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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fusion Centers helping us to Martial Law and a Police State ?

Full Story by Mike German here:

Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, leads us though his discovery & investigation of the "Fusion Centers" created by the Department of Homeland Security, all around the U.S., and exposes what a great threat to freedom that they are. Please try to ignore, the Governor's irrelevant & distracting melodramatic style of presentation. It's only the facts that matter. Just listen to the facts.

Thanks to Gov. Ventura, & John Bush for making this documentary available without restriction.

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Full Story by Mike German here:

The frog better jump soon.


The frog is frozen still
In water now so hot
The water’s almost boiling
But the frog knows it not

Quickly it must jump
To avoid a boiling death
The Fates themselves are watching
With collective bated breath

Will America survive?
Or will it now succumb
Its heritage abandoned
Its future now undone

By its own hand it’s threatened
Itself its great threat
The frog continues sitting still
In denial ignorant yet

The water’s getting hotter
The heat’s turned up to high
And it’s an even money bet
That the frog is gonna die