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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Hoax and Hoaxers

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a tradition of hoaxing and hexing that came to Britain with the Romans. It quickly caught on, and when the British --- especially British sailors --- settled in America, they brought this tradition along. 

It is part and parcel of the superstitions of the Romans and the sea-faring Phoenicians, many of whom worshiped The Father of All Lies as a deity, because they profited themselves by perpetuating hoaxes and frauds of all kinds.  

If one is to believe one's direct observation and a British Merchant Mariner's Handbook from 1801 (and 1803 and 1811) all Bar Attorneys are International Shipping Clerks, supposed to be engaged aboard ships and in Custom's Houses to direct collection of tariffs and fees as import duties and taxes, as well as impounding illicit shipments of contraband goods, handling insurance claims, and cashing out bottomry bonds.  

Well, well, well, what do the astute observe going on in what are supposed to be our courtrooms?  

There have been active efforts to discredit both the testimony of Judge Dale and the evidence accrued by Rod Class, to decry the testimony of Melvin Stamper, author of "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", and to claim that I am not a Judge--- which I am in the parochial and popular sense, though in fact, I am a Justice and outrank a "Judge" by several country miles. 
All these attacks hinge on the presumption of the perpetrators that they are in possession of some truth, though in fact they are often the most abject victims of the actual hoaxes involved---- clueless tax collection agents, law enforcement officials who don't know that there is any difference between a Law and a Statute, and similar purveyors of common -- but totally incorrect --- knowledge.  

Forgive them, Father, but sock them in the nose for me. 

They need a righteous correction and exposure of their sins to save their souls. 

Here's an example of it that has been admitted by the perpetrators of the the fraud known as "Black's Law Dictionary", all published by Reuter's in Canada sixteen (16) years ago, and yet, the so-called "courts" continue to use Black's Law Dictionary and Law Schools continue to promote it, and Westlaw continues to publish it---- how's this for a hoax for you? 

Published on: May 28th, 2003, Modified on: May 28th, 2003, Montreal, PQ (Reuters) - Sarah Medhurst (nee Black) shocked journalists and legal scholars at a press conference held at the Black family estate Monday when she revealed that Black's Law Dictionary, a highly regarded legal reference text, was originally written as a joke by her eccentric great grandfather Henry Campbell Black.

Medhurst appeared unapologetic, suggesting that the Black family had never tried very hard to keep it a secret. "Have any of you actually taken the time to read it?” she asked, flipping open the renowned text.& nbsp; “Look at page 840 for instance. 'John-a-Nokes'? Or how about page 347? 'Correality – the quality or state of being correal." She then cast a challenging look around the room.

Medhurst admitted that the entire Black family has participated in the century-long ruse, working together to generate content for the ever-expanding text. She credits her Uncle Bertrand with developing one of their most successful filler techniques: "We created more than 30 new entries just by using the word 'actual'. Actual agency - see agency. Actual allegiance - see allegiance. Actual authority - see authority. And on and on - you get the idea."

Medhurst admits that the family started to get lazy in later editions, at times resorting to stealing terms from other dictionaries. "I remember one time my brother pulled 'Le Roi' (literally: "the king") right out of his French-English dictionary to meet the deadline for the 5th edition while on a three-week ski trip in the French Alps."

She claims the ploy has been used sparingly, however, and that the family put a stop to the practice when her brother started bringing the Official Scrabble Dictionary to editorial meetings.

Henry Campbell Black had never intended - or even imagined - that his dictionary would become the authoritative source for legal terminology. "My great granddad had actually written the text for an upcoming firm skit night", Medhurst explains. "It was his way of showing how convoluted and, well, pompous the legal profession had become."

The dictionary became an instant hit, however, and Henry Black's comedic intentions went unnoticed. When the money started to roll in, Black elected to pursue a highly lucrative career in legal publishing instead of becoming a marginally talented prop comic.

When asked why the family is revealing the fake after all this time, Medhurst stated that they had grown tired of living a lie, and were genuinely concerned that the universally accepted legal lexicon "is actually just a bunch of made-up gibberish."

The family is asking that lawyers and students alike immediately dispose of any editions of Black's Law Dictionary into the nearest trash receptacle or recycle bin.West Group, the current publisher of Black's, could not be reached for comment.

So, if their favorite dictionary is a hoax, and they are supposed to be working as Shipping Clerks in Custom's Houses, how much more do you really need to know?    What has been passing as "the law" and the courts in this country for the past 150 years is a gigantic fraud.  A combined British and Roman hoax in their grand tradition of Fraud for Profit. 

The Municipal United States Government functions under Roman Civil Law.  A prime chestnut of Roman Civil Law is a Maxim thus stated: "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."  This means that if you don't have brains enough to object to the fraud, you get what you deserve under Roman Law.  You get fleeced and the Roman Civil Law will do nothing to protect you.  

However, the same law requires that fraud once discovered, vitiates everything, clear back to the root of the fraud--- wherever and whenever it began.  This is why every "Act" as in "Actors" and plays and stages----of the Municipal Congress since the 1860's to today, contains this one-line disclaimer as part of their Enabling Clause:  "This Act shall not effect any right thus previously established."  

This means that under Roman Civil Law, we are being constantly Grandfathered-in, with all rights brought forward. 

This is so that if they get caught, they can raise their palms and smirk and say, "See?  We didn't actually do anything wrong." 

But they have done a gross amount of damage and they have acted in criminal Breach of Trust, and they do owe the return of all our purloined property, all our rights, titles, and interests, plus the profit from their use and abuse by our "volunteer" usufructs, whose services were never needed nor requested in this capacity in the first place.  

For the record --- the only Law Dictionary ever approved for use by our Congress --- is Bouvier's.  


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Secondhand Salvation

By Anna Von Reitz

How often have you heard someone say that "Jesus died for your sins."?  

That's a lie.  

Jesus died because of the sins of men. Note the difference between the words "for" and "because". 

The Sanhedrin accused him of Necromancy, because he raised Lazarus from the dead.  That carries the death penalty according to the Old Testament.  So they wanted him executed for giving life back to his friend.  

Such a crime. 

The Romans were disturbed by rumors of the Lazarus incident also.  They didn't really take it seriously, but Romans are superstitious.  What if.... well, what if this Jewish rabble-master could summon an army from the ranks of the dead?  That's enough to chill the spine of any Roman General.  Just as a thought.  So why not do away with any threat, real or imagined? 

So they did.  It was convenient.  What difference could it make anyhow?  What was the death of one more impoverished, itinerant Jew?  

And that is really the way it was--- just plain old run-of-the-mill banal evil at work.  Give Judas a little payola, the Fix is in, and la,la,la..... 

Let's get this clear -- Jesus didn't die "for" our sins, he died because of our sins.  Our sinful nature.  Our slack-handed acceptance of evil and selfishness as a way of life.  Our lack of caring.  Our blind greed and idolatry.   

And his suffering was never some kind of warm, fuzzy, security blanket for Christians.  It was our example of what we may have to endure.   

So when ignorant people ask me about my "blood seal" on the altar of the true church, let me explain --- the actual True Church is known only to God, the Father.  He calls whom He will call.  He calls us forth from every faith.  Even the Lamb has nothing to say about it.  My blood seal is the same blood seal as His, the sign of my own suffering and death.  

Those of the True Church are called to war against those of the False Church in a supernatural war of the spirit.  The Grail Kings are called to overcome the Kings of this world.  The Sword of Truth is summoned to dispatch the deceits of the Romans. 
One of the snide Maxims of Roman Civil Law is, "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."   In other words, if you are too stupid to realize that you have been defrauded, it's your problem.  The law will afford you no remedy or help until and unless you wake up and object to the fraud. 

Roman Civil Law is what the Municipal Governments including the Municipal United States Government operate under.  Their whole system is founded on such deceits and the allowing of such deceits.  

So what do we find?  A whole world deluded and defrauded and deceived. 

A whole world believing that "Jesus died for our sins" and that we don't have to do anything to save ourselves.  Not even a good faith effort.  Just live our lives in whatever reckless, depraved, sick and double-minded way we please --- and then throw ourselves on his mercy?  Broker a deal for forgiveness through some handy-dandy priest?  Pay your money and clutch your golden cross?  

And you wonder why I snort at this ridiculous state of affairs?  Why I don't believe in money?  Why I decry every aspect of this situation?  Why I went to the Popes and the Cardinals and served Notice of the Fraud?  Do you think that they can avoid their own law the same way they try to avoid the Law of the Living God?  

The Watchmen are calling, the Watchtowers are lit.  The Apocalypse has come and the Great Tribulation [Tribute to Rome] must end.  Their sin and their fraud is upon them.  Their use and abuse of living people for the sake of legal fictions crafted as idols by their own hands, has come home to roost: 

Once: Fictio cedit veritati --- fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.  
Twice: Fictio cedit veritati --- fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.   Thrice: Fictio cedit veritati --- fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.  

Once: Ex dolo malo non oritur action. 
Twice: Ex dolo malo non oritur action. 
Thrice: Ex dolo malo non oritur action. 

We raise the living from the dead.  
We raise the living from the dead. 
We raise the living from the dead. 

We end the time of times and restore the Truth. 
We end the time of times and restore the Truth. 
We end the time of times and restore the Truth. 

Recently, I have been attacked by those seeking to escape their own redemption.  They are so messed up and confused that they don't know friend from foe.  Perhaps this is to be expected after so much deceit and so much woe. 

We conquer by the power and the might of the spirit of the True God.  We need nothing else at all.   

And so my seal stands upon the altar of the True Church, as I have been called forth by Our Father and am dedicated in life and in death to my Creator, not deceived and not deceiving anyone --- including those like Cardinal George.  

I have declared myself freely in the presence of my Father and many Witnesses.  I was called and I have come in the name of the True and Living God, as proof and as seal of the Grail Kings. And even if it is not apparent yet to everyone, the end of the Evil One and His reign on Earth has come.   


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A Letter to Donald Trump and the Joint Chiefs - 19 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump and Joint Chiefs:  

My Uncle Henry was a great guy, but he liked to stir the pot.  

He would ask us kids questions like, "What weighs more-- a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?"  

A pound is a pound is a pound. 

Yet, today, we have an entire world economic scheme built on a Ponzi Scheme that doesn't recognize that fact.  

The direction that the Central Banks have taken is now very clear.  They mean to bankrupt the entire world and everyone in it via hyperinflation.  Think of it as The Great Depression multiplied by a million.  

Even as we speak, they are counterfeiting the USD, and their brokers are buying, selling, and trading upon assets that don't belong to them, to secure this disastrous end result.  

Yet somehow you all think that allowing this to go on is better than arresting these same bankers, putting other people in charge, and returning the actual assets to the people to whom they belong?  

President Trump, you have worked very hard and with great zeal and skill to bulwark the American economy and keep the boat afloat, but you have been undermined every step of the way by criminals.  

Those same criminals are now setting themselves up to block everyone's access to assets that were deposited with these banks in good faith.  Their object is simple theft.  

They mean to pay their own debts with assets that in fact belong to others using fake default robot ID's as recipients, similar to the way they have used undisclosed escrows and the pretense of "abandoned funds" to rob generations of victims. 

We've been told outright that they have blocked our names and the assets owed to The United States of America and to Americans in general.  And they won't willingly honor our demand to return our deposits.  

They won't even give credit receipts or statement reports to the actual depositors of factual assets.  I repeat--- they are proven criminals.  

Well, here's our demand and let it sink in.  We are here, in public, in front of everyone.  We are not "missing", not "absent", not to be "presumed dead";  we are demanding that our assets be accounted for and made accessible to us, not to some foreign paper STRAWMAN or electronic representation of us.  

It isn't our intention or desire to make any big moves of actual deposits or cause any undue disruption; there's actually no need for that, despite all the damage these thieves have done-----  but we do mean to put a stop to these banker games and it is long overdue. 

We want the ringleaders in jail and we want anyone caught aiding and abetting this monstrous fraud against us in jail --- where they belong. They have been acting as brokers and as executors de son tort, buying, selling, and trading assets that don't belong to them, impersonating us, making false claims in commerce, operating under color of law, and defrauding generations of people here and around the world.  

The actual Power-holders and Beneficiaries have "returned" though they never actually went anywhere.   With respect to The United States of America, there is no doubt where your duty lies, and also your own self-interest.  

These cretins have planned things out to make sure there is an economic meltdown by Election Day, Mr. Trump ---- and you fellows manning the Joint Chiefs positions?  They have made plans to do away with the US military, sever all military pensions, and use America as a "Resource Dump".  

It is well past time for the banks to be taken over and placed under well-scrutinized management, worldwide.  

There is no more pressing task at hand, unless you count returning our land assets including our patents to our direct freehold ownership, then securing all the deposits and assets owed to Americans and The United States of America----and returning them to us. 

The days of any military protectorate are numbered.  That's the way it is, and in view of the present situation, the way it has to be.  Administration by a civilian government run by Fiduciary Deputies won't be as colorful, but it will be far more sane and honest.  

Now, Gentlemen, you can do what you are actually paid to do, and you can save your own respective skins at the ballot box and when it comes to retirement, or you can sit there and stare at us like steers in a rainstorm.  

The United States of America is the Power-holder.  The people of this country have suffered gross mistreatment and identity theft.  We have vast amounts of actual assets that have been stolen under false pretenses.  If you want to keep your contracts---- nail the criminals to the wall and return our assets.  

Give the bankers and members of the US CONGRESS a deal they can't refuse, just like the Unconscionable Contract they tried to foist off on American babies in their cradles, just like all those "intestate infant decedent estates" they created, just like all the phony "court" proceedings, just like all the thefts disguised as tax sales, just like all the trespasses on our private property at all levels for the past 150 years. 

These people haven't represented us.  We don't even know them.  And we are here to claim back what is ours.  You are all employed by us under the terms of the actual Constitutions and obligated to protect our Persons and property, individually and in sum total. It's high time you did so.  


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Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway

Found here:

If this doesn't get your blood moving you must be part of the problem rather than the solution.

Now you have a primary reason to carry a gun with you at all times. Never leave home without it.

Get the proper training and protect yourself and your family.

This lady needs to read this blog and the website.

Infinity Accounts, Infinite Quantitative Easing, and Other Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

I hear endless drivel from the economic markets, bank pundits, and politicians. 

Let's make this clear: (1) "Infinity Accounts" don't exist; computer programs that rely on bogus accounting algorithms do exist, but that's not the same thing, is it? (2) "Quantitative Easing" is counterfeiting by another name; (3) "Private Placement Trading Platforms" were supposed to provide credit for worthy philanthropic projects -- but instead, have been turned into bizarre corporate gambling casinos that do nothing but devalue everything in sight; (4) This devaluation, coupled with physical counterfeiting, and numerous other crimes,  are all stealing the value of your money.  And everyone else's money, too, because like it or not, all these currencies are pegged to the various species of "US Dollar".  

Just tonight at the hardware store I heard a man complaining bitterly to a stock clerk about the price of rope.  It's increased 30% in six months.  I had just had a similar discussion myself at my favorite restaurant where all the prices had increased by about 40% over the past year and a half.  The same gallon of milk that used to be $2.99 five years ago is now $5.69.  Do you see what is happening?  The run up to hyperinflation.  And the rats are doing all that they can to shift gears and blow smoke and steal the value of your money as it sits in their banks.  

The money printing presses that Obama sent offshore to places like Mexico and Thailand and China, are running day and night overseas, provided with all the special paper and ink and trick devices, so that the counterfeits are indistinguishable from any other "dollar".  And they are just continuing to pour and pour and pour into the world market, which devalues, devalues, and devalues your money as it is sitting in the bank, which further devalues US Treasury Bonds, which further devalues what you are owed as recompense for all the theft and abuse these criminals have already inflicted on you.    

To keep up with it, you would have to be making 30% on your investments, day in and day out, every day.   Are your investments doing that well? 

There are only two ways for this to end--- we do what Iceland did, or we live as slaves to crooked bankers.  

What's it going to be, people of the world?  Are you fed up yet?  Tell me when you have had enough to get off your couch and get organized.  

Time to raise your hand and realize that you are being robbed.  Time to bitch, bitch, bitch and not to some helpless, clueless sales clerk.  

This is not being done by a guy with a black balaclava and a knife.  It's being done by bankers in nice suits in broad daylight.  

This is not being done by an obvious, overt "bank bailout" or "bank bail-in". Instead, it's  being done while your account seems perfectly secure.  The digits are the same.  It's the value of the digits that is being wasted.  

Don't shake your heads in wonder as you notice that $100 doesn't mean much anymore.  How could it, when foreign governments are running the printing presses and chunking out $100 bills by the billions?  

The bankers and the politicians and the run amok military generals who don't know which side of their rumps to rest on, are stealing the value of your money, on purpose, with malice aforethought, because they don't want to pay you what you paid in.  

Back when you earned the credit six months ago, a hundred bucks filled the tank in your car and bought dinner and toothpaste and garbage bags.   Now it only buys half a tank of gas and a chicken.   And if we don't do something about it and I mean really DO something about it, the situation will only get worse. 

We have no choice but to put the hammer down and push it flat. 


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The Issue of Slavery

By Anna Von Reitz

Jim Rowe struggled mentally and emotionally for decades to overcome trauma and PTSD from Vietnam.  He suffered physically from a broken back and knee injuries from being half-crushed in an airfield accident.  He finally died of a rare cancer known to be caused by Agent Orange.  He was like many embittered and jaundiced Vietnam veterans and though he was many years older than me, he was one of my dearest friends.  

One summer night we built a bonfire on what he called "the Watchtower" -- a bare summit that can be seen for miles around, and we talked about poetry and ravens and motorcycles in cold climates.... and he suddenly turned to me, looked straight at me, and he said, "It's all right.  You know, it's just perfect, just the way it is."  

I didn't agree.  He shook his head and waved at the stars above and said, "Look at that!  I am part of it!  What could be better than that?"  His voice was touched with wonder as he stared into the heart of sky.  

I didn't understand then, but I do now. He could see farther than I could at the time, and he turned back to tell me what he saw: the unimaginable splendor and glory of Creation, and our blessed part in it all.  

And it is all right, because we are united forever in that glory, beyond space, beyond time, already perfected in Our Father's eyes.  We shuffle off these mortal bodies like butterflies and rise up in our true form, set free, aware of the  love that connects us to everyone and everything else that was, that is, and that will ever be.  

Death is but another season. 

The great issues of this time are but an echo of the past, the unresolved detritus and unanswered questions left over from the Civil War. Where do we stand on the issue of slavery?  

That question remains unresolved, because of the sophistry of the men who were left in charge after Lee's surrender.  

While loudly proclaiming the abolition of slavery, they secretively preserved it. 

Indeed, they enshrined slavery and inextricably equated being a slave with being a criminal, too. While they abolished private slave ownership, they made sure that public slave ownership endured.  

Thus, plantation slaves who were supposed to be emancipated at the end of the Civil War, were re-enslaved as public property, and additionally saddled with the onus of being criminals by definition, too.  

In this backhanded way, public slave ownership continued in the land of the free, and human chattels became a more and more important source of collateral assets backing the credit of the usurping foreign governmental services corporations operated by the Pope and the Queen. 

The more slaves, the more collateral assets, and the more credit for the Interlopers to spend.  That's why the Dems want more immigrants --- more slaves equals more money.  Now you know, in part, how China suddenly became so fabulously wealthy.  The Chinese Generals took a bribe of $80 billion dollars and sold their people as assets to the criminals. 

It was a foregone conclusion that these fraud artists would continue to claim innocent people as slaves after the Civil War, and their practice of public slavery, like the former practice of private slave ownership, would spread like a cancer until we have all come to this question again: where do you stand on the issue of slavery?  

Slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926.  Press-ganging has been outlawed for 200 years.  Yet, here we are, asking this question again, because these con artists have endeavored to claim living people and their private assets as bonded securities backing their own spending. 

And they've gotten away with it, which is the fault of the Holy See.   

Our deal with the Holy See is strictly this -- that corporations can exist only for lawful purposes --- and these corporations have been anything but lawful.  

Obviously, Cede and Company and all Successors need to go.  So does the DTTC.  Mellon Bank.  The jackasses at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  JP Morgan. The American Corporations Company.  The US Bar Association. The Federal Reserve.  The IMF.  The World Bank.  The IBRD.  The List goes on. 

We need a reset alright, but not just a reset.  We need a re-venue.  We need the debt system turned upside down and on its head, so that all these venal corporations are the ones paying their debts to society.     

As I have said from the beginning, this is not a matter of politics, not about black or white, not about religion.  This is about fraud and racketeering and human trafficking and identity theft and nothing else.  

As this situation teaches, if we allow anyone to be victimized by crime---such as being enslaved or forced into peonage--- it quickly spreads, like a disease, until we are all impacted by it.
I have been told that our assets are "blocked" by "very powerful" individuals. 

Those individuals are criminals. 

I need a hundred Marines to walk into the lobby of Citibank in Chicago with me and start pulling down pants.   Then we'll see whose assets are blocked. 

And it won't be the assets of The United States of America. 
The same criminals are blocking your access to your assets in the "name of" protecting you, too--from yourself, apparently, while they feast on your larder, ruin your country, deny you the freedom you have earned, and snatch your children ----and then tell you lies and fairy tales about it.  

Have we all had enough?  Where do you stand on the issue of slavery?  


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