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Monday, January 9, 2012

Expect the unexpected: The Assassination of Ron Paul

I don't expect this to happen but having this video out there will make people pay attention and may itself help prevent the event.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Townhall in Meredith, New Hampshire

Best movie yet with Ron Paul Townhalls. This one pretty well lays out his whole program in answer to very intelligent questions. If America could actually see this movie he would win hands down.

War with Iran? Mr. Sanctorum are you SURE you want this?

Advice to a Generic Candidate

The best article I have seen on the candidates for president yet.
by Fred Reed

I do suggest that the combined candidates do not have the military competence of a stuffed bear. Given that the principal business of the United States is war and preparation for it, do we want a martial analphabetic in charge? One does not let children play with chain saws. (From all of this I exempt Ron Paul, who appears to be sane.)