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Sunday, January 8, 2023

A Modest Proposal For the Joint Chiefs

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have a small suggestion --- so small, in fact, that we hesitate to bring it forward before such an august body as yourselves; however, our suggestion, if implemented, would provide great economic and social benefit at almost no cost, would improve math and science skills throughout the world population, reduce carbon emissions, provide a non-petroleum based fertilizer replacement, and promote community teamwork like never before. 

Our suggestion is simply this: go on national television and tell everyone what you've done, or, should we say, what you have allowed to happen, that has resulted in the deployment of unregulated, untested, non-standardized weapons-grade biological agents straight into the arms and bloodstreams of billions of innocent civilians worldwide.

Explain how you used loop-holes provided by complicit members of Congress to bypass any kind of normal safety testing and disclosure.  Explain how you used Fauci and the CDC and NIH and all these other players as top dressing, simply by greasing their palms and promising that they wouldn't be held liable for anything. 

Admit that, by your own numbers, the seven year life expectancy for recipients of mRNA "vaccines" is 1 in 40,000 and that you knew this prior to Operation Warp Speed.  

Admit that you and members of the US Congress and the World Economic Forum and the UN CORP deliberately and with malice aforethought, set up legal means to evade the Constitutions and the Public Law --- and did this repeatedly, for decades.

Admit that you got away with this by operating under a cloak of secrecy and color of law. 

Admit that your intent was simply to kill off your creditors and inherit their estates, after you had converted all these people into Genetically Modified Organisms owned by you under your private corporation patents. 

These admissions, while daunting, would have the overall effect of clearing the air and would provide the open and honest atmosphere needed to discuss and resolve all the many problems that otherwise accrue as a result of "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome".  

Once people know who to blame for the implementation of this vast genocide and come to terms with the fact that it was their own bought and paid for military and the unelected National Security Council at fault, we can again rest easy in our beds at night, knowing who betrayed us and why.  

Then, as your next statement to the Public, you can explain that killing your creditors has always meant great profits for your private, foreign corporation and historically, nothing turns a dime like a good, old-fashioned genocide.  

Look at the Great Fire of London where all this crookedness got started. 

Once the governments found a way to secure an interest in private assets -- a plausible excuse occasioned by a great "national emergency"--- there's been no stopping them.  We've had more national emergencies since the Civil War than a wild chihuahua has puppies. 

So if you want to make a whole lot of money for the so-called public sector while operating as a private corporation contractor, the smart thing is to kill your richest creditors in the greatest possible numbers, so that you are then free to claim their considerable holdings for your own benefit. 

It's simple math, really.  An American slave is worth an average of 40 Billion USD, while a Honduran slave is worth a few million --- but if you transport those same Hondurans to the open Southern Border of The United States, and they are (en)listed as "Americans" (South Americans, but who's counting?), they are suddenly worth 40 Billion a head. 

Talk about asset accrual and explain that to the American people.    

Of course, the Hondurans won't know that they are being used in a bizarre money laundering and conversion of assets racket.  They will think that they are coming to the "Land of Freedom" and "Opportunity".  They will be grateful to you for being used as mules both coming and going.

They will be going because (a) the actual Americans wake up and kick them out or (b) they will get injected with the same loathsome mRNA therapy that Bill Gates calls "The Final Solution".  They aren't mandated to take any vaccines right now, but, who cares?  You have half a dozen new outbreaks planned over the next ten years.   

These faithful mules trek in the drugs and other contraband in baby diapers and flip-flops, sign up as U.S. Citizens, and then they are vaccinated, and within seven years they all die off, leaving billions and billions of dollars-worth of juicy unclaimed assets and all the credit those assets can earn, under your control.  

Talk about cutting a backdoor into the Honey Pot, but remember, you will owe the South American Governments a cut of the action. And now that the Drug Cartels know how this works, they will want some, too. 

You can explain how you were forced to take all these measures and countermeasures in the National Security Interest----how you had to kill us to save us, just like Saint Ignatius, killing for Christ.

Once you've lost your minds and your hearts, even the most absurd propositions appear viable. This would be a good moment to reference Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." 

And that is what we have directly experienced, right here in River City, your home base, in the heart of the most heavily defended citadel on Earth, with the top three slots in every aspect of air power. And all that in the hands of men who don't even know The Carbon Cycle.

The debt you already owed to the actual American people wasn't sustainable and too many of us were waking up. Then you started siphoning off the China Trade--- and got caught. Even counterfeiting wasn't working anymore. The drug money was drying up, too.  

You had to do something, so this is what you did. 

Let everyone know how you were compromised and by whom, so that next time around, we won't have the same difficulties. 

Just let it all hang out.  Go public. You can be the stars in the theater you created, just like Ford's Theater.  

Once people see that this contingency plan was worked out and slowly implemented one step at a time over the course of three decades, they will understand what kind of men you are, and more urgently, what kind of men your bosses are.  

 By going public and admitting what you have done, by explaining it step by step and revealing the project goals and monetary benefits, you can increase the public IQ worldwide by at least 20 points. Imagine the social and economic benefits this will generate?  

As your brother officers put you out of your misery, as they will, you can go in peace with a clean conscience. This final service will cost almost nothing -- less than a dollar, and a dollar is now almost worthless, thanks to you. 

Once you are dead and gone, we can use some of the processing facilities for human-based food products to grind your bodies into blood meal, which is an excellent fertilizer, thereby reducing dependency on petroleum-based fertilizers. 

Plus, your carbon footprint will disappear.  No more worrying about how many times per day cows fart.  No more misgivings about robocops.  No more smuggling drugs and teenage girls.  No more lies. No more kissing corporate butts. 

Suicide is painless --at least, it can be.  We highly recommended it to the members of the WEF recently, and all the advantages we pointed out to them apply to you, too. 

People in this country have idolized their military for generations.  They have trusted their military.  Suffered for their military.  Kept faith with their military through the darkest hours.  And they've never known that their military isn't their military. Until now. 

By implementing our simple suggestion, you can finally do your actual job, stand in honor, and die as heroes.  Or you can sit at your desks, let the snake venom slowly eat away your neurons, and die as non-entities. 

It's true that you wind up dead, either way, but at least you can choose the manner of your departure-- blaze of glory or Elmer Fudd, R.I.P. 

We've put considerable thought into this proposal and given the constraints of the situation, with the DOD in charge of the entire Covid operation and owning all the patents, it's clear that you all valued your pensions more than our lives.  You made a choice by not making a choice, and as the saying goes, you can ignore reality, but you can't avoid the consequences of ignoring reality.  

Here they come. All Four Horsemen at a gallop.  


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