and ignore the Truth, this is still the way things are set up, because fraud nullifies everything tainted by it. 

And everything from 1860 onward has been tainted by Lincoln's fraud. 

We, the People of this country, don't inhabit the jurisdiction of the sea in the accomplishment of our General Government.  Never have.

They, the Persons, are trapped in the jurisdiction of the sea by their own acts and volition, and remain there until they wake up and come home.  

It's only when they come home to the land and soil jurisdictions that they have any power to serve as deputies, delegates, or representatives of any kind related to the land jurisdiction. 
So even if they have the best intentions in the world, it's all for naught. 

They destroyed the land and soil jurisdictions (for themselves) when they went to sea; they cannot come back and recreate the land and soil jurisdictions for themselves without being Transgressors. 

This is true under the Ecclesiastical Law, The Law of Nations, the Geneva Conventions, and the Hague Conventions.  Any attempt they make to come ashore against our wishes is piracy and treason. 

In effect, the British Territorial U.S. Government which exists (with respect to us) as a Foreign Subcontractor, is offering to reconstruct our government "for" us, when they have no granted authority to do so. 

The end result would be another Substitution Scheme, substituting their government for ours, and an Act of War by the British Empire against the sovereign States of the Union. 

The so-called British Empire has enough on its plate without provoking an all-out rebellion in The United States.  Every loyal American in this country would be obligated by law and custom to join forces to oust any British Expeditionary Force attempting to occupy our Federal Republic or offering to substitute "a" Federal Republic of their own making for ours. 

Now is this clear enough for Kirk and Company and Donald Trump and everyone else who needs to read this?  

The international jurisdiction of the sea (Hell) is not allowed to lap over onto the international jurisdiction of the land (Purgatory), and if any such thing is offered it must be refused in no uncertain terms. 

Here is that refusal:  Neither the British Territorial Government nor any corporation in its registry or employ may come ashore under False Pretense of reconstructing our Federal Republic and trying to pass off its version of "a" Federal Republic for the American Federal Republic we are owed. 

By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

      The United States of America


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Look and Think Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here's a snippet from Ben Fulford's weekly report: 

"In New Zealand, the White Hat Military Alliance has already taken action and arrested former Prime Minister Jack Ardern. Ardern’s COVID dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in excess deaths following their mandatory COVID vaccination laws."

For those who aren't strong in math skills, "3203%" boils down to 32 times more death -- "excess death" -- since the whole PCR and "gene therapy" redefined as a "vaccine" campaign began.  

Thirty-two times more people than normally would die in the given time period in Australia, have died.  The funeral parlors are booming all over the world. 

Think about that.  

Let it sink in.  

Most people haven't begun to internalize this information. They are desperately trying to focus on anything else. 

The natural aversion we all have to thinking about death is in full swing;  our minds skip over the statistics and travel right on into the realm of avoidance and denial.  Oh, this couldn't be happening....but it is. 

It isn't until someone close to us suddenly keels over that we are forced to pay attention.  It isn't until four or five or six of our family and friends die that we are forced to count on our fingers....all dead, all took the shot.  

It's too awful.  

No, we can't quite believe it.  

Our government and all these respected institutions wouldn't do this to us.  Why would they?  


They'd do it for money, just like they do all the other nasty, reprehensible things they do for money.  

Out of over 3,000 military officers of the rank of Brigadier General and above, not one of "ours" will step up and move to open a War Crimes Tribunal under the sovereign authority of our country (like what Thailand is doing) because they have all been told that we "lost our sovereignty".  

And that's just another lie like everything else. 

The Federal "US Corp" gives a kickback of a million dollars to their own State-of-State franchises for every child stolen from their natural family by Child Protective Services. 

Then the private for for-profit "agencies" running Child Protective Services charge another $6000 to $9000 per day per child. 

And you wonder why non-custodial parents are still paying "child support" thirty years after their kids are all grown up?  

We have just begun to question how many of those children seized have disappeared, how many young people who have been released from Foster Care at age 18 have gone missing?  

But then, we've been avoiding a lot of things for a very long time.  It's become habitual.  We tell ourselves we can't do anything about it.  We are just one person.  

Jesus was just one person.  Gandhi was just one person. Josef Stalin was just one person.  Adolph Hitler was just one person.  Nikola Tesla was just one person.  

We know this. We tell ourselves we are just one person, as if that excused us from doing anything at all to change the world.  Even when we know better. 

We sit around.  We talk about the weather.  Another friend or the child of a friend or our own daughter falls dead from "unexplained causes".  We can't bear to think about the causes. 

Someone reluctantly gave us a piece of paper with George Washington's ugly mug printed on it.  It seems to be unrelated.  We stuff it in our pocket and don't question where it came from or why it should be worth anything. 

And then our actual conscious mind whispers in our ear, "It's not worth anything. It's just a piece of paper." 

For a split second our mind catches at this realization, and then, denial kicks in again, and says, "It must be worth something. How else can we use to buy goods and services?"  

And for most people, the inquiry ends right there, because it is too uncomfortable to go on. 

All our lives we are told that we living in the land of the free, and we believe it, right up until the police come knocking. 

Or the IRS. 

Or two armed goons from CPS, who actually have no authority in the world to be in your house or standing on your doorstep. 

And even then, in the middle of this obvious cognitive dissonance between "land of the free" and what we are directly experiencing, we try to deny the reality. 

When someone like me says, "Hey, brother, these two commercial corporations, the US, INC. and USA, Inc., are staging an illegal mercenary war in our country.  This has been going on for over 150 years...." 

What do you try to do?  Ignore me?  Deny the facts? Avoid the truth?  

All of that and more, despite the public records. 

So look and think again.  

When I say, "None of these criminal corporations have any right to exist.  They all need to be liquidated and the owners -- the Pope and the Roman Curia and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London -- are all responsible for making sure it gets done."  

Don't blink and skip on into whatever makes you feel better -- a video game, a drug, or a bottle of booze. 

Wake up. Be alive. Do your part.  Join your lawful State Assembly that actually does stand in the Land (Jurisdiction) of the Free, and support it and restore it. 

Claim all your contractual guarantees to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness, to freedom of thought and expression, to freedom of religion, to freedom to defend yourself and your family and your country with armed force if need be, to freedom to be left alone, to freedom full stop and period, forever. 

Join with us, to bring these illegal commercial "wars" and all the associated privateering and organized crime activities to a stop:  


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The Problem With Allen Stein -- The "Unseen" World

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am replying to Allen because Allen is not alone and all people like Allen need a reply.

Hopefully, they will stop and think more deeply, because they need to 

Allen was the Virginia Coordinator early on and a great help and support to the effort to reorganize and restore The Virginia Assembly, but from the beginning, he would "kick the goad" and not pay attention, like a schoolboy daydreaming in algebra class.

Allen came under the influence of a man named Richard Warren who is stuck in the sea jurisdiction and won't come out, despite my attempts to bring both men to their senses. 

Allen and Richard have remained convinced that they and everyone else needs to stay in the sea jurisdiction and fight the pirates using Federal Codes.  

Why, having come out of the sea, would you continue to operate as if you were on the sea?   Pull that rigging and cast that bale!  Avast ye! 

You have to leave the jurisdiction of "Hell" behind if you are ever going to get to the jurisdiction of "Heaven" in the Law. 

Please note--- when Abraham left Babylon, he left for good.  He didn't keep going back to Ur for a refresher course in Babylonian law and history.  

That's a lesson we all have to learn for ourselves.  

When you leave Babylon, leave for good. Take the lesson of Lot's wife to heart.  Don't look back.  Don't bring the old practices (like the Golden Calf) to the new land. 

These are all Bible lessons that Allen and Richard missed.  

The aberrant course that Allen and Richard have steered on their own volition makes as much sense as speaking Italian in America.  There is no law against doing it, especially if you are Italian, but -- why would you?  Especially if your purpose is to build an American State Assembly? 

Despite my explicit instruction to stop wasting vast amounts of time learning a foreign language (Federal Code) and to keep attention focused on our own language and government, Allen and Richard continued to study the Federal Code and the ins and outs of Federal Law to the neglect of studying our American law and practices. 

Now, Allen has repudiated me and announced his regret for following me in my "imaginary" world.  Yet, he has cause to know that the Air Jurisdiction of the Law is Unseen, and if we would accept our own sovereignty we must address it.  

It's well known that we can't see the air, yet can anyone live without it?  Does anyone argue that the air does not exist?  Does anyone say that the air is "imaginary"?  

Indeed, we are all aware of a great many things that are unseen to our eyes, but are part of our experience and we don't call them "imaginary".  

Electricity and magnetism are unseen, but nobody argues that they don't exist.  

We all know that light is invisible, too, until it hits an object and reflects back the color and shape of that object to our eyes.  

We know that sound is invisible as well, yet we know about acoustics and radio signals.  Allen's own Bible tells him that God spoke this world into existence....?  "And God said, "Let there be light" and there was light." 

How does someone read that and fail to get the point?

We know that the infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum exist.... and oddly, they generate something else that is unseen --- heat. 

I could go on, yet, in the same wrong-headed way, Allen Stein tries to call the Unseen World "imaginary" and derides my explanation of the Unseen Powers that we must deal with in the higher realms of law and in the current situation, when he has no knowledge of these things himself. 

That's like a child loudly proclaiming that calculus is imaginary, while failing to grasp the fact that all things are "imaginary". 

Apparently, Allen thinks the U.S. Navy is "imaginary"?  He denies the existence of the Secret Space Program?  Does he think that President Trump was joking when he designated a whole new branch of the military services?   

You have to ask yourselves --- am I  imagining things?  Or is Allen daydreaming again, refusing to learn things that are outside his comfort zone?

Allen and Richard are a full step behind the rest of us, stuck floundering around in the jurisdiction of the sea, still playing with Babylon and its "laws" after the rest of us have moved on. 

Their fear in no way releases any of us from our obligation as sovereign beings to eventually master ourselves and our world. If you would be spiritual warriors you must learn to be fearless; and if you would 'know yourself' you must know your spirit and the spirit of God within you, and the realm of the spirit as well. 

What I have told you, first to last, is the truth as I know it to be, as I have learned it and proven it for myself, and as you will need to do for yourselves, too. 

The Majestic Twelve bear Witness with their findings of a "rogue Artificial Intelligence" --- Satan --- in the Universe, and now that it is clearly stated both in scientific terms and in Biblical terms and you know that the created world is in a sense "artificial", I leave it to you to go figure.  

No need to "believe" me; you have it in your power to learn it all yourselves.  I have merely acted to help you along, however.... 

Mankind is not at leisure to hide its head in the sand and leave its tail exposed to the storm ahead.  It's all hands on deck to make for shore, and once on shore, to climb the narrow path toward heaven. 

Our exploration of the Law of Heaven has only begun with Canon and Ecclesiastical Law.  There are two more higher jurisdictions above the jurisdiction of the air that I haven't begun to explain to you -- the jurisdiction of fire and the jurisdiction of spirit.  

So, Allen is going back to Babylon.  He never really left.  

It's more like he heard me calling him to come out, so he stepped forward and had a glimmering of what it means to be on dry land -- only to fall back into the sea again.   

We all have our choices set before us.  In our present state of development we can live in the jurisdiction of the sea (Hell), or in the land and soil jurisdiction (Purgatory), or in the jurisdiction of the air (Heaven).  And it is all our free choice. 

A few of us, members of mankind, have moved on to the jurisdiction of fire and the jurisdiction of spirit, too.  We have gained the ability to "see" the Unseen and interact with it ----and this is no more imaginary than what you see with your eyes and feel with your feet and breathe with your lungs every day.  

Allen and Richard need to read Galatians again and really try to understand how we choose our law.  And then, maybe, they will be committed to what I teach and not to what they teach themselves.

In truth, Allen stopped following me a long time ago, when he associated himself with Richard Warren. He went back to Babylon, back to the jurisdiction of the sea, back to "Hell" -- and there he will have to stay, until he releases himself.  

As for me, if I taught you only what you already know, what good would that accomplish?  

Those who are ready to move on, move on.  


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