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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

How to Describe a True State National and Write to Members of Congress

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's true that we, actual Americans, don't act as shareholders in the two foreign corporations that provide "government services" directly and via their State-of-State franchises and agencies, and therefore, we don't vote in their political party-dominated elections of corporate officers, either.. 

In fact, the so-called Fourteenth [By-Law] Amendment to the British Crown Corporation entity's "Corporate Constitution" issued in 1868 makes it a crime for anyone (especially Municipal employees and dependents) who isn't a U.S. Citizen to vote in their elections. 

As a result, we have not granted our "proxy" to anyone in Washington, DC, and retain our right to convene a Continental Congress to settle all the hash of this country, including that of our Public Employees.  

We also retain the right to correct and direct and demand performance from our Public Employees.

Recently, I explained the difference between "American State Nationals" described under Federal Code, 8 USC 1101 (a) 21, etc., and actual American State Nationals -- a political status that arises from actual nationality within a sovereign organic State, and which is not a condition defined by or conferred by any legislative act or Federal Code.  

We, Americans, derive our nationality from our organic States of the Union.  We are New Yorkers, Texans, Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, etc., by birth.  This is what we mean by "American State Nationals".  

Federal Territorial Employees and Dependents also have a designation called "American State National" which is conferred upon people living in foreign territorial States-of-States and US Possessions, such as American Samoa or the [Territorial] State of Vermont, for example. 

So, the same words "American State National" are being used to describe two completely different political statuses.  Which one are you?  If you are a Federal Military or Civil Service Employee or the Dependent of such a Person, you might claim to be an "American State National" as defined by Federal Code (David Straight's process).  If you are a member of the General Public, you are an American State National in our system by birth, and you are an Employer of all Federal and Federal State-of-State employees by definition. 

When you write a Nasty Note to one of the corporation's officers or appointees or even to their Agency Subcontractors, Commissions, etc., or, conversely, you wish to applaud something they are doing, you do so as their Employer.  

You are the Boss, they are the Public Employee.  

So think about your role and their role.  

First, you identify yourself --- "I am a natural born New Yorker owed every iota of the guarantees provided by the Federal Constitutions." --- for example. 

Second, you don't mince words.  You are direct and to the point:  "I am very concerned about the continuing impact of Covid-19 "vaccinations" on the General Public, which you are supposed to protect at all costs." --- for example. 

After identifying the general subject that your communication concerns, you can follow up with bullet-point information.  "Initial and secondary statistical reports show a 70 to 75% spontaneous miscarrage rate among pregnant women who received Covid-19 vaccinations and a commensurate numerical percentage increase in fertility impairment issues overall. The adverse impact on our population, economy, and future cannot be overstated." -- for example. 

You don't pile on pages of information.  You keep it short.  Just two or three pithy paragraphs per letter will do nicely.  

Think about it. Your Boss doesn't have to explain everything in the Western World to you when he or she brings a problem to your attention and expects you to do something about it.  Why should you send a member of Congress a 150-page treatise?  

Long, flowery, over-explanatory letters are not necessary and don't get read.  Staffers enter a tally mark beside the "subject" if it's a popular subject, and another tally mark to indicate if the letter is "positive" or "negative".  If your letter is short and direct, and contains interesting information, they might occasionally pass it on to the Big Cheese.  

Otherwise, they respond to "communication statistics".   If they get 1879 "negative" letters about Subject X and only 6 positive letters about the same subject, they start to pay attention. 

Your role is to get their attention and prod them into appropriate action.  Oftentimes, they act on information that is completely rudimentary: "Covid Jab = Bad", for example.  

Now, y'all have about a gozillion subjects to cover with your Employees, don't you?  

The abuses you have suffered from unelected, unaccountable "Agencies" and things like the "National Security Council" and "Public Utility Commissions" and the quasi-military court system are enough to fill volumes --- so write a dozen letters, but keep each one short and to the point. 

"I am being misidentified and misaddressed as a Municipal citizen of the United States --- RAYMOND P. GRUNDY, and repeated letters to the United States Secretary of State and the Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Department of Justice have failed to correct the record. 
I am a natural-born Wisconsinite and have not adopted any such foreign political status and do not stand under any Municipal or Territorial law. I would appreciate it if you would serve my interests as your actual Employer and notify the United States Secretary of State and the State of Wisconsin Secretary of State of my actual political status and current location in Herbert County, Indiana.  Please instruct the Bureau of Consular Affairs and Department of Justice to notify all departments of the Federal Government and State-of-State franchise organizations and Agencies, that I am not a Federal Employee or Dependent and do not wish to be presumed upon.  Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter. -- Raymond Patrick Grundy, in care of 8721 Belmont Circle NW, Indianapolis, Indiana 45231" 

As the Employer, you don't do any groveling or pleading or pretty-pleasing-with-sugar-on-top. You don't "Respectfully Submit" anything, including yourself.  You aren't impolite.  You don't swear.  You don't threaten.  You carry your authority with decorum.  But you don't beg.  You don't have to.  You are the Employer.  Act the part.  


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THIS Above All Else, Is What THEY Have to Be Held Accountable For

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have just received a copy of testimony placed before Senator Ron Johnson's Senate Investigative Committee by Doctor James Thorp, an eminent Washington, DC area OB/GYN and Fertility Expert.  

What he details is a staggering increase in miscarriages and fetal deaths and menstrual cycle abnormalities directly related to and symptomatic of Jab vaccinated patients, resulting in complete or relative infertility.  

If I am understanding the information correctly, fertility among the jabbed is 28% of normal, so 3 out of 4 babies on average won't make it to term, leading to a staggering 70-75% decrease in the future population of this planet --- and to our individual families --- based on decisions made "for" us by madmen lacking any authority to even comment on our health and family decisions, by unelected bureaucrats, by "agency" personnel, and by corporations that stood to make a whole lot of money doing this.  

They all need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  They all deserve to have their licenses revoked, their corporations liquidated, their bank accounts seized.   No bankruptcy protection should be accorded to these guilty parties.  No benefit of the corporate veil should be extended to the corporations involved, their officers or their board members.  

Think of the millions of expectant Mothers and Fathers whose hopes have already been dashed by miscarriages and whose future hopes of having a family or adding to their present family are now placed at a 70-75% risk.  

Those of you who have known the heartbreak of infertility or genetic incompatibilities which have limited your ability to have children and increased the risk of having non-viable offspring already know what I am talking about, but for millions upon millions of couples worldwide, this nightmare is just beginning.  

If these statistics are even close to being correct for the general population, 70 to 75% of those innocent expectant Mothers who thought they were doing the right thing to protect their health and the health of their unborn babies by getting "vaccinated" suffered spontaneous miscarriages instead.  When they try again, they will have a three out of four chance of miscarrying again and again and again and.... again. 

With all that that entails mentally, physically, and emotionally for them and for their husbands and their families. 

Imagine all the hopeful happy phone calls to the Grandparents, only to be followed a few weeks or a couple months later with the crushing news that no, there won't be a new grandchild, afterall.  

Imagine what they have done to the world population, how they have martyred others, while protecting themselves with explicit exemptions, how they have killed three-quarters of the client base of other corporations, how they have adversely and recklessly "transformed" the future of the human race --- and now, let's get down to who THEY are.  

Obviously, the AMA and the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers,  the corporate CEO's who "mandated" that their employees all be vaccinated, the university and school and hospital administrations that did the same, and now, let's begin the evaluation of the unelected bureaucrats who seized non-existent "emergency powers" --- in this country that means the unelected "National Security Council".  

Which "nation" is being protected and what kind of "security" involves the deliberate murder and maiming of billions of innocent people?  

Here are the names: 

Ariana Berengaut
Medha Raj
Darius Edgerton
Nichole Fasano
Ella Lipin
Joshua Geitzer
Hilary Hurd
John MacWilliams
Mike Pyle
John R. Phillips III
Ashley Deeks
Florencio Yuzon
Steven Hill 
Cara Abercrombie
Audrey Schaffer
John Edwards
Cailin Crockett
Thomas Wright
Alexander Bick 
Rebecca Lissner
Brett Rosenberg
Amanda Mansour
Jim Thompson
Amanda Lorman
Nicole Tisdale
Gershom Sacks
Daniel Gastfriend
Megan Frisk
Mark Lucera
Hilary Marston
Maureen Bartee
Edgard Kagan
Christopher Johnstone
Kathryn Paik
Sumona Guha
Laura Rosenberger
Rush Doshi
Julian Gewirtz
Sarah Donilon
Tarun Chhabra
Saif M. Kahn
Michelle Rozo
Sarah Stalker-Lehoux
Chanan Weissman
Caitlin Durkovich
Nabeela Barbari
Jason Tama
Maher Bitar
Lauren Hartje
Linda Elim
Ladan Fakory
Nidhi Bouri
Rachel Grant
Jacqui Pilch
Juan Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez
Neda Brown
Megan Oates
Isabel Rioja-Scott
Eric Signon
Peter Harrell
Adam Deutsch
Jessic McBroom
Ruth Berry
Brian Janovitz
Mimi Wang
Leila Elmergawi
Adrienne Watson
Patrick Evans
Dean Lieberman
Kedenard Raymond
Sean Savett
Saloni Sharma
Jasmine Williams
Dana L. Banks
Peter Quaranto
Deniece Laurent-Manley
Judd Devermont
Shanthi Kalathil 
Tess McEnery
Brian Vogt
Jesse Bernstein
Chandana Ravi
Eric Green
Allison Varricchio
Katrina Elledge
Clare Linkins
Caitlin Conley
Alexandra Miller
Annie Rohroff
Derek Dela-Cruz
Michael Massetti
Samantha Sultoon
Coqui Baez Gonzalez
Robin Brooks
Stephanie Hallett
Evyenia Sidereas
Sam Martin
Zehra Bell
Julie Sawyer
Maxwell Martin 
Josh Harris
K.C. Evans
Daniel Moulton
Melaine Nakagawa
Helaina Matza
Victoria Orero
Jennifer DeCesaro
Carlyn Reichel
Nadine Nally
Curtis Ried
Andy Rabens
Negah Angha
Andrew Scott
Teddy Nemeroff
Steven Kelly
Jonah Force Hill
Elke Sobieraj
Travis Berent
Katie Tobin
Ashley Feasley

These are the members and staff of "your" National Security Council, who saw fit to destroy your reproductive capacity under color of law and deceit, passing it off as a "vaccination".  

If you don't recognize a single name on this list, it is not surprising, as none of these persons have ever run for public office, even such "public office" as may exist in a private corporation. 

These individuals have, by their own action and inaction, killed millions of Americans and they and their counterparts around the world, have murdered and maimed billions of innocent people worldwide. 121 "persons" and not one of them has been elected to represent anyone but themselves. 

Please note that several key offices, like the Senior Director for Legislative Affairs, the Deputy Assistant to the President & Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology (like modification of the human genome via injection of foreign mRNA delivered at the cellular level by a specially engineered agent based on the corona virus)  and space-based weather modification and geoengineering), and Coordinator for the Southern Border (ours) were conveniently vacant.  

What the statistics are saying is that if you took the Jab you are more likely to die from all causes than your unvaccinated peers, including as a fetus, and your reproductive capacity has been reduced to about 25-30% of normal fertility -- and these are the unelected career bureaucrats and political appointees, who, together with members of DOD and complicit commercial corporations, including for-profit pharmaceutical and hospital corporations, did this to you.  

If you are ready to sue someone, here are 121 "persons" who should be held 100% commercially and individually liable for their part in this insane fraud scheme.  

If you resent having nameless, faceless political appointees and career bureaucrats making decisions about your "national security" and your health and reproductive future--- and anything else they care to weigh in on apparently---  it's time that you let those "persons" who are supposed to be acting as "your" representatives, or at least as your Public Employees,  know what you think of having unelected multi-national boards, commissions, councils, and  blue-ribbon committees in charge of both your personal and national destiny.  

That is to say, we didn't sign up for, consent to, or agree to any such arrangement.  And any mistaken idea otherwise needs to be scrubbed from the collective memory of all members of anything posing as a government body of any kind.  


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Are Athletes Dropping Dead From the Covid Jab?


January 17, 2023