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Monday, January 9, 2023

Public and International Notice to the World Health Organization (WHO)

 By Anna Von Reitz

Issued January 9th, 2023

The American Public is not subject to or bound by any arrangement which has been signed by Joseph R. Biden, or any member or officer of his corporate administration, agreeing to amend our borders or accept World Health Organization Protocols. 

There is no authority granted to Mr. Biden in his capacity as "President" of the "White House Office, Inc." to do or say anything  on our behalf or to make any contractual agreements for this country. 

If Municipal citizens of the United States agree to accept World Health Organization authority over their private and public health care decisions, that applies only to direct employees of the Municipal Government corporation within the confines of the Washington, DC Municipality. 

It does not apply generally to the Public nor to Territorial Employees nor anywhere within the borders of our States. 

We are issuing this Notice to prevent any possible misunderstanding related to the nature and extent of Mr. Biden's authority, and specifically calling your attention to the strict limitation of that authority with respect to Americans.  

He can tell his employees to paint themselves purple or commit suicide and it will be up to them what they endure for a paycheck. 

The rest of us are under no such compulsion to obey or comply with any demand made by the Biden Administration or any foreign corporation, such as the World Health Organization.  

Thank you very much for your time and attention. 

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America

Dumb, Gluttonous, and Forgetful?

 By Anna Von Reitz

That's what Josef Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minister, really thought about the masses of people he twirled around his fingers. 

And, he said, that the masses would always be the masses.  No changes. Always the same parameters -- dumb, gluttonous, and forgetful. 

Dumb, I can understand.  They've spent billions of dollars to undermine, subvert, and co-opt the education system in this country, to get rid of teachers and hire ideologues. And then, give the ideologues tenure. 

Gluttonous, I can see. They've spent trillions of dollars reducing everything to commercial contracts, even the love between a man and a woman is reduced to "best bargain" thinking.  

We are constantly reminded of all the things we don't have in all their advertisements. And this creates a false sense of deprivation and need.  "I just have to have that new Lexus.  I won't be smart or powerful until I have that new Lexus...." 

But, forgetful?  Why forgetful? 

How much effort, really, does it take to remember?  

How difficult is it, to then tell the truth? 

Goebbels was successful because he made up a myth of German Supremacy and sold it to downtrodden people eager to hear it. 

He gave them something to believe in, even if it was a divisive and self-serving lie.  

Today, I was accused of being a "propagandist", but there is a fundamental difference between Goebbels and I.  

He was adept at remembering a past that never was.  I am presenting facts that have simply been forgotten. 

If people find courage in those facts, and realize that they are the rightful  inheritors of this great country, that would be a blessing for all concerned, including all the people in other countries who need to wake up and realize the same. 

There is another difference between Goebbels and I.  

I fundamentally respect the potential of human beings to rise above selfishness and sloth. I know the God within each one of you. 

I call you upward to face a mental and spiritual battle of commitment to yourselves and to your Creator, and this, finally, is a "war" in which the winner takes all. 

The madmen among us have contrived to cut us off from our Source of being, and are in the process of murdering billions of innocent people.

Their lives as madmen are worthless to them, and worthless to us as well; we would all be better off if they did not exist. So grant them their wish.

The Law of the Universe has decreed that we may each choose our own ends.  We can choose life, instead. 

So choose life with all your hearts and minds.  Choose your lawful inheritance, not the scraps from your employees' tables. Prove once and for all, that you are not dumb, gluttonous, nor forgetful. 

Take on Satan where he lives, among all the lies and illusions and half-truths.  Hack him out, root, stem, and leaf, so that he no longer has a voice.

You face an "army" of Liars, pirates with no substance of their own. Find your substance within your own hearts.  Take up the Sword of Truth and turn it against these deceivers. 

Each day, imagine a world at peace, with none of these Liars and criminals around.  Picture the Earth at peace, and all of them simply gone, never to return.  

Hold that image of peace and plenty, life and joy, without these criminals.

Those who have persecuted you, bring their miserable faces to mind and then erase their images and fade them away until they are no more. 

They need to be gone, unimportant, unregretted, like last fall's leaves in the springtime. Of no concern. 

Hold your own image of your own perfect world steady in front of your face, each and every day,  until the mirror conforms to your will. 

So then you will laugh at those who thought you were dumb, or gluttonous, or forgetful; their lies will be self-evident, null and void, as if they never were. 

And you?  You will stand in the glory of the new Earth, wild with joy, holding the truth forever in your heart and mind. 


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The Midwife's Tale Retold

 By Anna Von Reitz

Patrick Byrne, an American business tycoon, has just done something I would have considered literally impossible an hour ago.  He forced me to have a fleeting bit of compassion for Hillary Clinton. 

Bryne was recruited in an FBI Sting designed to entrap Hillary Clinton for accepting bribes from foreign governments-- or so he thought.  

His part was to set up a meeting between Clinton and a bag man from a foreign government, who would offer Clinton millions of dollars in bribe money.  

Byrne thought that the object of this was to see if she would take the bait, and if so, to prosecute her on Federal Bribery charges.  

He apparently wasn't familiar with all the laws that prohibit entrapment schemes-- especially entrapment schemes promoted by government agencies, so he went along thinking that he was being a good American and helping the FBI flush out a crooked politician. 

According to Byrne, Hillary accepted a 20 million dollar bribe from the Turkish Government in 2015, and then, through Byrne's efforts, accepted another 18 million dollar bribe from a second foreign government.  He didn't disclose the name of the second foreign government, but those who have been following my meanderings will have a pretty good guess. 

After the second 18 million landed in Clinton's pocket, Byrne was, of course, waiting for the news blitz and headlines: "FBI Arrests Hillary Clinton for Accepting Bribes from Foreign Governments." 

Of course, that never happened, and instead of shutting down his brain like a good little Ole Boy, Bryne wondered -- WTH?  

What was this all about?  What had he gotten himself into?

So he asked his FBI Handlers who told him that, well, Hillary was going to win the 2016 Election.  It had already been decided "at the highest levels" so that's the way the cookie crumbled. Snake lady is $38 M richer, and no points for the cowboys. 

One can imagine Byrne's consternation and rapid-fire questions. Who had pre-decided the then-upcoming presidential election?  The DOJ gave the FBI that bad news, but no comment on the details or how the DOJ knew.  

The implication is that the Department of Justice was handling the FBI, just as the FBI agents were handling Byrne. And whoever the shadows were, the DOJ was working for them, not the American people. 

That's not big news to anyone who reads this blogspot. 

The DOJ is a peculiarly corrupt Agency and one of the first Agency Subcontractors put in place after the Civil War.  If memory serves, the DOJ was created in the 1880's as an in-house law firm dedicated to protecting the District Government Corporations from us, their Employers.  This was all paid for by us, of course.

By then, Byrne was on fire, because he was entrapped just as much as Hillary. He was cast in the role of the evil Svengali who tempted the Princess, and he was caught colluding with foreign governments to do it, too. 

The newspaper headlines running through his head now read something like this: "American Business Entrepreneur Patrick Byrne Caught in Bribery Scam --- Will He Be Tried for Treason?" 

One can only imagine Byrne's holysheet moment, but he still had to know what kind of cowpie he had unwittingly stepped in, so he kept asking his FBI Handlers what was really going on?  

He was finally told that Obama's flunkies were in place at the bureaucratic level throughout the government structure.  They had been put in critical power positions scattered throughout the entire federal government by appointment.  Their only intention was to get some really good dirt on Hillary and use the threat of exposure to ensure that she did exactly whatever Obama wanted her to do during her tenure as President.  

It's one thing to buy off the requisite number of Electors in the Electoral College to secure the election for Hillary, but quite another to keep Hillary in control once she entered office. 

That's what Operation Snow Globe was all about --- a backhanded way to guarantee that Obama called all the shots for another de facto eight year term in office, using Hillary as his sock puppet. 

Just like he is using Joe Biden right now. 

Byrne had unwittingly set Hillary Clinton up for quite a different purpose, one that had nothing to do with exposing government corruption, but instead, one that guaranteed more government corruption and on a grander scale than he had been able to imagine. 

And what was he going to do about it, the man who handed Barack Obama the car keys?  

What would you do in that situation, besides puking your guts out? There was certainly nobody in the government he could run to and trust. Both the FBI and the DOJ are beyond dirty. 


We are all such fragile little vessels, easy to murder, slander, and rob. Patrick Byrne was no different, except, I suspect, that he refused to live under the threat of being arrested as an accomplice to this scheme by Democrats against Democrats. 

The DNC leadership figured that Hillary had worked for Obama before, and she could do so again.  And really, she hadn't been that hurt by any of it.  She was 38M in the black and slated to be the first woman President. That's not so bad.  They just wanted a little "extra" insurance in case she had one of her screaming witch moments.  

Business as usual. Nothing to see here, Mr. Byrne. Keep your mouth shut and you will be okay.  Have a nice day....

There is little doubt that Donald Trump's election saved Patrick Byrne's life---whether or not he kept his mouth shut. 

The name Barack means lightning from Heaven and it lines up precisely with Luke 10:18 (KJV) --- "And I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven...."  The name "Barack" actually appears spelled out in the scripture. It's clear as the light of day. 

So now you can appreciate for yourself just how dirty the government at all levels has become, and why, and how.  If Donald Trump had been an old line political hack, he would have immediately sent all of Obama's appointees pink slips, but he wasn't and he didn't. So most of those Obama appointees were still in place when Trump took office and they are still in place now, forming their own politically defined shadow government.  

If you are waiting for big headlines and scores of major media empire  moguls eager for a chance to do some real investigative reporting on this, you will wait a long time. 

No, if anyone or any singular event brings down the Democratic Party,  it will have to be an inside job, wherein the seething internal nastiness forces changes to be made, if only to cover their own butts from the vengeance of the electorate.  

Stand by for incoming scapegoats. 


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