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Monday, January 8, 2024

The Two King Problem

 By Anna Von Reitz

In Europe this problem arises because there are three jurisdictions, air, land, and sea—- and a man only has two legs. 

You have to have standing on the land and soil to be a king, but with the gross proliferation in the number of incorporated entities, including “lost” Protestants “lost at sea” as “human persons” and then all their “intestate ESTATES” benefitting British Crown Corporations, what’s a busy Monarch to do?  

The land and soil is populated  by living people who have been alienated from their names and estates —and cows, of course, a few horses…. Sheep… nice enough, but poor and dull.  

All the action and investment and gambling and reaping of rewards is going on in the Jurisdiction of the Sea and the Jurisdiction of the Air, so of course all the Monarchs want to be there instead.  

They can straddle the sea and the air quite comfortably, but that’s about it, and the bothersome thing is that you have to stand on the land to be King…. 

As you all now know, the Crowns all come from the Pope and during the Napoleonic Era the then-Pope tried to help with this dilemma by ginning up the office and title and crown of the Emperor. 

Emperors obviously are different than plain old workaday Kings.  And because Emperor is an office of the Holy Roman Empire  it doesn’t have the pesky burden of standing on the land.   But…. you need to be a King standing on the land and soil in order to be an Emperor in the air…. So, good try, but no banana. 

The next solution was tried by Wilhelm II.  He was an actual King, but he felt that to stay current  with the times he had to accept the office of the Emperor and find a way to maintain his Kingdom at the same time. So he gave the Kingdom office over to his son, Prince Fredrick , who maintained the duties of the Office, without really being the King, either.  

It seems that King Charles is trying a variation on this and trying to give the job of King of England to his eldest Son, Prince William, and the job of King of Great Britain to King Charles of Scotland, while he remains crowned as a Emperor of the UK…. 


He still needs three legs and only has two.  


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International Public Notice: Concerning the Jesuit Order

 By Anna Von Reitz

Note to Self; note to Saint Ignatius Loyola; note to the Jesuit Superior General; note to.... 

When we do things that are wrong -- unless we are one of the five percent who are crippled by Nature and born without a Conscience --- we always know it's wrong.  

Even if we are blinded by self-interest, greed, lust, fear, anger or anything else --- we know when we are in the wrong. 

We know every time we tell a lie, unless we truly don't know the truth and repeat a falsehood unaware. 

Some people, born with a Conscience, let it be worn down and away, like a patient stone eroded by the constant corrosion of violence. 

Others, victims themselves, consign themselves to victimize others.  Someone did it to them, so they mistakenly believe that gives them the right to do  wrong to someone else. 

The truth is that one wrong never justifies another. 

The truth is that a negative number added to a negative number results in a larger negative sum. 

The truth is that we have no right to destroy what we cannot create. 

That's why we can destroy corporations and the dead things of our own making, but not the habitations of the Living God. 

Though we intellectually know this, we have somehow convinced ourselves that the Earth is populated by "winners" and "losers" and that we can lie and cheat and steal, even murder, in our effort to become winners --- and still win. 

Somewhere in the back of our mind, 95% of us know better. 

We think: I will do this evil thing today, and make up for it tomorrow.  

But the soul knows better.  The soul knows that there is only now, and what we do now is fixed in the fabric of time forever. 

There is no way to fix evil.  No way to make up for it, either. 

All we can do is start here and now. 

No more lies.  

No more theft based on excuses. 

No more delusions of grandeur, fancying ourselves superior and others subhuman.  

If we do evil, who are superior because of gifts God gave us, are we not doubly condemned? 

For our ingratitude? 

For our abuse of these gifts? 

If we have come to high office and positions of trust, and we fail to discern the test?  

Are we not worse for our failure, despite long years of discipline, than those who never faced the test at all? 

For the past ten days I have been reviewing the gravest lies and injustices; those I address have cause to know them all.

Must I remind the High Contracting Powers, yet again?  

The ends do not justify the means.  They never have. They never can.

And no victory comes without a humbling cross.

We have all won and we have all lost, and we stand in the center where these timelines meet and end. 

Listen to me, those that can hear: the only way to attune the world now is from within ourselves, with the true yearning of our hearts for peace and for love and for all that is good. 

This is the heart of the rose, which we cannot know and cannot force. 

This is a battle beyond us, one we cannot by any means, fair or foul, win for ourselves. 

This is where Satan, the Deceiver, meets his end. 

This is the only battle set before us now.

So stand true to the end and admit the truth.  

Bow your proud heads; let go and let God. 

The lies of today do not become the truths of tomorrow
With all tenderness and grief, stand down. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 7th 2024


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Ah, Gosh, the Payload Finally Revealed

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here you go:

All this while, I have been patiently waiting while the doctors and geeks and lab techs did the sort-and-analyze process. 

What have I been waiting for? 

News of what the actual "payload" was.

This is it. 

Early on, the mechanism to inject the payload into the cell was revealed. 

But that's like explaining how a boxcar connects to a train.  It doesn't tell you what's in the boxcar. 

So I waited. 

It became clear that the contents of the boxcar included some bizarre things: self-assembling nano-transceivers that continue to send and receive messages even after the victim is dead, poisonous spike protein transcriptase codes, incendiary metallic salts, exotic parasitic heart worm eggs, formaldehyde, polyethylene glycol, all sorts of noxious goodies. 

Things that nobody in their right mind would ever voluntarily put in their bodies. 

But still, I waited. 

What do I mean by a GMO payload? 

I mean something that permanently alters your natural genetic code, and forces your cells to manufacture a chemical that will certainly and reliably kill you: the bomb in their boxcar. 

Here it is, after all these months. 

This is the GMO payload.  

It's time to gather together, make up our minds, and begin the process of retribution. 


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