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Monday, January 9, 2023

The Midwife's Tale Retold

 By Anna Von Reitz

Patrick Byrne, an American business tycoon, has just done something I would have considered literally impossible an hour ago.  He forced me to have a fleeting bit of compassion for Hillary Clinton. 

Bryne was recruited in an FBI Sting designed to entrap Hillary Clinton for accepting bribes from foreign governments-- or so he thought.  

His part was to set up a meeting between Clinton and a bag man from a foreign government, who would offer Clinton millions of dollars in bribe money.  

Byrne thought that the object of this was to see if she would take the bait, and if so, to prosecute her on Federal Bribery charges.  

He apparently wasn't familiar with all the laws that prohibit entrapment schemes-- especially entrapment schemes promoted by government agencies, so he went along thinking that he was being a good American and helping the FBI flush out a crooked politician. 

According to Byrne, Hillary accepted a 20 million dollar bribe from the Turkish Government in 2015, and then, through Byrne's efforts, accepted another 18 million dollar bribe from a second foreign government.  He didn't disclose the name of the second foreign government, but those who have been following my meanderings will have a pretty good guess. 

After the second 18 million landed in Clinton's pocket, Byrne was, of course, waiting for the news blitz and headlines: "FBI Arrests Hillary Clinton for Accepting Bribes from Foreign Governments." 

Of course, that never happened, and instead of shutting down his brain like a good little Ole Boy, Bryne wondered -- WTH?  

What was this all about?  What had he gotten himself into?

So he asked his FBI Handlers who told him that, well, Hillary was going to win the 2016 Election.  It had already been decided "at the highest levels" so that's the way the cookie crumbled. Snake lady is $38 M richer, and no points for the cowboys. 

One can imagine Byrne's consternation and rapid-fire questions. Who had pre-decided the then-upcoming presidential election?  The DOJ gave the FBI that bad news, but no comment on the details or how the DOJ knew.  

The implication is that the Department of Justice was handling the FBI, just as the FBI agents were handling Byrne. And whoever the shadows were, the DOJ was working for them, not the American people. 

That's not big news to anyone who reads this blogspot. 

The DOJ is a peculiarly corrupt Agency and one of the first Agency Subcontractors put in place after the Civil War.  If memory serves, the DOJ was created in the 1880's as an in-house law firm dedicated to protecting the District Government Corporations from us, their Employers.  This was all paid for by us, of course.

By then, Byrne was on fire, because he was entrapped just as much as Hillary. He was cast in the role of the evil Svengali who tempted the Princess, and he was caught colluding with foreign governments to do it, too. 

The newspaper headlines running through his head now read something like this: "American Business Entrepreneur Patrick Byrne Caught in Bribery Scam --- Will He Be Tried for Treason?" 

One can only imagine Byrne's holysheet moment, but he still had to know what kind of cowpie he had unwittingly stepped in, so he kept asking his FBI Handlers what was really going on?  

He was finally told that Obama's flunkies were in place at the bureaucratic level throughout the government structure.  They had been put in critical power positions scattered throughout the entire federal government by appointment.  Their only intention was to get some really good dirt on Hillary and use the threat of exposure to ensure that she did exactly whatever Obama wanted her to do during her tenure as President.  

It's one thing to buy off the requisite number of Electors in the Electoral College to secure the election for Hillary, but quite another to keep Hillary in control once she entered office. 

That's what Operation Snow Globe was all about --- a backhanded way to guarantee that Obama called all the shots for another de facto eight year term in office, using Hillary as his sock puppet. 

Just like he is using Joe Biden right now. 

Byrne had unwittingly set Hillary Clinton up for quite a different purpose, one that had nothing to do with exposing government corruption, but instead, one that guaranteed more government corruption and on a grander scale than he had been able to imagine. 

And what was he going to do about it, the man who handed Barack Obama the car keys?  

What would you do in that situation, besides puking your guts out? There was certainly nobody in the government he could run to and trust. Both the FBI and the DOJ are beyond dirty. 


We are all such fragile little vessels, easy to murder, slander, and rob. Patrick Byrne was no different, except, I suspect, that he refused to live under the threat of being arrested as an accomplice to this scheme by Democrats against Democrats. 

The DNC leadership figured that Hillary had worked for Obama before, and she could do so again.  And really, she hadn't been that hurt by any of it.  She was 38M in the black and slated to be the first woman President. That's not so bad.  They just wanted a little "extra" insurance in case she had one of her screaming witch moments.  

Business as usual. Nothing to see here, Mr. Byrne. Keep your mouth shut and you will be okay.  Have a nice day....

There is little doubt that Donald Trump's election saved Patrick Byrne's life---whether or not he kept his mouth shut. 

The name Barack means lightning from Heaven and it lines up precisely with Luke 10:18 (KJV) --- "And I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven...."  The name "Barack" actually appears spelled out in the scripture. It's clear as the light of day. 

So now you can appreciate for yourself just how dirty the government at all levels has become, and why, and how.  If Donald Trump had been an old line political hack, he would have immediately sent all of Obama's appointees pink slips, but he wasn't and he didn't. So most of those Obama appointees were still in place when Trump took office and they are still in place now, forming their own politically defined shadow government.  

If you are waiting for big headlines and scores of major media empire  moguls eager for a chance to do some real investigative reporting on this, you will wait a long time. 

No, if anyone or any singular event brings down the Democratic Party,  it will have to be an inside job, wherein the seething internal nastiness forces changes to be made, if only to cover their own butts from the vengeance of the electorate.  

Stand by for incoming scapegoats. 


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  1. I don't care what you all think of guns...You had best start arming yourselves before you are outright prevented from doing so. These psychos are beyond any shred of redemption or rehabilitation. Purging them from the planet is the only solution. No deals. No bargains and no amnesty. They would be scheming before the ink was dry.

  2. Wow, great research and great reveal.

  3. Meanwhile ole Patrick here is hob knobbing around the world sigining memorandums of understanding with countries and working for Medici Ventures and the 'MINISTRY' of Lands and Natural Resources directly linked to World Parliament

    In other words he is part of the digital theft of the land from the people going on all over the world at this very moment through the use of what they refer to as BLOCKCHAIN

    Dr. Patrick Byrne the Founder and CEO of The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as

    As a public benefit corporation, MLG promotes economic development and full financial inclusion by helping individuals establish formal ownership of their homes and land.
    Read everything on the immediate link above and see how they are raping the land owners charging fees and all kinds of shit for their services to prove that they own the land and to charge them for the use of it

    And for Anna to write this shit about Patrick when this information has been provided for several years now about his involvement with this other shit is just plain in your face lying to all of you

    Patrick left Overstock and went to Medici Ventures after the so called scandal they made up so he would step down and then they silently moved his ass to Medici Ventures
    The CEO of Medici Ventures went to OVERSTOCK

    1. Oh I'll be around until they knock me off
      Nuts is an understatement - fooking zoo

      Hence the naming of their corporate ape/gorilla - AMAZON
      And Bozo (Bezo) the clown who heads it up or so they say

      You know lock the people away in their houses and send them all to Amazon
      Limit what is in store and send them to Amazon

      Pick up Anna's book it's on Amazon

      How bout this AMASON

      Sick psychotic lunatics

    2. FYI they are changing the names of ACTS/BILLS on the internet in real time as they go
      Scroll down to this part
      The omnibus spending bill, which the press report is H.R. 2617, may be nothing more than smoke and mirrors — a farce acted out by the Congress on an unrelated bill and reported as real by a complicit press. Look at what they called it back on Wednesday, December 21 (the press narrated that it passed the Senate on Thursday, but note what the bill tracker said on Wednesday)…

      They have been shuffling the name of the act/bill back and forth and then they started blocking anyone from going in search of it

      OMNIBUS is linked directly to World Parliament

      And so is the Presidio/Presidium which according to this guy that military base was in operation long before California ever became a state

      In this one - the Presidio and the connection to closing military bases as they role their plans forward
      He talks about the Bank of Italy which was rebranded as Bank of America
      This guy financed the golden gate bridge
      1989 base ordered closed and all military out by 94 based on alligations of ritual child abuse
      Couple of fires to so call destroy evidence and outcry for the closing of the facility???

      Bottom right corner Gorbachev and the closing of 36 military bases
      1993 Gorbachev Foundation moves in to the Presidio
      He's working with Bush to realign all of these bases according to plans made at the Presidio back in the 40's under the banner of the United Nations


      And if you read what this writer has to say their final onslaught to solidify their reign over all is the last supper to be served up on the 11 western states

      It is no coincidence that they hold burning man where they do and when they do either
      45 minutes 11 seconds in
      Pentagon Black Rock City

      Hmm isn't Black Rock one of their big time investement corporations?

    3. You gotta check this out

    4. Hmm oh where have we heard the name McNamara
      ADAPTED TO ENDLESS WARFARE (Electronic warfare)

      VietNam folks (page 9)
      it was just the moment to turn over as much as possible of the surveillance to electronic devices and as much as possible of the shooting to remote-controlled bombers.
      If, moreover, the U.S. and its allies had failed to "win hearts
      and minds" of the Vietnamese rural population, then weapons which
      made the countryside unhabitable became more acceptable. This
      strategy of "generating refugees" was described admirably by Professor Samuel Huntington in 1968:
      "In an absentminded way the United States in Vietnam may well
      have stumbled upon the answer to 'wars of national liberation'.
      The effective response lies neither in the quest for a conventional
      military victory, nor in esoteric doctrines and gimmicks of counterinsurgency warfare.
      It is instead forced-draft urbanization and modernization which rapidly brings the country in question out of the phase in which a rural revolutionary movement can succeed." (Foreign Affairs, July, 1968, p. 655.)

      An all around north texas right now over the last two years while their planned exercise of the plandemic was implemented and moved forward there are huge 'communities' being built all over the place with names like URBAN HEIGHTS
      Hundreds/thousands of 'communities' HOA's and stack and pack housing with retail built all around them stacked on top of each other
      And the city, county and state are all in on it

    5. continued from above

      The Regional Planning Act of 1965
      670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes

      Regionalism -----

      24 Councils of Government, 2 listed
      NCTCOG -
      WCTCOG -


      All private membership associations, UNELECTED, Boards of Directors, CEO's, Presidents, and many more working the UN agenda behind the scenes

      And the corporate fiction UNITED NATIONS is part of the same syndicate/crime cartel - this is their global slavery plan passing it off as SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND, EVERYONE COUNTS BULLSHIT

      By 2030 their intent is that everyone be registered and a 'certificate' issued along with a DIGITAL IDENTITY - both of which depicts ownwership of that entity/chattle property to the banks

      The globalists plan on shutting down some (if not all) national central banks like the Federal Reserve and replacing them with the (globalist controlled) national treasuries (which will operate in concert with the global central bank, although they probably won’t label it a “central bank”).
      Keep in mind that when the G20 Central Banking Cabal hold their meetings, both the central bank heads AND the government finance ministers attend

      Recently in Aubrey Texas they have opened a branch of the ONE WORLD BANK
      It is not listed on their 'official' locations list
      Only two exist and both are in Texas
      They are non related to the federal reserve and they have no routing numbers?
      Scroll 3/4 the way down this page and see the Aubrey location

      And how many things can they name Genesis at this point
      Genisis maybe
      San Francisco, New Jersey all have Genesis buildings of which opened during the plandemic
      There is a car named Genesis

      This shit could not be more in our faces

      ROUNDUP is a reference to them rounding up the populations of the world into their mega cities regions and their buddies at MONSANTAN have aided and abetted for over a century
      And same thing with ole Patrick and his OVERSTOCK corporation a reference to the over stock of the populations of the world and his association with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources with Medici Ventures

  4. Dear Anna, Paul, Shelby, et al., im thankful for Your sincere comments loaded with the new eye-opener-info.
    Please let PaulStramerNet be up to the speed with SCOTUS #22-380, Thx, m
    "Challenging the Immunity of Congress!
    Watch Loy Brunson discuss their efforts to Challenge the Immunity of Congress"

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow. m

  5. Taylor Forrest Martin@AtTheMartins
    This is our precious daughter, Trista. She #DiedSuddendly on Nov 9th. She was 18. The #Pfizer shot killed our daughter. They took this sweet, beautiful, kind, fun, loving girl from us. Help us hold them accountable! #JusticeForTrista #ProsecuteFauci

    Printed from Telegram:
    Dead Child Alert !

    3rd Grader Dies of Heart Attack
    This is courtesy of Albert Benevidas of
    One of a very small handful of TOP VAERS auditors in the country.
    Listen to him on Energetic Health Radio today on the America Out Loud network as he tells you things about VAERS you've never heard!📣

    Dr Jane Ruby Show

  6. The following must be true or "they" wouldn't have gone to the trouble of deleting the following information from the internet. Dr Zev Zelenko names the psychopaths and perpetrators. The "powers" deleted this information from the internet but I found it archived on the wayback machine

    Dr Zelenko explains the real reason behind their insane motivation to get everyone injected with the kill shot - it's not about preventing a virus or saving lives. The Kill shot has several components, it tracks, sterilizes, maims and/or kills it's slave/serf victims. We need to unmask the stakeholders in Blackrock and Vanguard who initiated these Crimes Against Humanity.

    The major stakeholders are: Rothschild Family, Du Pont Family, Rockefeller Family, Carnegie Family, Orsini Family - many were previous Popes, American Bush Family, and the British Royal Family, et al.

    They use the following foundation to foment discord and destabilization around the world: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Soros Open Society Foundation, and Clinton Foundation. The owners of Blackrock and Vanguard are manifestations of the primordial serpent. The owners of this planet are a manifestation of the Devil. Only a divinely inspired force (God), can overcome this Goliath.

    Dr. Zelenko Talks HCQ, Ivermectin, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, & Where We’re Headed As A Society

    Former CEO of Blackrock, Edward Dowd Reveals The Covid-Crime Against Humanity Was Meant To Cover The Collapse of The Central Bank FIAT Debt System.

    "He's right - but it's more complicated than that: the Powers That Be want to be able to ride the decline and pivot to a new system (Central Bank Digital Currency) without letting go of the existing levers of power and control that they have enjoyed for the last hundred+ years by being in control of the Fiat system.

    Normally, people would not accept the drastic interventions in their lives that this would require, but COVID hysteria has given them cover to enact the systems necessary to support the machinery of totalitarian authoritarian control that they want with things like Social Credit Scores and so on. They want Total Control, not just monetary control, and time is running out for them to be able to achieve it. COVID is the means to the end: finish off Fiat and yet remain in control of the systems of value exchange while simultaneously robbing the carcass of the existing wealth system as thoroughly as they can along the way. In summary: it's demonic."

    1. Same outfits own the wayback machine too

      And I don't believe it's demonic at all it's organized crime on a scale never ever witnessed before

      This religion versus demonic and satan crap all of it is the hegelian dialect in action

      Scare the shit out of the populace and send them all in to the safe and loving arms of the digital internet gods, they will keep you safe

      Took my mom to a podiatrist yesterday to get her toenails cut and they took a picture of her in the front office for her medical records

      Why the hell do you think they gave everyone a fucking camera to carry around with them and serves a double purpose of a tracking device
      Funny CC = 33
      Every cell phone has an IP address linked to it and all of those are housed and managed by ICANN

      The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is an American multistakeholder group and nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.
      Gee I wonder what the salary is for the CEO

      In this one - internet turned over/signed over to ICANN
      Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners P5b Burning with the Man
      2 hours and 13 minutes in
      The Department of Commerce signs internet over to ICANN
      EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation a front group until internet could be signed over to ICANN

      Might interest you to know that the CEO of ICANN makes over a cool 1/2 million dollars a year and he works for a non profit
      In 2021 he received almost a $50,000 a year raise as his salary wasn't quite as high as that of his peers
      He recently stepped down and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS is looking for a replacement
      Hmm I wonder if he stepped down like ole Patrick Byrne did to be placed in a more lucrative position like maybe within Medici Ventures or perhaps black rock

      Their MO or motto is
      One World One Internet
      Hmm almost like One World Banks

      CERN the world wide web hidden in plain sight

      All of IT (information technology) coming out of the PRESIDIO and Silicon Valley


  7. Whatttt?

    bellierian1!! - Are you now the latest of our mogul of minutia and the miniscule? (def. Mogul bump in a ski run. def. bump - a pimple)

    What a penny-anti attack at Anna. you can show your colors than your above.

  8. You all have interesting information. I will point out though that like all keyboard jockeys these days there are no SOLUTIONS offered. We need to put down our mouse and put on our thinking cap.